Tuesday, August 09, 2022

The 21st Earl of Suffolk & 14th Earl of Berkshire 1935-2022

 The Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, a peer for 81 years, a 'man about town' beloved by newspaper columnists in his hey day, died 5 August, 2022. He was 87.

Michael John James John Robert [Mickey] Howard was born 27 March, 1935, the son of the 20th Earl of Suffolk, GC [1906-1941], and his wife the former Mimi Forde-Pigott [who died 22 Feb, 1966], and was styled Viscount Andover until the death of his father, who was killed defusing an unexploded enemy bomb, 12 May, 1941, aged 35, and awarded a posthumous George Cross.

He succeeded to a string of English peerages - the Earldom of Suffolk [created in 1603], the Earldom of Berkshire [created in 1625], the Viscountcy of Andover [created 1621/22], and the Barony of Howard of Charlton [created with the Viscountcy of Andover], the last territorial designation taken from the family seat, at Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Lord Suffolk & Berkshire was thrice married; firstly, 1 Oct, 1960 [div. 1967] Mme Simone Paulmier, former wife of Michel Paulmier, and daughter of Georges Litman, of Paris, France. He married 2ndly, 22 September, 1973 [div 1980], Anita Robsahm Fuglesang [later, from 1984, Countess of Harrington, wife of the 12th Earl of Harrington], daughter of Robin Robsahm Fuglesang, of Lacock, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Wendy Whitehead. He married 3rdly, 15 Dec, 1983, Linda Jacqueline, Viscountess Bridport [born 1950], former wife of the 4th Viscount Bridport, and daughter of Lt-Col Vincent Rudolph Paravicini, of Nutley Manor, Basingstoke, co Hampshire, and his wife [nee Swinnerton-Dyer].

From his first marriage he had a daughter, Lady Lucinda, who died in infancy, in 1962' from his second marriage he leaves a son, Alexander [born 1974], and a daughter, Lady Katherine [born 9 Apr, 1976], and from his 3rd marriage he leaves two daughters, Lady Philippa [born 1985], and Lady Natasha [born 1987]. His only son, Alexander Charles Michael Winston Robsahm Howard, styled Viscount Andover [born 17 September, 1974], succeeds as 22nd Earl of Suffolk, and 15th Earl of Berkshire.

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