Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lady Mia Adriana Marie Rose Child-Villiers

The Countess of Jersey, wife of the 10th Earl of Jersey (b. 5 Feb 1976), gave birth to a daughter, the Lady Mia Adriana Marie Rose Child-Villiers, at Jersey, Channel Islands, 28 December, 2006.

Lady Jersey is the former Marianne De Guelle, only daughter of Mr Peter De Guelle and Mrs Jeannette De Guelle, of Jersey.

Bridget Allfrey

Bridget Allfrey, who died 11 December, 2006, at the age of 92, was a scion of the Irish LG family of ffrench Blake, born as Bridget Iris ffrench Blake, 2nd daughter of Lt-Col Arthur O'Brien ffrench Blake, TD, of the Old Rectory, Acrise, near Folkstone, Kent; and married 26 Jan 1937, Maj. Richard Moubray Allfrey (b. 24 Apr 1906), late the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment, scion of the Allfrey LG family of Wokefield Park, by whom she had issue, 2 sons, Patrick & Michael, & 2 daughters, Susan and Rosemary. A Thanksgiving service takes place at Storridge Church, 10 January, 2007.

Joan Lady Mowbray, Segrave & Stourton

Joan Lady Mowbray, Segrave & Stourton, second wife, and widow - for just 10 days - of the 26th Lord Mowbray, 27th Lord Segrave & 23rd Lord Stourton, CBE, Premier Baron of England, died 22 December, 2006.
She was the former Joan Marianne Street, only surviving child of Capt. Herbert Edmund Street, late the 20th Hussars, and married firstly, in 1945, Capt. Sir Guy Hope Holland, 3rd Baronet (1918- ?); by whom she had issue; married 2ndly, in Warwickshire, February, 1999, Lord Mowbray, Segrave & Stourton, CBE (b. 11 Mar 1923; d.12 Dec 2006).
Lady Mowbray is survived by two daughters, Davina Conant and Georgiana Robertson.
The funeral is to be held at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Holwell, Oxfordshire, 10 January, 2007.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Burlington/Roundell engagement

The engagement was announced 23 December, 2006, between William Cavendish, styled Earl of Burlington (b. 6 June 1969), only son and heir of the 12th Duke of Devonshire (b. 27 Apr 1944), of Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, by his wife, the former Amanda Carmen Heywood-Lonsdale (b. 1944), & Mrs Laura Ann Montagu (b. 1972), former wife of the Hon Orlando William Montagu (b. 1971), (yr son of the 11th Earl of Sandwich) & only daughter of Richard Charles Roundell (b. 11 Feb 1944), head of the LG family of Dorfold Hall, Nantwich, Cheshire, descended from the Earls of Dysart, by his wife the former Anthea Frances Legge (b. 15 May,1946), scion of the Earls of Dartmouth, and granddaughter paternally of Charles Wilbraham Roundell (b. 15 July 1912; d. 3 Aug 2003), by his wife the former Anne Moore (d. 2005); and great-granddaughter of Christopher Foulis Roundell (1876-1959), by his wife, the former Lady Maude Clements (1877-1932), daughter of the 4th Earl of Leitrim (1847-92), by his wife the former Lady Winifred Coke (d. 1940), daughter of the 2nd Earl of Leicester (1822-1909), &c.. Laura is a granddaughter maternally of David Alexander Keppel Legge, CBE (b. 1916), by his wife the former Patria Hornung, dau of Lt-Col. C.B.R. Hornung, DL, JP.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Frederick Henry Lowry-Corry

Frederick Henry Lowry-Corry, scion of the Earls of Belmore, died 17 December, 2006, at his home, Edwardstone Hall, Boxford, Suffolk. He was born in 1926, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Henry Charles Lowry-Corry, MC (1887-1973), by his wife Betty Alice Adeline (d. 1978), daughter of Colonel Douglas James Proby (descended from the Dukes of Abercorn); educated at Eton. Career:->Lieutenant, Royal Navy, served in WW2; married 1949, the Hon. Rosemary Diana Lavinia Plumer, daughter of the 2nd Viscount Plumer, by whom he has issue, 2 sons, Charles and James. The funeral takes place 10 Jan, 2007 at Edwardstone Parish Church, Boxford, Suffolk.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

