Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nicholas Emanuel Stafford Howard

Dr Anna F. Howard (née Parsons), wife of Dr Henry James Stafford Howard (b. 1972), of Johnby Hall, Cumbria, scion of the Dukes of Norfolk, gave birth to a son, Nicholas Emanuel Stafford, 16 March, 2009.

Dr Howard is the son of the late Mr Nicholas Stafford Howard (1937-2008), of Johnby Hall, Cumbria, by his wife the former Phyllis Bethan Duckett, and Anna is the elder daughter of the Rev. Stephen and Mrs Parsons, of Edinburgh.

On 16th March 2009, to Anna (née Parsons) and Henry, of Johnby Hall, Cumbria, a son Nicholas Emanuel Stafford.

Eliza Honor Vaughan

The Hon Georgina Isabel Vaughan (b 1980, nee Byng) scion of the Viscounts Torrington, wife of John F. Vaughan, scion of the Vaughan of Courtfield LG family, gave birth to a daughter, Eliza Honor, 23 March, 2009.

John is the son of Mr and Mrs Patrick Vaughan, of Courtfield, Herefordshire, and Georgina is the 2nd daughter of the 11th Viscount Torrington (b 13 Jul 1943), of Mere, Wits, by his wife the former Susan Webster (descended from the Marquesses of Conyngham).

Dowager Lady Torphichen dies

The Dowager Lady Torphichen, who died 20 March, 2009, was the 3rd wife, and widow of the 14th Lord Torphichen. She was the former Pamela Mary Howard-Snow, dau of John Howard-Snow, and married (i) Thomas Hodson-Pressinger; married (ii) 1973, as his 3rd spouse, the 14th Lord Torphichen (Lordship of Scotland, 1564), who died in 1975. She leaves 2 children Anne and Selwyn Hodson-Pressinger. Funeral at Brompton Oratory SW7 on 8th April, 2009.


Cameron/Maclay engagement

_.The engagement was announced 31 March, 2009, between Donald Andrew John Cameron, younger of Lochiel (b 1976), son of.— Donald Cameron, Chief of the Clan Cameron, of Achnacarry, by his wife the former Lady Cecil Nennella Therese Kerr (b 1948), & Sarah Elizabeth Maclay (b 1977), scion of the Barons Maclay, daughter of the Hon Angus Grenfell Maclay (b 1945), of St Boswells, by his late wife the former Hon (Elizabeth) Victoria Baillie (d 1986), dau of the 3rd Baron Burton.
Donald Cameron, yr of Lochiel is a grandson maternally of the 12 Marquis of Lothian, KCVO (1922-2004)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gordon Brown and Queen in talks about lifting Catholic ban

Gordon Brown has opened talks with Buckingham Palace on removing the 308-year-old law which bars members of the Royal Family from marrying Roman Catholics.

The Princess Royal would jump ahead of the Duke of York if the law on succession are overhauled

Discrimination against female heirs to the throne would also be scrapped under the proposals expected to be introduced next year, if the law were to be made retrospective the Princess Royal would move ahead of the Duke of York in the line of succession.

At present, members of the Royal Family are forbidden by the Act of Settlement from converting to Roman Catholicism or marrying someone from the Catholic faith unless they agree to being removed from the order of succession.

Male members of the Royal family take precedent over their female relatives, meaning that the Princess is further down the line of succession than her younger brothers and their children.
The Prime Minister is understood to be in favour of overhauling the laws on succession, and Buckingham Palace is also thought to be ``open'' to the plans.

Two of the main impediments to reform - the need to secure the consent of the Commonwealth, and concerns about the monarch's status as head of the Church of England - have both been discussed.

Monarchs and members of their family in the order of succession have been banned from marrying Roman Catholics since the Glorious Revolution of 1688, when the Catholic James II was overthrown in favour of the Protestant William of Orange. The prohibition is enshrined in the Bill of Rights passed that year, and the 1701 Act of Settlement.

Rewriting the Act of Settlement requires the consent of all 53 Commonwealth countries, and Mr Brown hopes to discuss the proposal at the Commonwealth summit in November. He has already held private talks about his plans with some Commonwealth leaders.

Sources close to the Prime Minister stressed that the plans would not undermine the Establishment of the Church of England, and that the monarch would retain the role of head of the Church.

If the law was changed and it is made retrospective, the Princess would move from 10th to fourth in line to the throne, behind her older brother, the Prince of Wales, and his sons, Princes William and Harry.

Her children, Peter and Zara Phillips, would also be lifted up the line of succession, ahead of the Duke and his daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and the Earl of Wessex and his children, Lady Louise Windsor and Viscount Severn, who would move after his older sister.
During the current Queen's reign, two members of the Royal Family - Prince Michael of Kent and the Earl of St Andrews - renounced heir rights of succession after marrying Roman Catholics. Last year, it was announced that Autumn Kelly had renounced her Catholic faith before she was able to marry Mr Phillips.

Over the past decade, Labour has pursued a number of policies which have angered Catholics, such as equality laws which forced adoption agencies to consider homosexuals as potential parents and the creation of hybrid human-animal embryos.

Mr Brown's bid to rewrite the Act of Settlement is thought to be part of a new attempt to win over Catholics and pave the way for a state visit to Britain by Pope Benedict XVI.

The Prime Minister is also said to be considering offering a peerage to Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, which would make him the first Roman Catholic bishop to sit in the House of Lords since the Reformation.

