Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Dowager Baroness St Oswald 1928-2023

 The Dowager Baroness St Oswald, sometime chatelaine of Nostell Priory, near Wakefield, died 27 September, 2023, aged 94.

She was the former Denise Eileen Charlotte Loyd (born 15 November, 1928), scion of that landed gentry family, of Lockinge, daughter of Wilfrid Haig Loyd (1893-1971), of Oakhill, Seaview, Isle of Wight, and his wife the former Emily Charlotte Eileen Oakeley (1896-1978), scion of the Oakeley baronets; and married 10 June, 1954, the Hon Derek Edward Anthony Winn (born 9 July, 1919), second son of the 3rd Baron St Oswald (1893-1957), of Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire, and his wife the former Evie Carew Greene (died 9 June, 1976). Her husband succeeded his elder brother, Rowland, the 4th Baron, who died 19 December, 1984.

Lady St Oswald was chatelaine of Nostell Priory, near Wakefield (now the National Trust). Nostell was built as an ambitious statement by the Winn family between 1725–1785, and the house is a showcase for elegant and fashionable design. It was created not simply as a home, but also to send out an important message about the family's wealth and social status. Some of the most treasured items at Nostell include a world-class collection of Thomas Chippendale furniture and textiles, historic paintings, a Georgian dolls' house, Robert Adam interiors and a rare John Harrison clock.

Lady St Oswald leaves issue, a son, Charles, the 6th Baron St Oswald (born 22 July, 1959), and a daughter the Hon Geva Charlotte Caroline Winn (born 15 September, 1955).

Her husband, the 5th Baron died 18 March, 1999.



Shaunagh Mary Southwell Ward-Jackson 1944-2023

Shaunagh Mary Southwell Ward-Jackson (née FitzGerald), died 8 September, 2023. She was 79.

She married in 1983, Peter Wilson Ward-Jackson (1915-2014), scion of that landed gentry family, son of Ralph Stapleton Ward-Jackson (1871-1921), and his second wife the former Mary Isobel Wilson (1886-1981).


Macdonald of Tote/Agnew engagement

 The engagement was announced 30 September, 2023, between Alexander Lachlan Macdonald (born 15 April, 1995), son and heir of Charles Lachlan Macdonald of Tote (born 9 July, 1964), head of that landed gentry family, and his wife the former Juliet Daldry Drysdale, & Imogen Helen Agnew (born 23 September, 1994), scion of the Agnew baronets, daughter of the late Stephen Hardcastle Agnew (1954-2020), and his wife the former Amanda Gabrielle Mary Trafford (born 8 September, 1959), scion of that landed gentry family.

Miles Stapleton, 10th Baron Beaumont (1850-95) > Hon Ivy Stapleton (b 1895) > Mary Imogen Micklethwait (b 1931) > Charles Lachlan Macdonald of Tote (b 1964) > Alexander Macdonald (b 1995)

Imogen Agnew is a great-granddaughter of Sir John Stewart Agnew, 3rd Baronet (1879-1957).


Valletta/Fane de Salis engagement

 The engagement was announced 30 September, 2023, between Frederick William W. Valletta, son of Edward F.P. Valletta, of Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire, and his wife the former Sally A. Brook, and Katharine Elisabeth Jane Fane de Salis (born 14 August, 1994), scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Nicholas Charles Fane de Salis (born 21 November, 1957), of Balham, London, and his wife the former Felicity Anne Stewart.


Sebastian Roderic Llewellyn Gage (born 2023)

  Natasha Anna Christina Gage [nee Llewellyn, born 5 April, 1984], scion of the Llewellyn baronets, and wife of the Hon [Richard David] Benedict Gage [born 21 February, 1977], younger son of the 8th Viscount Gage, gave birth to a son, Sebastian Roderic Llewellyn, 14 September, 2023, a brother for Ivor Thomas Nicholas, who was born 29 May, 2021.

Natasha Gage is the middle daughter of Sir Roderic Victor [Roddy] Llewellyn, 5th Baronet [born 9 Oct, 1947], and his wife the former Tatiana Manora Caroline Soskin [born 1948].

The Hon Benedict Gage is the second son of the 8th Viscount Gage [born 9 April, 1934], of Firle Place, Lewes, Sussex, and his 1st wife the Lady Diana Adrienne Beatty [born 13 September, 1952], daughter of the late 2nd Earl Beatty [1905-72].


William Bryce Heber-Percy (born 2023)

 Lily Anne Heber-Percy [nee Walters, born 1990], wife of [Algernon] Thomas [Tom] Lever Heber-Percy [born 29 January, 1984], scion of the Dukes of Northumberland, gave birth to a son, William Bryce, 25 September, 2023, a brother for Algernon Jake Rufus, who was born 21 December, 2021.

Lily is a daughter of the late David R. Walters, and the former Lucinda Goodman, now of Hellingly, East Sussex.

Tom Heber-Percy is a son of Sir Algernon Eustace Hugh Heber-Percy, KCVO [born 2 January, 1944], of Hodnet Hall, Market Drayton, and his wife the former Hon Margaret Jane Lever [born 22 June, 1947], & Lily Anne Walters [born 1990], 

Tom Heber-Percy, whose father was Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, is a grandson maternally of the late 3rd Viscount Leverhulme, KG [1915-2000].


Speers/Conyngham marriage

 The marriage took place at Slane Castle in September, 2023, between Cian Speers, son of Jonny and Susan Speers, of Monkstown, Co Dublin, & the Lady Tamara Jane Conyngham (born 17 April, 1991), daughter of the 8th Marquess Conyngham (born 23 May, 1951), of Slane Castle, Co Meath, and his second wife the former Lady Iona Charlotte Grimston (born 25 October, 1953), daughter of the 6th Earl of Verulam (1912-1973).

Lady Tamara has an elder half-brother, Alexander, styled Earl of Mount Charles (born 30 Jan, 1975), and a half sister, Lady Henrietta (born 1976), wife of the 6th Earl of Lichfield (born 19 July, 1978).


Friday, September 29, 2023

Christoph Prinz zu Schleswig-Holstein 1949-2023

 Christoph Prinz zu Schleswig-Holstein, who died 27 September 2023, aged 74, was the head of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (commonly known as the House of Glücksburg) and, by agnatic primogeniture, of the entire House of Oldenburg between 1980 and 2023. 

He was a descendant of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, son of Queen Victoria.

Traditionally he would have been the eighth Duke of Schleswig-Holstein and Duke of Glücksburg, styled as His Highness. He was a male-line descendant of Christian I of Denmark, and was also descended cognatically from numerous more recent monarchs, including Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, Emperor Alexander II of Russia and several more recent Danish kings. 

