Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Oliver Edward Rory Tarrell [born 2021]

 . Virginia Elizabeth Tarrell (nee Rivers Bulkeley, born 1986), wife of Thomas Hamish James Tarrell (born 1983), gave birth to a son, Oliver Edward Rory, 17 August, 2021, a brother for Henry James Johnny, who was born 12 January, 2019.

Thomas Tarrell is the elder son of James A.S. (Jaimie) Tarrell, of Oxford, by his wife the former Catherine J. Jender.

Virginia Terrell, a scion of the Rivers-Bulkeley landed gentry family, is the youngest daughter of the late Lt Col John Edward Rivers Bulkeley, MBE (1945-2007), of Bosherston, Pembrokeshire, by his wife the former Susan Mantell (born 1950).


Richard Charles Perry [died 2021]

 Richard Charles Perry died 24 August, 2021, aged 73.

He married 1stly 1974 [div 1989], as her first husband, Elizabeth Hilary Noble [born 1945], daughter of Wing Commander Brian Robert Noble, RAF [1916-90], by his wife Susan Frances Lynch-Blosse [1917-2004], scion of the baronets of that name, by whom he had issue.


Alice Araminta Clover Priestley [born 2021]

 Emma Priestley [née Sturdee, born 13 May, 1989], wife of Jamie H.A. Priestley, and scion of the Sturdee baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Alice Araminta Clover, 25 Aug, 2021, a sister for Poppy.

Emma is a daughter of Christopher Sturdee, of Guildford, Surrey, and his wife the former Amanda Clover.

Jamie is the youngest son of Mr & Mrs Jeremy Priestley, of Parsons Green, London.


Anne, Baroness Chorley 1931-2021

 Anne, Baroness Chorley, who died 20 August, 2021, aged 90, was the widow of the 2nd Baron Chorley [1930-2016].

She was the former Anne Elizabeth Debenham, daughter of Archibald Scott Debenham [1877-1932], and his wife the former Maud Carney [1886-1961], and she married 31 Oct, 1964, the then Hon Roger Richard Edward Chorley [born 14 Aug, 1930], son of the 1st Baron [1895-1978], and his wife the former Katharine Campbell Hopkinson [died 1986]. Her husband succeeded his father 27 January, 1978, as 3rd Baron, and died 21 Feb, 2016.

She leaves issue, two sons, Nicholas, 3rd Baron Chorley [b 15 July, 1966], and the Hon Robert Chorley [b 28 June, 1968].


James Geoffrey Pease Buxton 1939-2021

 James Geoffrey Pease Buxton, who died 18 August, 2021, aged 81, was a scion of the Buxton baronets, and descened from the Barons Suffield.

He was born 24 October, 1939, son of Maj Peter Stapleton Buxton [1904-k/a 1944], and his wife the former Julia Victoria Pease [1910-2007], scion of the Pease baronets.

He married in 1970, Meriel Jessica Cowen [b 4 Apr, 1947], daughter of Maj Denis Joseph Cowen [1908-86], and his wife, Hilda Yvette, by whom he had issue, a son, Hugh [born 1975], and a daughter, Rose [born 1973].


Saturday, August 28, 2021

Hector Quentin Heathcoat-Amory [born 2021]

 Rosanna Amy [Rosie] Heathcoat Amory [nee Jackson-Stops, born 1985], wife of Toby Derick Heathcoat Amory (b 1985), gave birth to a son, Hector Quentin, 2 August, 2021, a brother for Cecily and Herbie.

Toby Heathcoat Amory is a scion of the Heathcoat Amory Baronets (cr UK, 1874), second son of Capt Charles William Heathcoat Amory (b 1945), Langford Budville. Somerset, by his 1st wife, the former Harmony Joanna Lyell (Mrs Harmony Heathcoat Amory, of Wyle, Wilts)/

Rosie Heathcoat Amory is a daughter of Mr Quentin Ashworth Jackson-Stops (b 1952), of Wood Burcote, Northamptonshire, by his wife the former Susan Clare Stroyan [born 1960], scion of the Stroyan landed gentry family and descended from the Ropner baronets.


Heber-Percy/Walters engagement

 The engagement was announced 28 August, 2021, between [Algernon] Thomas Lever Heber-Percy [born 29 January, 1984], scion of the Dukes of Northumberland, son of Sir Algernon Eustace Hugh Heber-Percy, KCVO [born 2 January, 1944], of Hodnet Hall, Market Drayton, and his wife the former Hon Margaret Jane Lever [born 22 June, 1947], & Lily Anne Walters [born 1990], daughter of the late David R. Walters, and the former Lucinda Goodman, now of Hellingly, East Sussex.

Tom Heber-Percy, whose father was Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, is a grandson maternally of the late 3rd Viscount Leverhulme, KG [1915-2000].


Hon Lana Palumbo to wed William Jones

 The engagement was announced 28 August, 2021, between William P.H. Jones, younger son of the late Philip Jones and Mrs Jones, of Norfolk, and the Hon Lana Rose Palumbo [born 25 March, 1991], the socialiteand model, daughter of the Baron Palumbo [born 20 July, 1935], of Walbrook, London, and the former Hayat Morowa.


Wales/Beevor engagement

 The engagement was announced 28 August, 2021, between Patrick Anthony Wales [born 1995], son of Peter R. Wales, of Marham, Norfolk, and his wife the former Danielle Haley, and Georgina Emily Clare Beevor [born 17 April, 1995], daughter of Sir [Thomas] Hugh Cunliffe Beevor, 8th Baronet [born 1 Oct, 1962], of Hargham, Norfolk, and his wife the former Charlotte Louise Harvey.


Coates/Douglas-Hamilton engagement

 The engagement was announced 28 August, 2021, between Jolyon Peter De Stacpoole Coates [born 1992], elder son of Nicholas J. Coates, of Overton, Hampshire, and his wife the former Virginia Anne Julia Frances De Stacpoole [born 28 January, 1963], & Isabel Rose [Wizz] Douglas-Hamilton [born 1991], scion of the Dukes of Hamilton & Brandon, daughter of Lord Patrick  George Douglas-Hamilton [born 2 Aug, 1950], of London, and his former wife the former Cecilia Frances Mary Usher [born 12 May, 1969] [now Mrs Matthew Benson, of Barns, Peeblesshire].

The bride-to-be is a granddaughter paternally of the late 14th Duke of Hamilton [1903-73] and his wife the former Lady Elizabeth Ivy Percy [1916-2008], daughter of the 8th Duke of Northumberland [1880-1930].

Jolyon Coates, is descended from an Irish landed family, whose ancestor, Richard Fitzgeorge de Stacpoole [1787-1848] was created a Papal duke by Pope Gregory XVI  in 1831, as 1st Duc de Stacpoole.


Bertie-Fox Burlington Leo Dodd-Noble [born 2021]

 Emily Kate L. Dodd-Noble [nee Rowlinson, born 1984], wife of Harry Thomas B. Dodd-Noble [born 1985], gave birth to a son, Bertie-Fox Burlington Leo, 14 August, 2021.

Harry Dodd-Noble, a descendant of the Merrie Monarch Charles II, is a son of (Simon) Thomas Antony (Tom) Dodd-Noble (b 17 Feb, 1955), of Oxfordshire,  by his former wife the former Carolyn A. Botting (now Mrs Carrie Stewart, of London), and is a grandson of Adrian Dodd-Noble (1922-2013) (a grandson maternally of the Baron Kirkley). by his 1st wife the former Lady Elizabeth Theresa Boyle (1920-81), sister of the 13th & 14th Earls of Cork & Orrery.

Emily Dodd-Noble is a daughter of Mr Stephen R. Rowlinson, of East Sussex, by his wife the former Kathleen A. McGowan.




Charles Cheever Hardwick V [born 2021]

 Alexandra Anne Hardwick [nee Bromley-Martin], wife of Charles Cheever Hardwick IV, gave birth to a son, Charles Cheever Hardwick V, 17 August, 2021.