Speaking about the Act of Settlement yesterday during an event at the House of Commons, the Cardinal said: "It's discriminatory. I think it will disappear, but I don't want to cause a great fuss over it."
In Sweden, the law was changed in 1980 to allow the succession to pass to the eldest child of the monarch regardless of gender, while similar moves were made to the royal families of Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden.

MPs will today[Friday] be given the opportunity to vote on reforming laws proposed by a backbench MP to allow Roman Catholic succession.

The Private Member's Bill is being introduced by Evan Harris, a Liberal Democrat, and enjoys cross-party support. As well as the backing of senior Catholics in the Commons, including Edward Leigh, the Tory chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, and Andrew MacKinlay, Labour MP for Thurrock, it is also supported by a number of women members.

The Prime Minister will not support this legislation himself as he has concerns about some technical aspects of the way it has been drawn up, however, Labour MPs are free to vote in favour if they wish. Instead, the Prime Minister will wait until after negotiations are concluded before introducing his own legislation next year.

A Number 10 aide said last night: ``In principle this is an area where we want to see progress. We are not going to support today's Bill but we won't oppose it. It is not possible to simply change legislation as it's a very complex area.''

Dr Harris said of his Bill: "The Bill will remove the uniquely discriminatory stipulation which currently exists - that an individual in the line of succession to the throne can have a civil partnership with a Catholic, can marry a Muslim or atheist, but can not marry a Catholic.
"It will also end the rule of primogeniture, whereby women in the line of succession to the throne is automatically superseded by a younger male sibling - if your current monarch had a young brother, we would never had had a Queen Elizabeth II."

The Bill would also repeal the Royal Marriages Act of 1772, which requires the descendants of George II to seek the consent of the monarch before marrying if they are under the age of 25.


Guest/Burbury engagement

_.The engagement was announced 26 March, 2009, between Henry Charles Guest (b 1978), scion of the Viscounts Wimborne, elder son of the Hon Charles James Guest (b 1950), of Somerset, by his wife the former Simone Whinney, and Nova J. Burbury, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Christopher Burbury, of Perth, Western Australia.


Suzanne, Lady Mahon dies

Suzanne, Lady Mahon, who died 22 March, 2009, at Winchester, was the second wife, and widow, of Sir George Edward John Mahon, 6th Baronet, who she married in 1958, and who died in 1987. She was daughter of Thomas Donnellan, of Pirbright, Surrey. Private family funeral. Thanksgiving service St Mary's Church, Battersea.—Wednesday 15th April 2009.


Turner/Howard engagement

The engagement was announced circa 24 March, 2009, between Christian Turner, elder son of Professor and Mrs David Turner, of Syracuse, New York, and Victoria Picton Seymour Howard (b 1975), scion of the Howard Baronets (cr 1955), younger daughter of Sir David Howarth Seymour Howard, 3rd Baronet (b 29 Dec 1945), of the City of London, & Lady Howard.
The marriage will be celebrated in London on 31st July 2009.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Emily Jane Theodora Vyvyan

Venetia Ruth Caroline Vyvyan (née Turner), wife since 1993, of George 
James Tawney Vyvyan (b. 1951), scion of the Vyvyan Baronets (created 
in 1645), gave birth to a dau, Emily Jane Theodora, 5 March, 2009, a 
sister for Charlotte, Alice, & George Alexander Tawney, who was b 24 
January, 2004. 


Violet May Vane-Tempest-Stewart

Lady Reginald Vane-Tempest-Stewart, wife of Lord Reginald Alexander Vane-Tempest-Stewart (b. 1977), gave birth to a daughter, Violet May, 13 Feb, 2009, a sister for Amy Romaine, who was b 19 February, 2007, & a sister for Robin Gabriel, who was b. 29 May, 2004. 

Lord Reginald is the younger son of the 9th Marquess of Londonderry and of Doreen Marchioness of Londonderry (Doreen Wells, the 
ballerina), & Lady Reginald is the former Chloe B. Guinness, only daughter of Mr William Loel Seymour Guinness (b. 1939) and Mrs (Agnes 
Elizabeth) Lynn Guinness (nee Day). 

Lady Reginald is a granddaughter paternally of Group Capt (Thomas) Loel Evelyn Bulkeley Guinness, OBE, (d. 1988), and of the former Lady 
Isabel Violet Kathleen Manners, daughter of the 9th Duke of Rutland. 

Gerard Morgan-Grenville

Gerard Morgan-Grenville, who died 2 March, 2009, was a scion of the 
Lords Kinloss, and a great-grandson of the last Duke of Buckingham and 
Chandos, who lost the family seat at Stowe. 
He was a grandson of Mary, Lady Kinloss (peeress in her own right). 