His paternal grandmother was Princess Marie Melita of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

HM Queen Victoria (1819-1901) > Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha (1844-1900) > Princess Alexandra of Edinburgh (1878-1942) > Princess Marie Melita of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1899-1967) > Friedrich Ernst Peter, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein (1922-1980) > Christoph, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein (born 22 Aug 1949- died 27 September, 2023).


Thursday, September 28, 2023

Camilla Elizabeth Stuart Raeymaekers (nee Forbes) 1956-2023

 Camilla Elizabeth Stuart Raeymaekers (nee Forbes), who died 3 September, 2023, aged 65, was a scion of the Forbes baronets, of Monymusk; born 8 March, 1958, daughter of Spencer Malcolm Edward Forbes (1914-1995), and his wife the former Elizabeth Lechmere Macaskie (1929-2023); and married 1stly, 1986 (div 1995), Ian Stewart[ she married 2ndly, 8 July 2003, Francis Marc Raeymaekers, son of André Raeymaekers, and his wife the former Sylvian Nagnensky.

Her mother married 2ndly, in 1984, the Hon Sir Peter Beckford Rutgers Vanneck, GBE (1922-1999), Lord Mayor of London 1978-79.


Benita, Lady Burbidge (died 2023)

 Benita, Lady Burbidge, who died 5 August, 2023, aged 89, was the widow of Sir John Burbidge, 4th Baronet,

She was Benita Roxane Mosselmans, daughter of Adriaan Willem Mosselmans (1880-1956), od The Hague, and his wife Jonkvrouw Nancy Henriëtte Van Der Wyck (1896-1963); and married 12 June, 1956, John Richard Woodman Burbidge (born 5 Oct, 1930), son and heir of Sir Richard Grant Woodman Burbidge, 3rd Baronet (1897-1966), and his wife the former Gladys Kearley (who died 1 Feb, 1967). Her husband succeeded to the baronetcy, 2 February, 1966, and died in 1974.

 Lady Burbidge leaves a daughter, Alexandra Louise, who was born in 1970.


Jaime Gordon Catto Castellanos (born 2023)

Maria Catto Castellanos (nee Castellanos O'Shea), wife of Alastair Gordon Catto [born 6 March, 1986], scion of the Barons Catto, gave birth to a son, Jaime Gordon, 15 September, 2023.

Alastair is the son of the Hon Alexander Gordon Catto [born 22 June, 1952], of Sudgrove, Gloucestershire, and his wife the former Elizabeth [Lizzie] Scott Boyes.

Maria is a daughter of Jaime and Patricia Castellanos of Madrid, Spain.


Sarah Elizabeth McGillycuddy 1946-2023

 Sarah Elizabeth McGillycuddy died 12 September, 2023, aged 77.

She was born 20 March, 1946, a scion of that ancient Irish landed gentry family, daughter of Major John Patrick McGillycuddy, The McGillycuddy of The Reeks (1909-1959), and his wife the former Elizabeth Margaret Otto (1910-2011); and was unmarried.


Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Lily Sienna Lyra Shirley (born 2023)

The Hon Mrs Frederick Shirley [nee Daisy Charlotte Wall], wife of the Hon Frederick James Walter [Freddie] Shirley, scion of the Earls Ferrers, gave birth to a daughter, Lily Sienna Lyra, 12 September, 2023, a sister for Theodore James Timothy, who was born 3 February, 2021.

Daisy Shirley [born 1990], is a daughter of Graeme Wall, of Stud Farm, Iwerne Minster, Dorset, and his wife the former Claire Ward.

The Hon Freddie Shirley is the younger son of the 14th Earl Ferrers [born 1952], of Ditchingham Hall, Norfolk, and the Countess Ferrers [nee Susannah Mary Sheepshanks, born 1959].


Diana Evelyn Mary Arkwright (nee Garle) (died 2023)

 Diana Arkwright (nee Garle) died 8 September, 2023.

Diana Evelyn Mary Garle was born circa 1929, daughter of Capt John Aubrey Batten Garle (1893-1967), of Fiddington, Somerset, and his wife the former Beatrix Feodora Evelyn Neville Aveling (1895-1965), scion of that landed gentry family; and married in 1952, Major Anthony Richard Frank Arkwright, late the 9th/12th Royal Lancers, scion of that landed gentry family, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Godrey Bertram Arkwright, DSO, MC (1905-1942), and his wife the former Joyce Nancy Evelyn Pepys (1908-2001), by whom she had issue, a son, Anthony Mark Garle (born 1954), and a daughter, Caroline Feodora Joyce (born 1955).


Alexandra Nancy Taylor (née Howard) 1946-2023

 Alexandra Taylor, who died 17 September, 2023, aged 76, was a scion of the Earls of Carlisle.

She was born Alexandra Nancy Howard, 14 November, 1946, the eldest daughter of Major Roger Alexander Howard (1919-1998), and his wife the former Jean Alington (1917-2007), scion of that landed gentry family; and married in 1971, Christopher Skidmore Taylor, by whom she had issue, two daughters, Emily Clare (born 1973), Alexia Lucy (born 1974), and a son, Charles Argentine Weston (Argie) (born 1981).

The 5th Earl of Carlisle > Maj Hon Frederick Howard > Frederick John Howard > Alfred John Howard > Vice-Admiral Ronald Howard > Maj Roger Howard > Alexandra Howard


The 1st Marquess of Ailsa > Archibald, Earl of Cassillis > Lord Gilbert Kennedy > Mary Alice Kennedy > Vice-Admiral Ronald Howard


Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Lord Cobbold's son and heir weds

  The marriage has taken place on the Knebworth estate, Hertfordshire, between the Hon Edward Lytton Cobbold (born 23 April, 1992), son and heir of the 3rd Baron Cobbold (born 12 May, 1962), of Knebworth, Hertfordshire, and his wife the former Martha Frances Boone, & Miss Helena Meyer-Johann, daughter of Frau Dr Ulrike and Herr Dr Carsten Meyer-Johann, of Enger, Germany.

 Lady Cobbold is a daughter of James Buford Boone, Jr., of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. The Cobbold peerage was created in 1960 for Edward's great-grandfather, Cameron Fromanteel Cobbold, KG, GCVO, PC, Governor of the Bank of England 1949-61, and Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth II 1963-1971.


Monday, September 25, 2023

Mervyn Richard Streatfeild 1942-2023

 Mervyn Richard Streatfeild died 14 September, 2023, aged 81. He was a kinsman of the Queen via his Keppel ancestry. A Kent landowner whose home was Hoath House, set in a renowned landscape.

