Thursday, August 30, 2012

Furze/Charteris marriage

The marriage took place at Stanway House, Gloucestershire, 1 September, 2012, between Mr Robertson David F. (Robbie) Furze (b 1978), son of Mr David R. Furze, by his wife the former Pamela A.L. Hardman, and the Lady Mary Charteris (b 1987), daughter of the 13th Earl of Wemyss & (8th Earl of) March, of Stanway House, Gloucestershire, by his former wife the former Catherine Ingrid Guinness, scion of the Barons Moyne.


Beale/Hazlerigg engagement

_The engagement was announced 29 Aug 2012 between Mr Paul M. Beale, second son of Mr & Mrs Michael Beale, of St Mellons, Cardiff, & Alice O. Hazlerigg (b 1987), scion of the Barons Hazlerigg (Peerage cr UK 1945; English Baronetcy cr 1622), second daughter of Simon Martival Hazlerigg (b 1945), of St Peter Port, Guernsey, by his wife the former Caroline Margaret Mary Ahlberg.


Royal chum Mary Forestier-Walker to wed Drew Collins

_The engagement was announced 30 Aug 2012 between Drew A. Collins, son of Mr & Mrs Timothy Collins, of Franklin County, New York, and Mary Sarah Forestier-Walker (b 1983), scion of the Forestier-Walker Baronets (cr UK 1835), daughter of Maj. (George) Clive Forestier-Walker (b 1946), of Chieveley, Berkshire, by his wife the former Ruth Christian Gurney, scion of that landed family and a descendant of the Ogilvy Baronets, &c.


Hon Max George Samuel Makgill

_.The Viscountess of Oxfuird (nee Ruth M. Fripp), wife of Ian Arthur Alexander Makgill, 14th Viscount of Oxfuird (b 14 Oct 1969), gave birth to a son and heir, the Hon Max George Samuel Makgill, 24 August, 2012, a brother for the Hon Eva Diana Mairo Makgill, who was b 7 September, 2010. 

The viscount is the eldest son of the late 13th Viscount of Oxfuird (Peerage of Scotland, 1651) and of Mrs Alison Campbell Jensen, of London, &  the Viscountess is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Samuel Fripp, of Bildeston, Suffolk.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Harris/Chant-Sempill engagement

_The engagement was announced 23 Aug, 2012, between Edward Harris, son of Mr & Mrs John Harris, of Dorchester, & Clementine Chant-Sempill (b 1985), scion of the Lords Sempill (Peerage of Scotland, cr 1489), daughter of the Hon Ian David Whitemore Chant-Sempill (b 2 Apr, 1951), of Sutton Veny, Wilts, by his wife the former Amanda Dallas, and granddaughter of Ann Moira Sempill, suo jure Lady Sempill, &c.


Cockcroft/Morris-Eyton engagement

_The engagement was announced 22 Aug 2012 between Stephen Cockcroft, son of Mr John Cockcroft, of Knottingley, Yorks, and Mrs Jane Cockcroft, of Darrington, Yorks, & Isobel Rosemary Morris-Eyton (b 24 November, 1989), daughter of Martin Robert Morris-Eyton (b 22 January, 1962), of Whicham, Cumbria, by his wife the former Rowena Gordon-Duff-Pennington (b 1 Oct, 1963), scion of the Gordon-Duff landed family, &c.


Elliott / Stopford Sackville engagement

_The engagement was announced 22 Aug 2012, between Nico J.C. Elliott, yr son of Sir Clive Christopher Hugh Elliott, 4th Baronet (b 12 Aug 1945), of South Leigh, Oxford, and Lady Elliott & Camilla Ann Stopford Sackville (b 1981), scion of the Earls of Courtown, dau of Lionel Geoffrey Stopford Sackville (b 4 Nov 1932), of Drayton, Northamptonshire, by his wife the former Hon (Mary) Teresa Pearson (b 1940), now the Hon Teresa Stopford Sackville, of Idbury, Oxon, scion of the Viscounts Cowdray.


Hon John George Lambton (1932-2012)

_The Hon John George Lambton, who died at West Marden, 21 August, 2012, aged 80, was a a scion of the Earls of Durham (Peerage of the UK, cr 1833). He was born 10 June, 1932, a son of John Frederick Lambton, 5th Earl of Durham (1884-1970), by his second wife, the former Hermione Bullough (1906-1990), scion of the Bullough Baronets (Bt, cr 1916, extinct 1939), dau of Sir George Bullough, 1st Baronet, by his wife Monica Lilly, dau of the 4th Marquis de la Pasture, &c.

