Saturday, January 29, 2022

Leo Charles Xie Stamp [born 2021]

 Teresa Margaret Chung Stamp [nee Tsakok, born 1986], wife of the Hon Nicholas Charles Trevor Stamp [born 1978], scion of the Barons Stamp, gave birth to a son, Leo Charles Xie, 8 December, 2021.

The Hon Nicholas Stamp is the only son and heir of the 4th Baron Stamp [born 18 Sept, 1935], by his second and former wife, the former Carol Anne Russell.

Teresa Stamp is the eldest daughter of Terence Tsakok and Dr Margaret Chung.

The 2nd Baron Stamp had one of the shortest tenures of a peerage. The 1st Baron Stamp [1880-1941] and his eldest son were killed in the same air raid on London, 16 April, 1941. On 10 Sept, 1941 the House of Lords, with the approval of King George VI, announced that where two persons have died in circumstances rendering it uncertain which of them survived the other, such details should be presumed to have occurred in order of seniority, and that Wilfred [b 1904], succeeded as 2nd Baron, if only briefly. Wilfred was succeeded by his brother, Trevor, 3rd Baron Stamp [1907-87].


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