Gerard Wyndham Morgan-Grenville was born 26 March 1931 at Iping, near 
Midhurst, son of Capt the Hon Robert William Morgan-Grenville 
(1892-1988), by his 2nd wife the former Elizabeth Renshaw, widow of 
Maj Francis Wm Lindley Gull (of the Gull Bts), dau of Sir Charles 
Renshaw 1st Baronet. Educated at Eton; He married three times, (i) 
1955  (Div 1981) Virginia Anne Peto, scion of the Peto Baronets; (ii) 
Fern Diana Jackson; (iii) Margaret____; and is survived by his third 
wife, and by two sons and a daughter from his first marriage, viz: 
Hugo Gerard b 1958, George Septimus b 1964, and Laura Isabel Hester, b 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hon Richard Neville Cabbell Manners (1924-2009)

The Hon Richard Neville Cabbell Manners, of Cromer Hall, Norfolk, who 
died 17 March, 2009, aged 85, was a scion of the Barons Manners (cr 
Peerage of the UK 1807): & descended from the Dukes of Rutland; b 
1924, yr son of the 4th Baron Manners, MC (1897-1972), by his wife the 
former Mary Edith Gascoyne-Cecil, scion of the Marquesses of 
Salisbury; educated at Eton; married 1945, Juliet Mary, dau of Col Sir 
Edward Hulton Preston, 5th Baronet, DSO, MC; by whom he had issue: (i) 
Christine Margaret Lavender b 1946; (ii) Edward Preston b 1948: (iii) 
Rupert Francis Henry b 1950; (iv) (Thomas) Benjamin, b 1954.  Service 
of Thanksgiving at St Marys Church, Roughton, 30 March 2009. 

This gentleman assumed the additional surname of CABBELL before that 
of MANNERS... 


Gruffudd Jones/Barttelot engagement

—The engagement was announced 21 March, 2009, between Freddie N. 
Gruffudd Jones, younger son of Mr and Mrs Dafydd Gruffudd Jones, of 
Anglesey, and Emma, youngest daughter of Col Sir Brian Walter De 
Stopham Barttelot, OBE, 5th Baronet (b 17 Jul 1941), of Stopham, 
Pulborough, Sussex, by his wife the former Hon (Mary Angela) Fiona 
Weld-Forester (b 1944), yst dau of the late 7th Baron Forester 


Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Hon Claudia Violet Allhusen (nee Betterton)

The Hon Claudia Violet Allhusen (nee Betterton), who died at 
Bereweeke, Winchester, 16 March, 2009, aged 91, was born in 1917, the 
younger dau of the 1st and last Baron Rushcliffe, PC, GBE (d 1949), 
and widow of Maj Derek Swithin Allhusen, CVO (1914-2000), 9th Lancers, 
a former High Sheriff of Norfolk, one of HM Bodyguard of the Hon Corps 
of Gentelmen-at-Arms, [Standard Bearer, 1981-4],  the scion of a 
family long established at Bradenham Hall, Thetford. They married in 
1937 . He died 24 Apr, 2000. The Rushcliffe barony has been extinct 
since 1949. 
She leaves issue. The funeral Service to be held at St Andrew's 
Church, Claxton, 25 March 2009. 


Faith Deborah Etrenne Grattan (née Arbuthnot)

Faith Deborah Etrenne Grattan (née Arbuthnot), who died 15th March 
2009 at her home, was a scion of the Arbuthnot Baronets (cr 1823); 
born in 1921, a daughter of Lieut-Col. Archibald Hugh Arbuthnot 
(1874-1957), by his second wife the former Marjory Beech (d 1975); 
Subaltern, ATS 1939-45; maried 1948,  Edmund O'Donnell Colley Grattan, 
FRCS (deceased); by whom she had issue. 


7th Baron Kilmarnock (1927-2009)

The 7th Baron Kilmarnock, who died 19 March 2009, aged 81, was head of 
the Clan Boyd, a gifted writer, lifelong Hispanophile and chairman of 
the all-party parliamentary group on Aids. 

Alastair Ivor Gilbert Boyd was born 11 May 1927 and educated at 

Bradfield and King's College, Cambridge. 

He was a Page to the Lord High Constable of Scotland at the Coronation 
of King George VI, May 1937. 

During national service he was in Palestine, in 1947-48, as a 
lieutenant in the Irish Guards, then entered his father's business in 
the City. 

Lord Kilmarnock's publications (as Alastair Boyd) included Sabbatical 
Year (1958); The Road from Ronda (1969); The Essence of Catalonia 
(1988); The Social Market and the State (1999); and Rosemary: a memoir 

He married first, in 1954 (dissolved 1970), Diana Mary Grant Gibson, 
who died in 1975. He married secondly, 1977, Hilary Anne, dau of 
Leonard Sidney. His second wife survives him with their son, and his 
younger brother, the Hon Robin Jordan Boyd, known as "Tiger" who was 
born 6 Jun 1941, succeeds to the peerage (Baron, UK 1831). 


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Michael Allstar Astor

Leslie Astor, wife of Henry Waldorf Astor, scion of the Viscounts Astor, gave birth to a son, Michael Allstar, 9 March, 2009, in New York, a brother for Jakie, and for Charles Edgar Spence, who was b New York, 15 Sept 2007, and a half-brother for George. --==--

Major Philip Charles Metcalfe Bathurst

_. Major Philip Charles Metcalfe Bathurst died 15 March, 2009, aged 
86. He was descended from the Rt Hon Charles Bathurst (formerly 
Bragge), kisnman of the Earls Bathurst and the Viscounts Bledisloe; 
born 5 May 1922; the second son of Lt.-Col. Charles Robert Bathurst 
(1879-1967) by his wife the former Felicite Esther Theophilia Metcalfe 
(d 1960); career:- Maj. Royal Engineers; married 14 May 1953, 
Winifrede Gillian Debenham, daughter of Leonard Snowden Debenham; by 
whom he had issue, (i) Nicholas Charles George Bathurst, b 3 Jun 1954; 
(ii) Robert Guy Bathurst, b 22 Feb 1957; (iii) Charlotte Mary Bathurst 
b. 23 Sep 1961.  Funeral Mass at South Woodchester RC Church, Stroud, 
Glos, Saturday 28 March 2009. 


