Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lady Michael Fitzalan Howard c1919-2017

__. Lady Michael Fitzalan Howard, who died 23 September, 2017, aged 98, was the second wife, and widow of Major-Gen Lord Michael Fitzalan-Howard, KCVO, CB, CBE, MC (1916-2007), scion of the Dukes of Norfolk.

She was Victoria Winifred (Vita) Russell, daughter of Colonel Reginald Russell, CVO, CBE, DSO, and married firstly, 1949, Maj Sir Mark Baring, KCVO (1916-88), scion of the Earls of Cromer, by whom she had 2 daughters; married 2ndly, 1997, Maj-Gen Lord Michael Fitzalan Howard, yr brother of the 17th Duke of Norfolk.

Her elder daughter, Lavinia, was Extra Lady-in-Waiting to Diana, Princess of Wales.


Vesper Evelyn Tyler (born 2017)

_. The Hon Lucinda Jane Tyler (b 21 Apr, 1976), scion of the Barons Stamp, and wife of Michael Tyler, gave birth to a daughter, Vesper Evelyn, 14 September, 2017.

Michael Tyler is the son of Mr Terrence Tyler and the late Lyn Tyler, of Morpeth, Northumberland, & the Hon Lucinda Tyler is a daughter of the 4th Baron Stamp (b 18 Sept, 1935), by his second wife, the former Carol Anne Russell.


Lyon-Smith/Tollemache engagement

__. The engagement was announced 27 September, 2017, between Mr W.H. (Harry) Lyon-Smith, son of the late Mr & Mrs David Lyon-Smith, of Gidleigh, Devon, & Juliet Elsie Tollemache (born 1974), scion of the Barons Tollemache, daughter of Mr Michael Humphrey Tollemache (b 1930), of Tollemache Hall, near Ipswich, by his wife the former Gay O'Grady Thompson.


Pelham/Kermiche engagement

__. The engagement was announced 27 September, 2017, between the Hon William Charles John Walter Pelham (born 28 December, 1991), second son of the 8th Earl of Yarborough (born 5 Nov, 1963), by his wife the Countess of Yarborough (nee Anna-Karin Zecevic), of Brocklesby, Lincolnshire, & Anissa Kermiche, daughter of the late Mr Larbi Kermiche & Ms Hamida Trabelsi, of Paris, France.


Veronica Countess of Lucan (died 2017)

__. Veronica Countess of Lucan, wife of the 7th Earl of Lucan, was found dead at her home in Belgravia, 26 September, 2017. She was 80.

Lady Lucan was born Veronica Mary Duncan, daughter of Major Charles Moorhouse Duncan, MC, and married, 28 Nov, 1963, Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, by whom she had issue, a son, and two daughters.

following the disappearance of his father (who if still living is wanted for questioning by the police in connection with the murder of his children's nanny, Sandra Rivett), Mr Justice Morritt, sitting in the Chancery Division of the High Court on 11 Dec 1992, gave the Trustees of the then Lord Bingham liberty to administer the 7th Earl of Lucan's estate under the presumption that he was dead; leave was also granted to have the 7th Earl of Lucan's death sworn in the Family Division of the High Court; following the custom of succession in undisputed Irish peerages, Lord Bingham assumed his father's title as 8th Earl of Lucan and on 8 Dec 1998 he applied to the Lord Chancellor for a writ of summons to the House of Lords as Baron Bingham (a United Kingdom peerage created in 1934 for his great-grandfather) but was refused; it remains open to him to apply to the Registrar of Peerages for inclusion on the Peerage Roll as Earl of Lucan.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

North David Monnington More Nisbett (born 2017)

__. Charlotte F.D. More Nisbett (nee Davison), wife of William D.H. (Billy) More Nisbett, scion of that landed family, gave birth to a son, North David Monnington, 18 September, 2017.

Billy More Nisbett, descended from the Earls of Stair, is the son of George Alan More Nisbett, of The Drum, Edinburgh, by his wife the former Patrea MacDonald.

Charlotte More Nisbett is a daughter of the late Mr David Davison and of Mrs Davison, of North Canterbury, New Zealand.

Billy's great-great-grandmother was Lady Agnes Dalrymple, dau of the 9th Earl of Stair.


Lady Mary Rosemary Marie-Gabrielle Mansel Lewis (1930-2017)

_. The Lady Mary Mansel Lewis, who died 7 September, 2017, aged 87, was a scion of the Earls of Wharncliffe.

