Thursday, August 05, 2021

Xander Wylye Pakenham Poulton [born 2021]

 Alexandra Clio Pakenham [born 1981], scion of the Earls of Longford, wife of Nicholas Poulton, gave birth to a son, Xander Wylye Pakenham, 25 July, 2021, at Salisbury, a brother for Finley Gray.

Alexandra is a daughter of the Hon Sir Michael Aidan Pakenham, KBE, CMG [born 3 Nov, 1943], of Notting Hill, London, and his wife the former Meta Landreth Doak.

Nicholas is a son of Mr Alan Poulton, of Jacksonville, Florida, and of Mrs Jane Poulton, of East Worldham, Hampshire.

The 7th Earl of Longford, KG [1905-2001] > Hon Sir Michael Pakenham [b 1943] > Alexandra Pakebham [b 1981] > Xander Poulton [b 2021]


Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Dawn Mary Kathleen Methuen 1930-2021

 Dawn Mary Kathleen Methuen [nee Dalrymple], who died 1 August, 2021, aged 91, was a scion of the Earls of Stair.

She was born 9 January, 1930, daughter of Major Walter Grey North Hamilton Dalrymple [1896-1969], and his wife the former Melisande Germaine Violet Craigie Hunter [1900-1969], daughter of Robert Hunter; and married 12 Apr, 1956, Peter Humphrey Methuen [who died 2000], son of Lieutenant-Col. Lionel Methuen, MC, by whom she had a son, Piers Harry North Methuen [born 14 Sept, 1966].

Burial at Benrig Cemetery, St Boswells, 16 August, 2021. 

9th Earl of Stair [1776-1864] > Hon George Dalrymple [1832-1900] > George North Dalrymple [1856-1912] > Maj Walter Hamilton Dalrymple [1896-1969] > Dawn Dalrymple [1930-2021]


Merlin James Alexander Maclaren [born 2021]

 Isabelle Maclaren [nee Bromage], wife of Louis James Douglas Maclaren [born 1984], of the Scots Guards, scion of the Scots landed family, Maclaren of Maclaren, gave birth to a son, Merlin James Alexander, 30 July, 2021.

Louis Maclaren is the third son of The MacLaren of MacLaren, Chief of the Clan MacLaren, and Madam MacLaren [nee Maida Jane Aitchison]

Isabelle is the younger daughter of Mr & Mrs David Bromage, of Gretton. 


Daisy Aline Anna Holbech [born 2021]

The Hon Harriet Frances Holbech [nee Colville, born 1987], wife of Alexander David Frederick Holbech [born 1987], scion of that landed family, gave birth to a daughter, Daisy Aline Anna, 21 July, 2021.

Harriet Holbech is the younger daughter of the 3rd Baron Clydesmuir [born 8 Apr,1949], of Biggar, Lanarkshire, by his wife the former Aline Frances Merriam [born 1951], descended from the Marquesses of Ailsa.

Alexander Holbech is the son of David Ronald Leigh Holbech [born 1951], of Caynham, Shropshire, by his wife the former Adriana E. Sharpe.


Tuesday, August 03, 2021

The Baron Smith of Leigh 1945-2021

 Lord Smith of Leigh, a Labour life peer, died 2 August, 2021. He was 76.

Peter Richard Charles Smith was born 24 July 1945, and  was educated at Bolton School before going up to the London School of Economics where he graduated in economics.

Lord Smith of Leigh had been a member of Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council since 1978 and was Chairman of its Finance Committee from 1982 to 1991; from 1991 to 2018, he served as Leader of the Council. Created a Life Peer on 5 August 1999 as Baron Smith of Leigh, of Wigan in the County of Greater Manchester, since 2005 he has been Treasurer of the Rugby League Group and, since 2006, Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party's Departmental Committee for Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. He is currently the Chairman of Local Government Leadership, a body seeking to develop leadership skills in local government. He was Chair of The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) from 2000–present, he chaired the successor Greater Manchester Combined Authority from its creation in 2011 until the appointment of the interim Mayor in 2015.

Lord Smith of Leigh was married with one daughter, the artist Anna F C Smith. 


Monday, August 02, 2021

Carol Patricia Benita Blake [nee Pelly] 1928-2021

 Carol Patricia Benita Blake, who died 24 July, 2021, aged 93, was a scion of the Pelly baronets. She was born 9 April, 1928, daughter of Sir Harold Alwyne Pelly, 5th Baronet, MC [1893-1981], and his wife the former Caroline Earle Heywood Jones [died 1976], scion of that landed gentry family; and married 20 June, 1947, Lieutenant Commander Thomas Michael Blake, RN [who died 1984], son of Jack Blake, of Winchester, Hampshire, by whom she had issue, three daughters, Caroline, Juliet and Annabel.

A Service of Thanksgiving takes place at Warnford Church, 10 Aug, 2021.


Sunday, August 01, 2021

Broderick Giles Edward Munro-Wilson 1945-2021

 Broderick Giles Edward Munro-Wilson, who died 26 July, 2021, aged 76, was a jockey, a merchant banker, childhood friend of the Duchess of Cornwall, and later a great friend of the Prince of Wales.