Greta Elizabeth Geddes

Georgina P.T. Geddes (née Wetherill), wife of Leo Patrick T.C. Geddes 
(b. 1981), scion of the Barons Geddes (cr 1942), gave birth to a 
daughter, Greta Elizabeth, 30 January, 2009. 

Leo Geddes is a son of His Honour Andrew Campbell Geddes (Judge 
Geddes) (b. 1943), by his 2nd wife the former Bridget Caroline Helen 
Warren-Swettenham, & Georgina is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Martin 

Leo is a grandson of Colonel the Hon Alexander Campbell Geddes, OBE, 
MC, TD (1910-72), by his 1st wife, Margaret Kathleen Addis, and is a 
great-nephew of the Hon Margaret Campbell Geddes (HRH The Princess of 
Hesse and the Rhine), &c. 


Hon Mary Katharine Medina Duckworth

The Hon (Mary) Katharine Medina Duckworth (nee Chatfield), OBE, who 
died 14 March, 2009, aged 97, was b circa 1911, second of the three 
children of the 1st Baron Chatfield, PC, GCB, OM, KCMG, CVO 
(1873-1967), by his wife the former Lillian Emma Matthews; she married 
22 Sept, 1947, Henry George Austen de l'Etang Herbert Duckworth (b 
1905; deceased), scion of that landed gentry family and descended from 
Herbert Earls of Carnarvon, son of Sir George Duckworth, CB, FSA; by 
whom she had issue, (i) Sarah Margaret Katharine, b 1951, who married 
a Munro of Foulis (Baronetcy family); & (ii) Harriet Angela Victoria, 
b 1951 (twin), who m. Count Andreas von Einsiedel.  Funeral, Thursday 
26th March 2009 at St Margaret's, West Hoathly, W. Sussex. 


Benjamin Lascelles to marry Carolina Velez Robledo

The engagement has been announced between the Hon Benjamin George 
Lascelles (b 23 Nov 1978), scion of the Earls of Harewood, and a 
descendant of HM King George V and Queen Mary, 1st son of David Henry 
George Lascelles, styled Viscount Lascelles (born 21 October 1950), by 
his 1st wife the former Margaret Rosalind Messenger (b 1948); & 
Carolina Velez Robledo. 

Benjamin and Carolina's marriage received the "Declaration of Consent" 
from The Queen during a meeting of the Privy Council in February, 

Benjamin Lascelles was born prior to the marriage of his parents and 

was legitimated when they married in 1979. He remains excluded from 
the succession to the Throne and from the succession to the earldom of 
Harewood. His older sister, Lady Emily Shard (reported to have wed 
last year and is the mother of twins)  born in 1976, is also excluded 
from the line of succession to the Crown.  His next brother, 
Alexander, born in 1980, is in line to the Throne and to the earldom 
of Harewood, and is said to be father of an illegitimate son. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Manuel Basil (Bluey) Mavroleon 1927-2009

Manuel Basil (Bluey) Mavroleon, who died 16 Feb, 2009, aged 81, was a 
ship owner, Grenadier Guardsman, yachtsman, pilot, patriot, a good 
shot and a famously generous host. He was born 17 April 1927, the son 
of Basil Mavroleon and his English wife Violet (née Withers). 
Mavroleon's first wife, Ruth, was a London policeman's daughter. They 
married in 1951 and divorced three years later. In 1956 he married 
Gioconda de Gallardo y Castro, with whom he had two sons, Carlos (d 
1998) and Nicholas. The marriage was dissolved in 1961, and he married 
thirdly, in 1963, Camilla Paravicini, later Countess Frédéric Chandon 
de Brailles, dau of Lt.-Col. Vincent Rudolph Paravicini, by his wife 
Mary Elizabeth Maugham (later Lady John Hope (see Linlithgow) & then 
Baroness Glendevon), dau of the playwright Somerset Maugham and niece 
of the 1st Viscount Maugham (extinct 1981). They had two daughters, 
(i) Syrie Mavroleon (engaged now married (?) to Mark R.A. Swire, scion 
of that LG family, eldest son of the late Humphrey Roger Swire (b 17 
Oct 1934, d 3 Jan 2004) by his 1st wife, the former Philippa Sophia 
Kidston-Montgomerie, scion of that LG family (now Marchioness 
Townshend, of Raynham), & (ii) Sacha Mavroleon, before this marriage 
too was dissolved. In 1982 Mavroleon married Caroline Tomé, who 
survives him together with his son Nicholas (a former husband of the 
actress Barbara Carrera) and his two daughters. His son Carlos, a 
journalist working for CBS who had converted to Islam, died in 
mysterious circumstances in a hotel room in Peshawar, Pakistan, in 


Francis (Frank) Simon James Nixon

The Hon. Hermione Marie Hilda Edith Nixon (b. 1973, née Roper-Curzon), 
wife of Simon P.J. Nixon, gave birth to a son, Francis (Frank) Simon 
James, 6 March, 2009, a brother for Florence Elizabeth Dora, who was b 
23 November, 2006, & for Joseph Patrick John, who was b. 3 March, 

Simon Nixon is the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Patrick Nixon, and 
Hermione is the fourth of the five daughters of the 20th Baron Teynham 
and Baroness Teynham. Hermione is twin with the second of the 
Teynham's 5 sons. 