The Hon John George Lambton was unmarried.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Molly Elizabeth Jane Trotter

_.The Lady Louisa Jane Therese Trotter (nee Montagu Douglas Scott), scion of the Dukes Buccleuch & Queensberry, and wife of Rupert Trotter (b 1977), gave birth to a daughter, Molly Elizabeth Jane, 20 August, 2012.

Lady Louisa (b 1982), is the eldest daughter of the 10th Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry (b 14 Feb 1954), by his wife the former Lady Elizabeth Frances Marian Kerr, sister of the Marquess of Lothian; and Rupert Trotter is a son of Alexander Trotter 14th of Mortonhall and 5th of Charterhall (b 1939), of Charterhall, Duns, by his wife the former Julia Henrietta Greenwell, scion of the Greenwell Baronets, &c.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lawson Johnston/ More-Molyneux engagement

_The engagement was announced 22 Aug 2012 between Samuel Lawson Johnston (b 1982), scion of the Barons Luke (Baron, cr 1929 UK), son of the Hon Philip Richard Lawson Johnston (b 1950), of Oxford, by his wife the former Saskia Moyne Andrews & Miss Katrina More-Molyneux (b 1983), scion of that landed family, daughter of Michael George More-Molyneux, of Loseley Park, Guildford, by his wife the former Sarah Westmacott.


Hepburne Scott / Robbins engagement

_The engagement was announced 22 Aug 2012 between George James Hepburne Scott (b 1983), scion of the Lords Polwarth (Peerage of Scotland cr 1690), son of James Patrick Hepburne Scott (b 1947) of Lauder, Berwickshire, by his wife the former Christian Diana Surtees, & Dr Kelly M. Robbins, dau of Mr & Mrs Alan Robbins, of Crieff, Perthshire.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hurley/Abel Smith engagement

_The engagement was announced in Aug 2012 between Jonathan M.F. Hurley, yr son of Mr George Hurley, St Minver, Cornwall, and Mrs Richard Smith, of Wethersfield, Essex, & Helen Isobel Katherine Abel Smith (b 18 Aug 1976), scion of the landed family of Smith of Longhills, & kinswoman of HM The Queen, daughter of John Lawrence Abel Smith (b 9 Apr 1934), of Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire, by his wife the former Caroline Bartlam, OBE.

Maitland-Makgill-Crichton/Kelly engagement

_The engagement was announced 21 Aug 2012, between Thomas Maitland-Makgill-Crichton, scion of the Earls of Lauderdale (Peerage of Scotland cr 1624), son of Lt-Col. A.J. Maitland-Makgill-Crichton, of Whittinghame, East Lothian, and Mrs Karrie Maitland-Makgill-Crichton, & Alice Beatrice N. Kelly (b 1985), daughter of Dominic Noel Charles Miles David Kelly (b 1953), of Smarden, Kent, by his wife the former Miranda Macklin.

The bride-to-be is a granddaughter of Bernard Kelly by his wife the former Lady Mirabel Magdalene Fitzalan Howard, sister of the 17th Duke of Norfolk, KG, &c.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Amy Athena Innes

Lady Innes (nee Sarah Jones), wiife of Sir Alastair Charles Deverell Innes, 13th Baronet,  (Baronetcy cr 1686, NS), b 17 Sept, 1970, gave birth to a daughter, Amy Athena, 9 Aug 2012, a sister for Lucy Isla.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elphinstone/Smith engagement

_The engagement was announced in August 2012 between the Hon Angus John Elphinstone (b 1982), scion of the Lords Elphinstone (Peerage of Scotland, cr 1509/10), second son of the late 18th Lord Elphinstone (1953-94), by his wife the former Willa Mary Gabriel Chetwode (b 1984) scion of the Barons Chetwode (cr UK 1945), now the Dowager Lady Elphinstone, of Tyninghame, East Lothian, & Miss Isobel L. Smith, daughter of Mr Michael Smith, of Savannah, Georgia, USA, and Mrs Donald Gilbert, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Constance Mary Beckett (c1909-2012)

_(Constance) Mary Beckett (nee Cavenagh-Mainwaring), who died 13 August, 2012, at Winchester, aged 102, was a scion of the Cavenagh-Mainwaring landed family of Whitmore & Biddulph; she was the younger daughter of James Gordon Cavenagh-Mainwaring (1865-1938), of Whitmore Hall, Whitmore, Staffordshire, by his wife the former Evelyn Dutton Green (d 1963); married 5 Dec, 1936, Lt-Col Maurice Beckett, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (who d. 2 Nov, 1949), by whom she had 2 daughters, Veronica and Diana.


