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Saturday, July 04, 2020

Rizzo/Dent engagement

_. The engagement was announced 4 July, 2020, between Dominic G. Rizzo, son of Mr & Mrs Joseph Rizzo, of New Jersey, United States, and Iona Katherine Dent [born 1991], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Andrew Congreve Dent, of Oxfordshire, by his wife the Lady Rosanagh Elizabeth Angela Mary Taylour [born 20 January, 1961], daughter of the late 6th Marquis of Headfort [1932-2005], by his wife the Hon Elizabeth Angela Veronica Nall-Cain [1938-2017], daughter of the 2nd Baron Brocket [1904-67]. 


Micklem/Godwin engagement

_. The engagement was announced 4 July, 2020, between Henry James Micklem [born 21 Oct, 1993], yr son of Alexander David Robert Micklem [born 11 March, 1965], of Great Waltham, Essex, by his wife the former Jennifer Jane Healy, & Lauren O. Godwin, yst daughter of Mr & Mrs David Godwin, of Plazac, France.

Henry Micklem is a grandson of David Robert Micklem, who married 14 Apr, 1956, Sarah Caroline Georgiana Milburn [born 11 Apr, 1935], scion of the Milburn baronets, daughter of Archibald William Milburn [1887-1965], by his wife the former Eleanor Lilias Tufnell [1898-1983], scion of that landed gentry family.


Oscar Francis Geoffrey Byng [born 2020]

_. Claire Byng, wife of Maximilian Rupert Stuart Byng [born 1989], gave birth to a son, Oscar Francis Geoffrey, 26 June, 2020.

Maximilian Byng is a son of Francis John Stuart Byng [b 19 Feb, 1956], by his wife the former Caroline Margaret Stevenson, and is a grandson of Leonard Harold Robert Byng [1920-74], by his wife the former Lady Mary Anne Stuart [born 23 June, 1926], daughter of the 18th Earl of Moray [1892-1943]/


Thursday, July 02, 2020

Rendall/Barrow engagement

_. The engagement was announced 2 July, 2020, between Maximilian Vereker Rendall [born 1990], eldest son of Mr John Rendall, of Chelsea, by his wife the former Melanie S. Palmer, & Tallulah Lucy C. Barrow [born 1989], yst daughter of Mr James J. Barrow, of West Woodhay, Berkshire, by his wife the former Lucinda Anne [Lucy] Macfarlane, now of Notting Hill.

Tallulah [or Tallula?]'s mother, Lucy Macfarlane married James Barrow in 1979. The marriage ended in divorce. She married secondly, in 2008 [div 2018], as his third wife Robin Charles Smith-Ryland [born 19 Oct, 1953], scion of that landed family, and nephew of the 3rd Baron Cranworth [born 24 May, 1940].


The Marquis of Headfort to marry Victoria Chapman

_. The engagement was announced 2 July, 2020, between [Thomas Michael Ronald] Christopher [Christo] Taylour, 7th Marquis of Headfort [born 10 February, 1959], of Swinbrook, Oxfordshire, son of the late 6th Marquis of Headfort [1932-2005], by his first wife the Hon Elizabeth Angela Veronica Rose Nall-Cain [1938-2017], daughter of the 2nd Baron Brocket [1904-67], & Ms Victoria Chapman, of Chelsea. The marriage will take place in the summer.

The Marquis succeeded his father, 21 Oct, 2005, as 7th Marquis [cr Peerage of Ireland, 1800], Earl of Bective [Peerage of Ireland], Viscount and Baron Headfort [both in the Peerage of Ireland], Baron Kenlis [in the Peerage of the UK], and a  Baronet.

It will be the Marquis of Headfort's second marriage. He married firstly 17 Oct, 1987, Susan Jane Vandervell, who died 6 July, 2008.

The Marquis is the father of two sons and two daughters from his first marriage.