Margaret Eleanor Arnold (nee Horton-Fawkes) 1931-2009

Margaret Eleanor Arnold (nee Horton-Fawkes), who died at her home, 15 
March, 2009, aged 77, was a scion of the Horton-Fawkes landed gentry 
family, of Farnley Hall, Otley, West Yorkshire; born in 1931 a 
daughter of Maj. Le Gendre George William Horton Horton-Fawkes 
(formerly Starkie) (1892-1982), by his wife the former Sylvia Louisa 
Mabel Edina Duckworth (1899-1990), descended from the Seymour 
Marquesses of Hertford and the FitzRoy Dukes of Grafton descending 
from Charles II (and a near relative of Virginia Woolf); married 1957, 
Edmund Martin Arnold, by whom she had issue, (i) Edmund M. G. Arnold, 
b 1958; (ii) Jeremy R Arnold, b 1960; (iii) Justin T. Arnold, b 1962. 
She was grandmother of Georgia, Edward, Elsa and Iris Arnold; Funeral 
takes place at Harrogate Crematorium, 24 March, 2009. 


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Graham-Campbell/Hay engagement

_.The engagement was announced 16 March 2009, between Charles R Graham-
Campbell, son of Mr and Mrs Niall Graham-Campbell, of Pitlochry,
Perthshire, and Caroline Laura Hay (b 1978), scion of the Marquesses
of Tweeddale, daughter of Alexander Douglas Hay (b 1948), of Duns
Castle, Berwickshire, by his wife the former Aline Mary Macdougall.

Charles Graham-Campbell's brother Alastair married Josephine Emma 

Anson (b 1968), scion of the Earls of Lichfield.


The Hon. Peter John Kershaw 1924-2009

The Hon. Peter John Kershaw, who died at the Chatterwood Nursing Home,
Liss, Hampshire, 10 March, 2009, aged 84, was a yr son of the 1st
Baron Kershaw, OBE (1881-1961), by his wife the former Frances Edith
Wigmore; b 1924; sub-lieut, RNVR 1945-6; Director and Chief Engineer
of Sir Robert McAlpine and Sons Ltd; married 1948, Brenda Margaret
(née Smith) dau of James Austin Smith, by whom he had issue, a son
Michael James, b 1951.  Funeral at Chichester Crematorium, West
Sussex, 23rd March 2009.


Josephine Kenyon, Baronet's granddaughter

Josephine Bridget Annette (Josette) Kenyon (née Blunden) who died 9
Mar 2009, was a scion of the Blunden Baronets (cr 1766), a
granddaughter of the 4th Bt; born 1926 dau of Eric Overington Blunden
(1892-1969), by his wife the former Bridget Constable Curtis; married
1947, Colonel George Vicary Kenyon, CBE, TD, DL, by whom she had
issue. Funeral Service Friday 20th March 2009, at St John the Baptist
Church, Great Amwell, Ware, Herts.


Sir Charles Willink, 2nd Bt (1929-2009)

Sir Charles Willink, 2nd Baronet, who died in London, 10 March 2009
aged 79, was a classical scholar and one of those involved in the idea
to reconstruct, in the 1980s, the trireme, the Greek warship which
brought about the conquest of the Mediterranean by the Athenians.

Charles William Willink was born in London, 10 September 1929, the
elder son of Henry Willink, who would become MP for Croydon North and
then Churchill's minister of health (1943-45) and was created a
baronet in 1957.

He succeeded in the baronetcy in 1973 on the death of his father. 

Charles Willink married, in 1954, the painter Elizabeth Andrewes. She
survives him with their son Edward Daniel, b 18 Feb 1957, who succeeds
in the baronetcy, and their daughter Penelope.


Barran/Kimbell engagement

The engagement was announced, 28 Feb 2009, between (Laurence) Edward
(Ned) Barran (b 1977), scion of the Barran Baronets, 2nd son of Julian
Mark Lechmere Barran (b 1947), of Welham, Somerset, by his 1st wife
the former Mary Playfair (now Mrs Nicholas Padfield, of Chelsea), and
Deborah Kimbell, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs David Kimbell, of
Ecchinswell, Hampshire.


Hercules Bellville 1939-2009

(Rupert) Hercules Fuqua Bellville, film producer, scion of that LG
family: born San Diego, California 18 June 1939; married 2009 Ilana
Shulman; died London 21 February 2009.

He was the son of Rupert Bellville (1904-1962) by his wife, Jeannette
Fugua. Educated at Ampleforth.

His grandfather Frank Ashton Bellville married Gladys, dau of Arthur Cornewall Chester Master (1854-1900), of that LG family, and descended 

from Barons Digby, and the Egerton Earls of Bridgwater.