She was born Lady Mary Rosemary Marie-Gabrielle Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 11 June, 1930, fourth daughter of the 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe (1892-1953), by his wife the former Lady Maud Lilian Elfreda Mary Wentworth-Fitzwilliam (died 1979), daughter of the 7th Earl Fitzwilliam; married 15 Apr, 1953, Sir David Courtenay Mansel Lewis, KCVO (1927-2009) of Sradley Castle, Llanelli, by whom she had issue.

She was a sister of the late 4th Earl of Wharncliffe. Her husband was Lord Lieutenant of Dyfed 1979-2002. He died 17 Apr, 2009, aged 81.


Ivo Wood (born 2017)

_. The Hon Henrietta Rose (Hatta) Wood (nee Byng, born 1977), wife of Charles Browne Martin Wood (b 1973), gave birth to a son, Ivo, 12 September, 2017, a brother for Jago (known as Compost) b 2012, and Margot (Maggot), who was born in 2015.

Charles (Charlie) Browne Martin WOOD (b 1973) s of Simon Richard Browne WOOD (b 1947, scion of the WOOLLCOMBE gentry family formerly of ASHBURY) and his former wife Clare Launa FITZALAN HOWARD (b 1949), scion of the Dukes of NORFOLK, the earls of ALBEMARLE and gentry family GREENWOOD of Swarcliffe Hall. He m 2011 Hon Henrietta (Hatta) Rose BYNG (b 1977) d of 11th Viscount TORRINGTON (b 1943) and Susan Honor d of Michael George Thomas WEBSTER, scion of the CONYNGHAM marquesses.


Maya Romey Alexandra Wilson (born 2017)

__.Princess Maria Theresia von Thurn und Taxis (b 28 Nov, 1980), wife of Hugo J.A.S. Wilson (b 1982), artist, gave birth to a daughter, Maya Romey Alexandra, 21 September, 2017, a sister for Mafalda Beatrix Maria, who was b 21 Aug, 2015.

Hugo Wilson is the son of Mr Kenneth Wilson, of East Chisenbury, Wiltshire, and Mrs Diana Wilson, of Battersea, London, & Princess Maria Theresia von Thurn und Taxis is the eldest daughter of Gloria, Princess von Thurn und Taxis (b 23 Feb 1960), (nee Mariae Gloria Ferdinanda Gerda Charlotte Teutonia Franziska Margarethe Frederike Simone Johanna Joachima Josefine Wilhelmine Huberta Countess of Schönburg in Glauchau and Waldenburg)of Schloss St Emmeram, Regensburg, Germany, and the late Johannes, Prince von Thurn und Taxis (1926-1990).

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Cunning/Durlacher engagement

_. The engagement was announced 23 September, 2017, between Matthew R. Cunning, younger son of Mr & Mrs Leslie Cunning, of Calgary, Canada, & Susanna Mary Durlacher (born 1982), younger daughter of Mr William Durlacher, of Langham, Essex, by his wife the former Elizabeth Mary Allhusen (b 1952), scion of that landed family, of Chenevix-Trench descent, &c.


Buxton/Babington engagement

__. The engagement was announced 23 September, 2017, between Christopher John Noel Buxton (born 1988), scion of the Barons Noel-Buxton, son of the Hon Simon Campden Buxton (1943), of Tormarton, Gloucestershire, by his wife the former Alison D. Liddle, & Margaret B. Babington, daughter of Mr & Mrs Joseph Babington, of Mobile, Alabama.


Arabella Olive Ponsonby (born 2017)

__. Joanna L. Ponsonby (nee Hunt), wife of Arthur Ashley Ponsonby (born 15 Sept, 1984), scion of the Ponsonby baronets (Bt UK, cr 1956), gave birth to a daughter, Arabella Olive, 21 September, 2017.

Arthur Ponsonby is the son and heir of Sir Charles Ashley Ponsonby, 3rd Baronet (b 10 June, 1951), of Woodstock, co Oxford, by his wife the former ,Mary Priscilla Bromley Davenport.

Joanna Ponsonby is a daughter of Mr Thomas Hunt, of Lowdham, co Nottingham, & Mrs Alan Stokoe, of Hexham, Northumberland.

Hon Stella Beatrice Grace Wallop (born 2017)

___Flora Wallop, styled Viscountess Lymington (nee Pownall), wife of Oliver Henry Rufus Wallop, styled Viscount Lymington (born 22 Dec, 1981), scion of the Earls of Portsmouth (Earl, GB, cr 1743), gave birth to a daughter, the Hon Stella Beatrice Grace Wallop, 14 September, 2017.

