Monday, January 31, 2022

Leo Cutmore-Scott [born 2022]

 Chelsy Davy [born 13 Oct, 1985], partner of Samuel Mark [Sam] Cutmore-Scott [born 1984], gave birth to a son, Leo, in January, 2022.

Sam is the son of Robert M.C. Scott and his wife the former Joanne J. Cutmore.

Chelsy Davy, former girlfriend of the Duke of Sussex, is a daughter of Charles Davy [born 1952], and his wife the former Beverley Donald.


Freya Joy Elisabeth Copner [born 2022]

Dr Karina Copner [nee Wortelboer], wife of Guy David C. Copner [born 1987], scion of that landed gentry family of Copner of Laston, gave birth to a daughter, Freya Joy Elisabeth, 13 January, 2022, a sister for Ava.

Dr Karina Copner is a daughter of of Mr and Mrs Willehard Wortelboer, of Noordlaren, the Netherlands.

Guy Copner is the only son of Christopher Charles James Copner [born 19 September, 1956], of Ascot, Berkshire, and his wife the former Caroline Cooper.



Maude Madeleine Kennedy [born 2022]

Polly Joan Kennedy [nee Brunel-Cohen, born 1978], wife of Loughlin Kennedy, and descended from the extinct Samuel baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Maude Madeleine, 19 January, 2022, a sister for Aurelia Amo [born 22 Nov, 2017] and Sadie [born 10 Jan, 2020].

Loughlinn Kennedy is the middle son of Mr & Mrs John Kennedy, of Coln St Aldwyn, Gloucestershire.

Polly Kennedy is the second daughter of Mark Patrick Brunel-Cohen [born 8 August, 1949], of Sherborne, Dorset, and his wife the former Sally Culham.

Sir Stuart Samuel, 1st Baronet [1856-1926] > Vera Evelyn Samuel > George Stuart Brunel-Cohen > Mark Brunel-Cohen > Polly Brunel-Cohen > Maude Kennedy



Sir Allan John Heppel Ramsay, KBE, CMG 1937-2022

Sir Allan Ramsay, KBE, CMG, who died 5 January, 2022, aged 84, was a descendant of the Sorel-Cameron landed gentry family, and a member of HM Diplomatic Service [retired].

Allan John Heppel Ramsay was born 19 Oct 1937, son of Norman Ramsay Ramsay and his wife the former [Evelyn] Faith Sorel-Cameron [1908-80]; and married 1966, Pauline Therese Lescher, by whom he had issue, two sons and one daughter.

He was appointed CMG in 1989, and KBE in 1992. He served as Her Majesty's Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, 1992-96.



Lady Celia Ann Middleton [nee Fortescue] 1957-2022

 The Lady Celia Middleton [nee Fortescue], who died 26 January, 2022, aged 64, was a scion of the Earls Fortescue.

Celia Ann Fortescue was born 30 Dec, 1957, daughter of the 7th Earl Fortescue [1922-1993], and his firsr wife the former Penelope Jane Henderson [1923-59], descended from the Clerke baronets; and married 1stly, in 1988 [div 1998], David A.S. Adams, son of Michael Shirley Adams; married 2ndly, 2002, Humfrey Hugo Sebastian Middleton. She leaves issue from her first marriage, a son, Charles, and a daughter, Georgina.


Sir Martin Berthoud, KCVO, CMG 1931-2022

Sir Martin Seymour Berthoud, KCVO, CMG, retired diplomat, died 20 January, 2022. He was 90.

He was born 20 Aug, 1931, son of Sir Eric Berthoud, KCMG [1900-1989], his wife the former Ruth Tilston Bright [1901-1988], descended from the Gosling landed gentry family; married 1960, Marguerite Joan Richarda Phayre [1941-2009], scion of that landed gentry family, who died 23 Dec, 2009, daughter Colonel Robert Desmond Hensley Phayre [1915-2007], and his wife the former Barbara Charlton Spinks.



Elizabeth Linda Winnington-Ingram [nee Milling] [died 2022]

 Elizabeth Linda Winnington-Ingram died 29 January, 2022.

She was a daughter of Geoffrey Milling [1901-83], of the Isle of Wight, and married firstly, 1955 [div], Peter Few Brown [1929-2017]; married 2ndly, 21 June, 1973, as his second wife, Edward John Winnington-Ingram [1926-2021], scion of the Winnington baronets, son of the Rev Edward Francis Winnington-Ingram [1883-1963], and his wife the former Gladys Armstrong.

Sher leaves issue from her first marriage, a son [Geoffrey] Ben [born 1959], and a daughter, Rebecca Mary [born 1962], who married 24 Feb, 1990 [div 1998], Charles James [Jamie] Spencer-Churchill, styled Marquess of Blandford [born 24 Nov, 1955], later 12th Duke of Marlborough, son of the 11th Duke of Marlborough [1926-2014], and his first wife the former Susan Mary Hornby [1929-2005].

She is survived by her son and daughter, and grandchildren, Emily, Fred and George, Marquess of Blandford [born 28 Jul 1992], and by a great-granddaughter, Lady Olympia Spencer-Churchill [born 10 Sept, 2020].


Saturday, January 29, 2022

Leo Charles Xie Stamp [born 2021]

 Teresa Margaret Chung Stamp [nee Tsakok, born 1986], wife of the Hon Nicholas Charles Trevor Stamp [born 1978], scion of the Barons Stamp, gave birth to a son, Leo Charles Xie, 8 December, 2021.

The Hon Nicholas Stamp is the only son and heir of the 4th Baron Stamp [born 18 Sept, 1935], by his second and former wife, the former Carol Anne Russell.

Teresa Stamp is the eldest daughter of Terence Tsakok and Dr Margaret Chung.

The 2nd Baron Stamp had one of the shortest tenures of a peerage. The 1st Baron Stamp [1880-1941] and his eldest son were killed in the same air raid on London, 16 April, 1941. On 10 Sept, 1941 the House of Lords, with the approval of King George VI, announced that where two persons have died in circumstances rendering it uncertain which of them survived the other, such details should be presumed to have occurred in order of seniority, and that Wilfred [b 1904], succeeded as 2nd Baron, if only briefly. Wilfred was succeeded by his brother, Trevor, 3rd Baron Stamp [1907-87].


Kieran Patrick Fogarty 1947-2022

 Kieran Patrick Fogarty, died 18 January, 2022, aged 74. He was born in 1947, son of Professor Michael Patrick Fogarty [1916-2001], of Brook Lodge, Ballywaltrium, Bray, co Wicklow, and his wife the former Phyllis Clark [1916-1998]; and married  23 May, 1970, Francesa Ann D'Abreu [born 7 February, 1948], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Lieutenant-Col Francis Arthur Philip D'Abreu [1904-95], and his wife the former Margaret Ann Bowes Lyon [1907-1999], scion of the Earls of Strathmore & Kinghorne, a first cousin of HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.


John Alexander Harper Gow 1926-2022

 John Alexander Harper [Sandy] Gow, died 25 January, 2022, aged 95, was head of that landed gentry family; born in 1926, son of Brigadier John Wesley Harper Gow, CBE [1898-1986], and his wife the former Frances Jean Begg; married 1951, Margaret Elsie Colson [1926-2013], daughter of the Rev Charles Gordon Tulloch Colson [1891-1968], and his wife the former Elsie Florence Anderson, by whom he had issue, a son and three daughters.


[Thomas] Martin Pearson 1933-2022

  [Thomas] Martin Pearson, who died 23 January, 2022, was born in 1933, son of Lieutenant-Commander Thomas Arthur Pearson, RNVR [who died 1974], and his wife the former Violet Kathleen Mary Williams [1902-2000], scion of the Williams baronets, of Bodelwyddan [extinct].


William Maxwell Walpole Greenwell 1942-2022

 William Maxwell Walpole Greenwell, who died 16 January, 2022, aged 79, was a scion of the Greenwell baronets. He was born 17 Oct, 1942, son of Lieutenant-Commander Whitfield Ava Aynsley Greenwell [1907-1977], and his wife the former Violet Rosemary Evelyn Turner [1907-88]. He was unm.

Sir Walpole Greenwell, 1st Baronet > Maj Aynsley Greenwell > Lt-Cdr Whitfield Greenwell > William Maxwell Walpole Greenwell


Colonel Robert Edward Waight, OBE 1928-2022

 Col. Robert Edward Waight, OBE, died 24 January, 2022, aged 93. He was born in 1928, son of Colonel Dennis Edward Francis Waight, MC [1895-1984], and his wife the former Cherry Maude Constant [1899-2002]; married 16 Jan, 1954, Esmé Elizabeth Chetwynd-Stapylton [1927-2007], scion of the Viscounts Chetwynd, daughter of Philip Miles Chetwynd-Stapylton [1889-1965], and his wife the former Esmé Louise Eveleigh [1896-1990], by whom he had issue, a son, Richard [born 1960], and a daughter, Deborah [born 1957].


Friday, January 28, 2022

Coralie Denise, Baroness Burton [died 2022]

 Coralie, Baroness Burton, widow of the late 3rd Baron Burton, died 17 January, 2022, aged 85.

She was the former Coralie Denise [known as Bunty] Cliffe, daughter of Claud Cliffe, of Natal, South Africa, and married in 1978, as his second wife, Michael Evan Victor Baillie, 3rd Baron Burton [born 27 June, 1924], son of Brigadier the Hon George Evan Michael Baillie, MC, TD, DL [1894-1941], and his wife the former Lady Maud Cavendish [died 1975], eldest daughter of the 9th Duke of Devonshire.

Her husband succeeded his grandfather, 28 May, 1962, as 3rd Baron Burton. He served as Grand Master Mason of Scotland, 1994-2000, and died 30 May, 2013.