Alexandra is a scion of the Bromley-Martin landed gentry family, formerly of Ham Court, the elder daughter of Mr & Mrs Michael Bromley-Martin, of West Wittering,

Charles Hardwick IV is the only son of Charles Hardwick III, of Ramsbury, Wilts, and the late Mrs Hardwick.

The first Charles Cheever Hardwick [who died in 1923] was an importer (Burrs and Hardwick, of Fifth Avenue, New York), having survived the sinking of the Lusitania. He married Charlotte, daughter of Harry T. Ambrose, President of the American Book Co., who built a notable house, the 'Ambrose Mansion' in Orange, New Jersey. Charles Cheever Hardwick Jr was their second son.


Lady Natasha Howard to marry Charles Quick

 The engagement was announced 27 August, 2021, between Charles William H. Quick [born 1985], son of the late Michael Quick, and his wife nee Browning, of Banwell Farm, South Mundham, West Sussex, and the Lady Natasha Rose Catherine Linda Howard [born 1987], younger daughter of the 21st Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire [born 27 March, 1935], of Charlton Park, Wiltshire, and his mthird wife, the former Linda Jacqueline Paravicini [born 1950], previously the wife of the 4th Viscount Bridport, and descended from the Swinnerton Dyer baronets.


Friday, August 27, 2021

Gillian Mabelle Beauclerk Lord [nee Maude] 1932-2021

 Gillian Mabelle Beauclerk Lord, who died 15 August, 2021, aged 89, was a scion of the Viscounts Hawarden.

She was born 11 March, 1932, daughter of Brigadier Christian George Maude [1884-1971], and his second wife the former Hester Joan Egerton [d 1993], a granddaughter maternally of the 1st Earl Brassey, and a descendant of King Charles II.

She married firstly, 19 March, 1960, Major Estcourt Richard Cresswell, MC, the 15th/19th Kings's Royal Hussars [who died 1983], a son of Capt Herbert Pinckney Cresswell. She married 2ndly, 1984, [John] David Anthony Lord, son of Lt-Col. John Arthur Lord [who died in 2005].

Cornwallis Maude, 1st Viscount Hawarden [1729-1803] >Rev Hon John Maude [1792-1860] > Sir George Maude [1817-94] > Aubrey Maude [1852-1943] > Christian Maude [1884-1971] >Gillian Maude [1932-2-21]

Charles, 3rd Duke of Marlborough [1706-58] > Lady Diana Spencer [1734-1808] > Charles Beauclerk [1774-1845] > Katherine Beauclerk [1812-82] > Aubrey Maude [1852-1943 -see above]


Hon Nicola Louise Haine dies aged 44

 The Hon Nicola Haine, who has died aged 44, was a daughter of the life peer, the Baron Cope of Berkeley, PC.

The former Nicola Louise Cope, wife of Tim Haine, she leaves issue, two children, William and Abigail.


Lucca Billie Rose Kindersley [born 2021]

 Kathryn Julie Kindersley [nee Salt], wife of Alexander Philip Kindersley [b 1982], scion of the Barons Kindersley, gave birth to a daughter, Lucca Billie Rose, 19 August, 2021, a sister for Archer Leyland [born 24 March, 2014], Jacobi Wolf [born 2 Feb, 2016], and for Beaufort Ted [born 1 Oct, 2018].

Alex Kindersley is a son of Mr Christian Philip Kindersley [b 1950], of Cape Town, by his 1st wife the former Hilary Luise Guard (now Baroness Westbury), of Cyprus.

Kathryn Kindersley is the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Peter Salt, of Upper Brailes, Oxfordshire.


Michael Llyr George Hoare [born 2021]

Hannah Venetia Yusuf-George, wife of Rollo Lupton Hoare [b 1987], scion of that landed family, gave birth to a son, Michael Llyr George, 25 August, 2021.

Rollo Hoare is a son of the late Michael Rollo Hoare [1944-2001], of Dogmersfield, Hampshire, by his former second wife the former Caroline J. Abele [Mrs Caroline Hoare, of Chelsea].

Hannah Yusuf-George is a daughter of Mr Evan George and Ms Denise Yusuf, of Streatham, London.


Hon Jocelyn William Seymour [born 2021]

 The Countess of Yarmouth, wife of William Francis Seymour, styled Earl of Yarmouth [born 2 November, 1993], gave birth to a second son, the Hon Jocelyn William Seymour, 25 August, 2021, a brother for Clement Andrew Seymour, styled Viscount Beauchamp, who was born 29 November, 2019.

The Countess of Yarmouth is the former Kelsey Wells, daughter of Dr Andrew Wells and Mrs Jacqui Wells, of Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire. Her husband is the eldest son and heir of the 9th Marquess of Hertford [born 6 July, 1958], of Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire, by his wife the Marchioness of Hertford [nee Beatriz Kazam].


Thursday, August 26, 2021

Michael George Rathmore Nevill 1943-2021

 Michael George Rathmore Nevill, who died 13 August, 2021, aged 78, was a scion of the ancient House of Nevill, descended from the Earls of Abergavenny. His home was at Birling in Kent.

He was born posthumously, 14 July, 1943, the second son of Michael George Ralph Nevill [1917-k/a 28 Apr, 1943], late the Scots Guards, and his wife the former Maureen Ethné David Rhodes [1920-2002], a granddaughter maternally of the 5th Baron Plunket. His mother married 2ndly, in 1947, John Valentine Balfour [1921-2001], scion of that landed family.

Michael leaves an older brother, David [born 20 June, 1941], heir presumptive to the Earldom of Abergavenny held by his kinsman, the 6th Marquess of Abergavenny. He also leaves three half-brothers, Andrew [b 1949], Matthew [born 1952], and Crispin [born 1955].

He was unmarried.

William Neill, 4th Earl of Abergavenny [1792-1868] > Hon Ralph Nevill [1832-1914] > Percy Nevill [1877-1927] > Michael Nevill [1917-43] > Michael Nevill [1943-2021]


Dalrymple Hamilton/Bligh engagement

 The engagement was announced 26 August, 2021, between Frederick David George [Freddy] Dalrymple Hamilton [born 1990], scion of the Earls of Stair, elder son of James Hew Ronald [Jamie] Dalrymple Hamilton [born 4 December, 1955], of Horsley, Gloucestershire, and his wife the former Pippa M.D. Metcalfe, & Charlotte E.J. Bligh, younger daughter of Mr & Mrs Stephen Bligh, of Sunninghill, Berkshire.

Freddy's Stair descent:-

John, 10th Earl of Stair [1819-1903] > Hon North Dalrymple-Hamilton [1853-1906] > Admiral Sir Frederick Dalrymple-Hamilton [1890-1974] > North Dalrymple-Hamilton [1922-2014] > Jamie Dalrymple Hamilton [b 1955] > Freddy Dalrymple Hamilton [b 1990]


Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Margaret Jane Venetia Holt 1923-2021

  Margaret Jane Venetia Holt, who died 1 August, 2021, aged 98, was a scion of the Malcolm baronets.

She was born 11 January, 1923, daughter of Sir Michael Albert James Malcolm, 10th Baronet [1898-1976], and his wife the former Hon Geraldine Margot Digby [1898-1965], daughter of the 10th Baron Digby [1846-1920]; and married 1 June, 1945, Lieutenant Commander Christopher Robert Vesey Holt, RN [1915-97], son of Vice Admiral Reginald Vesey Holt, CB, DSO, MVO, RN [1884-1957], and his wife the former Evelyn Constance Day [1893-1978]; and had issue, a son, Nicholas [born 21 Feb, 1947], and a daughter, Ianthe [born 15 Oct, 1950].


Professor Sarah Jean Broadie 1941-2021

 Professor Sarah Broadie, OBE, FBA, FRSE, who died 8 August, 2021, aged 79, was a scion of the Waterlow baronets.

Sarah Broadie was Professor of Moral Philosophy and Wardlaw Professor at the University of St Andrews. Broadie specialised in ancient philosophy, with a particular emphasis on Aristotle and Plato. Her work engages with metaphysics and both ancient and contemporary ethics. She has achieved numerous honours throughout her career as an academic philosopher. Broadie studied Classics at Somerville College, Oxford, graduating in 1960. Previously she has worked at the University of Edinburgh, University of Texas at Austin, Yale, Rutgers, and Princeton.