He was a scion of the Streatfeild landed gentry family of Chiddingstone, born in Yorkshire in 1942, eldest son of Brigadier Richard John Streatfeild, DSO (1903-1952), and his wife the former Jane Eglantine Stephenson (1914-1990); and married in 1981, Jane Romanes, daughter of Giles Romanes, by whom he had issue, four sons, Richard, Geoffrey (the actor), Luke, and Roland, and a daughter, Daisy.

Jane Streatfeild has overseen the creation of the spectacular Hoath House Gardens in Kent, in the grounds of the house now the home of their eldest son, Major Richard Streatfeild.

William Keppel, 4th Earl of Albemarle > Lady Mary Keppel > Sir Augustus Stephenson KCB > Sir Guy Stephenson CB > Jane Stephenson > Mervyn Streatfeild (died 2023)


Miller/Meade marriage

  The marriage took place in 2023, between Bradley Miller, only son of Mr Ian Miller, of Guildford, Surrey, and Mrs Suzanne Miller, also of Guildford, and the Lady Tamara Louise Meade [born 1990], daughter of the 8th Earl of Clanwilliam [born 28 December, 1960], and his first former wife the former Serena Emily Lockhart [born 19 January, 1965], descended from the Lords Gray [now the Hon Mrs Nicholas Jopling, of Cirencester].


Sunday, September 24, 2023

Lady Mary Biddulph 1938-2023

 The Lady Mary Biddulph, who died 16 September, 2023, aged 84, was the widow of the 4th Baron Biddulph, and a scion of the Earls of Lauderdale.

She was born the Hon Mary Helena Maitland, 23 October, 1938, the elder of the three daughters of Ivor Colin James Maitland, styled Viscount Maitland (1914-43), and his wife the former Helena Ruth Perrott (1912-99), scion of the Perrott baronets, and was a granddaughter of the 15th Earl of Lauderdale (1891-1953). 

On 28 Oct 1953 she was granted the rank and precedence of an Earl's daughter. Her father, killed in action in North Africa, 18 Jan, 1943, would have, had he lived, succeeded his father as 16th Earl of Lauderdale.

Lady Mary Maitland married 9 April, 1958, the Hon Robert Michael Christian Biddulph (born 6 Jan, 1931), son and heir of the 3rd Baron Biddulph (1898-1972), and his wife the former Lady Amy Louise Agar (1905-1983), scion of the Earls of Normanton. Her husband succeeded his father, 21 July, 1972, as 4th Baron Biddulph (Peerage of the UK, cr 1903), and died 3 November, 1988.

Lady Mary leaves issue, two sons Anthony and William, and a daughter, Fiona. The elder son, Anthony Nicholas Colin Maitland Biddulph (born 8 April, 1959) is the 5th Baron Biddulph.

She retained the style 'Lady Mary Biddulph' in the style of an earl's daughter.


Hedwig Marie-Daisy Alexandra Rosita Gioia, Grafin Leutrum von Ertingen 1934-2023

Hedwig Marie-Daisy Alexandra Rosita Gioia, Grafin Leutrum von Ertingen, died 10 September, 2023, aged 88.

She was born 11 October, 1934, daughter of Bolko Konrad Friedrich, Prince of Pless (1910-1936), and his wife Clotilde de Silva y Gonzalez de Candamo (1898-1978), and was a granddaughter of Hans Heinrich XV, Prince of Pless (1861-1938), and his wife the former Mary-Theresa (Daisy) Cornwallis-West (1873-1943), the noted society beauty in the Edwardian period, a scion of the Earls De La Warr .

She married 1stly, 30 Aug 1954 (religious) 31 Aug 1954 (div 1980) Alfred Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (1923-2017); married secondly, 30 Jan 1981 Karl Magnus Graf Leutrum von Ertingen (born 10 Oct 1931)


Iona, Lady Molesworth-St Aubyn (died 2023)

 Iona, Lady Molesworth-St Aubyn, who died 19 September, 2023, was the widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Arscott Molesworth-St Aubyn, 15th Baronet, Cornish landowner, a former High Sheriff and Deputy Lieutenant of Cornwall.

She was the former Iona Audrey Armatrude Tottenham, descended from the Tottenham family (now Marquesses of Ely), daughter of Admiral Sir Francis Loftus Tottenham, KCB, CBE, RN (1880-1967), and his wife the former Evelyn Rosalie Prescott (1895-1986); and married 2 May, 1957, Lieutenant-Col John Arscott Molesworth-St Aubyn (born 15 Dec, 1926), son of Sir John Molesworth-St Aubyn, 14th Baronet (1899-1985), and his wife the former Celia Marjorie Vivian (died 11 Oct, 1965). Her husband succeeded to his father's baronetcy, 15 Nov, 1985, and died 22 April, 1998.

Lady Molesworth-St Aubyn leaves two sons, William and James, and a daughter, Emma. Her elder son is Sir William, the 16th Baronet (born 23 Nov, 1958).


Saturday, September 23, 2023

Freddie Harvey Francis Linnell (born 2023)

Rebecca Mary Linnell [born 1991, nee Culverwell] wife of Harry Charles Francis Linnell [born 1990], gave birth to a son, Freddie Harvey Francis, 7 September, 2023, a brother for Charles Mark James, who was born 24 January, 2021.

Rebecca is a scion of the Culverwell landed gentry family, daughter of [Anthony] James Culverwell [born 5 Aug, 1956], and his wife, the former Catriona Andrew [born 1956].


Sir Rudolph Agnew 1934-2023

 Sir Rudolph Agnew, who died 14 September, 2023, aged 89, was descended from the Campbell baronets.

He was Chairman of Stena International BV and LASMO plc.

Career: officer in the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars 1953-57; joined Consolidated Gold Fields 1957, Deputy Chairman 1978-82, Group Chief Executive 1978-89, Chairman 1983-89, &c.

He was born 12 March, 1934, third son of Rudolph John Agnew and his wife the former Pamela Jean Theophila Campbell, scion of the Campbell baronets.

He married 1stly, 1 June, 1957 (div 1964), Tessa Eiluned Longley (born 1938), daughter of Squadron Leader John Molony Longley RAFVR (1906-1994), head of that landed gentry familym, and his wife the former Nancy Evelyn Harvey (1914-1990); married 2ndly, 29 March, 1965 (div 1980), the Hon Clare Rosalind Dixon (born 15 Nov, 1937), daughter of the 2nd Baron Glentoran (1912-1995), and his his wife the former Lady Diana Mary Wellesley (died 2 Jan, 1984), daughter of the 3rd Earl Cowley (1866-1919); and married 3rdly, 1980, Whitney Warren (who died 2018), daughter of Chester Ingersoll Warren Jr.