[Alexander] Beetle Rassie Ridgeway Woodhouse [born 2022]

 The Hon Lydia Elizabeth Moira Woodhouse [born 1989, nee Shackleton], wife of Charles James Philip Woodhouse [born 1989], gave birth to a second son, [Alexander] Beetle Rassie Ridgeway, 23 January, 2022, a brother for Ludo Ziggy Powys, who was born 9 April, 2020.

Charles is a son of Philip J. Woodhouse, by his wife the former Sarah J George, and Lydia is a daughter of the life peer Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia, LVO [born 1956].

Charles Woodhouse's brother, George, is married to Celia Rose McCorquodale, a first cousin of HRH The Duke of Cambridge.


Thursday, January 27, 2022

Sir Crispin Tickell, GCMG, KCVO 1930-2022

 Sir Crispin Tickell, GCMG, KCVO, environmentalist and diplomat retired, died 25 January, 2022. He was 91.

Crispin Charles Cervantes Tickell was born 25 August, 1930, son of Jerrard Tickell and his wife the former Renee Haynes, and was a great-great grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley, of that landed gentry family, the biologist and anthropologist.

Career: Coldstream Guards 1952-54; HM Diplomatic Servive, 1954; Foreign Office 1954-55; The Hague 1955-58; Mexico 1958-61; Foreign Office (Planning Staff) 1961-64; Paris 1964-70; Private secretary to successive ministers responsible for Britain's entry into the European Community 1970-72; Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1972-75; Fellow, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University 1975-76; Chef de Cabinet to the Commissioner of the European Community, 1977-81; Visiting Fellow, All Souls College Oxford 1981; Ambassador to Mexico 1981-83; Deputy Under Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1983-84; Perm Secretary, ODA, 1984-87; British Perm Rep to the United Nations, 1987-90; Warden, Green College, Oxford, 1990-97, appointed Chancellor of University of Kent, 1996 &c.

He was appointed MVO [1958], KCVO [1983], and GCMG [1989].

Tickell married 1stly 1954 [div 1976] Chloe Gunn, daughter of Sir James Gunn, RA, the portrait painter, by whom he had two sons and a daughter; married 2ndly, 1977, Penelope, daughter of Dr Vernon Thorne.


Cleaver/Ross-Skinner engagement

The engagement was announced 27 January, 2022, between William David Cleaver [born 1994], son of Colin E. Cleaver [born 1949], of Storrington, West Sussex, and his wife the former Linda Churcher [born 1955], and Emily Margaret Carroll Ross-Skinner [born 1993], scion of that landed gentry family, elder daughter of Sambrooke Anthony C. Ross-Skinner [born 1958], of Warmwell, co Dorset, and his wife the former Serena E. Carroll [born 1963].


Lady Hunt 1937-2022

 Lady Hunt, who died 23 January, 2022, aged 84, was the widow of Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt, GCB, LVO, DL [1930-2013], and was mother of the former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

She was born in 1937, and married in 1966, Nicholas John Streynsham Hunt [born 7 Nov 1930], son of Brigadier John Montgomerie Hunt [1897-1980], and his wife the former Elizabeth Yates. The Hunts descend from the Bankes landed family, of Corfe Castle, and the Earls of Eldon. 

Her husband served as Assistant Private Secretary to HRH Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, 1959-62; & had a long and distinguished career in the Royal Navy, described in his Daily Telegraph obituary as a 'Cold War Warrior', he was Commander-in-Chief, Fleet and Allied C-in-C, Channel and Eastern Atlantic, 1985-87; LVO [1961], KCB [1985], GCB [1987]. He died 25 Oct, 2013.

Lady Hunt leaves issue, two sons and a daughter. Her son, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt [born 1 Nov, 1966], has been Conservative MP for South West Surrey since 2005, and was Sec of State for Health 2012-18, and Foreign Secretary 2018-2019.


Mary Pickthorn [died 2022]

 Mary Pickthorn [nee Barton], who died 21 January, 2022, was wife of Henry Gabriel Richards Pickthorn, scion of the Pickthorn baronets.

She was the former Mary Barton, daughter of Cecil James Juxon Talbot Barton, CMG, OBE, of the Old Coach House, Rye, Sussex, and married 9 July, 1955, Henry Gabriel Richard Pickthorn [born 29 September, 1928], younger son of Sir Kenneth William Murray Pickthorn, 1st Baronet [1892-1975], and his wife the former Nancy Catherine Lewis Richards [died 15 July, 1982]; by whom she had issue, three sons, John, Robert and Thomas, and a daughter, Henrietta.


Robert Samuel Clive Abel Smith 1936-2022

 Robert Samuel Clive Abel Smith, who has died aged 85, was a scion of that landed gentry family, and a third cousin of Her Majesty The Queen.

He was born 17 April, 1936, a son of Robert Eustace Abel Smith [1909- killed in action at Dunkirk, 1940], by his wife the former Mary Sidney Clive [1910-90], scion of that landed family; and married in 1989, as her fourth husband, the Hon Elizabeth Sophia Sidney [1941-2016], former wife of [1] George Silver Oliver Annesley Colthurst, [2] Sir Edward Wakefield, 2nd Baronet, [3] Capt James Silvester Rattray, 28th Chief of that name, and daughter of the 1st Viscount De L'Isle, VC, KG [1909-91], and his wife the former Hon Jacqueline Vereker [1914-62], scion of the Viscounts Gort.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Baron Fearn, OBE 1931-2022

 Lord Fearn, OBE, a Liberal Democrat life peer, died 24 January, 2022. He was 90.

Ronald Cyril Fearn was born 6 Feb, 1931, son of James Fearn and his wife Martha Ellen, and was educated at the King George V Grammar School, Southport.

Career: was a banker with Williams Deacons Bank, later Williams and Glyn's Bank, later Royal Bank of Scotland. MP [Liberal 1987-88, Liberal Democrat 1988-92, and 1997-2001] Southport; contested [Lib Dem] Southport, 1992. Lib Dem Spokesman on health and tourism 1988-89, on local government 1989-90, on transport, housing and tourism, 1990-92; Member of the Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport 1997-2001 &c.

He was raised to the peerage for life in 2001, as Baron Fearn, of Southport in the County of Merseyside. He retired from the House of Lords in 2018.

Fearn served from 1974 until 2016 as a Sefton Metropolitan Borough councillor, having been a member of its predecessor body, Merseyside County Council. He thus achieved over 50 years of continuous service, being first elected as a Liberal and then for its successor party, the Liberal Democrats. Fearn first contested the borough at the inaugural elections of 1973 as a candidate for the Southport ward of Craven-Sussex-Talbot, in which he topped the poll, receiving more votes than the two other Liberal candidates elected alongside him.

He was appointed OBE in 1985.

In 1955, Ronnie Fearn married Joyce Edna Dugan; they had a son, Martin, and a daughter.


Sir David Kinloch of that Ilk, 5th Baronet 1942-2022

 Sir David Kinloch of that Ilk, 5th Baronet, died at his home 21 January, 2022. He was 80.

David Oliphant Kinloch was born 15 January, 1942, son of Sir John Kinloch of that Ilk, 4th Baronet [1907-1992], and his wife the former Doris Ellaline Head [who died in 1997]. He succeeded to the baronetcy [cr UK,  1873], on the death of his father, 1992.

He married 1stly, 27 January, 1968 [div 1979], Susan Minette Urquhart [1944-2014], daughter of Major General Robert Elliot Urquhart of Gairdrew, CB, DSO [1901-1988], and his wife the former Pamela Condon [died 2006], by whom he had three daughters; married  2ndly, 1983, Sabine de Loës, daughter of Philippe de Loës, of Geneva, by whom he had a son and heir, and a daughter.

Sir David is survived by his second wife, and daughters from his first marriage, Katherine, Emily and Nicola, and a daughter, Sophie, from his second marriage, and son, Alexander [born 30 June, 1986], who now succeeds to the baronetcy.


Hilary Marion Olwen Nightingale of Cromarty 1930-2022

 Hilary Marion Olwen Nightingale [nee Jones], who died 23 January, 2022, aged 91, was a daughter of John Eric Jones, of Swansea; married 28 Apr, 1956, Michael David Nightingale of Cromarty, OBE [1927-98], son of Victor Russell John Nightingale of Cromarty [1887-1951], and his wife the former Bathsheba Buhay [d 25 Jan, 1942], by whom she had issue, two sons, John and Alexander, and three daughters, Emma, Elizabeth and Rachel.


Entwistle/St John engagement

 The engagement was announced 26 January, 2022, between Andrew M Entwistle, son of Mr & Mrs Malcolm Entwistle, of Wimbledon, London, and Poppy Rebecca Harriet St John [born 31 October, 1995], scion of the Barons St John of Bletso, daughter of Mr Charles Henry Oliver St John [born 4 December, 1963], of West Sussex, and his wife the former Emma Catherine Sewell Moore.

15th Baron St John of Bletso [1811-74] > Rev Hon Edmund Tudor St John [1848-84] > Edmund Farquhar St John [1879-1945] > Edmund Oliver St John [b 1927] > Charles Henry Oliver St John [b 1963] > Poppy St John [b 1995]


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Lady Lowther 1927-2021

 Lady Lowther, who died 19 January, 2022, aged 94, was the widow of Sir John Lowther, KCVO, CBE, sometime Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire.

Jennifer Bevan was a great friend of the late Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, and member of the 'Clarence House set' in the 1950s. She was Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Margaret 1948-52, and thereafter an extra Lady-in-Waiting.

She was born Jennifer Jane Bevan, 11 November, 1927, scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Colonel John Henry Bevan, CB, MC [1894-1978], and his wife the Lady Barbara Violet Bingham [1902-63], daughter of the 5th Earl of Lucan [1860-1949].