She was born 3 Nov, 1941, daughter of John Conrad Waterlow, CMG [1916-2010], and his wife the former Angela Pauline Cecil Gray [1916-2006], and married in 1984, Frederick Broadie [1913-2009]. No issue.

Sir Sydney Waterlow, 1st Bt [1822-1906] > George Waterlow [1855-1922] > Sir Sydney Waterlow, Kt [1878-1944] > John Waterlow [1916-2010] > Sarah Waterlow [1941-2021]


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Colville/Goldsmid engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 August, 2021, between Patrick Edwin Ronald Colville [born 1988], scion of the Barons Clydesmuir, son of the Hon Andrew John Colville [born 30 May, 1953], and his wife the former Elaine Genevieve Davy, & Clare Louise Goldsmid [born 7 October, 1986], daughter of Nicholas Goldsmid, of Stockbridge, Hampshire, and Mrs Gillian [Gilly] Goldsmid [nee Guy], of London.

Patrick Colville is a grandson of the 2nd Baron Clydesmuir, KT [1917-1996].


Monday, August 23, 2021

Gaia Cecilia Metella Servadio 1938-2021

 Gaia Servadio, who died in Rome, 20 August, 2021, aged 82, was an irrepressible Italian-born journalist and writer, the author of some 40 books, who spent most of her life in Britain and who for decades hosted one of the last notable literary salons; she was also formerly the mother-in-law of Boris Johnson....Gaia Servadio was courted by Gianni Agnelli, wrote books about the Mafia and Renaissance women, but did not approve of her daughter Allegra's fiancé.

Her first novel Tanto gentile e tanto onesta, aka Melinda, was published in 1967 by Feltrinelli in Italy and Weidenfeld & Nicolson in the UK, and was a "a runaway success".

She was born in Padua, 13 September, 1938, daughter of Luxardo Servadio and his wife Bianca Prinzi, and married 28 September, 1960 [divorced 1989], as her first husband, and as his first wife, William Mostyn-Owen [1929-2011], scion of that landed family, whose home was Aberuchill Castle, Perthshire, son of Lt-Col Roger Mostyn-Owen [1888-1947], and his wife the former Margaret Eva Dewhurst. She married 2ndly, 1994, Hugh Robert Myddelton Biddulph [b 1938], scion of the landed gentry family of Myddelton of Chirk, &c.

Gaia Servadio leaves issue, two sons, Orlando, an artist, and Owen, and a daughter, Allegra, who married, as her first husband, 1987 [div 1993], the Rt Hon Boris Johnson, MP, PC, Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury since July, 2019.


Campbell-Preston/Carson engagement

 The engagement was announced 22 August, 2021, between Edward Campbell-Preston, scion of that landed gentry family, son of Colin Arthur Campbell-Preston [born 1958], of Oban, Argyll, and his wife the former Rosemary Swift [born 1958], and Alice Mary Carson [born 1989], descended from the Earls of Elgin & Kincardine,  eldest triplet daughter of John Seton Burrell Carson, of North Berwick, East Lothian, and his wife the former Janet Clare Bruce [born 15 Dec, 1954].

Edward Campbell-Preston is descended from the Barons Lyttelton, and the Earls Spencer:-

2nd Earl Spencer [1758-1834] > Lady Sarah Spencer [1787-1870] >4h Baron Lyttelton [1817-76] >Sir Neville Lyttelton [1845-1931] > Hilda Lyttelton [1886-1972] > Dame Frances Grenfell, DCVO [b 1918] > Colin Campbell-Preston [b 1958] > Edward Campbell-Preston 

Alice Carson is descended from the Earls of Elgin:-

Edward Bruce, Earl of Elgin [1881-1968] >Hon James Bruce [1927-2013] > Janet Bruce [b 1954] > Alice Carson [b 1989]


Bernard/Bryden engagement

 The engagement was announced 22 August, 2021, between Capt Patrick Andrew F. Bernard, The Light Dragoons [born 1989], descended from the Bosanquet landed gentry family, eldest son of Andrew T.C. Bernard [born 1962], of Clanfield, Oxfordshire, and his wife the former Catherine E. Vaughan-Fowler, and Camilla Anne A. Bryden [born 1992], younger daughter of Ian A. Bryden, of Haslemere, Surrey, and his wife the former Sandra Cross.

Nicolas Edmund Tindal Bosanquet [1879-1955] > Rosemary Bosanquet [d 2007] = Francis Bernard > Andrew Bernard [b 1962] > Capt Patrick Bernard [b 1989]


Dundas/Clarence-Smith engagement

 The engagement was announced 23 August, 2021, between Max Charles Dundas [born 13 April, 1978], scion of the Marquesses of Zetland, son of Lord [Richard] Bruce Dundas [born 6 January, 1951], if Battersea, London, and his former 1st wife the former Jane Melanie Wright [now Jane Dundas, of Barnes, London], and Rosannah Stephanie Clarence-Smith [born 1989], elder daughter of Thomas A. Clarence-Smith, of Rudgwick, West Sussex, and his wife the former Stephanie C. Rees.

Lawrence Dundas, 3rd Marquess of Zetland [1908-89] > Lord Bruce Dundas [born 1951] > Max Dundas [born 1978]


Robinson/Hone engagement

 The engagement has been announced between Nicholas R.J. Robinson, son of Mr & Mrs Robert Robinson, of Little Hereford, Herefordshire, and Penelope Jocelyn Hone [born 1987], daughter of Mr Nathaniel Hone, of Bosbury, Herefordshire, and his wife [nee Stirling-Aird] , scion of that landed gentry family.


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Lady Jemima Herbert marries Hugo Davies

 . The marriage took place, 20 August, 2021, place at Wilton House, near Salisbury, between Hugo Patrick Trehearne Davies [born 1989], eldest son of Mr Mark Edward Trehearne Davies, CVO [born 20 May, 1948], of Admington, Warwickshire, by his wife the former Antonia Catharine Chittenden [born 1960], & the Lady Jemima Juliet Herbert [born 4 October, 1989], fourth daughter of the late 17th Earl of Pembroke [1939-2003], of Wilton House, Salisbury, by his second wife the former Miranda Juliet Oram [born 1962] (now Miranda, Countess of Pembroke).

Lady Jemima is a half-sister of the 18th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.


Susan Lady Chitty 1929-2021

 Susan, Lady Chitty, the biographer and writer, who died 13 July, 2021, aged 91, was the widow of Sir Thomas Willes Chitty, 3rd Baronet [1926-2014].

Susan Chitty was born Susan Elspeth Hopkinson, 18 Aug, 1929, to an unmarried mother, the writer Antonia White [1899-1980], who would be best remembered for her novel Frost in May based on her years at a convent school before the First World War...Her mother, not naturally maternal and herself subject to mental ill-health and violent temper, had wanted a boy, and for some months put her daughter into a children’s home...Her fatther was Silas Glossop [1902-93].

She married 23 August, 1951, Thomas Willes Chitty, who succeeded to his father's baronetcy in 1955, and who died 7 March, 2014.

She leaves issue, including Sir Andrew Chitty, 4th Baronet [born 20 Nov, 1953].


Penelope Sylvia Mary Ponsonby [born 2021]

 Joanna Kate Ponsonby [nee Sutton, born 1987], wife of Frederick Edward Ponsonby [born 1986], scion of the Ponsonby baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Penelope Sylvia Mary, 5 August, 2021, a sister for Archie Jonathan Charles, who was born 19 September, 2019.

Fred Ponsonby is a younger son of Sir Charles Ponsonby, 3rd Baronet [born 1951], of Woodstock, co Oxford, by his wife the former Mary Priscilla Bromley Davenport, scion of that landed gentry family.