Albert Miles Montgomery [born 2020]

_. Katharine Westenra [Kate] Montgomery [nee Miles, born 1985], wife of Lawrence M. Montgomery, gave birth to a son, Albert Miles, 23 June, 2020.

Lawrence is a son of Mr Gordon Montgomery, of Bristol, and Mrs Michelle Montgomery, of Notgrove, Gloucestershire.

Kate Montgomery is descended from the Barons Rossmore, daughter of Richard Christopher Miles [born 1955], of Jersey, Channel Islands, by his wife the former Sarah Dawson.


Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Carr/Spooner engagement

_. The engagement was announced 1 July, 2020, betweem Alexander J. Carr, youngest son of Mr David Carr, of Scoulton, Norfolk, and Mrs Shirley Carr, of Norwich, & Elizabeth Sackville Spooner [born 1990], daughter of Richard Hamilton Spooner [born 1952], of Hedgerley, Buckinghamshire, by his wife the former Susan Elizabeth Ann Rowntree.

Elizabeth Spooner is a direct descendant of the 1st Viscount Boyne.


Roger Dossey Bramley 1946-2020

_. Roger Dossey Bramley, stockbroker, bon viveur, and territorial army stalwart, died 3 June, 2020, aged 74.

In the early 1980s, his was one of the best known faces in the country. But he was entirely unmoved by his fame – inadvertently achieved because a photo of him appeared on the cover of the Sloane Ranger Handbook, alongside that of the Princess of Wales. The book, anatomising the ‘Sloane’ upper middle classes, became a bestseller.

He was born 25 February, 1946, son of Richard Bramley, by his wife the former Joyce Dempster; and married 1988, Celestine Victoria Bridgeman [born 5 March, 1966], scion of the Earls of Bradford, descended from the 2nd Earl, daughter of Richard Lynedoch Orlando Bridgeman [1931-1982], by his wife the former Romayne Georgette Ord Capper [died 1985], by whom he had issue, a son, Edward Orlando, born 28 July, 1995, and a daughter, Cressida Romayne, born 1994.


Marlowe Paris Guinness [born 2020]

_. Hannah Rose Guinness [nee Weiland, born 1990], wife of Arthur Paris Guinness [born 1991], scion of the Barons Moyne, has given birth to a son, Marlowe Paris.

Arthur, who runs a Wiltshire cheese farm, is a son of the Hon Erskine Stuart Richard Guinness [born 1953], of Fosbury, Wiltshire, by his wife the former Louise Mary Elizabeth Dillon-Malone, and is a grandson of the 2nd Baron Moyne.

Hannah Guinness is a fashion designer, who founded Kate Moss’s favourite faux fur label, Shrimps.
She is a daughter of film director, Paul Weiland, OBE [born 1953], of Bradford on Avon, by his wife, the former Caroline Ames.


Colonel Patrick Thomas Salvin Bowlby 1931-2020

 _. Colonel Patrick Thomas Salvin Bowlby, who died 27 June, 2020, aged 88, was head of the landed gentry family of Culverthorpe Hall.

He was born 31 August, 1931, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Edward Salvin Bowlby, MC [1904-1983], by his first wife the former Joan Catherine Trotter [1903-58], scion of that landed gentry family, of Mortonhall.

He married 23 September, 1961, Sara Norina Marie Stewart-Clark [born 25 Apr, 1932], daughter of Sir Stewart Stewart-Clark, 2nd Baronet [1904-71], by his wife the former Jane Pamela Clarke [1903-1993], and by her had two sons, Anthony and Michael, and a daughter, Karina-Jane. The elder son, Anthony Adrian Francis Salvin Bowlby, born 18 July, 1962, succeeds as head of the family.


Hugo Cordle to wed Maddie Chesterton

_. The engagement was announced 1 July, 2020, between Hugo Andrew Cordle [born March, 1995], middle son of Rupert Alister Peter John Cordle [born 14 May, 1959], of London, by his wife the former Camilla Ann Wigram [born 3 Dec, 1966] [Mrs Camilla Cordle, of Newbury, Berkshire], and Madelaine Emily Chesterton [born 1986], eldest daughter of Christopher Chesterton, of South Newington, Oxfordshire, by his wife, the former Lita Calder.