She married 21 February, 1952, John Luke Lowther [born 17 Nov, 1923], scion of the Lowther baronets, son of Colonel John George Lowther [1885-1977], and his wife the former Hon Lilah Charlotte Sarah White [1889-1976], daughter of the 3rd Baron Annaly [1857-1922]. Her husband, appointed CBE in 1983, and KCVO in 1997, served as Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire, 1984-98. He died 11 April, 2011, aged 87.

Lady Lowther leaves issue, a son, Hugh [born 12 Jan, 1956], and two daughters, Sarah Charlotte Margaret [born 4 Jan, 1954, and for whom HRH The Princess Margaret stood sponsor], and Lavinia Mary [born 11 Nov, 1958].


Ina Margaret Anastasia Lewis [nee Beevor] 1920-2022

 Ina Margaret Anastasia Lewis, who died 20 January, 2022, aged 101, was a scion of the Beevor baronets.

She was born 2 October, 1920, eldest daughter of Commander Sir Thomas Lubbock Beevor, 6th Baronet, RN [1897-1943], and his wife the former Edith Margaret Agnew [1899-1985]; and married 9 May, 1942, Capt John Lewis, of the Royal Artillery, son of Maj. Alfred Elliot Lewis, by whom she had issue, sons, Peter [born 1943], William [born 1948], and a daughter, Judith [born 1946].


Vyvyan-Robinson/Salazar marriage

 The marriage took place 13 November, 2021, in Seattle, between Christopher Courtenay Vyvyan-Robinson [born 1994], scion of the Vyvyan baronets, son of Maj. James Courtenay Vyvyan-Robinson [born 21 January, 1958], of Otterstones, Perth, and his wife the former Nicola Poston, & Hannah Michaela Josie Salazar, daughter of Mr Ricardo Salazar and Mrs Gayle Graves, of Washington State, United States.

Sir Richard Vyvyan, 3rd Baronet > Richard Vyvyan > Rev Richard Vyvyan > Philip Vyvyan-Robinson > Rev Philip Vyvyan-Robinson > Philip Augustus Vyvyan-Robinson > Arthur Claude Vyvyan-Robinson > Arthur Frederick Vyvyan-Robinson > James Courtenay Vyvyan-Robinson > Christopher Courtenay Vyvyan-Robinson


William Christopher Alexander Crichton [born 2021]

Annabel Louise Crichton [nee Jenkin, born 1985], wife of James Crichton, gave birth to a son, William Christopher Alexander, 29 December, 2021.

Annabel is the elder daughter of Christopher Roy Jenkin [born circa 1951], of Malmesbury, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Julia April Ellinor Gossage [born 21 Oct, 1954], descended from the Curtis baronets.

James Crichton is a son of Colonel and Mrs Robert Crichton, of Shaftesbury, Dorset.

Sir Wm Curtis, 1st Bt > Charles Berwick Curtis > Charles Wm Curtis > Charles Herbert Curtis > Philip Pinckney Curtis > Cherry April Ellinor Curtis > Julia Gossage > Annabel Jenkin > William Crichton



Saturday, January 22, 2022

Hon Christina Anne Loder 1959-2022

 The Hon Christina Anne Loder, who died 14 January, 2022, aged 62, was a scion of the Barons Wakehurst.

She was born 13 December, 1959, the only daughter of the 3rd Baron Wakehurst [born 23 Sept, 1925], and his wife the former Ingeborg Krumbholz-Hess [died 14 Feb, 1977]; and married 1993 [div 2008], Desmond James MacCarthy [born 1 Oct, 1956], son of Michael Desmond De La Chevallerie MacCarthy [1907-73], and his wife the former Pamela Chloë Buxton [1915-2018], scion of the Buxton baronets, by whom she had issue, a son Edmund [born 1 Sept, 1995], and a daughhter, Isabel [b 22 Nov, 1997].


Nancy, Baroness Henley 1928-2022

 Nancy, Baroness Henley, who died 5 January, 2022, aged 93, was the former wife of the late 7th Baron Henley [1914-77].

She was the former Nancy Margaret Walton, born in 1928, only daughter of Stanley Walton, of The Hill, Gillsland, Carlisle.

She married 31 August, 1949 [div 1975], as his second wife, the Hon Michael Francis Eden [surname changed from that of Henley in 1925] [born 13 Aug 1914], son and heir of the 6th Baron Henley [1877-1962], and his wife the former Lady Dorothy Georgiana Howard [died 14 Sept, 1968], daughter of the 9th Earl of Carlisle [1843-1911]. 

Her husband succeeded his father, 21 Apr, 1962, as 7th Baron Henley [Peerage of Ireland cr 1799], and Baron Northington [Peerage of the UK cr 1885].

Her husband was a Capt in the Life Guards, and President of the Liberal Party 1966-67, and Chairman 1968-77, and died 20 Dec, 1977.

Lady Henley leaves issue, two sons, Oliver [the 8th Baron], and Andrew, and three daughters, Ursula, Ingaret and Rose.


Oscar Robert Charles Henley [born 2022]

Antonia Grace Henley [nee Magor, born 1990], wife of Richard James Henley [born 1989], scion of the Barons Henley, gave birth to a son, Oscar Robert Charles, 12 January, 2022.

Antonia is a daughter of Philip Magor, of Stype, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Alexa Catherine Vaughan-Lee, scion of that landed gentry family.

Richard is a son of Robert Anthony Nigel Henley [born 23 August, 1942], of Boldre, Hampshire, and his wife the former Anne Beadle.

Robert, 2nd Baron Henley > Rev Hon Robert Henley > Capt Charles Beauclerk Henley > Robert Stephen Henley > Robert Anthony Nigel Henley > Richard James Henry '> Oscar Henley


Friday, January 21, 2022

Maximilian William Wynn Sewell [born 2022]

 Fiona Elizabeth Jane [Effie] Sewell [nee Reeve, born 4 June, 1986], wife of Bertie Sewell, descended from the Williams-Wynn baronets, gave birth to a son, Maximilian William Wynn, 16 January, 2022.

Effie is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Simon Reeve, of Horton, Wiltshire. Bertie is a son of Major David Nigel Wynn Sewell [born 4 Apr, 1953], of Upper Tysoe, co Warwick, and his wife the former Julia Stephens.

Sir Owen Watkin Williams-Wynn, 8th Baronet [1891-1949] > Joan Williams-Wynn > Maj David Sewell [b 1953] > Bertie Sewell > Maximilian Sewell [b 2022]


Lady Ann Lavinia Maud Bowlby 1919-2022

 The Lady Ann Bowlby, who has died at her home, aged 102, was a scion the Earls of Wharncliffe.

She was born Lady Ann Lavinia Maud Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 25 January, 1919, eldest of the five children of the 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe [1892-1953], and his wife the former Lady Maud Lillian Elfreda Mary Wentworth-Fitzwilliam [1898-1979], daughter of the 7th Earl Fitzwilliam [1872-1943], of Wentworth Woodhouse, Yorks. Her siblings were Lady Diana [1920-97], who married the 9th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne [1907-88], Lady Barbara Ricardo [1921-2014], Lady Mary Mansel-Lewis [1930-2017], and Alan, 4th Earl of Wharncliffe [1935-87].

She married 26 September, 1939, as his second wife, Commander Vivian Russell Salvin Bowlby, RN [1895-1972], scion of that landed gentry family, son of Colonel Robert Russell Bowlby [1863-1948], and his wife the former Violet Campbell [1870-1962], and had issue, a son, Michael Robin Salvin Bowlby [born 25 January, 1947].


Compton/Olmesdahl engagement

 The engagement was abbounced 21 January, 2022, between Edmund Alfred Henry Compton [born 1990], son of Jonathan Lawrence Compton, of Colchester, Essex, and his wife the former Caroline Mary Close-Smith [born 17 March, 1954], descended from the Lords Kinloss & Ingrid N. Olmesdahl, daughter of Allan Olmesdahl & Catherine Wijngard, of Cape Town South Africa.

 Mary Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, Lady Kinloss [1852-1944] > Hon Caroline Morgan-Grenville [1886-1972] > Henry Temple Close-Smith [1918-2011] > Caroline Close-Smith [b 1954] >Edmund Compton [b 1990].


Southall/Wintour engagement

 The engagement was announces 21 January, 2022, between Ben Southall, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Philip Southall, of Garriston, North Yorkshire, and Isabel Rose Cecilia Wintour [born 1994], third daughter of Patrick John Wintour [born 1954], of Bromham, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Anne Elizabeth Lambton [born 25 November, 1952], scion of the Earls of Durham.

George, 2nd Earl of Durham > Hon Charles Lambton > Charles Wm Lambton > Anne Lambton > Isabel Wintour

The 6th Marquess of Lansdowne > Lady Elizabeth Mary Petty-Fitzmaurice > Anne Lambton > Isabel Wintour


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Waller-Bridge/Dockery engagement

 The engagement has been announced between Jasper Cyprian Waller-Bridge [born 1987], son of Michael Cyprian Waller-Bridge [born 1953], and his wife the former Teresa Mary Clerke [born 6 July, 1951], scion of the Clerke baronets, and Michelle Suzanne Dockery [born 15 December, 1981], the actress, daughter of Michael Dockery and his wife the former Lorraine Witton.

Michelle, who starred as Downton Abbey's Lady Mary, has bagged her own aristocrat. Jasper is a brother of Phoebe Waller-Bridge [b 14 July, 1985], the actress and screenwriter. Their mother, Teresa, is a daughter of Sir John Edward Longueville Clerke, 12th Baronet [1913-2009].

Jasper Waller-Bridge is a ninth cousin, several times removed, of the Earl of Carnarvon, of Highclere Castle, the setting of Downton Abbey.