Baron Morris of Manchester (1928-2012)

The Baron Morris of Manchester, life peer, champion for the disabled, died 12 August, 2012.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Robert Lacey weds Lady Jane Rayne

_The marriage has taken place between Robert Lacey (b 3 Jan 1944), author and broadcaster, and the Lady Jane Antonia Frances Rayne (b 11 Aug 1932), Maid of Honour to HM The Queen at the Coronation, June, 1953; widow of the Baron Rayne (life Peer), and daughter of the late 8th Marquess of Londonderry (1902-55), by his wife the former Romaine Combe (1905-51).


Christine Joan Villiers

Christine Joan Villiers (nee Lambert), who died at Wellington, Somerset, 11 August, 2012, was the widow of Edmund Rollo Stanley Villiers (1909-1960), scion of the Earls of Clarendon (Peerage of GB, cr 1766).. She was a daughter of Commander Walter Odwin Hutton Lambert, and married Cdr Villiers, as his second wife, 31 July, 1957. He died 30 Apr 1960, aged 50.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sir Neil Welbourn Jephcott, 3rd Baronet (1929-2012)

_Sir Neil Welbourn Jephcott, 3rd Baronet (cr UK 1962), died at East Portlemouth, 12 August, 2012, aged 83. He was born 3 June 1929, a son of Sir Harry Jephcott, 1st Baronet (who died 1978); educated at Aldenham & Emmanuel College, Cambridge; succeeded to the baronet on the death of his elder brother, Sir (John) Anthony Jephcott, 7 August, 2003; married 1stly 1951, Mary Denise Muddiman, who died 1977, by whom he had 2 sons; married 2ndly, 1978, Mary Florence Daly. The baronetcy passes to his elder son, David Welbourn Jephcott, who was b 1952.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Maj Sir Anthony John Ernest Tritton, 4th Baronet (1927-2012)

_.Maj Sir Anthony John Ernest Tritton, 4th Baronet (cr UK, 1905), died 9 August, 2012. He was 85.

He was born 4 March, 1927, son of Sir Geoffrey Ernest Tritton, CBE, 3rd Bartonet, whom he succeeded in 1976; educated at Eton; Maj (ret) The Queen's Own Hussars; married 1957, Diana, daughter of the late reat-Admiral St John Aldrich Micklethwait, CB, DSO (descended from the Welby Baronets); by whom he had issue, a son and a daughter. The baronetcy  passes to his son, Jeremy Ernest Tritton, born 6 Oct, 1961.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Cawdron/Lindsay engagement

_.The engagement was announced in Aug 2012 between Mr Richard Cawdron, son of Mr & Mrs John Cawdron, of Repton, Derbyshire, & Miss Lucia Linda Lindsay (b 1974), only daughter of the late Sir Ronald Alexander Lindsay of Dowhill, 2nd Baronet (cr UK, 1962), by his wife the former Nicoletta Storich.


Humfrey/Nixey engagement

_.The engagement was announced in August, 2012, between Mr Charles Hamish Lowndes French Humfrey, son of Mr Charles Humfrey, of London, by his former wife the former Lady Emma Mary Helena French (b 1958) now Lady Emma Chanter, of Huish Champflower, Somerset, & Aemilia Jane Nixey, dau of Mr & Mrs Graham Nixey, of Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire.

Charles Humfrey is a grandson maternally of the 3rd (and last) Earl of Ypres (1921-88).


Thursday, August 09, 2012

Capt Michael Montagu George Naylor-Leyland, MC (1926-2012)

_Capt Michael Montagu George Naylor-Leyland, MC, late the Life Guards, who died 8 August, 2012, aged 86, was a scion of the Naylor-Leyland Baronets (cr UK, 1895). He was born in 1926, a son of Sir Albert Edward Herbert Naylor-Leyland, 2nd Baronet; and was a brother of the 3rd Baronet and uncle of the 4th Baronet; he married in 1953, Jacqueline Marie Francoise, dau of Maj. Ides Floor, DSO, MBE, by whom he had issue, a son and 2 daughters (1 dau deceased).