Viscount Lymington is the only son and heir of the 10th Earl of Portsmouth (b 25 July, 1954), of Farleigh Wallop, Hampshire, by his first wife, the former Candida Frances Juliet McWilliam (now Mrs Candida Dinshaw, of Edinburgh).

Flora Lymington is the second daughter of Mr George Pownall, of London, by his wife the former Elfreda Wadsworth.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Mountain/Pratt engagement

_. The engagement was announced 22 September, 2017, between Captain Thomas Denis Edward Mountain, The Blues & Royals (b 14 Aug, 1989), scion of the Mountain baronets, eldest son and heir of Sir Edward Mountain, 4th Baronet (b 19 March, 1961), of Delfur Lodge, Moray, by his wife the former Charlotte Sarah Jesson Pownall, & Bethany Amy Margaret Pratt (b 1987), daughter of Mr Marcus Pratt, of Brighton, West Sussex, by his late wife the former Ruth Blake.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Harry Byatt: son of one of Diana's Ladies in Waiting dies at 19

_. Harry Byatt, who died 6 August, 2017, whilst underwater swimming in Greece, aged 19, was the son of a Lady-in-Waiting to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Harry was the son of Duncan Ian Arthur Campbell Byatt (b 1962), by his wife the former Alexandra Mary Loyd (b 1961), a friend of Diana, Princess of Wales, and one of her ladies in waiting. Harry's maternal grandfather, Sir Julian Loyd, KCVO, of that landed family, was land agent to Her Majesty the Queen at Sandringham, 1964-91.

Alexandra Byatt was an extra Lady in Waiting 1986-91, then Lady-in-Waiting 1991-97.

There will be a memorial service in Scotland on Friday 6 Oct, 2017, at Leargnahension Church, Carse, and a service of thanksgiving in London at St Luke's Church, Ramsden Rd, SW12, on Wednesday 8 November, 2017.


The 4th Baron Cochrane of Cults 1926-2017

_. The 4th Baron Cochrane of Cults died at his home, 11 September, 2017, aged 90.

Ralph Henry Vere Cochrane was born 20 Sept, 1926, a younger son of the 2nd Baron Cochrane of Cults (1883-1968), by his wife the former Hon Elin Douglas-Pennant (d 1934), fifth daughter of the 2nd Baron Penrhyn; married 18 Dec, 1956, Janet Mary Watson Cheyne, daughter of William Hunter Watson Cheyne, by whom he had issue, two sons.

He succeeded to the barony (cr 1919), on the demise of his elder brother, the 3rd peer, 15 June, 1990.

Lord Cochrane of Cults is survived by his wife, two sons, Thomas and Michael, and two grandchildren, Katherine and Edward.

The peerage now devolves upon his elder son, Thomas, who was born 7 Sept, 1957.

The funeral is at Cults Kirk, Pitlessie, 5 Oct, 2017.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Florence Lucy Heathcoat Amory (born 2017)

_. Lucy Heathcoat Amory (nee Reid), wife of Simon Charles Heathcoat Amory (b 1982), scion of the Heathcoat Amory Baronets (Baronet, UK, cr 1874), gave birth to a third child, a daughter, Florence Lucy, 9 September, 2017, a sister for Arthur and George.

Simon is the elder son of Charles William Heathcoat Amory (b 1945), of South Molton, Devon, and Mrs Harmony Joanna Heathcoat Amory (nee Lyell), of Wylye, Wiltshire, and Lucy Heathcoat Amory is the elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Richard Reid, of Harpenden, Hertfordshire.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Rufus Hugh Grenville Cazalet (born 2017)

_. Rowena Cazalet [nee Jones], wife of Peter Thomas Grenville Cazalet [born 1987], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a son, Rufus Hugh Grenville, 24 August, 2017.

Peter Cazalet is a son of Peter Charles Grenville Cazalet [b 1959], by his wife the former Victoria Jane Perry.

Rowena is a daughter of Dr & Mrs Barry Jones, of Lower Swell, Somerset.


Redmayne/Fane engagement

__. The engagement was announced 18 September, 2017, between Thomas Leo (Tom) Redmayne (born 1987), younger son of Richard Charles Tunstall Redmayne, of Chelsea, London, by his wife the former Patricia A. Burke, & Helena Evelyn Cecily (Nell) Fane (born 1989), scion of the Earls of Westmorland, younger daughter of Mr Edward Hugh Reynardson Fane (born 1957), of Ashley, Hampshire, by his wife the former Suki Serena Mitchell.

Tom Redmayne is a younger brother of the Oscar winning actor Eddie Redmayne.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sir Christopher Royden, 5th Baronet 1937-2017

_, Sir Christopher Royden, 5th Baronet, died 11 September, 2017. He was 80.