Jasper Waller-Bridge > Teresa Clerke > Sir John Clerke, Bt > Francis Clerke > Sir Wm Clerke, 11th Bt > Sir Wm Clerke, 10th Bt > Sir Wm Clerke, 9th Bt > Byzantia Cartwright > Hon Airmine Crewe > Thomas 2nd Baron Crewe of Stene  > John Crewe, 1st Baron Crewe of Stene [Speaker of the House of Commons]

George, 8th Earl of Carnarvon > Henry, 7th Earl of Carnarvon > Henry, 6th Earl of Carnarvon > George, 5th Earl of Carnarvon > Lady Evelyn Stanhope > George, 6th Earl of Chesterfield > Lady Henrietta Thynne > Thomas, 1st Marquess of Bath > Lady Louisa Carteret > John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville > George, 1st Baron Carteret > Lady Jemima Montagu > Jemima Crewe > John Crewe, 1st Baron Crewe of Stene


West/Howard engagement

 The engagement was announced 20 January, 2022, between Stephen West, younger son of Mr & Mrs Richard West, of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and Claudia Katherine Louise Howard [born 1985], eldest daughter of David Howard, of Cerrigllwydion Hall, Llandyrnog, Denbighshire, and his wife the former Charlotte Henrietta Gaylyn Whitelock-Winter [born 17 Nov, 1959], descended from the Purdon Irish landed gentry family.


Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Osborn/Parry-Crooke engagement

The engagement was announced 19 January, 2022, between Michael P. Osborn, son of the late Stephen Osborn, of Passfield, Hampshire, and Sally Osborn, of Lindford, Hampshire, & Emily A.C. Parry-Crooke, scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Simon Bagot Parry-Crooke [born 1955], of Clapham, London, and his wife, Isabelle.



Townshend/Roscoe engagement

 The engagement was announced 19 January, 2022, between Alexander George Rupert Townshend [born 1991], son of Robert Charles Townshend [born 1956], of Wetheringsett, co Suffolk, and his wife the former Fiona Elizabeth Mary Fraser [born 1957], & Isabel Charlotte Roscoe [born 18 January, 1991], daughter of Andrew Roscoe, of Ashtead, Surrey, and his wife the former Elizabeth A. Rooks [born 1961].

Alexander Townshend's descent from the Rowley baronets:

Sir Charles Samuel Rowley, 6th Baronet > Alethea Susan Rowley > Robert Townshend > Alexander Townshend.


Bloemers/Fane engagement

 The engagement was announced 19 January, 2022, between Hemmo Synco Bloemers [born 1990], son of the late Dirk Bloemers and Mrs Alexandra Bloemers [nee Klaassen], and the Lady Daisy Caroline Fane [born 18 January, 1989], only child of the 16th Earl of Westmorland [born 1 Aug, 1951], and the Countess of Westmorland [nee Caroline Eldred Hughes].

The Milton Abbey educated Hemmo Bloemers is a yacht broker. Lady Daisy is managing director of Molino Recruitment Ltd.


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Pandora Rose Freeland [born 2022]

 Clare Elizabeth Freeland [nee Pelly, born 8 June, 1984], wife of William Robert Freeland [born 1984], and scion of the Pelly baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Pandora Rose, 11 January, 2022, a sister for Matilda Pelly Elizabeth, who was born 6 March, 2020.

William Freeland is a son of Richard Freeland. Clare is a daughter of [John] Henry Patrick Fuller Pelly [born 27 September, 1953], by his wife the former Susan Elizabeth Briggs.


James William Lancelot Lowther 2000-2022

James William Lancelot [Will] Lowther, who died unexpectedly in hospital, 11 January, 2022, aged 21, was a scion of the Earls of Lonsdale. He was a nephew of the 9th Earl, and was in line to inherit the family peerages.

He was born 27 October, 2000, the elder son of the Hon James Nicholas Lowther [born 4 December, 1964], and his wife the former Vanessa Catchpole [born 1967], and was a grandson of the late 7th Earl of Lonsdale [1922-2006].

Will Lowther's father, James, is the heir presumptive to his half-brother, the 9th Earl of Lonsdale [born 9 July, 1957]. Will is survived by his parents and siblings, Matilda [born 1995], Ishbel [born 1997], and Flynn St George Lowther, born 10 March, 2005, who is now the eventual heir to the Lonsdale peerages.


Monday, January 17, 2022

Michael Frankland Good 1943-2022

 Michael Frankland Good, who died 13 January, 2022, aged 78, married in 1990, as her third husband, Lamorna Alice St Aubyn [born 11 Feb, 1944], scion of the Barons St Levan, of St Michael's Mount, Penzance, former wife of [1] Capt David Julian Cotton, and [2] Peregrine Edward Grenfell Lort-Phillips, scion of that landed family, and daughter of Roger St Aubyn [1906-85], and his first wife the former Baroness Sophie Helene von Puthon [who died 2000].


Selwyn Sharpe/Douglas engagement

The engagement was announced 17 January, 2022, between Jasper William Selwyn Sharpe [born 15 June, 1995], son of Richard Charles Selwyn Sharpe, of Finghall, North Yorkshire, and his wife thr former Fleur Josephine Butler [born 24 April, 1967], scion of the Baron Butlerof Saffron Walden, and Erica Douglas, daughter of Mr & Mrs Alan Douglas, of Chislehurst, co Kent.

'Rab' Butler, The Baron Butler of Saffron Walden, KG [1902-82] > Hon Samuel Butler [1936-2015] > Fleur Butler [b 1967] > Jasper Selywn Sharpe [b 1995]


Frida Cecily Alexandra Jaffray [born 2022]

The Lady Olivia Alice Jaffray [born 16 April, 1990, nee Marquis], wife of William Lawrence Paget (Will) Jaffray (born 5 March, 1990), scion of the Jaffray baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Frida Cecily Alexandra, 14 January, 2022.

Lady Olivia is the eldest daughter of the 3rd Earl of Woolton (born 24 May, 1958) by his former wife the former Hon Sophie Frederika Birdwood (born 29 July, 1964, now the Hon Mrs Montgomery), daughter of the 3rd Baron Birdwood [born 22 Nov, 1938].

Lady Olivia's step-father, David Montgomery, is a former editor of the News of the World and Chief Executive of the Mirror Group of newspapers.

Will Jaffray is the third son of Sir William Jaffray, 5th Baronet (born 1 Nov, 1951), and Cynthia Ross, Lady Jaffray [nee Corrington].


Sunday, January 16, 2022

[Clifford] William Squire, CMG, LVO 1928-2022

 [Clifford] William Squire, CMG, LVO, who has died aged 93, was a retired diplomat.

He was born 7 Oct, 1928, at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, son of Clifford John Squire and his wife Eleanor.

He served as a Second lieutenant, British Army, 1947-1949. Member of Travellers. Career:- Assistant district officer Nigerian Administrative Service, Nigeria, 1953-1959. Secretary of embassy British Foreign Service, Bucharest, United Nations New York City, Bangkok, 1959-1972. Counsellor Foreign Office, London, 1972-1976, British Embassy, Washington, 1976-1979; Ambassador to Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea Dakar, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, 1979-1982. Under secretary Foreign Office, London, 1982-1984. Ambassador British Embassy, Tel Aviv, 1984-1988.

He married firstly, 6 July, 1959, Marie-José Carlier [who died 1973]. Children: Catherine, Stephen, & Anne-Louise. Married 2ndly, 22 May, 1976, Sara Laetitia Hutchison [born 18 July, 1949], scion of the Hutchison baronets, daughter of Michael Duncan Hutchison [1912-2000], and his wife the former Margery Betty Martin [1917-1998], and a granddaughter of Sir Robert Hutchison, 1st Baronet [1871-1960], by whom he had further issue, a son James, and a daughter, Emma. 


The Baron Myners, CBE 1948-2022

 Lord Myners, CBE, a Labour life peer, died 16 January, 2022. He was 73.

Paul Myners, who was born 1 April 1948, was a British businessman and politician. He was the Financial Services Secretary (sometimes referred to as City Minister) in HM Treasury, the UK's finance ministry, during the Labour Government of Gordon Brown. He held the position from October 2008 until May 2010, and was made a life peer in consequence of his appointment, as he was not an elected Member of Parliament. He also served on the Prime Minister's National Economic Council. He sat in the House of Lords as a Labour peer (2008–2014), then a non-affiliated peer, and then as a crossbencher.


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Richard Humphrey Hardwicke 1945-2022

 Richard Humphrey Hardwicke died 5 January, 2022. He was 76.

He was born in 1945 a son of John Lionel Bishop Hardwicke [1908-1998], and his wife the former Florence Sylvia Morgan [1913-1988]; and married 1stly, 30 May, 1970 [div 1996], Susan Cable-Alexander [born 28 May, 1948], scion of the Cable-Alexander baronets, daughter of Sir Desmond William Lionel Cable-Alexander, 7th Baronet [1910-1988], and his wife the former Margaret Mabel Burnett [1910-2008]; married 2ndly, 2005, Nicola Whaley.

He leaves issue from his first marriage, a son, Humphrey [born 1978], and a daughter, Caroline [born 1977].


Lady Raikes 1922-2022

 Lady Raikes, who died 9 January, 2022, aged 99, was the widow of Vice Admiral Sir Iwan Raikes, KCB, CBE, DSC [1921-2011], and a scion of the Hunt landed gentry family.

She was born Cecilia Primrose Hunt, in 1922, daughter of Capt Benedict Philip Gerald Hunt [1894-1958], and his wife the former Maud Hallowes [1889-1982], scion of that landed family; and married in 1947, Iwan Geoffrey Raikes, scion of that landed family, son of Admiral Sir Robert Henry Taunton Raikes, KCB, CVO, DSO, RN [1885-1953] and his wife the former Ida Guinivere Evans [1887-1983], by whom she had issue.