From his first marriage he had a son, Charles (1961-1982), and a son and daughter from his second marriage, James (born 23 Apr 1968), and Charlotte (born 17 Oct 1970).


Annie Aurelia Mulvaney (born 2023)

 Louisa Judith Mulvaney [nee Whitworth, born 1984], wife of the Rev Jamie E.J. Mulvaney, gave birth to a daughter, Annie Aurelia, 13 September, 2023, a sister for Rupert Bode Peveril, who was born 25 August, 2021.

The Rev Jamie Mulvaney is the youngest son of Mr & Mrs Bruce Mulvaney, of Canterbury, Australia.

Louisa Mulvaney is a daughter of the Rev Canon Patrick John Whitworth, descended from the Marquesses of Bristol, by his wife the former Olivia Helen Judith Colman [born 7 Aug 1956], scion of the Colman baronets. Louisa is a granddaughter maternally of Sir Michael Jeremiah Colman, 3rd Baronet [b 7 July, 1928]. Her great-grandfather, Aymer William Whitworth, married Alice Ruth Patience Hervey, scion of the Marquesses of Bristol.


Actress Michelle Dockery has married Jasper Waller-Bridge

 The marriage took place 23 September, 2023, between Jasper Cyprian Waller-Bridge [born 1987], son of Michael Cyprian Waller-Bridge [born 1953], and his wife the former Teresa Mary Clerke [born 6 July, 1951], scion of the Clerke baronets, and Michelle Suzanne Dockery [born 15 December, 1981], the actress, daughter of Michael Dockery and his wife the former Lorraine Witton.

Michelle, who starred as Downton Abbey's Lady Mary, has wed her own aristocrat. Jasper is a brother of Phoebe Waller-Bridge [b 14 July, 1985], the actress and screenwriter. Their mother, Teresa, is a daughter of Sir John Edward Longueville Clerke, 12th Baronet [1913-2009].

Jasper Waller-Bridge is a ninth cousin, several times removed, of the Earl of Carnarvon, of Highclere Castle, the setting of Downton Abbey.

Jasper Waller-Bridge > Teresa Clerke > Sir John Clerke, Bt > Francis Clerke > Sir Wm Clerke, 11th Bt > Sir Wm Clerke, 10th Bt > Sir Wm Clerke, 9th Bt > Byzantia Cartwright > Hon Airmine Crewe > Thomas 2nd Baron Crewe of Stene  > John Crewe, 1st Baron Crewe of Stene [Speaker of the House of Commons]

George, 8th Earl of Carnarvon > Henry, 7th Earl of Carnarvon > Henry, 6th Earl of Carnarvon > George, 5th Earl of Carnarvon > Lady Evelyn Stanhope > George, 6th Earl of Chesterfield > Lady Henrietta Thynne > Thomas, 1st Marquess of Bath > Lady Louisa Carteret > John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville > George, 1st Baron Carteret > Lady Jemima Montagu > Jemima Crewe > John Crewe, 1st Baron Crewe of Stene


Laurence James Wilson Hay (born 2023)

 Edwina Chantal Elizabeth Hay [nee Langley, born 1985], wife of James Malcolm Douglas Hay [born 30 May, 1985], scion of the Marquesses of Tweeddale, gave birth to a second son, Laurence James Wilson, 13 September, 2023, a brother for Gilbert Christopher Malcolm, who was born 9 September, 2021.

James Hay is the eldest son of Malcolm Charles Hay of Seaton [born 4 March, 1956], of Edinglassie, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, by his wife the former Deborah Louise Rouse.

Edwina Hay is a daughter of Christopher J.M. Langley, of Alderton, Woodbridge, Suffolk, by his wife the former Diana Constance Mary Crewdson [born 11 June, 1959].

James Hay is descended from George Hay, 7th Marquis of Tweeddale [1753-1804].

Edwina is a great-granddaughter of the 3rd Baron Grimthorpe [1891-1963].


Barclay/Morgan engagement

The engagement was announced 23 September, 2023, between Frederick William Barclay (born 1994), scion of the Barclays of Higham, son of Robert Charles William Barclay [born 1957], of Brent Pelham, Hertfordshire, and his wife the former Susan Harriet Ralli [born 13 January, 1963], scion of the Ralli baronets, and Miss A.V.R (Rosie) Morgan, daughter of Mr & Mrs Richard Morgan, of Brecon, Wales.


Sir Richard Houldsworth, 5th Baronet 1947-2023

Sir Richard Houldsworth, 5th Baronet, died 14 September, 2023. He was 76.

Sir Richard was a landowner and farm manager at Kirkbride, Glenburn, Crosshill, Ayrshire.

Richard Thomas Reginald Houldsworth was born 2 August, 1947, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Reginald Douglas Henry Houldsworth, OBE, TD, 4th Baronet (1903-1989), and his wife the former Margaret May Laurie (1908-1995), scion of the Laurie baronets. 

The Houldsworth baronetcy was created in 1887 for William Henry Houldsworth, MP for Manchester 1883-85, and for Manchester North West 1885-1906.

He married firstly, 12 September, 1970 (div 1982), Jane Orr, daughter of George Alistair Orr, of Montgreenan, Ayrshire, and his wife the former Doreen Elizabeth Cole; married 2ndly, 2 May, 1992, Ann Catherine Tremayne, daughter of Capt Jean Jacques Tremayne, of Sway, Hampshire.

Sir Richard leaves two sons from his first marriage, Simon, and Nicholas, and a son from his second marriage, Matthew.

His eldest son, Simon Richard Henry Houldsworth (born 6 Oct, 1971), succeeds to the baronetcy.


Thursday, September 21, 2023

Frederick Robert Dennis Boyle (born 2023)

Rosie Boyle (nee Plumridge), wife of Patrick Gordon Tobias Boyle (born 1991), scion of the Earls of Cork & Orrery, gave birth to a son, Frederick Robert Dennis, 14 September, 2023.

Patrick Boyle is a son of Robert Edmund John Boyle (b 28 Sept, 1954), of Bisbrooke, Rutland, by his wife the former Gabrielle Georgiana Telfer Smollett (b 7 July, 1960), scion of that landed gentry family.

Rosie Boyle is a daughter of Mr Stewart Plumridge, of Bolter End, Buckinghamshire, and Mrs Jacqueline Plumridge, of Lewknor, Oxfordshire.

The infant is a descendant of the 8th Earl of Cork.


Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Juliet Sibell Garwood FitzRoy (born 2023)

The Hon Victoria FitzRoy (nee Garwood), wife of the Hon Charles Edward Millett FitzRoy (b 18 Jan 1983), gave birth to a daughter, Juliet Sibell Garwood, 18 August, 2023, a sister for Scarlett Ismay Garwood, who was born 29 Oct, 2019.