Joanna Ponsonby is a daughter of Robert Hiles Sutton [born 1954], of Newton Valence, co Hampshire, by his wife the former Caroline Jane Dewey [born 1955], daughter of Sir Anthony Dewey, 3rd Baronet [1921-2016]

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Jocelyn Waiata Bethell 1928-2021

 Jocelyn Waiata Bethell [nee Buchanan], died 10 August, 2021, aged 93.

She was born in 1928, a daughter of John Vassie Buchanan [1890-1966], and his wife the former Marian Waiata Godsal [1897-1978], scion of that landed gentry family; and married in 1960, Christopher Adrian Bethell [1925-1992], scion of the Bethell landed gentry family, of Rise, East Yorkshire, son of Capt William Adrian Vincent Bethell [1890-1941], and his second wife Cicely Violet Cotterell [1898-1974], scion of the Cotterell baronets.

The funeral takes place at All Saints' Church Rise, East Yorkshire, 26 Aug, 2021.

Charles Gordon Lennox, 7th Duke of Richmond & Gordon [1845-1928] > Lady Evelyn Gordon Lennox [1872-1922] > Cicely Cotterell [1898-1974] > Christopher Bethell [1925-1992]


James Horatio Somerled Coleman [born 2021]

 _. Lady Alexandra Penelope Coleman [nee Lindesay-Bethune, born 1988], wife of Jack Coleman, gave birth to a son, James Horatio Somerled, 15 August, 2021, abrother for Nicholas Tankerville Wallace, who was born 9 November, 2019.

Lady Alexandra is the second daughter of the 16th Earl of Lindsay [born 19 November, 1955], of Fife, Scotland, by his wife the Countess of Lindsay [nee Diana Mary Chamberlayne-Macdonald, born 12 September, 1961].

Jack Coleman is a son of Mr & Mrs Terry Coleman, of Clapham.

The infant is a direct descendant of the Royal House of Hanover, being descended from HRH Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester [1743-1805], by his mistress Lady Almeria Carpenter.


3rd and last Viscount Simon 1940-2021

 The Viscount Simon, third and last holder of the peerage, died 15 August, 2021. He was 81.

Lord Simon, a Labour peer, was a former Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords and was elected to the upper house in 1999.

His grandfather, Sir John Simon, 1st Viscount, was Foreign Secretary, 1931-35, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1937-40, and Lord Chancellor 1940-45.

Jan David Simon was born 20 July, 1940, son of the 2nd Viscount Simon [1902-93], and his wife the former Christie Hunt [who died 6 Feb, 2000], and he succeeded to the viscountcy [created in 1940], on the demise of his father, 1993.

He married 26 April, 1929, Mary Elizabeth Burns [died 14 Nov, 2020, aged 83], daughter of John Joseph Burns, by whom he had a daughter, the Hon Fiona Elizabeth Simon [born 15 May, 1971].

The peerage now becomes extinct.


Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Freya Jane Doyne Meakin Vigors [born 2021]

 Abigail Phoebe Meakin [née Meakin], wife of Edward Michael Doyne Vigors [born 1986], scion of the Irish landed gentry family of that name, gave birth to a daughter, Freya Jane Doyne Meakin, at Salisbury, 4 August, 2021.

Abigail Meakin is a daughter of Sebastian and Jane Meakin, of Malmesbury, Wiltshire. 

Edward Vigors is a son of the late Patrick Mervyn Doyne Vigors [1948-2017], and his wife the former Dinah Burrows [Mrs Dinah Vigors, of Stapleford, Wiltshire].

Edward's elder brother, Nicholas [born 1983], is the husband of Flora Gordon Lennox [born 1983], scion of the Dukes of Richmond & Gordon.


Monday, August 16, 2021

Hon Dinah Karen Crawshay Murray 1946-2021

 The Hon Dinah Karen Crawshay Murray [nee Greenwood], who died 7 July, 2021, aged 75, was the daughter of the Labour party politician Tony Greenwood, the life peer as Baron Greenwood of Rossendale [1911-82]. She was a goddaughter of the prime minister Clement, [later 1st Earl] Attlee, KG.

She was born in Hampstead, 27 May, 1946, the daughter of Arthur William James Anthony Greenwood, Labour MP for Rossendale 1950-70, who served successively from 1964 to 1969 as Secretary of State for the Colonies, Minister of Overseas Development and Minister for Housing and Local Government in Harold Wilson's governments. 

Her mother was Gillian Crawshay-Williams, a designer and illustrator, descended from the Barons Monkswell.

Her grandfather, Arthur Greenwood, CH [1880-1954], was sometime Labour MP for Nelson and Colne, and later for Wakefield, who was deputy leader of the Labour for a decade under Clement Attlee.

She married in 1970, Canadian-born David Murray [1937-2016], the philosopher and music critic, by whom she had issue, three sons, Bruno, Leo and Fergus.


Sylvia, Lady Dewey 1922-2021

 Sylvia, Lady Dewey, who died 12 August, 2021, aged 99, was the widow of Sir Anthony Hugh Grahame Dewey, 3rd Baronet [1921-2016].

She was born Sylvia Jacqueline Rosamund MacMahon, in 1922, daughter of John Ross MacMahon [1872-1958], of Branksome Manor, Bournemouth, and his wife the former Emily Clare Marshall [1882-1960]. 

She married 22 April, 1949, Sir Anthony Hugh Grahame Dewey, 3rd Bt [born 31 July, 1921], son of Maj Hugh Grahame Dewey, MC [1895-1936], and his wife the former Marjorie Florence Isobel Dodds [died 1988]. Her husband, who succeeded to the baronetcy on his grandfather's death, January, 1948, died 20 March, 2016.

Lady Dewey leaves issue, two sons and three daughters. The elder son is Sir Rupert Grahame Dewey, 4th Baronet [born 29 March, 1953].

 A Thanksgiving Service is to be held on 3 September, 2021 at St Michaels the Archangel, North Cadbury, Somerset 


Sunday, August 15, 2021

Hon Harry Herbert marries Clodagh McKenna

  The marriage took place 14 August, 2021, at Highclere Castle, Newbury, between the Hon Henry Malcolm [Harry] Herbert [born 2 March, 1959], scion of the Earls of Carnarvon, second son of the late 7th Earl of Carnarvon, KBE, KCVO [1924-2001], by his late wife the former Jean Margaret Wallop, MBE [1934-2019], scion of the Earls of Portsmouth, & Miss Clodagh McKenna, daughter of the late James J. McKenna, by his wife Irene.

It is Harry Herbert's second marriage. He married firstly,in 1992, Francesca [Chica] Bevan, daughter of Jonathan Stuart Vaughan Bevan, by whom he has a son, William [born 1999], and two daughters, Chloe ]born 1994], and Francesca [born 1995].

NOTE: numerous news articles featuring the Hon Harry Herbert state he is a godson of the Queen. This is not so. Her Majesty stood sponsor in 1956 for his elder brother, George, now Earl of Carnarvon.


Nicholas Chevalier Kirkman [d 2021]

 Nicholas Chevalier Kirkman died 7 August, 2021. He was 61.

He was a son of Major Charles Kirkman [b 1933, deceased], and his wife the former Elizabeth Adams, and married in 1990, Cynthia Joan Bernadette De Trafford [born 7 June, 1959], fifth daughter of Sir Dermot Humphrey De Trafford, 6th Baronet [1925-2010],  and his first wife the former Patricia Mary Beeley [1926-1999], by whom he had two sons, Christopher [born 1991], and James [born 1994].

 A Service of Thanksgiving is to be held in Beaulieu Abbey, Hampshire, 21 September, 2021.


Thomson-Glover/Reavey engagement

 The engagement was announced 14 August, 2021, between James Athony Thomson-Glover [born 1988], descended from the Graham of Netherby baronets, elder son of Michael William Thomson-Glover [born 1948], of London, and his wife the former Katherine Summers [born 1952], and Catherine E. Reavey, daughter of John Reavey, of Belfast, and his wife Berni.


Gervase Richard Belfield 1953-2021

  Gervase Richard Belfield died 20 June, 2021. 