The 5th Baron Rankeillour 1940-2022

 The Lord Rankeillour, 5th Baron, died 10 January, 2022. He was 81.

The peerage was created in 1932 for James Fitzalan Hope, a scion of the Marquesses of Linlithgow. He was MP for Sheffield Brightside, a Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.

Michael Richard Hope was born 21 October, 1940, son of the Hon Richard Frederick Hope [1901-64], and his wife the former Helen Sybil Mary Lambart [1912-71], scion of the Earls of Cavan.

He was a grandson of the 1st Baron Rankeillour [1870-1949], and nephew of the 2nd Baron [1897-1958], and the 3rd Baron [1899-1967], and a first cousin of the 4th Baron [1935-2005].

He succeeded to the barony [created in 1932], on the death of his cousin, 12 April, 2005.

Lord Rankeillour married 31 March, 1964, Elizabeth Rosemary Fuller [1939-2019], daughter of Col. Francis Henry Fuller, of Genesis Green, co Suffolk, by whom he had issue, a son James, and two daughters, Henrietta and Louise. 

The peerage now passes to his only son, the Hon James Francis Richard Hope, who was born 1 Aug, 1968.


The Baron Sainsbury of Preston Candover, KG 1927-2022

 The Baron Sainsbury of Preston Candover, KG, Conservative life peer, Senior Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter, and former chairman of one of Britain's biggest supermarket chains, died 14 January, 2022. He was 94.

John Davan Sainsbury was born 2 November, 1927, the son of Alan John Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury, a life peer [1902-98], and his wife, Doreen Davan Adams [who died in 1985]. He was a great-grandson of John James Sainsbury [1844-1928], who founded what became the supermarket chain.

John Sainsbury began working in his family’s business in 1950, initially taking on a role in the grocery department before becoming a director in 1958, followed by Deputy Chairman in 1967 – a role which he took over from his father. Then in 1969, he was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive which he held until his retirement in 1992.

He was knighted in 1980, and created a life peer in 1989, as Baron Sainsbury of Preston Candover. In 1992 he was appointed a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the highest order of chivalry, and an honour in the Queen's personal gift. At the time of his demise he was the senior Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter.

Lord Sainsbury married in 1963, Anya Linden, the ballerina, by whom he had issue, two sons, John Julian, and Mark, and a daughter, Sarah.


Friday, January 14, 2022

Nicholson/Lambert engagement

The engagement was announced 14 January, 2022, between Rupert Grahame Murray Nicholson [born 1983], son of Grahame Royds Gordon Nicholson, of Haugh, Bradford on Avon, co Wiltshire, abd his wife the former Charlotte Davey Murray [born 1 May, 1954], scion of the Murray of Blackbarony baronets, and Caitlin M. Lambert, daughter of Mr & Mrs David Lambert, of Nobby's Beach, Queensland, Australia.

Sir John Murray of Blackbarony, 10th Baronet > Colonel Kenelm Murray > Lt-Col Archibald Murray > Maj Ian Digby Murray > Charlotte Murray > Rupert Nicholson


Agar/Clevely engagement

 The engagement was announced 14 January, 2022, between Charles Christopher Edward Agar [born 29 July, 1989], scion of the Earls of Normanton, son of the Hon Mark Sidney Andrew Agar [born 2 Sept, 1948], of Hilton, Dorset, and his wife the former Arabella Clare Gilbey [born 14 July, 1953], scn of the Gilbey baronets & India Sarah T. Clevely [born 1991], daughter of Rupert Clevely, of River, West Sussex, and his wife the former Joanna Beatrice Taswell Greenwell [born 14 Jan, 1962], scion of the Greenwell baronets, descended from the 1st Bt.

Charles Agar is a grandson of the 5th Earl of Normanton [1910-67].


Colthurst/Lighton engagement

 The engagement was announced 14 January, 2022, between Edward Henry John Colthurst [born 26 February, 1986], scion of the Colthurst baronets, only son of Henry Nicholas Almroth Colthurst [born 10 January, 1959], of Berwick St James, Wiltshire, & his wife the former Sophia Selina Irene Hervey-Bathurst [born 28 Apr, 1961], scion of the baronets of that name, and Celina Hamilton Lighton [born 26 May, 1991], only daughter of Sir Thomas Hamilton Lighton, 9th Baronet [born 4 Nov, 1954], of Stopham, West Sussex, and his wife the former Belinda Jean Fergusson.

Edward Colthurst is a grandson paternally of Sir Richard Colthurst, 9th Baronet [1928-2003], and a grandson maternally of Sir Frederick Hervey-Bathurst, 7th Bt [1934-2011].


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Hon Averil Houston [née Vivian] 1930-2022

 The Hon Averil Houston [née Vivian], who died 1 January, 2022, aged 91, was a scion of the Barons Swansea. She was descended from the 'Iron Duke', Field Marshal The 1st Duke of Wellington.

She was born Averil Vivian, 8 January, 1930, third daughter of Odo Richard Vivian, 3rd Baron Swansea [1875-1934], and his wife the Hon Winifred Hamilton [1884-1944], scion of the Barons Holmpatrick.

She married 27 June, 1953, Alexander William Houston, son of Archibald Houston, of Castle Cary, co Somerset, by whom she had two sons, Peter and Charles, and a daughter, Claire.

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington > Maj-Gen Lord Charles Wellesley > Lady Victoria Alexandrina Wellesley > Hon Winifred Hamilton > Hon Averil Vivian [who died 2022].


The Dowager Baroness Swaythling [died 2021]

The Dowager Baroness Swaythling [née Dreyfus], who died 22 December, 2021, aged 94, was the widow of the 4th Baron Swaythling [1928-1998].

She was the former Christiane Francoise Dreyfus, second daughter of Edgar Dreyfus, of 5, Rue de Chaillot, Paris, and married 14 December, 1951, the then Hon David Charles Samuel Montagu [born 6 Aug, 1928], son of the 3rd Baron Swaythling, OBE [1898-1990], and his 1st wife the former Mary Violet Levy. Her husband succeeded his father, 5 January, 1990, as the 4th Baron Swaythling [cr 1907], and died 1 July, 1998.

The Dowager Lady Swaythling leaves issue, a son, Charles, the 5th Baron [born 20 Feb, 1954], and a daughter, the Hon Nicole [born 8 Nov, 1956], and was predeceased by a daughter, the Hon Fiona [1952-82].


Thomas Crispin [Tommy] Gascoigne [born 2021]

  Emma Jayne Gascoigne [nee Richmond-Watson, born 1985], wife of Frederick William Gascoigne [born 1986], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a son, Thomas Crispin [Tommy], 28 November, 2021.

Emma is a daughter of Colin Woodrow Richmond-Watson [born 1951], and his wife the former Penelope J Cadbury [born 1957], scion of that landed family.

Fred Gascoigne is a son of William Harcourt Crisp Gasgoigne [born 22 November, 1955], and his wife the former Susan Alexandra Williams.

Grosvenor descent of the baby:-

Francis Grosvenor, 4th Baron Ebury > Hon Maud Grosvenor > Hon Elizabeth Harcourt > William Gascoigne > Fred Gascoigne > Tommy Gascoigne


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Deborah Mary Ann Clark [nee Moberly] 1943-2022

Deborah Mary Ann Clark [nee Moberly] died 7 January, 2022. She was 78.

She was born in 1943, daughter of Colonel William Innes Moberly, CBE [1911-1986], scion of that landed gentry family, and his wife, and kinswoman, Margery Ann Frances Moberly [1918-1998]; and married 1 April, 1967, Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Lothian Clark [1939-2013], scion of the Clark baronets, son of John Maurice Clark [1903-95], and a grandson of Sir John Clark, 2nd Bt [1859-1924].

She leaves four sons, Hugo, Harry, Benedict and Luke.


Sophie Jean Cunliffe-Owen 1965-2022

 Sophie Jean Cunliffe-Owen, who died 8 January, 2022, aged 56, was a scion of the Cunliffe-Owen baronets, born in 1965, a daughter of Sir Dudley Herbert Cunliffe-Owen, 2nd Baronet [1923-83], and his wife [3rd wife] the former Jean Forsyth [who died 27 Apr, 2015].

She was unm.


The Baron Hughes of Woodside 1932-2022

 Lord Hughes of Woodside, Labour life peer, died 7 January, 2022. He was 90.

Robert Hughes was a Labour Party politician and life peer who served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for 27 years, and was also Chair of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) from 1976 until it was dissolved in 1995 after the ending of apartheid in South Africa.

Bob Hughes was MP for Aberdeen North, 1970-97, and was created a life peer on leaving the Commons. He took the title Baron Hughes of Woodside, of Woodside in the City of Aberdeen.


Monday, January 10, 2022

Alexander Rupert Victor Carington [born 2022]

 The Hon Mrs Robert Carington [nee Olga Litchman], wife of the Hon Robert Carington [born 7 December, 1990], scion of the Barons Carington, gave birth to a son, Alexander Rupert Victor, 7 January, 2022.

The Hon Robert Carington is the only son and heir of the 7th Baron Carrington [born 2 Dec, 1948], by his wife the former Daniela Diotallevi. Robert is a grandson of the Tory grandee, Peter, the 6th Baron Carrington, KG [1919-2018].

Olga Carington is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Victor Litchman, of Tallin, Estonia.

Matthew Gloag 1947-2022

 Matthew Gloag, who died 6 January, 2022, aged 74, married in 1971, Elizabeth Anne [Dilly] Moon [born 28 January, 1949], scion of the Moon baronets, daughter of John Richard Philip Moon [1915-1978], and his wife the former Ann Melhuish, by whom he had issue, two daughters, Emma and Sorcha.