The Hon Charles FitzRoy is a scion of the Barons Southampton (Baron, GB, cr 1780), the only son & heir of the 7th Baron Southampton (b 8 Jul 1955), of Morchard Bishop, Devon, by his wife the former Rachel Caroline Vincent Millett.

Victoria FitzRoy is the younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Christopher Garwood, of Kensington, London.


Francis John Robert Eden (born 2023)

 The Hon Helen Eden (née Shepheard-Walwyn, born 1990), wife of the Hon John Michael Oliver Eden (born 30 June, 1988), scion of the Barons Henley, gave birth to a son, Francis John Robert, 14 September, 2023.

The Hon John Eden is the eldest son and heir of the 8th Baron Henley (born 22 Nov, 1953), and his wife the former Caroline Patricia Sharp (born 1958).

Helen Eden is a daughter of Simon Shepheard-Walwyn (born 1958), with a landed gentry ancestry, and his wife the former Christine Walker.


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Henson/Rodríguez-Legorburu Cabrera-Kábana engagement

The engagement was announced 19 September, 2023, between Jasper Cornelius Richard Henson (born 1994), only son of Rupert Cornelius Brooke Henson (born 1962), of Longworth, Oxfordshire, and his wife the former Caroline Belinda Frisby (born 17 Aug, 1963), scion of that landed gentry family, & Doña Isabel Rodríguez-Legorburu Cabrera-Kábana (born 25 May, 1988), scion of a Spanish aristocratic family, elder daughter of the Condes de Asmir of Madrid, Spain.

 Jasper Henson is a brother of Olivia Henson, bride-to-be of the 7th Duke of Westminster.


Richard Staines Allen 1930-2023

 Richard Staines Allen died 24 August, 2023. He was 93.

He married 1stly, 25 September, 1959 (div 1967), Sylvia Fogg Elliot (1935-2013), scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Capt Robin Fogg Elliot, MBE, DL (1904-1986), and his wife Elizabeth Penelope Gill (1904-95), great-aunt of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-97). He married 2ndly, 20 May, 1967, Ann Roberts (1936-2022), scion of the Roberts baronets, daughter of William Denby Roberts (1909-1966), and his wife the former Helen Fyans Fenwick (1910-62).

From his first marriage he leaves a daughter, Penelope Juliet (born 7 Feb, 1961), and from his second marriage he leaves a son, Adrian James Anthony (born 12 Nov, 1967), and two daughters, Alison and Sophie.


Monday, September 18, 2023

Martelli/Kerr engagement

 The engagement was announced 18 September, 2023, between Bartholomew Michael Augustus Martelli (born 1989), third son of Amyas Michael George Martelli, of Netherbury, Dorset, and his wife the former Gabrielle Mary Frances Weld (born 6 Oct, 1950), scion of that landed gentry family, and Amabel Mary Antonella Kerr (born 5 January, 1995), scion of the Marquesses of Lothian, elder daughter of Lord Ralph William Francis Joseph Kerr (born 7 Nov, 1957), of Melbourne Hall, Derbyshire, and his second wife the former Marie-Claire Black.

Lord Ralph Kerr is the second son of the late 12th Marquis of Lothian (1922-2004), and is heir presumptive to his brother, the 13th Marquis (born 7 July, 1945).


Friday, September 15, 2023

Lauretta Rose 1949-2023

 Lauretta Rose, who died 24 August, 2023, aged 73, was a scion of the Rose landed gentry family, of Leweston. She was born 3 October, 1949, second of the six daughters of Major Hugh Lancelot St Vincent Rose, Scots Guards (1916-2003), and his wife the former Georgina Isabel Dora Phillippi (b 1927)

Her sisters were Arabella (b 1948), Caroline (b 1950), Alexandra (b 1953), Roberta (b 1959), and Henrietta (b 1962).

The 12th Baron Petre > Hon Eleanor Mary Petre > Rosamund Mary Trafford > Maj Hugh Rose > Lauretta Rose


Benjamin Harold Plantagenet Bather 1954-2023

 Benjamin Harold Plantagenet Bather, who died 6 August, 2023, aged 68, was a scion of that landed gentry family, formerly of Meole Brace.

He was born in December, 1954, the elder son of Eric Walcot Bather (1908-95), and his wife the former Melitta Paula Anselma Wodenegg (1920-1989).


Lytton Cobbold/Butryn marriage

 The marriage took place 2 September, 2023, between Frederick Alexander Lytton Cobbold (born 1992), scion of the Barons Cobbold, son of the Hon Peter Guy Fromanteel Lytton Cobbold (born 25 November, 1964), and his wife the former Ginette Elizabeth Keiger, and Joanna Butryn.


James Seymour Lee 1945-2023

 James Seymour Lee died 31 July, 2023, aged 77.

Lee was, according to the Daily Telegraph, a winsome and well-spoken ‘wild child of Sixties fashion photography’ whose subversive work is now in the V&A permanent collection.

He was born 20 November, 1945, son of Harry Illtyd Lee (1913-1985), and his wife the former Judith Spencer-Smith (1917-1998), scion of the Smith baronets, and descended from the Seymours later Dukes of Somerset. He married 1stly, 1967 (div), Sally Hill-Brookes, daughter of Edwin Hector Gordon Hill-Brookes (1908-1947), and his wife the former Minnie Dorothy Eileen Doland (1909-99); and married 2ndly, 1978 (div 2002), Hannah Marion Teresa Lennon, daughter of Patrick Joseph Lennon.

He leaves issue, a son, from his first marriage, Orlando Spencer Seymour Lee (1968-81), and 2 sons and two daughters from his second marriage, Edward Joseph Seymour Lee (born 1985), and Jack Illtyd Seymour Lee (born 1989), Grace Olivia Seymour Lee (born 1986), and Florence Daphne Seymour Lee (born 1993).


Robin Peter Ian Hope Henderson (born 2023)

  Cecily Anne Tyler Henderson [nee Breese, born 1983], wife of Alexander Storm David Hope Henderson [born 1982], scion of the Barons Faringdon, gave birth to a third son, Robin Peter Ian Hope, 7 September, 2023, in Hong Kong, a brother for Laurence Alfred Douglas Hope [Laurie], who was born in 2017, and for Claude Ernest Breese Hope, born 16 January, 2020.


Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Rupert Gerard Xavier March Phillipps De Lisle 1986-2023

  Rupert Gerard Xavier March Phillipps De Lisle, who die 27 August, 2023, aged 37, was descended from the Barons Dormer; born in 1986, son of Peter Andrew Paul March Phillipps De Lisle (adopted into the landed family of that name), by his wife the former Leanda XeniaSophia Stanhope (born 24 December, 1959), scion of the Barons Dormer. He was unm.