Christopher John Royden was born 26 February, 1937, and succeeded his father, Sir John Ledward Royden, in 1976. Married in 1961, Diana Bridget, the only daughter of Lt-Colonel Joseph Henry Goodhart, MC, by whom he had issue, two sons and a daughter. The baronetcy now passes to his elder son, John Michael Joseph, who was born 17 March, 1965.

A service of thanksgiving takes place at St Mary's Church, Bibury, Gloucestershire, 29 September, 2017.


Obituary: Lord Newton

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

McColl/Callander engagement

__. The engagement was announced 13 September, 2017, between Robbie T.C. McColl, son of General Sir John and Lady McColl, of Middle Woodford, Wiltshire, & Alice V. Callander, daughter of the late Maj (John) Henry Burn Callander, 9th of Prestonhall (1948-2010), of that landed family, by his wife the former Jacqueline Hulda Crocker.


MacColl/Jeffreys engagement

_. The engagement was announced 13 September, 2017, between George C.A. MacColl, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Christopher MacColl, of Holybourne, Hampshire, & the Hon Alice Mary Jeffreys (born 1986), scion of the Barons Jeffreys, only daughter of the 3rd Baron Jeffreys (born 1957), of Sproxton, Leicestershire, by his wife the former Anne Elizabeth Denarie.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Montagu-Pollock/Matheson engagement

_. The engagement was announced 12 September, 2017, between Archer William Montagu-Pollock (born 1986), scion of the Montagu-Pollock baronets, second son of Jonathan David Montagu-Pollock (born 1947), of Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire, by his wife the former Deirdre Clare Binding, and Louisa Alexandra Matilda Matheson (born 1989), scion of the Matheson baronets, daughter of Lt-Col Sir Alexander Matheson, 8th Baronet (b 26 Aug 1954), of Brightwalton, Berkshire, by his wife the former Katharine Davina Mary Oswald (descended from the Marquesses of Exeter).


Jonkheer Anthony James Hugo Loudon 1966-2017

_. Jonkheer Anthony James Hugo Loudon, who died suddenly, 6 September, 2017, at Tichborne House, aged 51, was descended from the Doughty-Tichborne baronets.

He was born 10 June, 1966, son of Jonkheer John Louson by his wife the former Anne Denise Doughty-Tichborne (b 3 March, 1938), daughter of the 14th baronet; married Catherine Blair, by whom he had issue, three children, Ella, Jamie and Nina.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cobb/Ferguson marriage

__. The marriage took place ___ September, 2017, at Dummer, Hampshire between Harry Timothy Cobb (b 1985), descended from the Holland-Martin landed family, son of Mr Timothy B Cobb, of Bothampstead, Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire, by his wife the former Emma Rose Holland-Martin (b 5 Sep 1953), & Eliza C.A. Ferguson (b 1986), descended from the Dukes of Buccleuch & Queensberry etc, daughter of the late Maj Ronald Ivor Ferguson, by his second wife the former Susan Rosemary Deptford (now Lady Swinburn, of Dummer Down, Hampshire).
Eliza Ferguson is a half-sister of Sarah Duchess of York. The duchess and Princess Beatrice of York were present at the marriage.


Saturday, September 09, 2017

Hon Alexander David James Mackay (b 2017)

_.Rebecca M Mackay, styled Viscountess Glenapp, wife of Fergus James Keith Mackay, styled Viscount Glenapp (b 9 Jul 1979) scion of the Earls of Inchcape (Earl, UK, cr 1929), gave birth to a son and heir, Alexander David James, 19 August, 2017, a brother for the Hon Leonora Georgina Frances Mackay, who was b 8 August,. 2015.

Viscount Glenapp is the son and heir of the 4th Earl of Inchcape (b 1943), and Countess of Inchcape, of Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire. Viscountess Glenapp is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Jackson, of Cottisford, Northamptonshire. 


Friday, September 08, 2017

Alexander Mungo Warrender (born 2017)

_. Laura Yseulte Warrender (born 1988, nee Buchan), wife of Jonathan Hew (Jack) Warrender (born 1985), scion of the Barons Bruntisfield, gave birth to a son, Alexander Mungo, at Glasgow, 3 September, 2017.

Jack Warrender is a son of Hon Jonathan James WARRENDER (b 1954, s of 2nd Baron BRUNTISFIELD (1921-2007)) and Fiona Mary LAING (b 1954), scion of the STAIR earls, etc.