3rd Lord Rennell

The 3rd Lord Rennell, who as Tremayne Rodd was the rugby player & was capped 14 times for Scotland 1958-65; died in London, 9 December, 2006.
(John Adrian) Tremayne Rodd was born 28 June 1935, son of the Hon Gustaf Guthrie Rennell Rodd (youngest son of the 1st Baron), by his wife the former Yvonne Mary Marling, daughter of Sir Charles Murray Marling, GCMG, CB; and was educated at Downside and the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.
Career: -->>served in the Royal Navy 1952-62; with Morgan Grenfell & Co. Ltd, 1963-66; freelance journalist, 1966-67; Marks of Distinction Ltd, 1968-79; Director, Tremayne Ltd, 1980-91; Team Leader for Vladimir Krammik, World Championship Chess Match, 2000;succeeded to the peerage (Barony of Rennell, of Rodd, Co. Herts, cr. 1933) in 1978, on the demise of his uncle, the 2nd peer; &c.
He married in 1977, Phyllis, daughter of T.D. Neill, by whom he had one son and three daughters. The peerage now devolves upon his only son, the Hon. James Roderick David Tremayne Rodd, who was born 9 Mar 1978.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Horner/Villiers engagement

Mr G.R.Horner and Lady Sarah Villiers The engagement is announced between Guy, youngest son of Mr and Mrs G. M. Horner, of Bishops Itchington, Warwickshire, and Sarah, daughter of The Earl and Countess of Clarendon, of Swanmore, Hampshire.


Lord Carter, PC (1932-2006)

The Lord Carter, PC, who died 18 December, 2006, aged 74, life Baron, combined a successful career as an agricultural businessman with a commitment to the Labour Party that culminated in his piloting the Blair government's constitutional reforms through the Lords as government chief whip.Denis Victor Carter was born 17 January, 1932, son of Albert William Carter, and was educated at the Xaverian College, Brighton; East Sussex Agricultural College; Essex College of Agriculture; & Worcester College, Oxford (BLitt); agricultural consultant and farmer since 1957; founder AKC Ltd (agricultural accounting & management) 1957; partner Drayton Farms since 1975; a Director, W.E. & D.T. Cave Ltd since 1976; Executive producer Link TV (programmes for the disabled); Sgt RASC, in Central Zone Egypt; created Baron Carter, of Devizes, county Wiltshire (for life) 1987; Opposition front bench spokesman on agriculture and rural affairs, 1987-97, also on social security, 1988-90, and health 1989-92; Deputy Chief Opposition Whip, House of Lords 1990-92; Captain, Hon Corps of Gentlemen at Arms (Government Chief Whip in the Lords) 1997-2002.
He married in 1957, Teresa Mary Greengoe, daughter of Cecil William Greengoe. She and their daughter survive him.

Michael Henry Barrett-Lennard

Michael Henry Barrett-Lennard, who died 9 December, 2006, following a road accident in Norfolk, was scion of the Barrett-Lennard Baronets (cr. 1801); born in 1923, yr son of the Rev. Dacre Fiennes Barrett-Lennard (1888-1975), by his wife Charlotte Bampton (descended from the Earls of Albemarle); the cremation is at Earlham, Norwich, 5 January, 2007.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Emma Sophia Cave-Brown-Cave

Katie E.S. Cave-Brown-Cave (nee Eastaugh) wife of Courtney Peter Cave-Brown-Cave (b. 1961), scion of the Cave-Brown-Cave Baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Emma Sophia, 16 December, 2006.Courtney is the second son of Anthony Cave-Browne-Cave, DSO (b. 1925) of Whettleton, Shropshire, by his wife, the former Dinah Anne Mitchell; and Katie is the daughter of the late Rt. Rev. John Richard Gordon Eastaugh, sometime Bishopof Hereford, and of Mrs John Eastaugh, of Kingsland, Herefordshire, nee Bridget Nicola, daughter of Sir William Hugh Stobart Chance, Kt (scion of the Chance Baronets), by his wife the former Cynthia May Baker-Cresswell (of that LG family).

Alexander James Biddulph

Annabel Biddulph (nee Simpson) wife of Capt George Biddulph, King's Royal Hussars, scion of the Barons Biddulph, younger son of Mr & Mrs Simon Biddulph, gave birth to a son, Alexander James, 9 Dec, 2006, a brother for Henry Patrick, who was b. 29 May, 2004. Mrs Biddulph is a daughter of Mr Walter Simpson, of Perthshire, and Mrs Susan Simpson, of Edinburgh.