Monday, September 11, 2023

April Daphne Claire Falcon (née Lambert) 1934-2023

 April Daphne Claire Falcon (née Lambert) died 6 September, 2023, aged 89.

She was born in 1934, daughter of Peter Jocelyn Lambert, and his wife the former Lettice Jane Katherine Wellesley (1908-1995), descended from the Earls of Mornington (later Dukes of Wellington); and married in 1954, Michael Gascoigne Falcon, CBE (1928-2013), son of Capt Michael Falcon (1888-1976), and his wife the former Kathleen Isabel Frances Gascoigne (1900-1985), scion of that landed gentry family, by whom she had issue, two sons, Michael (born 1956), and Andrew (born 1958), and a daughter, Claire (born 1960).


Sunday, September 10, 2023

Faire/Fitzherbert marriage

 The amarriage took place 2 September, 2023, between Oliver William H. Faire (born 1992), son of Henry R.E. Faire (born 1958), of Birdbrook, Essex, and his wife the former Virginia W. Bullard (born 1962), and Philippa Rose Fitzherbert (born 10 February, 1995), scion of the Barons Stafford, daughter of the Hon Philip Basil Fitzherbert (born 7 October, 1962), and his wife the former Caroline T. Hadcock.

Philippa Fitzherbert is a granddaughter of the late 14th Baron Stafford (1926-1986).


Saturday, September 09, 2023

Hon Alexandra Elizabeth Charmian Hare (née Amery) 1956-2023

The Hon Alexandra Elizabeth Charmian (Lizzie) Hare, died 2 September, 2023, aged 67.

Lizzie Hare was a granddaughter of the British prime minister Harold Macmillan, 1stEarl of Stockton.

She was born in London in 1956, the third daughter of Julian Amery, MP, PC (1919-1996), the Conservative politician, created a life peer in 1992 as Baron Amery of Lustleigh, and his wife the Lady Catherine Macmillan (1926-1991), daughter of the 1st Earl of Stockton, OM, PC (1894-1986), and his wife the Lady Dorothy Evelyn Cavendish, GBE (1900-66), daughter of the 9th Duke of Devonshire, KG, GCMG, GCVO, TD, PC, JP, FRS (1868-1938).

She married 28 April, 1988, Alan Simon Mercury Hare (born 22 June, 1948), scion of the Earls of Listowel, son of Major the Hon Alan Victor Hare (1919-1995), and his wife the former Jill Peggotty North (1925-2015), and a grandson of the 4th Earl of Listowel (1866-1931).

Lizzie Hare leaves issue, two daughters, Alice (born 1989), and Florence (born 1993).


Gladstone/Wrigley engagement

The engagement was announced 9 September, 2023, between James Hamilton Gladstone (born 28 November, 1994), scion of that landed gentry family of Capenoch, son of Andrew Malcolm Gladstone (born 4 October, 1958), of Craichlaw, Wigtownshire, and his wife the former Mary Sweet-Escott (born 1961), scion of that landed family, & Kate Victoria Wrigley (born 1992), daughter of John Patrick Wrigley (born 3 November, 1946), of Diddlebury, Shropshire, and his late wife the former Lucinda Elizabeth Scarlett Trehearne (1957-2020).


Sinnott/Colquhoun engagement

 The engagement was announced 9 September, 2023, between Terrence J. Sinnott, son of Mr and Mrs John Sinnott of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, USA, and Georgina Iona Helena Colquhoun (born 4 February, 1993), daughter of Sir (Rory) Malcolm Colquhoun of Luss, 9th Baronet (born 20 December, 1947), of Luss, Argyllshire, and his 2nd wife the former Katharine Anne Hilton Mears.


Hipwood/Harley engagement

The engagement was announced 9 September, 2023, between Sebastian John Hipwood (born 15 August, 1988), son of the late Howard John Hipwood (1950-2023), of Englefield, Berkshire, and his wife the Lady Camilla Diana Hipwood, of Little Badminton, Gloucestershire, (nee Fane, born 26 December, 1957), and Emma J. Harley, daughter of Mr and Mrs Nick Harley, of Little Sodbury, South Gloucestershire.

It is Sebastian's second marriage. In 2015 he married Sophie Arglas, by whom he has two children. He is a grandson maternally of the 15th Earl of Westmorland, GCVO (1924-1993).


Cooke-Yarborough/Swinton engagement

 The engagement was announced 9 September, 2023, between George Edmund Cooke-Yarborough (born 11 June, 1991), only son & heir of Sir Anthony Edmund Cooke-Yarborough, 13th Baronet (born 6 Aug, 1956), of Barford St Michael, Oxfordshire, and his wife the former Joanna Susan Norhtrop (born 1957), and Lucy Grace Swinton (born 3 June, 1991), scion of that landed gentry family, middle daughter of Alexander Harold (Sandy) Swinton  (born 6 November, 1958), of Hammersith, London, and his wife the former Emma Louise Carbutt (born 1961).


Friday, September 08, 2023

Sir John Reader Welch, 2nd Baronet 1933-2023

 Sir John Welch, 2nd Baronet, died 5 September, 2023. He was 90.

He was a partner in Wedlake Bell 1972-1996; Chairman, John Fairfax (UK) Ltd 1977-1990.

He was born 26 July, 1933, son of Sir George James Cullum Welch, 1st Baronet (1895-1980), who was created a baronet in 1957, by his wife the former Gertrude Evelyn Sladin Harrison (1896-1966); and succeeded to the baronetcy on his father's death, 28 July, 1980.

The 1st Baronet served as Lord Mayor of London 1956-57, and in those days the retiring Lord Mayor was always awarded a baronetcy at the end of his year of office.

John Reader Welch did his national service with the Royal Signals 1952-54, and with the TA 1954-62; was admitted a solicitor in 1960, Partner, Bell, Brodrick & Gray 1961-71; Ward Clark of Walbrook Ward, City of London, 1961-74; Registrar of Archdeaconry of London, 1964-99; Gov of City of London School for Girls 1977-82; Governor: Haberdashers' Aske's School, Elstree 1981-85, and 1990-91; Chairman, Committee of Management, London Homes for the Elderly 1980-90, President, Grand Charity of Freemasons, 1985-95; Senior Grand Warden, United Grand Lodge of England, 1998-2000; CStJ 1981, &c. 

