Thursday, March 24, 2011

Serena Honora Silver Nason

_.Rowena Barbara Nason (nee Colthurst, b. 1971) wife of James Nason, gave
birth to a daughter, Serena Honora Silver, 21 March, 2011, a sister for
Georgiana Eleanor, who was b 8 April, 2005.
Rowena Nason is the younger daughter of Mr (George Silver) Oliver
(Annesley) Colthurst, (of the Colthurst Baronets)& his second wife, the
former Caroline Romaine Combe. Rowena is a niece of Sir Richard
Colthurst, 9th Baronet. Her mother is descended from the Combes of
Strathconon, the Farquhar Baronets, &c.
Two Combe cousins married Marquesses. Romaine was wife of the 8th
Marquess of Londonderry, and Gladys married the 6th Marquess of

James Nason is the younger son of Colonel and Mrs Ian Nason, of Boad
Chalke, Wilts.

Lord Stafford's heir to wed

_.The engagement was announced 24 March, 2011, between the Hon Benjamin John Basil Fitzherbert (b 8 Nov 1983), son & heir of the 9th Baron Stafford (b 13 Mar 1954), of Swynnerton, Staffs, by his wife the former Katherine Mary Codrington, & Georgina Hewlett (b 1984), dau of the Hon Thomas Anthony Hewlett (b 1952) of Woodbridge, Suffolk, by his wife the former Jane Elizabeth Dawson.

The bride-to-be is a granddaughter of the late life peer the Baron Hewlett, who expired in 1979.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sir Richard Branson bereaved

_.Edward Branson, 93-year-old father of Sir Richard Branson, died in his sleep on Saturday March 19, 2011. A memorial service is to be announced.


Granddaughter for Lord Tryon

_.Nina Tryon (née Farnell-Watson), wife of the Hon Edward Henry Tryon (b 1979), gave birth to a daughter, Mila Dale, 14 March, 2011, in London. Edward is the younger.— son of The 3rd Baron Tryon and the late Baroness Tryon, of Comrie, Perthshire, and Nina is a daughter of Peter and Bunny Farnell- Watson, of Richmond, Surrey.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hon Elaine Julia Barbara Whidborne (1921-2011)

_.The Hon Elaine Julia Barbara Whidborne, who died 13 March, 2011, aged 90, was a scion of the Barons St John of Bletso (Cr England 1559). She was a sister of the 20th Baron and aunt of the current peer, and was raised to the rank of a baron's daughter in 1977. She married, 1939, Lt-Col. John Francis Whidborne, by whom she had issue.


Amelia Faye Julia Montagu

_.The Hon Pollyanna Mary Clare Montagu (b 1981, nee Harmsworth), wife of Lieutenant Timothy B.E.P. Montagu, RN (b 1982), gave birth to a daughter, Amelia Faye Julia, 8 March, 2011.

Timothy Montagu is the son of Peter Edward Gerald Body by his wife the former Lady Julia Frances Montagu (now deceased), and Pollyanna is the youngest dau of the 3rd Baron Harmsworth and Baroness Harmsworth.
Lt. Montagu has been adoopted by his uncle and aunt, the 11th Earl and Countess of Sandwich.


Maitland-Carew/Ball engagement

_.The engagement was announced 15 Mar 2011 between Edward Ian Conolly Maitland-Carew (b 1976), scion of the Barons Carew (Cr Ire, 1834), elder son of the Hon Gerald Maitland-Carew, of Thirlestane Castle, Lauder, Berwickshire, by his wife the former Rosalind Averil Speke, and Sarah F. Ball, elder daughter of Colonel and Mrs Michael Ball, of Wootton, Kent.