He was born in 1953, son of Eversley Michael Gallimore Belfield [1918-86], of Sark, Channel Islands, and his wife the former Felicity Hellaby [b 1921]; and married 18 July, 1983, Drusilla Mary Cynthia Bates [born 25 Feb, 1954], daughter of Major Sir John Dawson Bates, 2nd Baronet [1921-1998], and his wife the former Mary Murray Hoult [1927-2016], by whom he had a son, Felix [born 12 Feb, 1995], and two daughters, Laura Daisy [born 1987], and Mathilda May [born 1992].


Catherine Cowburn [née Denman] 1920-2021

 Catherine Cowburn, who died 8 August, 2021, aged 101, was a scion of the Denman baronets.

Catherine Denman was born 10 June, 1920, the second daughter of Sir Richard Denman, 1st Baronet [1876-1957], and his wife the former Mary Radley Spencer [1886-1974]; and married 28 December, 1957, Philip Musgrave Cowburn [1917-89], son of Major Arthur Basil Cowburn [1879-1966], and his wife the former Alice Margaret Musgrave [1885-1973], and had issue, a son, Stephen [born 7 May, 1959], and a daughter, Anne [born 3 Apr, 1962].

A Thanksgiving service is to be held at Kingston Crematorium on 2 September, 2021.


Charles William Lyle Keen 1936-2021

Charles William Lyle Keen died 10 August, 2021. He was 85.

He was born 4 July, 1936, son of Harold Hugh Keen [1902-74], and his wife the former Catherine Eleanor Lyle Cummins [1907-91], scion of an Irish landed gentry family; married 21 July, 1962, the Lady [Priscilla] Mary Rose Curzon [born 12 Feb, 1940], daughter of the 6th Earl Howe [1908-84], and his first wife the former Priscilla Crystal Frances Weigall [1914-96], scion of th Weigall baronets, by whom he had issue, a son and three daughters.


Saturday, August 14, 2021

Nicholas John Pelly 1953-2021

 Nicholas John Pelly, who died 19 July, 2021, aged 68, was a scion of the Pelly baronets, descended from the 1st baronet.

He was born 14 April, 1953, the second son of Lieutenant Commander David Cecil Pelly, RN [1922-2003], and his wife the former Angela Mary Gandell; he married 1stly, 1977 [div] Elaine Margaret Illingworth, daughter of George Illingworth, of Cupar, Fife; married 2ndly, 1990, Sally Odell, daughter of Jack Odell, of Topeka, Kansas. He leaves issue, a son Alistair and daughter Catriona, from his first union, and a son, James, from his second union.


Bird/Davidson-Houston engagement

 The engagement was announced 14 August, 2021, between Capt William James Claude Bird, Coldstream Guards [born 10 Dec, 1990], son of Mr Anthony W. Bird, of East Meon, Hampshire, and his wife the former Emma Clare Kelway-Bamber [born 1960], & Flora Davidson-Houston, scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Brigadier Patrick Elrington O'Reilly-Blackwood Davidson-Houston [born 1954], of Colkirk, Norfolk, and his wife the former Angelina Nelson-Sullivan [born 1958].

Capt William Bird is descended from the Stirlings of Fairburn, and from the Dukes of Devonshire and Leeds.

George Osborne, 9th Duke of Leeds [1828-95] > Lady Harriet Osborne [1867-1922] > Evelyn Cavendish [b 1892] > Anne Stirling [1929-2015] > Emma Kelway-Bamber [b 1960] > William Bird [b 1990]

William Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire [1720-64] > George, 1st Earl of Burlington [1754-1834] > Hon Henry Cavendish [1789-1873] > Lt-Col Wm Cavendish [1817-81] >Capt Henry Cavendish [1854-1928] > Evelyn Cavendish [b 1892 -see above]


Ramsay/Kidd engagement

 The engagement was announced 14 August, 2021, between Major James Ivor Iain Ramsay [born 1990], The Royal Regimwnt of Scotland, son of Major-General Angus Iain Ramsay, CBE, DSO, of Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, and his wife the former Victoria Clare Lanyon [born 14 Oct, 1956], and Catherine S. Kidd, daughter of Mr & Mrs David Kidd, of Bosham Hoe, West Sussex.

Major Ramsay is descended from the Barons Amherst of Hackney [and via them from the 3rd Marquess of Exeter], and the Barons Cornwallis.

William, 3rd Marquess of Exeter [1825-95] > Lord William Cecil [1854-1943] > Cdr Henry Cecil [1893-1962] >  Rachel Cecil [1924-2010] > Victoria Lanyon [b 1956] > Maj James Ramsay [b 1990]

Fiennes, 1st Baron Cornwallis [1864-1935] > Hon Yvonne Cornwallis [1896-1983] > Rachel Mary Cecil [1924-2010 - see above]


Allan Claude Chapman, DL 1928-2021

Allan Claude Chapman, DL, died 2 August, 2021. He was 93.

He was born in 1928, son of Claude Frederick Chapman [died 1984], and his wife the former Jeanie Harley; and married 21 January, 1965, the Hon [Catherine] Fiona Robertson [1939-2020], daughter of the 1st Baron Robertson of Oakridge [1896-1974], and his wife the former Edith Christina MacIndoe [1902-82], by whom he had issue, twin daughters, Caroline and Katharine [born 1968].


Friday, August 13, 2021

Elizabeth Anne Sandys-Renton 1933-2021

 Elizabeth Anne Sandys-Renton died 3 Aug, 2021, aged 88. She was born in 1933, daughter of Major Astley Thomas Terry [1896-1971], of Ashwell, Rutland, and his wife the former Eileen Maud Savi [1906-90]; married 1957, Major James Stapleton Sandys-Renton [1926-2015], scion of the Sandys landed family, son of Maj Mervyn John Renton [1900-41], and his wife the former Barbara Frances Sandys [1903-75], and leaves issue.


Thursday, August 12, 2021

Charles Denis Lenox-Conyngham 1935-2021

 Charles Denis Lenox-Conyngham, who died 3 August, 2021, aged 86, was a scion of the Irish landed gentry family of that name, and descended from the Viscounts Molesworth, and the extinct Earls of Milltown.

He was born 24 January, 1935, son of Alwyn Douglas Lenox-Conyngham [1907-90], and his wife the former Margaret Cecil Clear [1908-98]; and married in 1971, Helga Gerrit von Liebach [died 11 Aug, 1999], daughter of Lieutenant-General Hans von Liebach, of Berlin, by whom he had issue, a son, Patrick [born 1972], and a daughter, Laura [born 1974].

Joseph Leeson, 4th Earl of Milltown [1799-1866] > Lady Cecilia Leeson [d 1903] > Barbara Josephine Turton [d 1937] > Alwyn Lenox-Conyngham [1907-90] > Charles Lenox-Conyngham [1935-2021]

3rd Viscount Molesworth [d 1758] > Henrietta Molesworth [d 1813] > Charlotte Staples [d 1847] > Sir William Lenox-Conyngham [1824-1906] > Rev George Lenox-Conyngham [1859-1933] > Alwyn Lennox-Conyngham [1907-90] > Charles Lenox-Conyngham [1935-2021]

A Memorial Service takes place 26 September, 2021, at St George’s Church, Benenden, Kent.


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie 1948-2021

 Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie, who died 25 July, 2021, was head of that landed gentry family, of Sizewell Hall, born in 1948 son of Alexander Stuart Ogilvie [1914-1972], and his wife the former Mary Georgina Lindsay Daniell [1915-1999]; married 1970, Jennifer M Duggan [born 1946, deceased], daughter of Maurice Duggan, and his wife the former Bella Dalgleish, by whom he had four sons and a daughter.

His eldest son, Hamish Stuart Ogilvie [born 1971], now succeeds as head of the family.

The funeral takes place at Our Lady and St Peter's Church, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, 23 August, 2021.


Michael Bagot Parry-Crooke 1924-2021

 Michael Bagot Parry-Crooke, scion of that landed gentry family, died 30 July, 2021. He was 96.