William Allen Mills Foley

Emily A. Foley (nee Rice), wife since 2003 of Ian Richard Foley (b. 1973), gave birth to a son, William Allen Mills, 15 December, 2006, at Palo Alto, United States, a brother for Alexandra. Ian is the yr son of Mr Andrew Thomas Foley (b. 1938), of the Barons Foley, of Stoke Edith, Herefordshire, & Mrs Gillian Foley, of Kensington, & Emily is the daughter of Mr & Mrs A. Rice, of Austin, Texas...

Simon William Barrow (1942-2006)

Simon William Barrow, who died 8 December, 2006, aged 64, was a scion of the Barrow Baronets (cr. 1835). He was b. 1942, son of Alfred Francis Lendon Barrow (1904-89) by his wife the former Ruth Milsum: Career:->>Headmaster of the Oratory School, Woodcote, Reading, Berkshire; married 1977, Brenda Cora Kelly, by whom he had issue. The funeral is at Our Lady & St Anne's Church, Caversham, 21 Dec 2006.

Hon. Ronald John Eden (1931-2006)

The Hon. Ronald John Eden, scion of the Barons Auckland (cr. I, 1789, and GB 1793), died 10 December, 2006, at the age of 75. He was b. 1931, yr son of Maj. the 8th Lord Auckland (1892-1957), by his wife Evelyn Vane Drummond of Cromlix; married 1957, Rosemary Dorothy Marion, daughter of Sir John Crowder, MP, and descended from the Barons Petre, by whom he had issue....


Trenchard/Popken engagement

The engagement was announced in December, 2006, between the Hon. Alexander Thomas Trenchard (b. 26 Jul 1978), son and heir of the 3rd Viscount Trenchard (b. 12 Mar 1951), of Standon Lordship, Hertfordshire, by his wife, the former Fiona Elizabeth Morrison (b. 1954), daughter of the late 2nd Baron Margadale, & Mira Popken, daughter of the late Herr Rainer Ostendorf and of Frau Hannelore Popken, of Hamburg, Germany.


Borthwick/Codrington engagement

The engagement was announced in December, 2006, between (William) Martin Stanislaw Borthwick (B. 1981), scion of the Borthwick Baronets (cr. 1908), son of Simon William Frederick Borthwick (b. 1950), of Ealing, London, by his wife the former Bozena Podwoiski, & Jessica M-J. Codrington, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Edward Codrington, of Ealing, London.


Hyde Parker/Gilbey engagement

The engagement was announced in December, 2006, between William John Hyde Parker (b. 10 June 1983), son and heir of Sir Richard William Hyde Parker, 12th Baronet (cr. 1681), of Melford Hall, Suffolk, by his wife Elizabeth Jean Leslie, scion of the Leslie Baronets (cr 1625), & Alice V.B. Gilbey, daughter of Mr & Mrs Simon Gilbey, of Les Caches, Guernsey.


Barnett/Peto engagement

The engagement was announced in Dec, 2006, between William G. Barnett, eldest son of the late Charles Barnett and Mrs Barnett, of Northumberland, and Augusta Mary (Gussy) Peto (b. 1977), scion of the Peto Baronets (cr. 1927), daughter of Jonathan Basil Morton Peto (b. 1942), of Woodbridge, Suffolk, by his wife the former Hon. Selina Lilian Hughes-Young (b. 1944), daughter of the 1st Baron St Helens, MC, by his wife Elizabeth Blakiston-Houston, of the Baronets of that name.


Cronin/Rous engagement

The engagement was announced in Dec 2006, between Arun D. Cronin, son of Professor Richard Cronin and Mrs Manjushree Cronin, of Glasgow, & Clare Elizabeth Khalida Rous (b. 1979), scion of the Earls of Stradbroke, daughter of Simon Roderick Rous (b. 1950), of Burston, Somerset, by his wife the former Carol Dawson.


James Wentworth-Stanley (1985-2006)

James Nicholas Wentworth-Stanley, who died from gun shot wounds, 15 December, 2006, aged 21, was a scion of that LG family, the elder son of Nicholas Philip Wentworth-Stanley (b. 1954), wby his 1st wife, the former Clare H. Steel (now the Marchioness of Milford Haven), and was a grandson of the late (Geoffrey) David Wentworth-Stanley (1924-2005) by his wife, the former Bridget Pease (b. 1926), daughter of Maj. Philip Ivan Pease, by his wife, the former Doris Madeleine Crichton (b. 1904), scion of the Earls of Erne.