Hugo Cordle is descended from the Barons Bethell. His grandfather, the late John Howard Cordle [1912-2004], sometime MP for Bournemouth East and Christchurch, married Venetia Maynard, descended from the Viscounts Powerscourt.

Hugo's aunt, the former Marina Cordle [born 6 May, 1960], is Viscountess Cowdray, wife of the 4th Viscount [born 17 June, 1944].

Maddie Chesterton, is owner and founder of luxury fashion and lifestyle boutique, Baar & Bass.


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Guinness/von Haselberg marriage

_. The marriage took place 6 June, 2020, in Milbrook, New York, between Harry J.N. Guinness, younger son of Timothy Whitmore Newton Guinness [born 20 June, 1947], scion of the merchant banking arm of the Guinness brewing dynasty, by his wife the former Beverly Anne Mills, & Sophie Frederica Alohilani von Haselberg [born 14 Nov, 1986], the actress, daughter of Martin Rochus Sebastian von Haselberg [born 20 Jan 1949], of New York City, by his wife the actress Bette Midler [b 1 Dec, 1945].


Monday, June 29, 2020

Dame Ingrid Mary Roscoe, DCVO 1944-2020

_. Dame Ingrid Mary Roscoe, DCVO, who died 28 June, 2020, aged 76, was Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire 2004-2018.

She was born 27 May, 1944, daughter of Arthur Allen and his wife, Else Markenstam. Her father died in her childhood and her mother subsequently married Brigadier Kenneth Hargreaves, CBE [1903-90], Lord Lieutenant of the West Riding 1970-74, and of West Yorkshire, 1974-78, who adopted Ingrid. Her mother died in 1968, and the following year Brig Hargreaves married the Hon Margaret Lane Fox, scion of the family of Bramham Park, daughter of the 1st and last Lord Bingley.

She was appointed DCVO in the Queen's Birthday Honours, in June, 2017.

She married 5 Oct, 1963, John Richard Marshall Roscoe, of North Deighton Manor, Wetherby, by whom she had issue, three children, Nick, Emma and Katie.


Sunday, June 28, 2020

Paul Goudime 1937-2020

_. Paul Goudime died 27 June, 2020. He was 83.

He was born in 1927, son of Paul Goudime-Levkovitsch [1910-1984], by his wife the former Sheila Violet McNeill [1908-86], scion of the MacNeills of Colonsay, and was a great-grandson of Sir Oswald Mosley, 4th Baronet [1848-1915]. His sister, Xenia, married the 15th Earl of Meath.

He was also a descendant of the Dukes of Marlborough. His great-grandmother was Lady Clementine Spencer-Churchill [1848-86].

 He married in 1963, Elizabeth Susan [Susie] Heywood [born 1941], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of [Richard] Peter Heywood, by his wife the former Ruth Evelyn Barclay [1911-2008], scion of the Barclays of Higham, &c. He was a 6th cousin of HM The Queen, a Mosley descendant via her mother.

Paul Goudime leaves two children, a son, Michael and a daughter, Louise.


Robin Gerard d'Abo 1939-2020

_. Robin Gerard d'Abo, stockbroker, late the Coldstream Guards, who died 27 June, 2020, aged 81, was head of that landed gentry family, of West Wratting Park.

He was born 12 April, 1939, the eldest son of Robert Erland Nicolai a'Abo [1911-70], by his first wife the former Mary Elisabeth Graham-Clarke [later Lady Cooper, died 1999], scion of the Graham-Clarke landed gentry family. His father's second wife, from 1951, was Lady Ursula Manners, daughter of the 9th Duke of Rutland.