Cassandra, Lady Horsfall, baronet's widow, dies

Cassandra Lady Horsfall who died at Steeton, West Yorkshire, 10 March,
2009, was the widow of Sir John Musgrave Horsfall, MC, TD, 3rd
Baronet. She was the former Cassandra Nora Bernardine Wright, dau of
George Wright, of Brinkworth Hall, Elvington, York, and married Sir
John in 1940. He died 12 January, 2005, aged 89. She leaves 2 sons (i)
Sir Edward, the 4th Baronet (b 17 Dec 1940), and (ii) (Donald James)
Linton Horsfall b 1942; and one dau (i) Henrietta Nora b 1947. A
Service of Thanksgiving takes place at St Mary's Church, Embsay, 23
March, 2009.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brandram/Warhurst engagement

The engagement was announced 14 March, 2009, between Richard Paul George Andrew Brandram (born 1 Apr, 1948), only son of the late Maj Richard Campbell Andrew Brandram (1911-94), by his late wife Her Royal Highness Princess Katherine of Greece & Denmark (1913- 2007), and Mrs Kate H. Warhurst, former wife of _____Warhurst, and younger daughter of the late Mr Thomas Moreton and Mrs Thomas Moreton. 

It is Mr Brandram's 2nd marriage. He married in 1975, Jennifer Diane Steele, by whom he has issue. Mr Brandram is a grandson maternally of Constantine I, King of Greece, by his wife Princess Sophie of Prussia, dau of Frederick III, German Emperor, by his wife Victoria, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom, eldest child of HM Queen Victoria. 


Friday, March 13, 2009

Richard George Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes

Richard George Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, ARICS, scion of the Barons Saye & Sele (Baron E, 1447 & 1603) died suddenly, 9 March, 2009.  He was born in 1950, son of Richard Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes (1909-88), by his 2nd wife the former Alice Isobel Cowie (died 1986); educated at Winchester & the College of Estate management; married 1974, Julia Florence, dau of Reginald Humphrey, of Winchester, by whom he has issue, (i) Felix George b 1978; (ii) Eleanor Florence b 1983; (iii) Isobel Joanna b 1986; (iv) Arabella Julia b 1988.


Hon Hannah Cara Brand

The Viscountess Hampden, wife of Francis Brand, 7th Viscount Hampden (b 1970), gave birth to a daughter, the Hon Hannah Cara Brand, 5 March,2009, a sister for Mary Virginia, who was b 11 February, 2007. Francis is elder son of the 6th Viscount Hampden, by his first wife Caroline Fiona [Cara], [now Mrs Cara Bird], scion of the Proby Baronets. 


Pamela Dorothy Beaujolois Selby-Smyth, MVO 1913-2009

Pamela Dorothy Beaujolois Selby-Smyth, MVO, who died 3 March, 2009,
aged 95, was b 25 Aug 1913, dau of Capt Miles Bury Selby-Smyth (b 1884-
k/a 1915), by his wife the former Violet Emily Drummond (1888-1970),
scion of the Earls of Perth. Unm. Cremation at Basingstoke
Crematorium, 12 March, 2009.


Simon Waterlow (1941-2009)

Simon Gordon Waterlow, who died suddenly, 27 February 2009, in
Franklin, Tennessee, was a scion of the Waterlow Baronets. He was b 20
Jun 1941, yr son of Sir Thomas Waterlow, 3rd Baronet, and a yr brother
of Sir (James) Gerard Waterlow, 4th Bt (b 3 Sept 1939 - "the day war
broke out"). married 1971, Jane, dau of Wing Commander Cameron Underhill, by whom he had one dau, Caroline, b 1973. 


Hon Jocelyn Parker (1920-2009)

The Hon Jocelyn George Dudley Parker, who d 28 February 2009, aged 88,
was a scion of the Earls of Macclesfield. Born 23 Apr 1920, yr son of
the 7th Earl of Macclesfield (1888-1975), by his wife the former
Lilian Joanna Vere Boyle (d 9 Apr 1974); married 1948, Daphne Irene
(deceased), dau of Major George Cecil Whitaker, of Watlington, Oxon,
by whom he had issue, Mary (b 18 Jul 1951) and Robert (b 16 Mar 1955).


Jonathan Robin Ducat-Hamersley

Jonathan Robin Ducat-Hamersley, who died at his home, 2 March, 2009,
was a scion of the LG family Ducat-Hamersley, of Pyrton Manor,
Watlington, Oxon. The Funeral Service will be held at St Mary's
Church, Pyrton, 12 March, 2009.


Suzanne Molly Talbot-Ponsonby (1939-2009)

Suzanne Molly Lucas, who died 1 March, 2009, at St Christopher's
Hospice, aged 69, was born 23 Aug 1939, as Suzanne Molly Talbot-
Ponsonby, scion of the Earls of Shrewsbury, dau of Edward FitzRoy
Talbot-Ponsonby (b 22 August 1916), by his wife the former, Bertha
Marie-Louise Muriel Barber; married 5 Oct 1957 (div 1973), as his 1st
wife, James Granville Lucas (b 1932), scion of the Lucas Baronets, by
whom she had issue, Jonathan Delight Lucas b 1964, and Charles
Granville Lucas, b 1964 (twin). Funeral Service was held at St John
the Evangelist, Langrish, Hampshire, 6 March, 2009.

Alastair McCorquodale (1925-2009)

Alastair McCorquodale, who died 27 Feb, 2009, aged 83, was a scion of
the LG family of that name. He was b 5 Dec, 1925, son of Maj Kenneth
McCorquodale (b 1894), by his wife the former Ellen Viva Martin;
married 26 Jul 1947, Rosemary Sybil Turnor (b 9 Sept 1924), dau of or
Maj Herbert Broke Turnor (d 1969), by his wife the former Lady Enid
Victoria Rachel Fane, dau of the 13th Earl of Westmorland; by whom he
had issue, (i) Sarah McCorquodale (1948-2008) sometime wife of
Geoffrey van Cutsem, of that LG family; (ii) Neil Edmund McCorquodale,
b 1951, who married 17 May 1980, the Lady Sarah Spencer (b 1955), dau
of the 8th Earl Spencer, MVO,  and sister of Diana, Princess of
Thanksgiving Service at Little Ponton Church, Grantham, 9 March 2009.