Lady Harford

Lady Harford, who died 9 December, 2006, aged 99, was the 2nd wife, and widow, of Sir James Dundas Harford, KBE, CMG (1899-1993), British diplomat, sometime Governor & Commander-in-Chief of St Helena. She was the former Lilias Madeleine Campbell, eldest daughter of Maj. Archibald Campbell, and married Sir James, a widower, in 1937, by whom she had 2 daughters. Her husband's previous wife (whom he married 14 Mar 1932) was Countess Thelma Alberta Louisa Evelyne Mextá, who had died in 1934. She was widowed, 26 Nov, 1993. The funeral takes place at Holy Trinity Church, Westcott, near Dorking, 5 January, 2007.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Freddie Jack Lysander Biddulph

The Hon. Sarah Margaret Biddulph, (b. 1971), wife of John Simon Biddulph, (b. 1971), gave birth to son, Freddie Jack Lysander, 16 November, 2006, a brother for Alice Emily Christina, who was b. 28 July, 2002, and for Thomas George Henrik, who was b. 14 October, 2003.
Mrs Biddulph is the only daughter of the late 3rd Baron Gretton, and of Jennifer, Baroness Gretton (of Grey of Codnor descent), and Mr Biddulph is the elder son of Simon Biddulph, of the Barons Biddulph, by his McCorquodale wife.
The couple married 3 July, 1999.

Lily Frances Mary Hastings-Bass

Lily Frances Mary Hastings-Bass, who died as the result of an accident, 6 December, 2006, aged 20, was a scion of the Earls of Huntingdon (cr. 1529). She was born in 1986, the younger daughter of the Hon. John Peter Robin Hood Hastings-Bass (b. 1954), by his wife the former Sophie Scarisbrick, and was a niece of the 16th Earl of Huntingdon.


Williams/Coleridge engagement

The engagement was announced 12 December, 2006, between Simon D. Williams, elder son of Mr & Mrs David Williams, of Wool, Dorset, & Jessica Alice Seymour Coleridge (b. 1974), scion of the Barons Coleridge, daughter of the Hon. Samuel John Taylor Coleridge (b. 1942), & Mrs Patricia Coleridge, of London SW6.


Dowager Lady Gethin

The Dowager Lady Gethin, who died 8 December, 2006, aged 92, was the widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Richard Patrick St Lawrence Gehtin, 9th Baronet.She was the former Fara Bartlett, daughter of Joseph Henry Bartlett, & married Sir Richard in 1946. He died in 1988. She leaves issue, including Sir Richard Joseph St Lawrence Gethin, 10th Baronet. The funeral is at St Benet's Church, Kemerton, Worcestershire, 20 December, 2006.


Lady Ann Elliot

The Lady Ann Elliot (nee Child-Villiers), who died 13 December, 2006, at St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey, at the age of 90, was a daughter of the 8th Earl of Jersey (1873-1923), by his wife, the former Lady Cynthia Almina Constance Mary Needham, daughter of the 3rd Earl of Kilmorey. She was a sister of the 9th Earl, and a great-aunt of the 10th Earl. She married 1937, Maj. Alexander Henry Elliot (1913-86), late the Royal Artillery, scion of the Earls of Minto, by whom she had issue. The funeral takes place at St Lawrence's Church, Chobham, 21 Dec, 2006.


Hon. Anne Elizabeth Bromley-Martin

The Hon Anne Elizabeth Bromley-Martin, who died 8 December, 2006, aged 95, was a scion of the Barons Ormathwaite (ext. 1984). She was b. 1911, as the Hon Anne Elizabeth Walsh, and was a sister of the 6th Baron. Her elder sister, the Hon Jane Walsh (b. 1910, d. 23 Aug 1996) was a Lady-in-Waiting to HRH Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. Anne m. 1948, as his 2nd wife, Peter Edward Bromley-Martin, scion of that LG family, and descended from the Rouse-Boughton Baronets. He died in 1968.


Florence Elizabeth Lindsay Clifton-Brown

(Florence) Elizabeth Lindsay Clifton-Brown (nee Vestey), who died 15 December, 2006, was a scion of the Vestey Baronets (cr. 1921), b. 1926, daughter of Ronald Arthur Vestey (1898-1987) by his wife Florence Ellen McLean, and was a granddaughter of the 1st Bart. Married 1952, Robert Lawrence Clifton-Brown (b. 1929), scion of the Brown Baronets (cr. 1863), and leaves issue.