Legge/Brabazon engagement

_The engagement was announced 8 Aug 2012, between Andrew William Legge, son of Dr & Mrs David Legge, of Rossy, Co Letrim & Cape Town, South Africa, & the Lady Serena Alexandra Brabazon (b 23 Feb 1979), younger daughter of the 15th Earl of Meath (b 11 May, 1941), of Bray, Co Wicklow, by his wife the former Xenia Goudime.


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer

_The Countess Spencer (nee Karen Villeneuve), wife of Charles Edward Maurice Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer (b 20 May, 1964), gave birth to a daughter, Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer, 30 July, 2012, a half sister for Louis, Viscount Althorp, the Hon Edmund Spencer, the Ladies Kitty, Katya, Eliza and Lara Spencer and 2 Gordon half-sisters from Lady Spencer's previous marriage to Mark Gordon.

The infant is a first cousin for HRH The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry of Wales.


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

4th Viscount Hambleden (1930-2012)

_The 4th Viscount Hambleden, died 2 August, 2012, at Reno, Nevada. He was 82. He was born William Herbert Smith, 2 April, 1930, son of the 3rd Viscount Hambleden (1903-48) by his wife the former Lady Patrici Herbert, DCVO (1904-94), sometime Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, daughter of the 15th Earl of Pembroke; he married in 1955 (div 1988), Countess Maria Carmela Attolico di Adelfia, by whom he had five sons; married secondly, 1988, Mrs Lesley Watson. The peerage (cr UK, 1891), now devolves upon his Lordship's eldest son, the Hon (William) Henry Bernard Smith, who was b 18 Nov, 1955.


Monday, August 06, 2012

Hon Christopher Alan Lennox-Boyd (1941-2012)

_The Hon Christopher Alan Lennox-Boyd, who died 3 August, 2012, at St Mary's Hosp, Paddington, aged 71, was a younger son of Alan Lennox-Boyd, 1st Viscount Boyd of Merton, CH, PC (1904-83), by his wife the former Lady Patricia Florence Susan Guinness, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Iveagh. He was b 22 July, 1941, and was unm.


Friday, August 03, 2012

John/Wake-Walker engagement

_The engagement was announced 3 Aug, 2012, between Alexander T. John, son of Mr & Mrs Trevor John, of Bath, and Kate Louise Wake-Walker (b 1982), kinswoman of the Princes William & Harry of Wales, descended from the Earls Spencer, daughter of Richard Anthony Wake-Walker (b 25 July, 1951), of London, by his wife the former Sharon Pamela Little.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

11th Baron Carbery (1920-2012)

The Baron Carbery, who died 28 July, 2012, aged 92, was 11th Baron in the Peerage of Ireland (cr 1715). He was born Peter Ralfe Harrington Evans-Freke, 20 March, 1920, son of Maj the Hon Ralfe Evans-Freke, MBE, by his wife the former Vera Harrington-Moore, and was a nephew of the10th Baron.

He succeeded his uncle in the peerage and baronetcy, 25 Dec, 1970; married 1941, Joyzelle Mary, daughter of Herbert Binnie, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, by whom he had issue, 3 sons and 2 daughters.

The family honours devolve upon his eldest son, the Hon Michael Peter Evans-Freke, who was born 11 Oct, 1942.


Hon Arthur Somerset (1960-2012)

The Hon Arthur Somerset, who died suddenly 25 July, 2012, aged 52, was the only son and heir of the 6th Baron Raglan (Peerage of the UK, cr 1852). He was born 27 April, 1960, son of Geoffrey Somerset, who succeeded his brother in the family honours, 24 Jan 2010; married 2001, Tanya, dau of Roger Broome, of Chessington, Surrey, by whom he had issue, Iggy, Ivo, and Oona-Vita.

The heir to the peerage is Iggy FitzRoy Somerset, born in 2004    (?)


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Nicholson/MacManus engagement

_The engagement was announced 1 Aug 2012 between Edward Nicholson, son of Mr James Nicholson and Mrs Sally Nicholson, of Kirtlington, Oxfordshire, & Emily Fiona MacManus (b 1983), a great-granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill, daughter of Mr James N.M. MacManus, of London, by his former wife the Hon Emma Mary Soames (b 9 Sept, 1949), a dau of the late Baron Soames (life peer) by his wife the former Mary Spencer-Churchill (Baroness Soames, LG, b 15 Sept 1922), only surviving child of Sir Winston Churchill, KG.