Stanley/Reeve-Tucker engagement

 The engagement was announced 10 January, 2022, between [Richard] Hugh Edward Stanley [born 1 May, 1993], scion of the Earls of Derby, son of the Hon Peter Hugh Charles Stanley [born 4 March, 1964], of New England Stud, Newmarket, and his wife the former Hon Frances Caroline Burke Roche [born 31 March, 1965], scion of the Barons Fermoy, & Beatrice Kitty Reeve-Tucker [born 1992], middle daughter of David Wyborn Reeve-Tucker [born 1961], of Perrystone Towers, Herefordshire, and his wife the former Philippa Jane Thompson [born 1961].

Edmund Roche, 4th Baron Fermoy > Edmund Roche, 5th Baron Fermoy > Hon Frances Roche > Hugh Stanley 

Hugh Stanley is a second cousin of TRH The Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex. He and the royal dukes are great-grandsons of the 4th Baron Fermoy [1885-1955]


Sunday, January 09, 2022

Sir Nigel Forbes Adam, 5th Baronet 1930-2021

 Sir Nigel Forbes Adam, 5th Baronet, died 8 January, 2022, aged 91.

Sir Nigel was the fifth holder of the baronetcy created in 1917. He succeeded to the title on the death of his elder brother, 22 March, 2019.

He was born 7 December, 1930, third son of Colin Gurdon Forbes Adam [1889-1982], of Skipwith Hall, Selby, co York, and his wife the former Hon Irene Constance Lawley [1889-1976], daughter of the 3rd Baron Wenlock [1849-1912], and his wife the former Lady Constance Mary Lascelles [1852-1932], daughter of the 4th Earl of Harewood [1824-1892].

He married firstly, 7 May, 1954, Teresa Hermione Idena Robertson [1932-2005], daughter of Commander David Lambert Robertson [1905-79], and his wife the former Felicity Douglas Tomlin [1904-92]; married 2ndly, 1987, Mildred Malise Hare Armitage, daughter of Col. George Armitage, and leaves issue from his first marriage.

He is succeeded in the baronetcy by his eldest son, Charles David Forbes Adam, who was born 8 Oct, 1957.


Saturday, January 08, 2022

Dru/Mountbatten engagement

The engagement was announced 8 January, 2022, between Alexander Bernard Molyneux Dru [born 25 August, 1991], son of Bernard Auberon Alexander Dru [born 29 December, 1951], of Bickham, Somerset, and his wife the former Catherine Margaret Norden [born 1960], and the Lady Tatiana Helen Georgia Mountbatten [born 16 April, 1990], scion of the Marquesses of Milford Haven and descended from Queen Victoria, daughter of the 4th Marquess of Milford Haven [born 6 June, 1961], and his first wife the former Sarah Georgina Walker [born 1961, now Lady Spencer, of Alresford].

Royal Lineage of the bride-to-be:-

HM Queen Victoria > Princess Alice > Victoria of Hesse > George, 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven > David, 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven > George, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven > Lady Tatiana Mountbatten

Dru descent from the Earls of Carnarvon:-

The 4th Earl of Carnarvon > Hon Aubrey Herbert > Gabriel Mary Hermione Herbert > Bernard Dru > Alick Dru

Sir Michael Eustace George Maxwell, 9th Baronet 1943-2021

 Sir Michael Eustace George Maxwell of Monreith, 9th Baronet, died 28 December, 2021. He was 78.

He was born 28 August, 1943, son of Eustace Maxwell [1913-1971], and his wife the former Dorothy Vivien Bellville [who died 2002], and succeeded to the baronetcy [created Nova Scotia, 1681], in 1987, on the demise of his uncle Sir Aymer Maxwell, 8th Bt.

The Old Etonian, who was a great-grandson of the 7th Duke of Northumberland, was unmarried. He leaves a sister Diana Helmore [born 10 Jan, 1942]. The baronetcy now passes to his distant cousin, John Hamilton Maxwell [born 27 January, 1945].

The funeral takes place at St Ninian's Priory Church, Whithorn, 21 January, 2022.

Henry Percy, 7th Duke of Northumberland > Lady Mary Percy > Eustace Maxwell > Sir Michael Maxwell, Bt


Friday, January 07, 2022

Hector Robert Kerr-Smiley 1937-2021

 Hector Robert Kerr-Smiley, who died 29 December, 2021, aged 84, at Elms Hall, Colne Engaine, Essex, was a scion of the Smiley baronets, and a great-nephew of Ernest Simpson [1897-1958], second  husband of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor.

He was born 26 August, 1937, the second son of Lieutenant-Colonel Cyril Hugh Kerr-Smiley [1906-80], and his wife the former Agnes Sorel-Cameron [1909-86], scion of that landed gentry family, descended from the Barons Tollemache; and married 29 March, 1962, Eleanor Jill Wadlow [1937-2019], daughter of Commander Peter Van Breda Wadlow, RN, of Godalming, Surrey, by whom he had issue, two sons, Simon [born 1964], and Christopher [born 1967], and a daughter, Charlotte [born 1963].

His wife died 8 Nov, 2019.

His Simpson descent:-

Ernest Louis Simpson [father of THE Ernest Simpson] > Maud Simpson [sister of THE Ernest Simpson] > Cyril Hugh Kerr-Smiley > Hector Kerr-Smiley [d 2021]

His descent from the Smiley baronets:-

Sir Hugh Smiley, 1st Baronet > Maj Peter Kerr-Smiley, MP > Cyril Kerr-Smiley > Hector Kerr-Smiley

Stephen Hattersley Smith 1932-2021

 Stephen Hattersley Smith died at his home in Otley, West Yorkshire, 31 December, 2021. He was 89.

Born in October 1932, the son of Richard Hattersley Smith, of Shoebridge Houser, Eastburn, West Yorkshire, he married 19 September, 1959, [Eileen Marjorie] Clare Prince-Smith [1932-2012], daughter of Sir William Prince-Smith, 3rd Baronet [1898-1964], and his wife the former Marian Marjorie Lean [who died 1 Feb, 1970].

His wife died 17 Oct, 2012, aged 80.

He leaves issue, a son Christopher [born 1963], and two daughters, Jane [born 1961], and Vanessa [born 1965].

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Ralph Michael Haslam 1931-2022

[Ralph] Michael Haslam died 4 January, 2022, on his 91st birthday. He was descended from the Earls of Bessborough.

He was born 4 January 1931, the eldest son of William Heywood Haslam and his wife the former Diamond Louise Constance Ponsonby, scion of the Earls of Bessborough, who was born in Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee year, hence the forename.

He was an elder brother of Nicholas Ponsonby [Nicky] Haslam [born 27 Sept, 1939], the interior designer and socialite.

He married 6 June, 1958, the Hon Judith Browne (born 23 Sept, 1934), daughter of the 4th Baron Oranmore & Browne [1901-2002], and his wife the former Mildred Helen Egerton [1903-80], scion of the Earls of Ellesmere, by whom he had issue, two sons, Christopher (1960), and David (1962) and a daughter, Carina (1965).


William Campbell Rough Bryden, CBE 1942-2022

 William Campbell Rough Bryden, CBE [known as Bill Bryden], the stage and film director and screenwriter, died 5 January, 2022.

He was born 12 April, 1942, son of George Bryden, and married firstly, 24 July, 1970 [div 1988] the Hon [Monica] Deborah Morris [born 24 February, 1950], daughter of the late 3rd Baron Killanin [1914-1999], and his wife the former Mary Sheila Cathcart Dunlop, MBE; and married 2ndly, Feb 2009, the actress Angela Douglas [born 29 Oct, 1940], widow of the actor Kenneth More, CBE [1914-1982], and daughter of Peter and Ethel McDonagh.

He leaves issue by his first wife, a son, Dillon [born 1972], and a daughter, Mary [born 1975].


Lady Morgan 1922-2021

 Lady Morgan, who died 29 December, 2021, aged 99, was the widow of Rear Admiral Sir Patrick Morgan, KCVO, CB, DSC [1917-89], sometime commanding office of Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia.

She was the former Mary Hermione Fraser-Tytler, born in 1922, scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Neil Fraser-Tytler, DSO, TD [1889-1937], and his wife the former Christian Helen Shairp, CBE, TD [1897-1995], of that landed gentry family, and married in 1944, Rear Admiral Sir Patrick Morgan, who commanded the Royal Yacht Britannia, 1965-70. Her husband died 20 May, 1989.

Her husband was appointed CB in 1967, and KCVO upon his retirement.

She was the mother of three sons, Nicholas, Christopher and Neill, and a daughter, Elisa.

Lineage from the Erskine baronets:-

Sir Thomas Erskine, 2nd Bt > Harriet Caroline Erskine > Christian Helen Shairp > Mary Hermione Fraser-Tytler


Thornton-Berry/Whitcombe engagement

 The engagement was announced 6 January, 2022, between Capt [Charles] Archie Thornton-Berry, the Royal Dragoon Guards [born May, 1993], scion of that landed gentry family, younger son of Adrian Trevor Thornton-Berry [born Apr 1961], of Swinithwaite, North Yorkshire, and his wife the former Bridget J. Collin [born 1959], and Isobel Madeleine Whitcombe [born 22 September, 1992], elder daughter of Nicholas P. Whitcombe, of Dalham, Suffolk, and his wife the former Emma Sophia Fearnley-Whittingstall [born 30 May, 1961], scion of that landed gentry family.


Reuben Vivian Strangways Morrison [born 2021]

 Lucy Georgina Morrison [nee Kennard, born 1987], wife of Simon George Strangways Morrison [born 9 August, 1984], gave birth to a son, Reuben Vivian Strangways, 30 December, 2021.