Florence Elizabeth Lindsay Clifton-Brown

(Florence) Elizabeth Lindsay Clifton-Brown (nee Vestey), who died 15 December, 2006, was a scion of the Vestey Baronets (cr. 1921), b. 1926, daughter of Ronald Arthur Vestey (1898-1987) by his wife Florence Ellen McLean, and was a granddaughter of the 1st Bart. Married 1952, Robert Lawrence Clifton-Brown (b. 1929), scion of the Brown Baronets (cr. 1863), and leaves issue.


Friday, December 15, 2006

Frank Johnson (1943-2006)

Frank Robert Johnson, journalist, deputy editor of the Sunday Telegraph 1995-99, editor of The Spectator, died 15 Dec, 2006, at the age of 63. Born 20 Jan 1943, son of Ernest Johnson by his wife Doreen Skinner; married 1998, Virginia, widow of the Hon. Simon Fraser, Master of Lovat. No issue. His step children include the present 18th Lord Lovat.

Lord Mowbray, Segrave & Stourton, CBE (1923-2006)

The Lord Mowbray, Segrave & Stourton, CBE, died 12 December, 2006. He was aged 83. He was the 26th Baron Mowbray (created 1283), the 27th Baron Segrave (created 1283), and the 23rd Baron Stourton (created 1448).

Charles Edward Stourton was born 11 March, 1923, the son of William Marmaduke Stourton, 25th Lord Mowbray, 26th Lord Segrave, and 22nd Lord Stourton, MC, by his wife, Sheila (d. 1975), daughter of the Hon. Edward Gully, CB, and was educated at Ampleforth and Christ Church, Oxford.

In 1912 the then Lord Mowbray, Segraev & Stourton made an unsuccessful cvlaim to the Earldom of Norfolk, which had originally been bestowed on the Bigod family. Roger Bigod had surrendered the earldom to the King in 1302 and 10 years later it had been regranted to Thomas of Brotherton, and the success of this claim depended on the validity of the surrender, as it was the regranted peerage which was under claim. He failed in his case, as it was held (in 1906) that the surrender of 1302 was invalid, and, as "The Complete Peerage" states: "the decision in the case involved a denial of the existence of the earldom in Thomas of Brotherton and his issue."The barony of Stourton which was created by patent in 1448, has existed continuously in the male line since that date. The baronies of Mowbray and Segrave were a different case. The first Lord Mowbray received a writ of summons tyo Shrewsbury in 1283 and other later summonses to undoubted Parliaments. The first Lord Segrave was also at Shrewsbury, but was also summoned to Parliament in 1295. The daughter of the 4th Lord Segrave married the fourth Lord Mowbray, and the titles since then have been held together. The baronies came through the Mowbrays, Dukes of Norfolk, to the Howards, Dukes of Norfolk, and so to 1777, when they fell into abeyance between the two daughters of Philip Howard, brother of the 9th Duke of Norfolk. One married the 16th Lord Stourton and the other the 9th Lord Petre. In 1877 the 20th Lord Stourton applied for the termination of the abeyance, and the case was decided in his favour.

Career:--->>Joined the Army in 1942, commissioned into the Grenadier Guards 1943; served with the 2nd Armoured Battalion, Grenadier Guards, as Lieutenant, 1943-44 (was wounded in France in 1944; lost an eye and invalided 1945); Member of Lloyd's, 1952; Chairman, Ghadeco (UK) Ltd, from 1986; Chairman, Thames Estuary Airport Co., from 1993; Director, Securicor (Scotland) Ltd, 1964-70; Director, General Development Co., Ltd (Ghana) from 1980; EIRC (Ghana) Ltd, from 1982; Director, EIRC Holdings Ltd (Jersey) from 1986; Member, Nidderdale Rural District council, 1954-58; succeeded to the baronies on the demise of his father, 1965; a Conservative Whip in the House of Lords, 1967-70, and 1974-78; a Lord in Waiting (Government Whip) and a Spokesman for the Department of the Environment, 1970-74; Deputy Chief Opposition Whip in the House of Lords, 1978-79, a Lord in Waiting (Government Whip) and spokesman for the arts, environment and transport 1979-80; elected a member of the House of Lords, 1999; Chairman, Government Picture Buying Committee, 1972-74; a Member of the British Parliamentary Delegation to the Bicentennial Celebrations in Washington, 1976; a Trustee, College of Arms Trust from 1975; Chancellor, Primrose League, , 1974-80, 1981-83; Life Governor, Cancer Research UK (formerly ICRF) from 1983; Patron, Tayside and Means Normandy Veterans Association, from 1992; Patron, Bicentennial Year Award of Baronial Order of Magna Charta, USA 1976; Knight of Honour & Devotion, Sovereign Military Order of Malta 1947 ( Vice-Pres, British Assoc from 2001); Bailiff Grand Cross and Senator, Constantinian Order of St George (Parma), 2001; &c. 