He was born in 1924, son of Major Charles Philip Parry-Crooke [1896-1978], sometime head of that family, and his wife the former Winifred Rosa Wales [1893-1976]; and married firstly, 1954 [div 1970], Imogen Rosemary Gillian Tuker [born 1930], descended from the Drummond-Hay Earls of Kinnoull; married 2ndly, 1979, Marie Vere Webster [1923-2014]. He leaves issue, two sons, Simon [born 1955], and Piers [born 1959].


Timothy Harington 1926-2021

 Timothy Harington, who died 4 August, 2021, in Zimbabwe, aged 94, was descended from the Viscounts of Arbuthnott.

He was born 1 November, 1926, son of Lieutenant-Col Hastings Roy Harington, by his wife the former Margaret Ogilvy Arbuthnott; and married 30 March, 1959, Jean Cutforth [deceased], daughter of Major General Sir Lionel Eric Cutforth, KBE, CB [1899-1980], and his wife Vera, by whom he had issue, a son, Hugh [born 1963], and two daughters, Joanna [born 1961], and Louise [born 1967].

8th Viscount of Arbuthnott [1778-1860] > Lt-Col Hon Hugh Arbuthnott [1812-66] > John Arbuthnott [1858-1923] > Margaret Arbuthnott [b 1892] > Timothy Harington [1926-2021]


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Anthony Croker Poole [died 2021]

 Anthony Croker Poole, died 30 July, 2021, aged 85.

He was a son of Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Edward Croker Poole [1900-1980], and his wife the former Jean Margaret Balfour Watson [died 2001], and was the brother of Sarah [Sally] Croker Poole [born 28 January, 1940] now Princess Salimah Aga Khan, the fashion model, who married [1] 25 June, 1959 [div 1968] Lord James Charles Crichton-Stuart [1935-82], scion of the Marquesses of Bute, and [2] 1969 [div 1995], His Highness The Aga Khan [born 13 Dec, 1936].

'Anto' Croker Poole married 4 September, 1965, Henrietta Walford [born 1940], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Geoffrey Hugh Walford [1902-68], and his second wife the former Ursula Barnett [1904-80], scion of that landed family, and had issue, a son, Rupert [born 1966], and a daughter, Emma [born 24 Oct 1970].



Bowes-Lyon/Harland marriage

 The marriage took place, at Heriot, Midlothian, 9 August, 2021, between Charles David Bowes-Lyon [born 1989], scion of the Earls of Strathmore & Kinghorne, son of David James Bowes-Lyon [born 21 July, 1947], of Heriot, Midlothian, by his wife the former Elizabeth Harriet Colville, CVO [born 3 December, 1952], scion of the Viscounts Colville of Culross,  & Dr Eleanor L. Harland, daughter of Mr and Mrs David Harland, of Dundrum, Dublin.

Charles Bowes-Lyon is descended from the 13th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne [1824-1904], who was the paternal grandfather of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Charles's mother, Mrs David Bowes-Lyon has been a Lady-in-waiting to HRH The Princess Royal since 1990. She is a goddaughter of HM The Queen, and daughter of the late Sir John [Jock] Colville [1915-87], Private Secretary to the then Princess Elizabeth 1947-49, and later private secretary to Sir Winston Churchill.


Thomas Michael Storey 1943-2021

 Thomas Michael Storey died 2August, 2021. He was 78.

He was born in 1943, son of Lieutenant Roy Frederick Storey [1913-44], and his wife the former Pamela Anne Cuthbertson [1916-86]; married 1969, Victoria Carolyn Martin [born 1945], descended from the Earls of Portland and the Earls Manvers, daughter of Lancelot Martin [1918-2008], and his wife the former Jean Slocock [1922-93], by whom he had four daughters, Ellie, Zanna, Hattie and Rosie.

Hans William Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland [1649-1709] > William Bentinck [1704-74] > John Bentinck [1737-75] > Vice-Admiral Wm Bentinck [1764-1813] > Renira Bentinck [d 1868] > Evelyn Charles Martin [1847-1904] > John Bentinck Martin [1883-1952] > Lancelot Martin [1918-2008] >Victoria Martin [b 1945]

Charles Pierrepont, 1st Earl Manvers [1737-1816] > Lady Frances Pierrepont [d 1847] > Renira Bentinck [d 1868 - see above]


Hon Rosemary Sybella Violet Rowse [nee Grimston] 1929-2021

 The Hon Rosemary Rowse, who died 6 August, 2021, aged 92, was a scion of the Barons Grmston of Westbury.

She was born Rosemary Sybella Violet Grimston, 4 March, 1929, daughter of the 1st Baron Grimston of Westbury [1897-1979], and his wife the former Sybil Rose Neumann [died 1977]. Her father, was was a scion of the Earls of Verulam, was, as Robert Grimston, MP for Westbury 1931-64, and was a deputy speaker of the House of Commons, created a hereditary peer in 1964.

She married firstly, 10 February, 1953 [div 1964] Charles Edward Underdown, an actor and jockey, son of Harry Charles Baillie Underdown; married 2ndly, 29 March, 1984, [Antony Herbert] David Rowse [deceased], son of Herbert James Rowse.


Monday, August 09, 2021

Sir Richard Henry Leigh, 3rd Baronet 1936-2021

 Sir Richard Henry Leigh, 3rd Baronet, died 2 July, 2021. He was 84.

He was born 11 November, 1936, son of Lieutenant-Commander Eric Leigh, RN [1913-81], and his wife the former Joan Fitzgerald Lane Freer [who died 1973], and was a grandson of Sir John Leigh, 1st Baronet [1884-1959], proprietor of the Pall Mall Gazette, and Conservative MP for Clapham, 1922-45.

He succeeded to the baronetcy [created in 1918] on the death of his uncle, Sir John Leigh, 2nd Baronet, 13 December, 1992.

He married firstly, 4 Dec, 1962 [div 1977]  Barbro Anna Elizabeth Tham, daughter of Stig Carl Sebastian Tham, of Sweden; and married 2ndly, 1977 Mrs Cherie Rosalind Reece dau of Douglas Donald Dale.

The baronetcy now passes to his younger half-brother, Christopher John Leigh, who was born 6 April, 1941. 


Colonel the Hon Leslie Richard Bagnall Addington, DFC, RA 1923-2021

Colonel the Hon Leslie Addington, DFC, who died 6 August, 2021, aged 97, was a scion of the Viscounts Sidmouth, descended from Henry Addington, 1st Viscount, prime minister in Regency England.

He was born 20 September, 1923, a younger son of the 6th Viscount Sidmouth [1887-1976], and his wife the former Gladys Mary Dever Hughes [died 1983], and married 25 June, 1955, Anne Hume, daughter of Capt Trevor Hume, by whom he had issue, four children, William, Richard Sarah [Suki], and Alice.

He served in the Second World War, and gained the rank of officer in the 2nd Indian Airborne Division. He served with his reginemtn in the Malaya Emergency in 1948, and the Korean War 1951-52. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (D.F.C.) in 1952. He was Lieutenant-Colonel of the Essex Yeomanry between 1965 and 1966.

Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth [1757-1844] > 2nd Viscount Sidmouth [1794-1864] > 3rd Viscount Sidmouth [1824-1913] > 4th Viscount Sidmouth [1854-1915] > 6th Viscount Sidmouth [1887-1976] > Hon Leslie Addington [1923-2021]

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Diana Joan Varley Dewar-Durie 1933-2021

 Diana Joan Varley Dewar-Durie, who died at Old Sarum, 25 July, 2021, aged 87, was a scion of the Dewar-Durie of Durie landed gentry family, born at Peking, 18 November, 1933, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Raymond Varley Dewar-Durie of Durie, Chief of that name [1905-99], and his first wife, the former Joan Louise Dolbey [who died at Peking, 28 Dec, 1933].  She was unm.

The funeral takes place at Salisbury Crematorium, 23 August, 2021.