Robin d'Abo married firstly, 10 Nov, 1964, Anne Clare Davie, daughter of Maj John Edward Jocelyn Davie [1910-98], scion of the Davie-Thornhill landed gentry family. He married secondly, 1976 [div 1987], Mrs Jennifer Mary Victoria Cadbury [1945-2003], former wife of Peter Egbert Cadbury [1918-2006], and daughter of Maj Michael Hammond-Maude, by his first wife the former Rosamond Patrick. He married 3rdly, 1987, Meriel J. Hamilton. He married 4thly, in 2010, Mrs Patricia Anne Tippett [nee Hall].

He is survived by his fourth wife Trish, and a daughter from his first marriage, Zara [born 1966], and a son, also from the first marriage, John Gerard N. d'Abo [born 1968].


Robin Alfred Wellesley 1928-2020

_. Robin Alfred Wellesley, who died 27 June, 2020, aged 92, was a scion of the Gilbey baronets, descended from a brother of the 1st baronet.

He was born 23 June, 1928, as Robin Alfred Gilbey, son of Quintin Holland Gilbey [1899-1979], by his first wife, the former Elizabeth Thornton-Ball [1909-81]. The marriage of his parents ended in divorce and his mother married secondly, 15 Oct, 1931, Capt Gerald Valerian Wellesley, MC [1885-1961], scion of the Earls of Cowley and kinsman of the Dukes of Wellington. Subsequently, in 1937, Robin Gilbey assumed by deed poll, his step-father's surname, Wellesley.

He married 7 March, 1953, Marianne McDonald [died 2016], daughter of John McDonald, by whom he had issue, a son, Gerald, born in 1958, and two daughters, Diana [born 1954], and Laura [born 1956]. The younger daughter married in 1981, the Hon Francis Pym [born 21 Sept, 1952], son of the life peer, the Baron Pym, PC [1922-2008], former Foreign Secretary, &c.


Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Baroness Maddock 1945-2020

_. The Baroness Maddock, who died 26 June, 2020, aged 75, was the former Diana Maddock, Liberal Democrat MP for Christchurch, July 1993-1997.

Diana Mary Derbyshire was born 19 May, 1945, daughter of Reginald Derbyshire and Margaret Evans; married 1966, Robert Frank Maddock, by whom she had two daughters; married secondly, 2001, the Rt Hon Alan Beith, Baron Beith [born 20 Apr, 1943], sometime Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems and MP for Berwick upon Tweed.

Diana Maddock was created a life peer as Baroness Maddock, of Christchurch in the County of Dorset, in 1997, and served as the Lib Dem spokesman on Housing in the Lords.

She is survived by Lord Beith and by her two daughters.


Sir John Raymond Perring, 2nd Baronet 1931-2020

_. Sir John Perring, 2nd Baronet, died 21 June, 2020. He was 88.

John Raymond Perring was born 7 July, 1931, son of Sir Ralph Edgar Perring, 1st Baronet [1905-98], Lord Mayor of London 1962-63, by his wife the former Ethel Mary Johnson [died 1991].

The first baronet was the holder of one of the last baronetcies to be created, in 1963, at the end of his term of office as Lord Mayor.

John Perring succeeded to his father's baronetcy, 28 June, 1998. He married 21 July, 1961, Ella Christine Pelham [born 20 July, 1940], scion of the Earls of Chichester, daughter of Maj Anthony George Pelham [1911-69], by his wife the former Ann Margaret Bergengren [died 1990], and by her had issue.

Sir John's eldest son, John Simon Pelham Perring, born 20 July, 1962, now succeeds to the baronetcy.


Sir Charles Theodore Gunning, 9th Baronet 1935-2020

_. Sir Charles Gunning, 9th Baronet, died 1 June, 2020. He was 84.

He was born 19 June, 1935, son of Sir Robert Charles Gunning, 8th Baronet [1901-89], by his wife the former Helen Nancy [known as Ann] Hallett; and succeeded to the baronetcy [created, GB, 1778] on his father's death, 7 Dec, 1989.