Sevier/Wingfield Digby engagement

_.The engagement was announced 16 Mar 2011 between Harry William Sevier (born 1985), son of the late Mr Roy J.R. Sevier (b 1948- d.) by his former wife the former Patricia Margaret Sanderson (now Patricia, Lady Walker-Okeover, of Stowell, Dorset), and Alice M. Wingfield Digby, scion of that landed family, daughter of Mr and Mrs Toby Wingfield Digby, of Sherborne, Dorset. -=-

Wedding for Cornwall's St Michael's Mount

_.The engagement was announced 16 March, 2011, between Anthony J. Matthews, son of John and Kath Matthews, of Heamoor, Cornwall, and Clemency Lara St Aubyn (b 1985), scion of the Barons St Levan (Cr UK 1887), elder daughter of James Piers Southwell St Aubyn (b 1950), of St Michael's Mount, Penzance, by his wife the former Mary Caroline Bennett.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Birth of Skipwith Barts scion

__.Mary Skipwith (née Wilkinson), wife of Julian Alexandre
d'Estoteville Skipwith (b. 1972), scion of the Skipwith Baronets, gave
birth to a son, Henry William d'Estouteville, 9 March, 2011, a brother
for India Rose, who was b 23 August, 2009.

Julian is the son of Richard Peyton Skipwith (b. 1937), and Mrs
Skipwith, of Wickham, Hampshire, Mary is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Bruce
Wilkinson, of Glapthorn, Northamptonshire.


Henry William Fitzgeorge Bland

Eleanor Mary Bland (b. 1971, nee Townsend), wife of Richard James
Christopher Bland, b. 1972 gave birth to a son, Henry (Harry) William
Fitzgeorge, 23 Jan, 2011, a brother for Frederick, who was b 15 Sept
2006, and for Arthur, who was b 23 Sept, 2008.

Eleanor is the beldest daughter of John Richard Townsend and his wife
the Lady Juliet Margaret Townsend LVO (nee Smith, sister of the late
3rd Earl of Birkenhead), Lady in Waiting to HRH The Princess
Countess of Snowdon, 1965-71, and Extra Lady in Waiting, 1971-2002.

Richard is the elder son of Godfrey Hamilton Bland and of his wife,
née Olga Mary Hohler [herself the daughter of Edward Hohler and of
wife, née Jane Lane (herself the daughter of Robert Charlton Lane and
of his wife, née Olga Fitzgeorge [whose father was a morganatic son
Prince George of Great Britain, Ireland and Hannover, Duke of

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lady Fieldhouse, widow of Falklands commander, dies

_.The Lady Fieldhouse, who died at Cosham, Hampshire, 5 March, 2011, was widow of Admiral of the Fleet The Lord Fieldhouse, GCB, GBE, naval commander in the Falklands War, &c.

She was thr former Margaret Ellen Cull, daughter of David Dorrington Cull, and married Admiral Fieldhouse in 1953. He died in 1992.

Lady Fieldehouse leaves 3 children.

A Thanksgiving for her life takes place at St Faith's Church, Lee-on-Solent, Thurs 17 March, 2011.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Duchess of Cornwall's nephew to wed Steve Winwood's daughter

_.The engagement was announced in March 2011 (Daily Mail 9_Mar_2011) between Benjamin William Elliot (b 1975), son of Simon John Elliot by his wife the former Sopnia Annabel Shand (b 1949), descended from the Barons Ashcombe, & Mary-Clare Winwood (b circa 1987), dau of Stephen (Steve) Lawrence Winwood (b 1948), by his wife the former Eugenia Clafton.

Ben Elliot is a nephew of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. Ben's wife-to-be is a daughter of Steve Winwood, the singer, songwriter and musician, &c


Suzianna Lady Lyle, ex-wife of Baronet, dies

Suzianna Lady Lyle, who died in South Africa, 5 March, 2011, was the former wife of Sir Gavin Archibald Lyle, 3rd Baronet. She was the former Susan (Suzianna?) Moira Ftzgerald Cooper, dau of John Vaughan Cooper, and married Sir Gavin in 1967. They divorced in 1985. She leaves issue, five sons and 1 daughter. The eldest lad, Ian, is heir app. to the baronetcy (created in 1929).