Celeste Catherine Autumn Lascelles [born 2020]

 _. Laura Lascelles [nee Bailey], wife of Thomas Robert Lascelles [born 7 September, 1982], scion of the Earls of Harewood, and descended from the Royal House of Windsor, gave birth to a daughter, Celeste Catherine Autumn, who was born 7 October, 2020, a sister for Cleo, who was born in 2017.

Thomas and Laura married in Barbados, 2 Dec, 2015.

Thomas Lascelles is the only son of the Hon [Robert] Jeremy Hugh Lascelles [born 14 February, 1955], by his first wife, the former Julie Baylis [born 19 July, 1957], and is a grandson of the 7th Earl of Harewood, KBE [1923-2011], and a great-grandson of HRH The Princess Mary, Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood [1897-1965], and a great-great-grandson of HM King George V [1865-1936].

King George V > Princess Mary > 7th Earl of Harewood > Hon Jeremy Lascelles > Thomas Lascelles > Celeste Lascelles


Saturday, August 07, 2021

Patricia [Patsy] Winn [died 2021]

 Patricia [Patsy] Winn died 23 July, 2021, aged 91. She was the second wife, and widow, of [Geoffrey] Mark Victor Winn [1918-2008], of Aldby Park, Buttercrambe, York, and a scion of the Barons St Oswald. 

She was the former Patricia R. Mattingly

She married firstly, in 1963, Hector M. Macmillan, and married secondly, 3 Sept, 1994, Geoffrey Mark Victor Winn [born 8 Aug, 1918], son of the Hon Cecil Henry Winn [1866-1934], and his wife Alice Marjorie Alice Darley [died 1964]. Her second husband was a grandson of the 1st Baron St Oswald [1820-93], of Nostell Priory, Wakefield.

Mrs Winn was widowed 20 Oct, 2008. She leaves issue from her first marriage, three daughters, Fiona, Alexandra and Sarah.


Friday, August 06, 2021

Ramgolam/Tribe marriage

 The marriage took place 5 August, 2021, at Merton House, between Sunny Anand Ramgolam [born 1992], son of Ramesh Ramgolam and his wife the former Tanuja (Veena) Ramdin, and Emma Louise Horatia Tribe [born c. 1993], descended from Admiral Lord Nelson, who lived at Merton, daughter of Raglan Horatio Andrew Harold Tribe [born 13 Aug, 1961], and his wife the former Susan Elizabeth Bennett.

The bride is a descendant of Admiral Horatio Nelson, and of the Dukes of Beaufort:- viz

Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson [1758-1805] > Horatia Nelson [1801-81] > Rev Horatio Nelson-Ward [1822-88] > Elizabeth Horatia Anne Nelson-Ward [1857-1929] > Raglan Somerset [1885-1956] > Anna Somerset [b 1929] > Raglan Tribe [b 1961] > Emma Tribe [b c.1993]

Henry Somerset, 5th Duke of Beaufort [1744-1803] >Rev Lord William Somerset [1784-1851] > Rev William Somerset [1822-1902] > Raglan Somerset [1859-1938] > Raglan Somerset [1885-1956] > Anna Somerset [b 1929] > Raglan Tribe [b 1961] >Emma Tribe, the bride.


Concha Gómez/Lake engagement

The engagement was announced 6 August, 2021, between Erik Concha Gómez, eldest son of Mr Jesús Concha Avila and Mrs Rebeca Gómez Belmont, of Ciudad de México, Mèxico, and Sophie Elizabeth Lake [born 25 September, 1988], daughter of Mr Mark Philip Lake [born 30 May, 1958], of Newmarket, Suffolk, and his wife the former Caroline Hime [born 1959].

Sophie Lake is a great-great-granddaughter of the 1st Baron Milford:-

Laurence Philipps, 1st Baron Milford [1874-1961] > Hon James Philipps [b 1905] > Penelope Philipps [b 1931] > Mark Lake [b 1958] > Sophie Lake [b 1988]

Sophie is also descended from the Barons Abinger:-

James Scarlett, 1st Baron Abinger [1769-1844] > Hon Peter Scarlett [1804-81] > Florence Scarlett [1844-1915] > Percy Walsham [1871-1933] > Florence Walsham [b 1900] > Capt Anthony Lake [1926-2003] > Mark Lake [b 1958] > Sophie Lake [b 1988]


Guy Cavenagh-Mainwaring 1934-2021

 Guy Cavenagh-Mainwaring, who died 25 July, 2021, aged 87, was hereditary Lord of the Manor of Whitmore, Newcastle-under-Lyme, 34th holder of that title, and a sixth generation South Australian.

He was High Sheriff of Staffordshire, 1977-78.

He was born 22 February, 1934, son of Rafe Gordon Dutton Cavenagh-Mainwaring [1906-95], of Whitmore Hall, and his wife, and first cousin, the former Rosemary Cudmore [1904-87], daughter of Sir Arthur Murray Cudmore [1870-1951] and his wife Kathleen Mary Cavenagh Mainwaring [1874-1951], and married 1961, [Margery] Christine Rachel Robbins [born 1935], by whom he had four children, Edward, Tara, Fleur and Rosanna.

A memorial will be held at Whitmore Hall, Newcastle-under-Lyme, 9 October, 2021.


Thursday, August 05, 2021

Forsyth/Scott Moncrieff engagement

 The engagement was announced 5 August, 2021, between Glenn Scott Forsyth [born 1985], son of Martyn Forsyth, of Poole, and his late wife the former Mandi Teale, & Iona Mary Scott Moncrieff [born 1988], scion of that landed family of Fossoway, daughter of John Kenneth Scott Moncrieff [born 1951], of Edinburgh, and his wife the former Priscilla Bridget [Pilla] Birkbeck [born 18 Sept, 1952], scion of that landed family, and a granddaughter of the 2nd Baron Somerleyton [1889-1959].


Xander Wylye Pakenham Poulton [born 2021]

 Alexandra Clio Pakenham [born 1981], scion of the Earls of Longford, wife of Nicholas Poulton, gave birth to a son, Xander Wylye Pakenham, 25 July, 2021, at Salisbury, a brother for Finley Gray.

Alexandra is a daughter of the Hon Sir Michael Aidan Pakenham, KBE, CMG [born 3 Nov, 1943], of Notting Hill, London, and his wife the former Meta Landreth Doak.

Nicholas is a son of Mr Alan Poulton, of Jacksonville, Florida, and of Mrs Jane Poulton, of East Worldham, Hampshire.

The 7th Earl of Longford, KG [1905-2001] > Hon Sir Michael Pakenham [b 1943] > Alexandra Pakebham [b 1981] > Xander Poulton [b 2021]


Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Dawn Mary Kathleen Methuen 1930-2021

 Dawn Mary Kathleen Methuen [nee Dalrymple], who died 1 August, 2021, aged 91, was a scion of the Earls of Stair.

She was born 9 January, 1930, daughter of Major Walter Grey North Hamilton Dalrymple [1896-1969], and his wife the former Melisande Germaine Violet Craigie Hunter [1900-1969], daughter of Robert Hunter; and married 12 Apr, 1956, Peter Humphrey Methuen [who died 2000], son of Lieutenant-Col. Lionel Methuen, MC, by whom she had a son, Piers Harry North Methuen [born 14 Sept, 1966].

Burial at Benrig Cemetery, St Boswells, 16 August, 2021. 

9th Earl of Stair [1776-1864] > Hon George Dalrymple [1832-1900] > George North Dalrymple [1856-1912] > Maj Walter Hamilton Dalrymple [1896-1969] > Dawn Dalrymple [1930-2021]


Merlin James Alexander Maclaren [born 2021]

 Isabelle Maclaren [nee Bromage], wife of Louis James Douglas Maclaren [born 1984], of the Scots Guards, scion of the Scots landed family, Maclaren of Maclaren, gave birth to a son, Merlin James Alexander, 30 July, 2021.

Louis Maclaren is the third son of The MacLaren of MacLaren, Chief of the Clan MacLaren, and Madam MacLaren [nee Maida Jane Aitchison]

Isabelle is the younger daughter of Mr & Mrs David Bromage, of Gretton. 