Married firstly, 1969 [div 1982], Sarah Eaton, daughter of Colonel Patrick Arthur Eaton; married secondly, 1989, Linda, daughter of Theodore Kachmar.

Sir Charles, who lived in Ottawa, Canada, leaves one daughter, Caroline Anne, who was born in 1971. The baronetcy now passes to his younger brother, John Robert Gunning [born 17 Sept, 1944].


Ribaroff/Mostyn-Owen engagement

_. The engagement was announced 27 June, 2020, between Dr George A. Ribaroff, eldest son of Alexander and Denise Ribaroff, of St George's, Bermuda, & Gemma Clare Mostyn-Owen [born 1992], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Owen William Luxardo Mostyn-Owen [born 1961], by his wife the former Candida Zoe Pryce-Jones [born 1963], a granddaughter of the life peer, Baron Caccia [1905-90].

The bride-to-be is a niece of Allegra Mostyn-Owen, first wife of the Rt Hon Boris Johnson, Prime Minister.


Robert [Robin] Fleming, CBE, DL 1932-2020

_. Robert [Robin] Fleming, who died 26 June, 2020, aged 87, was Chairman, Robert Fleming Holdings 1990-97, scion of the Flemings of Nettlebed, the landed gentry family.

He was born 18 Sept, 1932, son of Maj. Philip Fleming [1889-1971], by his wife the former Joan Cecil Hunloke [1901-1991], and was a cousin of the James Bond creator, Ian Fleming.

Robin's mother was descended from Lady Sophia FitzClarence [1795-1837], the illegitimate daughter of King William IV and the actress Dorothea Bland [known as 'Mrs Jordan'].

Robin Fleming served in the Royal Scots Greys, and joined the family merchant bank, Robert Fleming Holdings, in 1958. He served as High Sheriff of Oxfordshire in 1980, and was appointed a deputy lieutenant of the county a decade later.

His homes were at Steeple Barton near Bicester, and Black Mount, Bridge of Orchy, Argyll.

He married 28 April, 1962, Victoria Margaret Aykroyd [born 1 Apr, 1939], scion of the Aykroyd baronets, daughter of Frederic Howard Aykroyd [1907-78], by his wife the former Ruth Joan Oldfield [died 1992].

He is survived by his wife, and by three children, Philip [born 1965], Rory [born 1968], and Joanna [born 1963].

His son Rory was married to Baroness Caroline Elizabeth Ada Iuel-Brockdorff, a relative of the Danish royal family.


James Andrew Fairbairn 1967-2020

_. James Andrew Fairbairn, who died 26 June, 2020, aged 52, was a scion of the Fairbairn baronets.

He was born 20  Oct, 1967, son of William Andrew Fairbairn [1934-2019], by his former wife the former Elspeth Alison Hally.

James Fairbairn was a grandson of Sir William Albert Fairbairn, 5th Baronet [1902-1972].

He married in 1994, Samantha Jane Harwicke, daughter of David Harwicke, by whom he had three daughters, Maddie, Beatrice and Molly.


Finley Thomas Marriott [born 2020]

_. Sarah Margaret Marriott [nee Usborne, born 1985], wife of Philip Marriott, gave birth to a son, Finley Thomas, 26 June, 2020.

Philip is the eldest son of Mr & Mrs Andrew Marriott, of Packington, Leicestershire, and Sarah is the youngest daughter of Major [John] Edward Usborne [born 18 July, 1954], descended from the Trevelyan baronets, of Tomatin, Inverness-shire, by his wife the late Diana Glynne-Percy [died 2015].


Carlota Isabel Cowper-Coles [born 2020]

_. Carmen Cowper-Coles [née Hazas González], wife of James Cowper-Coles, scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a daughter, Carlota Isabel, in Madrid, 23 June, 2020, a sister for Carmen Lucia, who was born 21 Sept, 2018.

James is a son of Mr and Mrs John Cowper-Coles, of West Meon, Hampshire, and Carmen is the eldest daughter of Señor and Señora Javier Hazas González, of Madrid.