He was appointed CBE in 1982.Lord Mowbray, Segrave & Stourton was twice married; firstly, in 1952, to the Hon Jane de Yarburgh Bateson, daughter of the 5th Lord Deramore. She died 2 April, 1998.He married 2ndly, in February, 1999, Joan, Lady Holland, widow of Sir Guy Holland, 3rd Baronet. He is survived by his 2nd spouse and by two sons from the first marriage, Edward and James.

The peerages now devolve upon his elder son, the Hon Edward William Stephen Stourton, born 17 Apr, 1953, who is married with one son, and four daughters.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Amaryllis Susan Rohays Burnett

Lavinia Margaret Burnett of Leys (nee Cox), wife of Alexander James Amherst Burnett of Leys (b. 1973), gave birth to a daughter, Amaryllis Susan Rohays, 24 November, 2006.
Alexander is the elder son of Mr James Comyn Amherst Burnett of Leys (b. 1941), and Mrs Burnett of Leys, of House of Crathes, Kincardineshire, and Lavinia is the elder daughter of Mr and Mrs C.A.F. Cox, of Leochel Cushnie, Aberdeenshire.
Alexander's father was born James Comyn Amherst Cecil, son of the Hon Henry Kerr Auchmuty Cecil (1914-42), scion of the Barons Amherst of Hackney, who married in 1938, Elizabeth Rohays Mary (who d. in 1993 having married secondly, 1944, Capt Sir Cecil Boyd-Rochfort, KCVO), only daughter of Major-General Sir James Lauderdale Gilbert Burnett of Leys, 13th Baronet, CB, CMG, DSO.
Alexander's father was, in 1966, recognized in the surname of BURNETT of LEYS, by Lyon Court. He married in 1971, Fiona Mercedes, second daughter of Lt-Col Harold Pedro Joseph Phillips, FRGS (who d. 1980), by his wife Georgina (now Lady Kennard), daughter of Sir Harold Augustus Wernher, GCVO, TD, 3rd and last Baronet [1893-1973], of Luton Hoo, by his wife, the Lady Anastasia [Zia] Wernher, CBE, [nee de Torby], elder daughter of Grand Duke Mikhail of Russia [1861-1929], by his morganatic wife, Sophia Nikolaievna, Countess de Torby, elder dau of Prince Nikolaus Wilhelm of Nassau, by his morganatic wife Countess Natalia von Merenberg [nee Pushkin].
Alexander Burnett of Leys is a nephew of the Duchess of Abercorn and the Duchess of Westminster.

Lady Wontner

Lady Wontner, who died at her home at Hedsor, 7 December, 2006, aged 95, was the widow of Sir Hugh Wontner, GBE, CVO (1908-92), hotelier, Chairman of the Berkeley and Claridge's Hotels, London; Lord Mayor of London, 1973-74. She was the former Catherine Irvin, daughter of Thomas William Irvin, of the Gordon Highlanders (who was killed in action in 1916), of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, and was a niece of Sir John Irvin, KBE, and married in 1936, Hugh Walter Kingwell Wontner of Barscobe (his style in Scotland), 2 sons, Giles and Julian, and a daughter, Jenifer. Funeral at St Nicholas, Hedsor, 21 December, 2006.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hon Willa Katherine Peel

Viscountess Clanfield (b. 1978), wife of Viscount Clanfield (b. 1976), son and heir of the 3rd Earl Peel by his first wife, gave birth to a daughter, Willa Katherine, 1 December, 2006, a sister for Isla Rose Huldine, who was b. 24 March, 2005.