Daisy Aline Anna Holbech [born 2021]

The Hon Harriet Frances Holbech [nee Colville, born 1987], wife of Alexander David Frederick Holbech [born 1987], scion of that landed family, gave birth to a daughter, Daisy Aline Anna, 21 July, 2021.

Harriet Holbech is the younger daughter of the 3rd Baron Clydesmuir [born 8 Apr,1949], of Biggar, Lanarkshire, by his wife the former Aline Frances Merriam [born 1951], descended from the Marquesses of Ailsa.

Alexander Holbech is the son of David Ronald Leigh Holbech [born 1951], of Caynham, Shropshire, by his wife the former Adriana E. Sharpe.


Tuesday, August 03, 2021

The Baron Smith of Leigh 1945-2021

 Lord Smith of Leigh, a Labour life peer, died 2 August, 2021. He was 76.

Peter Richard Charles Smith was born 24 July 1945, and  was educated at Bolton School before going up to the London School of Economics where he graduated in economics.

Lord Smith of Leigh had been a member of Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council since 1978 and was Chairman of its Finance Committee from 1982 to 1991; from 1991 to 2018, he served as Leader of the Council. Created a Life Peer on 5 August 1999 as Baron Smith of Leigh, of Wigan in the County of Greater Manchester, since 2005 he has been Treasurer of the Rugby League Group and, since 2006, Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party's Departmental Committee for Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. He is currently the Chairman of Local Government Leadership, a body seeking to develop leadership skills in local government. He was Chair of The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) from 2000–present, he chaired the successor Greater Manchester Combined Authority from its creation in 2011 until the appointment of the interim Mayor in 2015.

Lord Smith of Leigh was married with one daughter, the artist Anna F C Smith. 


Abigail Jane Stuart-Menteth (nee Costolloe) 1968-2021

 Abigail Jane Stuart-Menteth (nee Costolloe), died 31 July, 2021.

She was born in 1968, a daughter of Francis Costolloe, of Buxted, Sussex, and Mrs Susanna Costolloe, and married in 2003, James William Francis Stuart-Menteth (born 11 Oct, 1965), scion of the baronets of that name, son of Charles Granville Stuart-Menteth, and his wife the former Priscilla Helen Newman, by whom she had issue, two daughters, Martha and Audrey.


Monday, August 02, 2021

Carol Patricia Benita Blake [nee Pelly] 1928-2021

 Carol Patricia Benita Blake, who died 24 July, 2021, aged 93, was a scion of the Pelly baronets. She was born 9 April, 1928, daughter of Sir Harold Alwyne Pelly, 5th Baronet, MC [1893-1981], and his wife the former Caroline Earle Heywood Jones [died 1976], scion of that landed gentry family; and married 20 June, 1947, Lieutenant Commander Thomas Michael Blake, RN [who died 1984], son of Jack Blake, of Winchester, Hampshire, by whom she had issue, three daughters, Caroline, Juliet and Annabel.

A Service of Thanksgiving takes place at Warnford Church, 10 Aug, 2021.


Sunday, August 01, 2021

Broderick Giles Edward Munro-Wilson 1945-2021

 Broderick Giles Edward Munro-Wilson, who died 26 July, 2021, aged 76, was a jockey, a merchant banker, childhood friend of the Duchess of Cornwall, and later a great friend of the Prince of Wales.

The Times obituary of Mr Munro-Wilson: 'The young Prince of Wales studied a pictorial spread listing candidates to be his future wife and turned to his friend Broderick Munro-Wilson with a gloomy look. Munro-Wilson proceeded to describe the merits of each blue-blooded maid in ungallant terms. “You poor sod, I’m not sure I would go for any of these. Princess Caroline of Monaco is the only possible.” Charles nodded his agreement before turning to his fellow Cambridge undergraduate and asking jokily: “Brod, shall I go gay?”

After they had graduated from Cambridge, Munro-Wilson did at least approve of the prince’s choice of girlfriend, later mistress and finally wife, Camilla Shand. “Brod” and Camilla had been close friends since childhood when they were members of the Pony Club and rode to hounds.'

Broderick Munro-Wilson was born 18 June, 1945, son of Donald Munro Wilson and his wife the former Hilda Dartnall. He married 6 January, 1977 [div], as her first husband Carolyn Alba Magor, daughter of Richard Boycott Magor and his wife the former Janetta Alba Paynter, who was descended paternally from King Charles II and descended maternally from King William IV and his mistress Dorothea Jordan.

In his youth he was a member of the Pony Club, he graduated to hunting with the Southdown and the Crawley & Horsham, before tackling point-to-points.

He debuted as an amateur at Newbury on Schweppes Gold Trophy day, February, 1975. Riding Laroon in the Soapey Sponge Hunters' Chase, he pulled up.

A fortnight later, he was at Kempton for the Corinthian Hunters' Chase. Riding Champers Galore, he finished a gallant second.

It was a question of third time lucky for his first winner. Again aboard Champers Galore, the pair made no mistake this time when taking the Clapper Hunters' Chase at Plumpton on March 4. 

In this race, he'd ridden with his left hand in a plaster cast, something unthinkable now. He'd broken his wrist just two days earlier in a point-to-point yet insisted upon riding.

On Friday, March 7, 1980, Brod won on the first leg of a spectacular double. Riding Beeny in the Horse & Hound Grand Military Gold Cup at Sandown, Brod kept his cool as two loose horses, weaving around and seemingly intent on bringing him down, created havoc with the field. The favourite, Collars & Cuffs, came down at the fourth, throwing Major Cramsie.

Three weeks later, Coolishall was aimed at the Grand National.

Set to carry 10st 6lb, Brod - who stood over six feet -  knew that he would have to put up overweight. This he did, riding at 10st 10lb. To prevent the horse carrying further overweight, Brad chose to use a featherweight Flat race saddle.

Big mistake - jumping the third fence in atrocious conditions (the going was heavy) - the aluminium Flat race stirrups snapped, pitching Brod over Coolishall's head.

Brod always blamed himself after for not using a heavier, more sturdy, saddle even if it had meant putting up another pound overweight.

After the race, Brod and his disappointed mother returned to the fence and collected up all the bits of the broken stirrup. Brod found them a place over the mantlepiece of his London home in Little Venice.

Brod's biggest success on the track was undoubtedly his head win on The Drunken Duck over Honourable Man in the 1982 Foxhunters' at Cheltenham. The following year, riding the same horse, he won the Duke of Gloucester Trophy.

Brod was undoubtedly well connected, counting Prince Charles and Camilla among his closest friends, and it was fitting that Brod's last ever ride should be in the Prince of Wales Cup at Fakenham on 28 May 1990.

Aged 43 and with polo now taking precedence (he went on to win the European Championships) Brod decided to call it a day.

He hadn't quite finished with racing though; his Brunton Park won the Grand Military Gold Cup in 1991, giving him his biggest success as an owner.

Brod went on to become chairman of one of Europe's top remote control digital display companies.

Brod Munro-Wilson leaves two daughters, Charlotte [born 1977], and Emma [born 1979].


Diana Mary Walker 1928-2021

 Diana Mary Walker, who died 23 July, 2021, aged 93, was a descendant of the Hicks baronets, now repesented by the Hicks Beach Earls St Aldwyn.

She was born Diana Mary Nicholson, 29 May, 1928, elder daughter of Otho William Nicholson [llis 1891-1978], and his wife the former Elisabeth Bramwell. She married 12 May, 1955, Maj. Jonathan Mungo Palmes Walker [1929-2012], scion of the Walker baronets, son of Ernest Walker [1887-1970], and his wife the former Mildred Katherine Heaton-Ellis [1894-1952], scion of that landed gentry family, by whom she had issue, two sons, Timothy and Jonathan, and a daughter Juliette.

Sir Howe Hicks, 6th Bt [1722-1801]> Michael Hicks Beach [1760-1830] > William Beach [1783-1856] > Rt Hon William Beach [1826-1901] > Alice Beach [d 1935] > Otho Nicholson [1891-1978] >Diana Nicholson [1928-2021]