He married 25 September, 1962, Margaret Kerry Douglass, daughter of Kenneth Victor Douglass, of Sydney, Australia, by whom he had issue, one son, James, and twin daughters, Margaret and Jane (born 17 January, 1965). The son, James Douglass Cullum Welch, who was born 10 November, 1973, succeeds to the baronetcy.


Tuesday, September 05, 2023

James Frederick Trevor Dundas 1950-2023

 James Frederick Trevor Dundas, who died in France, 27 August, 2023, aged 72, was a scion of the Earls (later Marquesses of Zetland).

He was born 4 November, 1950, son of Group Captain Sir Hugh Spencer Lisle Dundas, CBE, DSO, DFC (1920-1995), and his wife the Hon Enid Rosamond Lawrence (1924-2023), scion of the Barons Trevethin & Oaksey; and married in 1979, Jennifer Ann Daukes (born 1947), daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel John Clendon Daukes (1916-2000), and his wife the former Elizabeth Douglas (1919-2006), by whom he had a son, David Lawrence Charles (born 2 May, 1989), and two daughters, Clare Jessica (born 27 April, 1984), & Lucy Rose (born 7 January, 1986).

The 1st Earl of Zetland (1766-1839) > Hon John Charles Dundas (1808-66) > Hon John Charles Dundas (1845-92) > Frederick James Dundas (1877-1950) > Sir Hugh Dundas (1920-95) > James Dundas (1950-2023)


Kerr/Lumley engagement

 The engagement was announced 5 September, 2023, between Francis Andrew William George Kerr (born 1991), scion of the Marquesses of Lothian, third son of Lord Ralph William Francis Joseph Kerr (born 7 November, 1957), of Melbourne Hall, co Derby, and his second wife the former Marie-Claire Black, & Saskia Josephine Lumley (born 11 October, 1993), daughter of Christopher Francis Richard Lumley (born August, 1963), of Cold Ash, Berkshire, and his wife the former Wendela Colomba Romany Yseulte Troup (born 1963).

Francis Kerr is a nephew of the 13th Marquis of Lothian, KC, PC.


The 5th Baron Brougham & Vaux, CBE 1938-2023

 The 5th Baron Brougham & Vaux, CBE, who died 27 August, 2023, aged 85, was a former deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, and one of the hereditary peers elected to the House of Lords in 1999.

Lord Bougham (pronounced 'Broom') and Vaux was one of the longest serving members of the Lords having taken his seat 55 years ago.

Lord Brougham served as a deputy chairman of the Committees of the House of Lords, a deputy speaker of the House of Lords from 1995 and was vice-chairman of the Association of Conservative Peers. He was president of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents from 1986 to 1989 (and vice-president since 1990), and was president of Safety Groups UK since it replaced the National Health and Safety Groups Council in 2005. He had also been chairman of the Tax Payers' Society from 1989 to 1991 and chairman of the European Secure Vehicle Alliance since 1992. In 1995, he was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for political services.

Michael John Brougham was born 2 August, 1938, son of the 4th Baron Brougham & Vaux (1909-1967), and his 2nd wife the former Jean Follett (1915-1992); and succeeded to the peerage on his father's death, 20 June, 1967.

The peerage was created 22 May, 1860, for Henry Brougham, PC, FRS, who served as Lord Chancellor 1830-34, who played a prominent role in passing the 1832 Reform Act and 1833 Slavery Abolition Act.

Michael Brougham married three times - firstly, 20 July, 1963 (div 1967) Olivia Susan Gray (1941-1986), daughter of Rear Admiral Gordon Thomas Seccombe Gray, CB, DSC (1911-97), of Midhurst, by his wife the former Sonia Moore-Gwyn (1918-2001), scion of that landed gentry family; married 2ndly, 17 January, 1969 (div 1981), Catherine Jill Gulliver, 1st daughter of William Gulliver, of London; & married 3rdly, 14 September, 2022, Mrs Sezgin Petterson (nee Murad), who survives him.

Lord Brougham & Vaux leaves a daughter from his first marriage, the Hon Henrietta Louise (born 23 Feb, 1965), and a son from his second marriage, the Hon Charles William Brougham (born 9 November, 1971), who now succeeds as the 6th Baron Brougham & Vaux.


Monday, September 04, 2023

Kleinwort/Maddalozzo engagement

 The engagement was announced 4 September, 2023, between Rufus Drake Kleinwort (born 16 August, 1994), eldest son and heir of Sir Richard Drake Kleinwort, 4th Baronet (born 4 November, 1960), of Heaselands, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, and his wife the former Lucinda Shand Kydd (born November, 1963), & Kristin Maddalozzo, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Todd Maddalozzo, of Vancouver, Canada.

Lady Kleinwort is a niece of Peter Shand Kydd (1925-2006), who married in 1969, as his 2nd wife, Frances, Viscountess Althorp (1936-2004), mother of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The 4th Marquess of Abergavenny (1883-1954) > Lady Angela Larnach-Nevill (1910-80) > Lady Davina Pepys (1940-73) > Sir Richard Kleinwort, 4th Bt (b 1960) > Rufus Kleinwort (b 1994)


Sunday, September 03, 2023

Peake/Browne engagement

 The engagement was announced 2 September, 2023, between Patrick Ian Lowsley Peake (born 14 March, 1994), son of Anthony John Lowsley Peake (born 1 April, 1960), of Hannington, Wiltshire, and his wife the Lady Tanya Jean Farquhar Cochrane Bouhrazen (born 9 July, 1964), of Cerney Wick, Gloucestershire, scion of the Earls of Dundonald, & Holly Olivia Browne (born 7 December, 1994), daughter of Simon M. Browne, of Winchester, by his wife the former Kathryn Wharton (born 1960).

Patrick Peake is a grandson maternally of the 14th Earl of Dundonald (1918-1986).


Saturday, September 02, 2023

Henry Miles Titus 'Milo' Scrope (born 2023)

 Rosanna [Posie] Scrope [nee Staveley] wife of [Simon] Harry Richard Scrope [born 1974], head of the landed gentry family of Scrope of Danby, has given birth to a second son, Henry Miles Titus 'Milo', 28 August, 2023, a brother for Maximus Simon Parkinson, who was born 30 April, 2022.

Harry is the only son of the late Simon Egerton Scrope [1934-2010], of Danby on Yore, and his wife the former Jennifer Jane Parkinson, descended from the extinct Barons Bingley.

Rosanna Lorna Scrope [born 1988], scion of the Staveley landed gentry family, is a daughter of the late Simon Henry Staveley [1949-98], and his wife the former Judy O. Willis Fleming [b 28 June, 1954], scion of that landed gentry family, of Willis Fleming, of Stoneham.