+ Baroness Pennock

_.The Lady Pennock, who died 6 March, 2011, was the widow of the Lord Pennock, a life baron, who died in 1993. She was th former Lorna Pearse, dau of Percival Pearse, of Morpeth, and married Lord Pennock in 1944. She leaves issue.


Lt.-Col. Eric Astley Cooper-Key dies aged 93

_.Lt-Col. Eric Astley Cooper-Key, who died 5 March, 2011, at the age of 93, married Monica Neville, a granddaughter of the 12th Viscount Falkland, &c. Col. Cooper-Key was awarded the DSO.


Cane/Gerard Leigh engagement

_.The engagement was announced 9 March, 2011, between William J. Cane, son of Mr & Mrs Anthony Cane, & Emily Rose Gerard Leigh (b 1982), dau of John Norman Gerard Leigh (descended from the Leslie Baronets, cr 1625), by his wife the former Lavinia Sheila Seymour, scion of the Marquesses of Hertford, &c.


Death of Diana, Countess of Ilchester, aged 89

_.Diana,Countess oif Ilchester, widow of Maurice Fox-Strangways, 9th Earl of Ilchester, died 1 March, 2011. She was 89. The former Diana Mary Elizabeth Simpson, she wed the future peer in 1941. He inherited the peerage on the demise of his father in 1970, and died in 2006.

A Memorial Service is to be held at St Mary's Church, Westerham, 22nd March.


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Warrillow/Laing betrothal

The engagement was announced 2 Mar 2011, between Nicholas Piers Warrillow, son of Mr & Mrs Malcolm Warrillow, of Barnes, London, & Kathryn Rose Laing, scion of Laing of Dunphail B, dau of the Hon Mark and Mrs Laing, of Dunphail, Moray.

Daily Telegraph 2 Mar 2011


Peck/Esquerre engagement

_.The engagement was announced 2 Mar, 2011, between James Julian Peck (b 1982), son of the late Rory Peck, and Lady Elizabeth Alexander (b 1962), of Caledon, Tyrone, scion of the Earls of Caledon, & Lucie M. Esquerre, elder dau of Mr & Mrs Jean Louis Esquerre, of Cumbaya, Equador.


Douglas/Genevieve Hogg

_Anna Lucy Hogg (nee Clementi, b. 1976), wife of James W. Hogg, gave birth to twins, Douglas William Clementi, & Genevieve Mabel, a brother and sister for Matilda Rose, who was b 6 Oct, 2008, & for Clementine Grace, who was b 26 August, 2006. James is the elder son of Mr and Mrs William Hogg, of Leighterton, Gloucestershire, and Anna is a daughter of Sir David Cecil Clementi, Kt (b. 1949) and Lady Clementi, of Wimbledon, London. Anna's maternal grandfather, Air Vice-Marshal Cresswell Montagu Clementi, CB, CBE, who d. 1981, married in 1940, Susan (b. 1918), dau of Sir Edward Henry Pelham, KCB (1876-1949), scion of the Earls of Chichester, by his wife, the Hon Irene Lubbock, of the Barons Avebury. Anna's great-great-grandfather was the Rt Rev the Hon John Thomas Pelham, DD, Bishop of Norwich, fourth son of the 2nd Earl of Chichester. The 2nd Earl of Chichester married Lady Mary Henrietta Juliana Osborne, dau of the 5th Duke of Leeds.


Rupert James Hugh Willoughby

_,The Lady Cara Mary Cecilia Willoughby (née Boyle, b 1976), scion of the Earls of Cork & Orrery, wife since 2005 of James William Michael Willoughby (b. 8 Mar, 1976), scion of the Barons Middleton, gave birth to a son, Rupert James Hugh, 23rd February, 2011, a brother for Flora Rebecca Lucy, who was b 7 January, 2009, & for Thomas Michael Jonathan, who was b 23 Aug 2007.