Simon Morrison is the son of Mr Guy Martin James Morrison, of Evancoyd Court, Powys, by his former wife the former Hon Charlotte Anne Monckton-Arundell [now the Hon Charlotte Townshend, of Melbury House, Dorset, born 16 April, 1955].

Lucy Morrison is a daughter of Mr Vivian Adam Mytton Kennard [born 1958], of Chilfrome House, Dorset, and his wife the former Georgina Eleanor M. Ames [born 1961].

Simon Morrison is the heir to the Melbury estate inherited by his mother in 1989. His mother, who married secondly, in 1995, James Reginald Townshend, is a daughter of the 9th Viscount Galway [1929-1971], by his heiress wife the former Lady Theresa Jane Fox-Strangways [1932-1989], who was the only surviving child of the 7th Earl of Ilchester [1905-1964], of Melbury House.


Some thoughts on Prince Andrew: his styles and titles

 Some thoughts on what might become of Prince Andrew, particularly his royal styles, and titles and his peerages. 

In July, 1986, on his marriage to Sarah Ferguson, HRH The Prince Andrew was created Baron Killyleagh, Earl of Inverness and Duke of York, all in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, with remainder to the heirs male of his body 'lawfully begotten' (that is legitimate). The earldom and dukedom had previously been held, until his accession, by the Queen's father, King George VI. The peerages are destined to become extinct on Andrew's death because his daughters cannot inherit under the terms of the Letters Patent. The Dukedom of York, traditionally bestowed on the sovereign's second son, would one day be expected to be conferred on the second son of a future monarch, such as Prince Louis of Cambridge. But is the historic York title now tainted?

There is no precedent for the removal of peerages other than by specific Acts of Parliament, or by attainder. The term “attainder” derives from the Norman-French “attaindre”, meaning to convict. It deprived those subjected to it of all civil rights and rendered their descendants ineligible to inherit. Attainder was regularly imposed by the Plantagenet Kings and later by the Tudors in abundance upon troublesome peers seen as a threat to the Crown.

Under King William III eighteen people fell victim to attainder, and King George I penalised 56 individuals alleged to have participated in the 1715 Jacobite Rising; and one attainder under King George II, was directed against 43 people involved in the rising of 1745, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Attainder as a penalty was abolished in 1870 and the Acts of Attainder imposed on those who participated in the rebellions of 1715 and 1745 were repealed in 1977, but the peerages of the rebels were not restored to their heirs.

The Duke of York's own ancestors could be said to have gained the throne of Gt Britain because of attainder.  The Act of Settlement which, when first implemented in 1714, excluded the first 53 heirs to the throne on the grounds of Roman Catholicism, and saw the succession of George, Elector of Hanover to the throne left vacant by the death of his distant cousin, Queen Anne.

The Titles Deprivation Act of 1917 was enacted to remove peerages and royal titles held by enemies of the United Kingdom in the First World War. Several of King George V's royal cousins, living in Germany, and on the side of Germany in the conflict, fell victim to this act.

It is an anomaly that although the Queen is 'fountain of all honour' with the power to create peerages and award knighthoods, it seems it isn't straightforward when it comes to the removal of peerages. For the Duke of York to be deprived of his three peerages an Act of Parliament would necessarily have to be brought before the House of Commons and then the Lords, and then the act would receive Royal Assent from his mother, the Queen.

Orders of Knighthood can however be struck off by the Queen without specific legislation. The Duke of York is a Royal Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter and a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order. Knighthoods are always withdrawn for those found guilty of serious crime. In its long history many Knights of the Garter have been deprived of the Garter, most recently in May, 1915, when King George V struck the names of seven German and Austrian royals (some of whom had never been British) from the roll of Garter knights. Similarly, Prince Andrew's membership of the Royal Victorian Order can be rescinded by order of the Queen.

The Duke of York's styles and titles of Royal Highness and Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can be withdrawn by Royal Royal Warrant, Letters Patent, or Orders in Council. For instance in 1996 the Queen issued Letters Patent removing the HRH from former wives of male descendants of the sovereign who enjoy the princely style and title. Letters Patent specifically naming Prince Andrew would be required here.

But, what then for the Queen's second son? If no longer a prince or a duke what would he be? As the younger son of the late Duke of Edinburgh he would be Lord Andrew Albert Christian Edward Mountbatten-Windsor. When King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936 to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson, his future status caused much rancour. Immediately after signing the instrument of abdication he fell into a no mans land regarding his status. Was he Mr Edward Windsor? It was pointed out that he was born the son of a duke [his father was Duke of York at the time of his birth] and therefore might be 'Lord Edward Windsor', but but very soon it was decided that the former King Emperor was 'The Prince Edward'. His dukedom of Windsor followed some months later.

Until the birth of Prince Andrew's great-nephew, Archie, in 2019, all sons of dukes were without exception afforded the courtesy title of 'Lord', and daughters 'Lady'. However, when the Duchess of Sussex gave birth to Archie it was announced that the Queen's great-grandson would be known as Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, with no courtesy title. Similarly the Sussex's daughter, Lilibet, has been born without the appellation of 'Lady'.

We are in unprecedented territory now. Andrew may well spend the rest of his days as a Prince of the UK, and as a Royal Duke, or as Mr Mountbatten-Windsor. All depends on the aftermath of his out of court settlement with Virginia Giuffre, and the future declarations from his mother The Queen, and of course the swell of public opinion.


Wednesday, January 05, 2022

The Baroness Grade, widow of of the impresario Lew Grade, has died aged 100

 The Baroness Grade, who has died aged 100, was the widow of Lew Grade, the life peer as the Baron Grade [1906-98].

She was the former Kathleen Sheila Moody, daughter of John Moody, and was a rising teenage singing star when she met the young Lew Grade [formerly Winogradsky], son of Isaac Winogradsky, a young talent agent and future impresario and media proprietor. They married in 1942.

Lord and Lady Grade had an adopted son, Paul Nicholas Grade [born 1952].

She was a sister-in-law of the life peer the Baron Delfont [1909-94], and an aunt of the the life peer the Baron Grade of Yarmouth, CBE [b 8 March, 1943].


Timothy Peter Hanbury 1943-2021

 Timothy Peter Hanbury, who died in Sydney, New South Wales, 28 December, 2021, aged 78, was a scion of the Hanbury landed gentry family of Kingston Maurward.

He was born 7 July, 1943, third son of John Capel Hanbury [1908-1995], of Ware, co Hertford, and his wife the former Joan Terry Fussell [1909-89]; and married firstly, 1971, Susan-Jane Farrance [born 1943], daughter of Richard Farrance and his wife the former Millicent Harniman; married 2ndly, in 1980, Barbara Jane [Barb] Harrang. 

He leaves issue by his first marriage, a son Richard John [born 1974], and twin daughters, Helen Jane, and Clare Joanne [born 1976].


Esmeralda Serena Juliet Fernández-Armesto [born 2021]

Grace Cristabel Alice Fernandez-Armesto [born 1987, nee Pilkington], wife of Frederico Fernández-Armesto, gave birth to a daughter, Esmeralda Serena Juliet, 31 December, 2021, a sister for Alfredo, who was born 5 July, 2019.

Fred is the son of Prof Felipe Fernandez-Armesto. Grace is a daughter of Michael Charles David Pilkington [born 1948] by his wife the former Clarissa Mary Baring [born 22 September, 1955], scion of the Earls of Cromer.

1st Earl of Cromer > Hon Windham Baring > Robin Windham Baring > Clarissa Baring > Grace Pilkington > Esmeralda Fernández-Armesto [b 2021]


Zara Angela Mary Morant [born 2021]

 Katharine Caroline Morant [nee Nall, born 1986], wife of James Julian Peter Morant [born 1985], and scion of the Nall baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Zara Angela Mary, 23 December, 2021, a sister for Henry George Alexander [Harry] [born 2016], and for Alice Katharine Benetta [born 4 Oct, 2017].

Katharine Morant is a daughter of Alexander Michael Nall [b 3 July, 1956], and his wife the former Caroline Jane Robinson [b 22 March, 1960]. Alexander Nall is the heir presumptive to his brother, Sir Edward Nall, 3rd Baronet [born 24 Oct, 1952].

James Morant is a son of Stephen Peter Morant [born 1950], and his wife the former Benetta Joan Nisbet [born 1952].


Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Philip Pearson Pennant 1952-2021

 Philip Pearson Pennant, who died 1 December, 2021, was a scion of that landed gentry family and descended from the Barons Dynevor. He was 69.

He was born 18 November, 1952, son of Capt Rev Philip Vivian Rogers Pennant, TD [1914-2002] and his wife the former Elizabeth Mary Plumptre [1912-2004], scion of the Barons Fitzwalter. 

He married in 1997, as her second husband, Mrs Juliet Elizabeth Randall Rushbrooke, daughter of Lt-Col. E.H.J. Eve.


Ottilie Rose Warrilow-Wilson [born 2022]

Lady Alicia Rose Warrilow-Wilson [nee Bridgeman, born 27 December, 1990], wife of Dr Philip Warrilow-Wilson, and scion of the Earls of Bradford, gave birth to a daughter, Ottilie Rose, 3 January, 2022.

Lady Alice is the only daughter of the 7th Earl of Bradford (b 3 Oct, 1947), of Weston Park, Shifnal, Shropshire, by his former first wife, the former Joanne Elizabeth Miller (now Mrs Philip Porter, of Hungerford, Berkshire).

Dr Warrilow-Wilson is the elder son of Simon Philip Wilson, of Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, and Mrs Wilson.


Monday, January 03, 2022

Elizabeth Baskerville Russell [nee Mynors] 1940-2021

 Elizabeth Baskerville Russell [nee Mynors], died in December, 2021. She was 81.