John Wynne Bankes (1916-2009)

John Wynne Bankes, who died at home, 24 February 2009, aged 92, was
head of that LG family sometime of Soughton Hall; b 5 Nov, 1916;
educated Eton and Univ College Oxford (BA 1938); Capt 14th/20th King's
Hus 1939–45; m. Althea___, by whom he had issue. Private funeral.
Thanksgiving Service on Saturday 7 March at Northop Church.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yorkshire roots of Kate Middleton and Astrid Harbord

What do Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton and Prince Harry's latest squeeze, Astrid Harbord have in common? Both are descended from well-known Yorkshire families. Kate traces her Yorkshire blood from the well-heeled Luptons of Leeds, whilst Astrid's roots are from North Yorkshire. Her grandfather, William Harbord, was a noted cricketer, who played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club between 1929 and 1935.

Astrid, born in 1981, and several years Harry's senior, has noted family connections to the aristocracy. She's a scion of the Barons Suffield and a kinswoman of Caroline Harbord-Hamond (now Mrs Twiston-Davies), a trusted friend of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana was godmother of Caroline's daughter, Antonia.

Astrid is the daughter of Old Harrovian Charles Harbord and his second wife, the former Sarah Blandy.  Full name Astrid Anne Sylvia Harbord. She has a sister, Davina, born in 1986.


Lord Clyde

James John Clyde, The Rt Hon The Lord Clyde of Briglands, PC. Retired Lord of Appeal in Ordinary and Senator of the College of Justice (Scotland). Died peacefully in Edinburgh, aged 77 on 6th March 2009.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

+ Lady Luttrell, widow of Sir Walter

Lady Luttrell, who died 9 March, 2009, was the widow of Colonel Sir 
Walter Luttrell, KCVO, head of that LG family, of Dunster Castle, who 
died in 2007, aged 87. Her husband was awarded an MC in 1945 for his 
part in the advance into Germany; he was also the last private owner 
of Dunster Castle, Somerset, which had been in his family's hands for 
600 years. 

Dramatically situated on top of a wooded hill, there has been a castle 
there since Norman times. The 13th-century gatehouse survives, but the 
present building was remodelled between 1868 and 1872 by Antony 
Salvin; the fine oak staircase and plasterwork of the 17th-century 
house that he adapted can still be seen. 


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Gerard Wyndham Morgan-Grenville (1931-2009)

Gerard Wyndham Morgan-Grenville, who died 2 March, 2009, was a scion of the Lords Kinloss (Lordship of Scotland, cr 1602). He was born 1931, son of Capt the Hon Robert William Morgan-Grenville (1892-1988) by his 2nd wife, Elizabeth, dau of Sir Chas. Renshaw, 1st Baronet; educated at Eton; Capt Rifle Brigade; married 1stly 1955 (div 1981) Virginia Anne Peto, scion of the Peto Baronets; married 2ndly, 1981 (div 1989) Mrs Fern Diana Roberts (d 1993), and leaves issue from his 1st marr. Funeral Service at St Mary's Church, Powerstock on Wednesday 11th March 2009.


Antoinette Dalrymple-Hamilton

Geraldine Inez Antoinette Dalrymple-Hamilton, who died at Winchester, Mar 2009, was the 2nd wife of North Edward Frederick Dalrymple-Hamilton of Bargany, CVO, MBE, DSC (b 1922), scion of the Earls of Stair. She was a dau of Maj Rowland Beech, MC, of Cirencester, and married Capt Dalrymple-Hamilton in 1983. She was mother of Nicola Faulkner and Penelope Beech and grandmother of Rosie, Douglas and Kitty. Funeral Service at Holy Trinity Church, Wonston on Thursday 12th March 2009.


William Nigel Henry Legge-Bourke (1939-2009)

William Nigel Henry Legge-Bourke, who died at his home, Glanusk Park, 3 Mar 2009, was a scion of the Earls of Dartmouth, and father of Prince William and Prince Harry's former "nanny" Tiggy Legge-Bourke; born in 1939, son of Maj Sir Henry Legge-Bourke (1914-73) by his wife the former Catherine Grant, scion of the Grant Baronets of Monymusk; educ at Eton and Magdalene College, Cambridge; Capt The Royal Horse Guards (The Blues); married 1964, the Hon Shan Bailey, lady-in-waiting to HRH The Princess Royal, dau of the 3rd Baron Glanusk. He leaves a widow and a son, Harry and daughters, Tiggy and Zara.

Private Family Funeral. Service of Thanksgiving at Penmyarth Church on Thursday March 26th at 12 noon.

Jukes/Pinsent engagement

The engagement was announced 4 Mar 2009, between Matthew S. Jukes, elder son of Mr and Mrs Michael Jukes, of Temple Ewell, Kent, and Amelia Clare Pinsent (b 1976), scion of the Pinsent Baronets, and kinswoman of Sir Matthew Pinsent the Olympic oarsman, daughter of Mr and Mrs Antony Pinsent, of Bishopstrow, Wiltshire.