Laura Warrender is a dau of Hon Charles Walter Edward Ralph BUCHAN (b 1951, s of 3rd Baron TWEEDSMUIR (1916-2008)) and Fiona Jane (b 1953 reg Q4 Staffordshire) d of Capt Edmund Paul CARLISLE (b 1922 reg Q3 Cheshire) of Pentyrwrlodd and Rosemary Elizabeth Annabel THURSBY-PELHAM (1923-2013), scion of that gentry family formerly of Danyrallt.


Hon William Fox Ramsay (born 2017)

_. Kaitlin Marie, Lady Ramsay, wife of Simon David Ramsay, syled Lord Ramsay (born 1981), scion of the Earls of Dalhousie, gave birth to a son, the Hon William Fox Ramsay, 25 August, 2017.

Lord Ramsay is the son and heir of the 17th Earl of DALHOUSIE (b 1948) and Marilyn Davina (b 1950) d of Maj Sir David Henry BUTTER KCVO MC (1920-2010), sometime head of that gentry family of Pitlochry, and Myra Alice CVO (b 1925) dau of Sir Harold Augustus WERNHER (1893-1973) GCVO 3rd & last Bt and Lady (Anastasia Michailovna) Zia CBE (1892-1977) dau of the Grand Duke Michael Michailovitch of Russia (1861-1929).

Lady Ramsay is a daughter of Mr and Mrs John J. Kubinsky, Sr, of Charlotte, North Carolina.


Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Sir Anthony Evans, 2nd Baronet 1922-2017

_. Sir Anthony Evans, 2nd Baronet, died in France, 30th August, 2017, aged 95.

Anthony Adney Evans was born 5 Aug, 1922, succeeded his father, Sir Walter Harry Evans, in 1954; educ at Shrewsbury & Merton College, Oxford; married 1stly, 1948 (Div 1957), Rita Beatrice, dau of Alfred David Kettle, of Souldern, Oxon, and 2ndly, 1958, Sylvia Jean, and he leaves issue from his first marriage.


Monday, September 04, 2017

10th Duke of Richmond & Gordon 1929-2017

_. The 10th Duke of Richmond & Gordon, owner of 'Glorious Goodwood' died 1 September, 2017. He was aged 87.

The Duke, a direct descendant of King Charles II and Louise de Kerouaille, was Duke of Richmond, Duke of Lennox, Duc de Aubigny (in France), Duke of Gordon, Earl of March, Darnley and Kinrara, Baron Settrington & Lord Torbolton.

Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox was born 19 Sept, 1929, son of the 9th Duke of Richmond & Gordon (1904-89), by his wife the former Elizabeth Grace Hudson (died 1992); succeeded to the family honours on the death of his father, 2 Nov, 1989; served as Lord Lieutenant for West Sussex until his resignation in 1994; married 26 May, 1951, Susan Monica, daughter of Colonel Cecil Grenville-Grey, CBE (& descended from the Morrison-Bell baronets), by whom he had issue, and adopted daughters.

The Duke is succeeded by his only son, Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, styled Earl of March & Kinrara, who was born 8 January, 1955. The 11th Duke is married to the Hon Janet Elizabeth Astor, daughter of the 3rd Viscount Astor.


Friday, September 01, 2017

The Baroness O'Neill 1940-2017

_. The Baroness O'Neill, who died in County Antrim, 29 August, 2017, aged 76, was the wife of the 4th Baron O'Neill, sometime Lord Lieutenant of County Antrim, and was a scion of the Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry.

She was born Georgina Mary Montagu Douglas Scott, 28 Nov, 1940, elder daughter of Lord George Montagu Douglas Scott, by his wife the artist Molly Bishop, and was a granddaughter of the 7th Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry, and a niece of HRH Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, &c.

She married 10 June, 1963, Raymond Arthur Clanaboy O'Neill, 4th Baron O'Neill, KCVO, who was born 1st September, 1933, and survives her together with their three sons.

The funeral service will ne held at Drummaul Parish Church, Randalstown, on Wednesday 13 September, 2017.


Cheesbrough/Cumming-Bruce engagement

_. The engagement was announced 1 September, 2017, between Capt Thomas Cheesbrough, Royal Engineers, elder son of Mr & Mrs David Cheesbrough, of Moss, Wrexham, & the Hon Iona Tessa Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce (b 19 Oct, 1987), scion of the Barons Thurlow, elder daughter of the 9th Baron Thurlow (b 13 Apr, 1952), of Mapledurham, Co Oxford, and Killiechronan, Isle of Mull, by his wife, the former Bridget Anne Julia Cheape.