Viscountess Clanfield is the former Matilda Rose Aykroyd (b. 1978), third daughter of David Peter Aykroyd (b. 1937), of Nun Monkton, York, scion of the Aykroyd Baronets, of Lightcliffe (created 1920), by his wife, the former (Lydia) Huldine Beamish, younger daughter of Richard Pigott Beamish, of Castleyons, County Cork (of an Irish landed family).

The infant's father - Ashton Robert Gerard Peel, styled Viscount Clanfield (b. 16 September, 1976), is the only son of the 3rd Earl Peel, PC (b. 1947), of Masham, North Yorkshire, and his first wife, the former Veronica Naomi Livingston Timpson (b. 1950), descended from the
Houstoun-Boswall Baronets (now Veronica Countess Peel, of San Martin de Tesorillo, Spain).

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sir Peter Gadsden, GBE

Sir Peter Drury Haggerston Gadsden, GBE (1979), Lord Mayor of London 1979-80, Chairman PPP Healthcare Foundation, since 1996, died suddenly at his home, 4 December, 2006. He was aged 77. He is survived by Lady Gadsden (nee Belinda Ann Haggerston, daughter of Capt Sir (Hugh) Carnaby de Marie Haggerston, 11th Baronet ) whom he wed in 1955, and his four daughters, Juliet, Caroline, Clare and Elizabeth.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

von Hofmannsthal/Armstrong-Jones marriage

The marriage took place, 2 December, 2006, at St George's Church, Hanover Square, London, between Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal, son of Mr Octavian Charles Hugo von Hofmannsthal (b. 1946), and Mrs von Hofmannsthal, and the Lady Frances Armstrong-Jones (b. 1979), daughter of the 1st Earl of Snowdon, GCVO (b. 1930), by his 2nd wife, the former Lucy Mary Davies. Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal is a great-grandson of the 6th Marquess of Anglesey. Rodople's father is a son of Raimund von Hofmannsthal (d. 1974), who married (as his second wife) in 1939, the Lady Elisabeth Hester Mary Paget (b. 1916), daughter of the 6th Marquess of Anglesey (1885-1947) ...


Friday, December 01, 2006

Colonel John Kenyon, OBE, MC (1921-2006)

Colonel John Kenyon, OBE, MC, who has died aged 84, won an immediate MC as a mountain gunner in the Burma campaign during the critical battle of Kohima; some 35 years later he waged a successful campaign to restore his county council's name to Shropshire instead of the government-approved Salop.He wasa scion of the Barons Kenyon (Baron GB 1788, Baronet 1784).;jsessionid=K1JH2ZALW53ENQFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?view=DETAILS&grid=&xml=/news/2006/12/01/db0102.xml
He was b. 1921, a son of Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Edward Kenyon, DSO (1881-1958) by his wife Gwendoline Ethel Graham Ommanney, and was educated at Marlborough.
Colonel Royal Artillery and General Staff, , Military Assistant to the C-in-C Far East Land Forces 1962-64, and Defence Naval and Military Attache, Belgium and Luxembourg, 1971-73; Shropshire County Councillor, 1977-85; a Freeman of Shrewsbury (Grand Master) and of the City of London; President of the Freemen of England, 1981-91; MC; OBE (Mil) 1970; Order of Leopold of Belgium, 1989; He was married and divorced 3 times...

Hon Mrs James Galbraith

The Hon Mrs James Galbraith, who died 28 November, 2006, aged 90, was the widow of the Hon. James Muir Galloway Galbraith, CBE (1920-2003), a younger son of the 1st Baron Strathclyde, PC (1891-1985). She was the former Anne Christine Maud Paget, daughter of Maj. Kenneth Paget, of the Old Rectory House, Itchen Abbas, Hampshire, and married Mr Galbraith, in 1945. He died 4 Oct, 2003. She leaves issue. Funeral Service at Ancrum Parish Church, near Jedburgh, Monday 4th December 2006.

Jo Countess of Onslow

Jo Countess of Onslow, MBE, who died at her home, 28 November, 2006, at the age of 84, was the second wife, and widow, of Colonel the 6th Earl of Onslow, KBE, MC, TD (1913-71).
She was the former Nina Sturdee, but always known as Jo, daughter of Thomas Sturdee, and was awarded the MBE in 1953. She married Lord Onslow, Colonel RAC, High Steward of Guildford 1947-71, Capt of the Yeoman of the Guard, 1951-60, as his 2nd wife in 1962. He died in 1971. No issue.
Service of Thanksgiving at St. Mary's Church, North Leigh, Oxfordshire, 15 Dec, 2006.