Betts/Jauncey engagement

The engagement was announced 5 Mar 2009 between Dr Maurice (Moff) Betts, son of Mr and Mrs Christopher Betts, of Charlbury, Oxfordshire, and.—Sophie Jean Elizabeth Jauncey (b 1980), eldest daughter of the Hon James Jauncey, of Birnam, Perthshire, and Mrs Caroline Ede, of Staunton- on-Arrow, Herefordshire, and granddaughter paternally of the Baron Jauncey of Tullichettle.

Rose Alexandra Mary Evans-Freke

Marina Alexandra Evans-Freke (nee Whetherly) (b. 1976), wife since 2003 of Dominic Ralfe Cecil Evans-Freke, (b. 1969), gave birth to a dau, Rose Alexandra Mary, 24 Feb, 2009, a sister for Arthur George Stobart, b 7 November, 2006, and Benedict Robin Harrington,who was b. 20 October, 2004. Dominic is the only son of the Hon Michael Peter Evans-Freke, (b. 1942), of Chilcompton, Somerset, and the Hon Mrs Michael Evans-Freke, (nee Gurney), of Lower Farm, Bishopstone, Wiltshire; & Marina is the only daughter of the late Mr Robin Christopher Whetherly, [1947-99], late the Royal Horse Guards, and of Mrs Sally Ann Whetherly, [nee Price], of Evershot, Dorset. Dominic's father is the eldest son and heir of the 11th Baron Carbery, and he is therefore in direct line to inherit the peerage (of Ireland).The bride is also of noble stock. Her late father was the second son of Lt-Col. Wiliam Erskine Stobart Whetherly, who m. 1938, the Hon. Rosemary Gertrude Alexandra Lever, second daughter of the 2nd Viscount Leverhulme.

Flora Struthers

Sabina Luleen Mary Struthers (nee de Chair, scion of that LG family) and wife of Archie James Struthers, gave birth to a daughter, Flora Isabella Minette, 24 Jan, 2009, a sister for Beatrice Serena Mary, who was born 3 March 2007. Sabina is a daughter of Colin Graham Ramsey de Chair (b. 1942), of Grove Cottage, Wood Dalling, Norfolk, by his former wife, Sarah, daughter of Noel Henry Boys Forde, of Wells-next- the-Sea, Norfolk, and wife since 1986 of the 7th Earl of Leicester, of Holkham Hall, Wells, Norfolk
Archie is the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Charles Struthers, of Ardmaddy Castle, by Oban, Argyll.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

7th Marquess Conyngham 1924-2009

The 7th Marquess Conyngham died in Johannesburg, 3 March, 2009. 

He was born 13 Mar 1924 as Frederick William Henry Francis Conyngham, son of the 6th Marquess, and succeeded to the peerages in 1974. 

 Educated at Eton he served as a Capt, Irish Guards; mar. (1) 29 Apr 1950 (div. 1970) Eileen Wren Newsam, only dau. of Capt Clement Wren Newsam, of Ashfield, Beauparc, co. Meath children by first wife: 1. Lord Henry Vivian Pierpoint Conyngham, styled Earl of Mount Charles, of Slane Castle, Co. Meath, Ireland (b. 23 May 1951), mar. (1) 1971 (div. 1985) Juliet Ann Kitson, 2nd dau. of Robert R B Kitson, of Churchtown, Morval, co. Cornwall, and has issue: 1a. Hon Alexander Burton Conyngham, styled Viscount Slane (b. 30 Jan 1975) 1a. Lady Henrietta Tamara Juliet Conyngham (b. 1976) Lord Henry Conyngham mar. (2) 1985 Lady Iona Charlotte Grimston (b. 25 Oct 1953), 4th dau. of John [Grimston], 6th Earl of Verulam, by his wife Margaret Ray Duncan, 1st dau. of Walter Atholl Duncan, of Cadogan Square, Chelsea, London, and had further issue: 1a. Lady Tamara Jane Conyngham (b. 1991) 2. Lord Simon Charles Eveleigh Wren Conyngham, of 42 Lygon Road, Edinburgh (b. 20 Nov 1953), mar. (1) 1978 (div. 1989) Emma S Breeze, dau. of W/Cdr F W Breeze, and (2) 1990 Carole Crossman Yorke (former wife of Nicholas Roger Yorke), yst. day. of Eldon F le Poer Power, of Ashfield, Beauparc, co. Meath, and has issue by both wives 3. Lord (Frederick William) Patrick Conyngham, of Drumdrocken, Carrickmacross, Co. Louth, Ireland (b. 23 Mar 1959), mar. (1) 1990 (div. 1995) Charlotte Mary Temple Gordon Black, 1st dau. of (Michael) Donald Gordon Black MC, of Edenwood, Cupar, co. Fife, and (2) 29 Nov 1995 Mrs Siobhain Ramos mar. (2) 1971 Elizabeth Ann Rudd (former wife of David Sutherland Rudd), 2nd dau. of Frederick Molyneux Hughes, of Fareham, co. Hampshire mar. (3) 1980 Daphne Georgina Adelaide Walker (former wife of C P V Walker, of Nairobi; d. 1986), 1st dau. of R C Gilmour, of Kenya mar. (4) 29 May 1987 (Emma Christianne) Annabelle Agnew, only dau. of (Denys) Martin Agnew, of Grosvenor Court, 22 Grove Road, East Cliffe, Bournemouth, co. Dorset.