Harry Scrope is a grandson maternally of the late Sir Kenneth Parkinson, Kt [1908-81], sometime chairman of Yorkshire Post Newspapers, and his wife the former Hon Dorothy Lane Fox [1909-80], a daughter of the 1st and last Baron Bingley [1870-1947].

The Scrope family (pronounced "Scroop") are seated at Danby, the family's 1,500-acre estate in North Yorkshire. The family descend from one of Edward the Confessor's Norman favourites, and were thus already settled in England at the time of the Conquest. The family motto, Devant si je puis (Forward if I am able), is a sardonic allusion to their name,which means "crab" in the Norman dialect. Establishing themselves in Wensleydale in the 12th century, Scropes distinguished themselves on the Crusades and in the Hundred Years War, were regularly summoned to medieval parliaments as barons, and have produced five Garter knights, and an Archbishop of York.

The Scrope coat of arms, Azure a bend or, was one of the earliest to be adopted and, to amateurs of heraldry, is a celebrated curiosity. Campaigning in Scotland in 1385, Richard, Lord Scrope of Bolton, was aghast to see it borne by a fellow knight, Sir Richard le Grosvenor. The matter was tried in the Court of Chivalry – John of Gaunt, Harry "Hotspur" and Geoffrey Chaucer all giving evidence on Scrope's behalf.

Depositions were conveniently heard in York Minster, the family burial place, where the Scrope arms were prominently on display, as they were – in glass, alabaster and stone – in more than 40 other churches in Yorkshire. The court's decision in favour of Scrope has long rankled with the Grosvenors. Hugh Grosvenor, 1st Duke of Westminster, was to name his famous racehorse (the 1880 Derby winner) Bend Or, and it was also his nickname for his grandson, the 2nd Duke, whose chestnut hair reminded him of the horse. For their part, the proud Scropes sport a distinctive family tie, based on their arms, of blue with diagonal gold stripes.

Harry Scrope descends from a junior branch of the family which succeeded to the headship in 1630. Christopher Scrope was by that time a convicted recusant and knew better than to press his claim to the titles and estates. Christopher's son seated himself at Danby-on-Yore, in the heart of the Scrope country, which the family had acquired through an heiress in 1576. Largely rebuilt in the 16th century, Danby Hall incorporates one of the most southerly examples of a peel tower, dating from the early 14th century. A small chamber at the top of the "old Tower" served as a chapel, the only place of Catholic worship for miles around. In the early 1800s a capacious priest's hole was rediscovered at the back of a fireplace. Generations of Scropes were barred, as Catholics, from public office. Their sons were sent abroad, with false identities, for their schooling. Forbidden to own any horse worth more than £5, they depended on kindly Protestant neighbours to hold them in their own names. The Scrope who bred Danby Cade, a famous 18th-century racehorse, was not his legal owner. "Penal times" ended with the passing of the Catholic Relief Act in 1829. Scrope of Danby petitioned in vain for the earldom of Wiltshire, but retained the heraldic supporters (a pair of Cornish choughs) that the family claim by prescription – supporters being an honour usually afforded only to peers and knights grand cross under Royal Warrant.

Rosanna Scrope is a granddaughter of Capt [William Arthur] Miles Staveley [1913-81], scion of the Staveleys of North Stainley Hall, Ripon, and his wife the former Nancy Constance Cail [1914-2007].


Stirling Home Drummond Moray/Goslett engagement

 The engagement was announced 2 September, 2023, between Andrew James George Stirling Home Drummond Moray (born 1987), scion of that landed gentry family, the only son of Capt John Robert Stirling Home Drummond Moray (born 14 October, 1943), of Kinross, and his former wife the former Carole Anne Peniston, and Jennifer Alanna E.O. Goslett (born 1988), daughter of Mr & Mrs Edward Goslett, of Hove East Sussex.

The 6th Duke of Buccleuch (1831-1914) > Lord George Montagu Douglas Scott (1866-1947) > Jeanetta Montagu Douglas Scott (1906-97) > John Stirling Home Drummond Moray (b 1943) > Andrew Stirling Home Drummond Moray (b 1987)


Antigone Rosslyn Katherine Grimston (born 2023)

 Sacha Grimston (nee Tasker), wife of Edward Charles Lucklyn Grimston [born 1985], scion of the Barons Grimston of Westbury, gave birth to a daughter, Antigone Rosslyn Katherine, 23 July, 2023.

Sacha Grimston (née Miss A.S.R. Tasker), is the youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs Alan Tasker, of Lower Failand, North Somerset.

Edward Grimston is the son of Major the Hon [Gerald] Charles Walter [Charley] Grimston [born 4 September, 1953], of Finmere, Oxfordshire, and his wife the former Katherine Evelyn Kettle.

The Hon Charley Grimston is the younger brother and heir presumptive of the 3rd Baron Grimston of Westbury.

(The infant's name is pronounced An-ti-guh-nee)


Friday, September 01, 2023

Aline Mary Margaret McDonnell (nee Elwes) 1923-2023

 Aline Mary Margaret McDonnell (nee Elwes), who died 7 August, 2023, aged 99, was a scion of the Elwes landed gentry family.

She was born 30 Dec, 1923, the elder daughter of Francis Guy Robert Elwes (1895-1966), and his wife the former Barbara Dorothy Wythes (1896-1984), a granddaughter maternally of Sir John Thorold, 12th Baronet (1842-1922); and married 17 July, 1948, Hubert McDonnell Jr (1919-2004), of New York, United States, by whom she had issue, two daughters, (Aline) Ann Louise (born 1949), and Rosamond (born 1952).



Geordie David Lort-Phillips (born 2023)

 Katherine Griselda Eveline Lort-Phillips (nee Boyle, born 1982), wife of Hugh Thomas Lort-Phillips (born 1981), scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a son, Geordie David, 10 August, 2023.

Hugh is a son of Maj Thomas Tudor Riversdale Lort-Phillips (born 1944), of Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire, and the Rev Elizabeth Priscilla Lort-Phillips (nee Buxton, born 12 September, 1947), scion of the Buxton baronets/

Katherine Lort-Phillips is a scion of the Earls of Glasgow, daughter of David Thomas Alan Boyle (born 15 January, 1943), of Fairstead, Essex, and his wife the former Angela Rose Pinney (born 8 February, 1944).


The Earl of Mulgrave has married Rosa Lyster

  The marriage has taken place between John Samuel Constantine Phipps, styled Earl of Mulgrave (born 26 November, 1994), elder son and heir of the 5th Marquis of Normanby (born 24 February, 1954), of Mulgrave Castle, near Whitby, North Yorkshire, and his wife the former Nicola Shulman, & Rosa Frances Lyster, daughter of Mr and Mrs Richard Lyster, of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.