She was born 21 August, 1940, daughter of Sir Humphrey Charles Baskerville Mynors, 1st Baronet [1903-89], and his wife the former Lydia Marian Minns [who died in May, 1992].

She married 24 February, 1962, Jeremy Longmore Bedford Russell [1935-2016], son of Harold George Bedford Russell [1886-1957], and his wife the former Lilian Mary Longmore-Mavius [1888-1978], by whom she had issue, a son, Thomas, and a daughter Jennifer.


Robin Angus Graham 1926-2021

Robin Angus Graham, who died 27 December, 2021, aged 95, was a scion of the Dukes of Montrose.

He was born 27 November, 1926, the younger son of Capt Lord Alastair Mungo Graham [1886-1976], and his first wife the former Lady Meriel Olivia Bathurst [1894-1936], scion of the Earls Bathurst.

Robin Graham was a grandson paternally of the 5th Duke of Montrose [1852-1925], and a grandson maternally of the 7th Earl Bathurst [1864-1943].

He was unmarried.



Saturday, January 01, 2022

Baroness Amos appointed a Lady of the Order of the Garter

 It was announced on 1 January, 2022, that Baroness Amos, CH, PC, has been appointed a Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. It is likely that she will be invested and installed at St George's Chapel, Windsor, in June.

Baroness Amos, 67, is a Labour Party politician and diplomat who served as the eighth UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator. Before her appointment to the UN, she served as British High Commissioner to Australia. She was created a life peer in 1997, serving as Leader of the House of Lords and Lord President of the Council from 2003 to 2007. Since September 2020, Baroness Amos has been Master of University College, Oxford, succeeding Sir Ivor Crewe and becoming the first-ever black head of an Oxford college, as well as the first female appointed to the post.

Some organs of the Press reported that Valerie Amos is the first 'black' recipient of England's highest order of chivalry. This is not so. Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, was appointed to the order in 1954. He died in 1975.

Knights and Lady Companions of the Order of the Garter number 24. The appointment of Baroness Amos and Sir Tony Blair to the order bring the number of current knights/ladies to 21. Three vacancies remain.


Tony Blair awarded the Order of the Garter

The former Prime Minister Tony Blair has been appointed a Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter. It is England's highest order of chivalry and an honour in the Queen's personal gift. 

It has long been tradition for a retiring prime minister to be offered the Garter. Blair left office 13 years ago, in June, 2007. Of the Queen's prime ministers, Churchill [1953], Eden [1954], Wilson [1976], Callaghan [1987], Heath [1992], Thatcher [1995], Major [2005], and now Blair were all elevated to the Order of the Garter.

Anthony Eden, the Queen's second prime minister, holds the distinction of becoming a KG before taking office as premier. James Callaghan, who resigned in 1979, holds the distinction of accepting the accolade before his predecessor but one, Edward Heath, who resigned in 1974.

The Garter is limited to 24 non-royal Knights Companion. The new knights are invested at Windsor at the start of Royal Ascot week in June, and process from the castle to St George's Chapel in their splendid Garter robes.

Former Prime Ministers nearly always collect the Garter. Harold Macmillan declined the honour on his retirement in 1963, but accepted the Order of Merit and many years later an earldom. Alec Douglas-Home was already a Knight of the Order of the Thistle (Scotland's senior order of chivalry) when he became PM in 1963. Harold Wilson collected his Garter star and sash within weeks of his resignation in 1976, but Edward Heath waited 18 years after leaving Number 10 to receive his accolade. James Callaghan was dubbed after 8 years. Margaret Thatcher became a Lady of the Order in 1995, five years after being turned out of office, and her successor, John Major, collected his KG almost eight years after his resignation. The speed of their advancement depends on vacancies occurring, and their willingness to accept at any given time. It was reported over a decade ago that Blair had declined the honour, if only in the short term.

It is not known whether Blair's successor, Gordon Brown, declined the honour, but Brown, a Scot, is likely to be a candidate for the Order of the Thistle.

The appointment of Blair and Baroness Amos to the order brings the number of current knights/ladies to 21. Three vacancies remain. Will David Cameron, a distant cousin of the Queen, who stood down as PM in 2016, and Theresa May, who resigned in 2019, soon follow Blair, into the velvet robes and ostrich feathers? 


Sir Peter Mackenzie of Coul, 13th Baronet 1949-2021

Sir Peter Mackenzie of Coul, 13th Baronet, died 31 December, 2021. He was 72.

Peter Douglas Mackenzie was born 23 April, 1949, son of Henry Douglas Mackenzie [1905-65], and his wife the former Irene Carter Freeman, and succeeded to the baronetcy [of Nova Scotia, cr 1673] in 1990, on the demise of his kinsman.

He married in 1982, Jennifer Boyce, daughter of Ridley Boyce, by whom he had issue, two daughters, Alison [born 1985], and Sarah [born 1988].


Garter for the Duchess of Cornwall

 It was announced on 1 January, 2022, that Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall is to become a Royal Lady of the Most Noble of the Garter. It is likely that the duchess will be invested at St George's Chapel, Windsor, in June.

The appointment of Camilla to England's highest order of chivalry is a clear indication of the Queen's trust and confidence in her daughter-in-law. No wife of an heir to the throne has been so honoured in modern times. Recent tradition has seen the honour bestowed only on the Queen Consort.

In 1901 King Edward VII broke with tradition and gave the Garter to his wife, Queen Alexandra, in the days immediately after succeeding to the throne. Edward's son, King George V followed his father's example, and gave the Garter to his wife Queen Mary, when he succeeded to the throne in 1910. King George VI in turn bestowed the honour upon his Queen, the former Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, when he succeeded his brother following the abdication in 1936.

Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, later Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was given the Garter on the eve of his marriage to the then Princess Elizabeth, in November, 1947. Camilla's honour comes almost 17 years after her marriage to the Prince of Wales.

This mark of the Queen's favour comes six years after she appointed Camilla to the Privy Council, also an unprecedented move. It is believed that the Queen honoured her daughter-in-law in order to ensure that Camilla would be be enabled to attend an Accession Council, and thereby present to see her husband take the oath as King following the Queen's death.

'Garter Day' in June ususally precedes the start of Royal Ascot. Camilla will join the ranks of royal Knights/ladies, including the Princess Royal, appointed in 1994, and the Queen's cousin, Princess Alexandra, appointed in 2003, the Dukes of Kent, Gloucester, York and Cambridge, and the the Earl of Wessex and Forfar. Prince Harry, a Knight of the Royal Victorian Order, is not a KG.

It has not been announced whether the Duchess of Cornwall will use the postnominals LG [for Lady of the Garter] or KG [for Knight of the Garter]. The Princess Royal and Princess Alexandra chose to use 'KG'.


The Dowager Baroness Farnham, DCVO 1931-2021

 The Dowager Baroness Farnham, DCVO, a Lady of the Bedchamber to Her Majesty The Queen for over thirty years, and a friend and confidante of the monarch, died 29 December, 2021. She was 90.

She was born 24 May, 1931, as [Diana] Marion Gunnis, daughter of Nigel Eric Murray Gunnis, MP [1904-1986], and his wife the former Elizabeth Morrison [1909-95], a first cousin of the 1st Baron Margadale, and cousin once removed of the Hon Mary Morrison, DCVO, a Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen since 1960.

She was a third cousin of the Queen being descended from Oswald Smith, of the Smith landed family of Midhurst.

She married 19 January, 1959, Barry Owen Somerset Maxwell, 12th Baron Farnham [Peerage of Ireland] [1931-2001]. She was the mother of two adopted daughters, Harriet & Sophia.

Lady Farnham was appointed a Lady of the Bedchamber to the Queen in 1987. She was appointed CVO in 1998, and advanced to DCVO in 2010.

She was widowed 22 March, 2001, and the barony of Farnham devolved upon her husband's younger brother, the Hon Simon Maxwell.


Hermione Alice Pipon 1928-2021

  Hermione Alice Pipon, who died 24 December, 2021, aged 93, was a scion of that landed gentry family, and a granddaughter maternally of the 1st Baron Roborough.

She was born 8 May, 1928, younger daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir James Murray Pipon, KBE, CB, CMG, MVO, RN [1882-1976], and his wife the former Hon Bertha Louisa Victoria Lopes [1895-1971], daughter of the 1st Baron Roborough [1859-1938].

She was unm.


Deryn Margaret Pakenham-Walsh [née Fulljames] 1927-2021

  Deryn Margaret Pakenham-Walsh [née Fulljames] died 18 December, 2021. 

She was a daughter of Group Capt R.E.G. Fulljames, NC, and his wife the former [Annie] Muriel Davies, and married in 1951, John Pakenham-Walsh, CB, QC [1928-2017], scion of that landed gentry family, son of the Rev Wilfrid Pakenham-Walsh [1898-1974], and his wife the former Gwendolen Maud Elliott [1899-1990], by whom she had issue, a son, and four daughters.


Unwin/Negretti engagement

The engagement was announced 1 January, 2022, between Henry Peter Vivian Unwin [born 28 Oct, 1987], son of Dr David E.J. Unwin, of Dacre, Cumbria, and his wife the former Gillian [Gilly] M. Franklin, & Melissa Gipsy Negretti [born 1989], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of [Antony] Simon Timothy Negretti [born 1945], of Taynton, co Oxford, and his wife the former Lucinda Gay Lawrence,



Viscount Tarbat marries Julia Black

 The marriage took place in 2021, between Colin Ruaridh Mackenzie, styled Viscount Tarbat [born 7 September, 1987], son and heir of the 5th Earl of Cromartie [born 12 June, 1948], of Castle Leod, Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, and the Countess of Cromartie [nee Janet Clare Harley], & Julia Jean Isobel Black, daughter of Duncan Black, and his wife Margaretha.