The Times obituary of Mr Munro-Wilson: 'The young Prince of Wales studied a pictorial spread listing candidates to be his future wife and turned to his friend Broderick Munro-Wilson with a gloomy look. Munro-Wilson proceeded to describe the merits of each blue-blooded maid in ungallant terms. “You poor sod, I’m not sure I would go for any of these. Princess Caroline of Monaco is the only possible.” Charles nodded his agreement before turning to his fellow Cambridge undergraduate and asking jokily: “Brod, shall I go gay?”

After they had graduated from Cambridge, Munro-Wilson did at least approve of the prince’s choice of girlfriend, later mistress and finally wife, Camilla Shand. “Brod” and Camilla had been close friends since childhood when they were members of the Pony Club and rode to hounds.'

Broderick Munro-Wilson was born 18 June, 1945, son of Donald Munro Wilson and his wife the former Hilda Dartnall. He married 6 January, 1977 [div], as her first husband Carolyn Alba Magor, daughter of Richard Boycott Magor and his wife the former Janetta Alba Paynter, who was descended paternally from King Charles II and descended maternally from King William IV and his mistress Dorothea Jordan.

In his youth he was a member of the Pony Club, he graduated to hunting with the Southdown and the Crawley & Horsham, before tackling point-to-points.

He debuted as an amateur at Newbury on Schweppes Gold Trophy day, February, 1975. Riding Laroon in the Soapey Sponge Hunters' Chase, he pulled up.

A fortnight later, he was at Kempton for the Corinthian Hunters' Chase. Riding Champers Galore, he finished a gallant second.

It was a question of third time lucky for his first winner. Again aboard Champers Galore, the pair made no mistake this time when taking the Clapper Hunters' Chase at Plumpton on March 4. 

In this race, he'd ridden with his left hand in a plaster cast, something unthinkable now. He'd broken his wrist just two days earlier in a point-to-point yet insisted upon riding.

On Friday, March 7, 1980, Brod won on the first leg of a spectacular double. Riding Beeny in the Horse & Hound Grand Military Gold Cup at Sandown, Brod kept his cool as two loose horses, weaving around and seemingly intent on bringing him down, created havoc with the field. The favourite, Collars & Cuffs, came down at the fourth, throwing Major Cramsie.

Three weeks later, Coolishall was aimed at the Grand National.

Set to carry 10st 6lb, Brod - who stood over six feet -  knew that he would have to put up overweight. This he did, riding at 10st 10lb. To prevent the horse carrying further overweight, Brad chose to use a featherweight Flat race saddle.

Big mistake - jumping the third fence in atrocious conditions (the going was heavy) - the aluminium Flat race stirrups snapped, pitching Brod over Coolishall's head.

Brod always blamed himself after for not using a heavier, more sturdy, saddle even if it had meant putting up another pound overweight.

After the race, Brod and his disappointed mother returned to the fence and collected up all the bits of the broken stirrup. Brod found them a place over the mantlepiece of his London home in Little Venice.

Brod's biggest success on the track was undoubtedly his head win on The Drunken Duck over Honourable Man in the 1982 Foxhunters' at Cheltenham. The following year, riding the same horse, he won the Duke of Gloucester Trophy.

Brod was undoubtedly well connected, counting Prince Charles and Camilla among his closest friends, and it was fitting that Brod's last ever ride should be in the Prince of Wales Cup at Fakenham on 28 May 1990.

Aged 43 and with polo now taking precedence (he went on to win the European Championships) Brod decided to call it a day.

He hadn't quite finished with racing though; his Brunton Park won the Grand Military Gold Cup in 1991, giving him his biggest success as an owner.

Brod went on to become chairman of one of Europe's top remote control digital display companies.

Brod Munro-Wilson leaves two daughters, Charlotte [born 1977], and Emma [born 1979].


Diana Mary Walker 1928-2021

 Diana Mary Walker, who died 23 July, 2021, aged 93, was a descendant of the Hicks baronets, now repesented by the Hicks Beach Earls St Aldwyn.

She was born Diana Mary Nicholson, 29 May, 1928, elder daughter of Otho William Nicholson [llis 1891-1978], and his wife the former Elisabeth Bramwell. She married 12 May, 1955, Maj. Jonathan Mungo Palmes Walker [1929-2012], scion of the Walker baronets, son of Ernest Walker [1887-1970], and his wife the former Mildred Katherine Heaton-Ellis [1894-1952], scion of that landed gentry family, by whom she had issue, two sons, Timothy and Jonathan, and a daughter Juliette.

Sir Howe Hicks, 6th Bt [1722-1801]> Michael Hicks Beach [1760-1830] > William Beach [1783-1856] > Rt Hon William Beach [1826-1901] > Alice Beach [d 1935] > Otho Nicholson [1891-1978] >Diana Nicholson [1928-2021]


Saturday, July 31, 2021

Lord Brabourne marries Ambre Pouzet

 The marriage took place, 20 May, 2021, at Broadlands, Romsey, Hampshire, between Nicholas Charles Louis Norton Knatchbull, styled Baron Brabourne [born London, 15 May, 1981], only son and heir of the 3rd Earl Mountbatten of Burma [born 8 Oct, 1947], of Broadlands, Hampshire, and his wife the former Penelope Meredith Eastwood [born 16 Apr, 1953], & Ambre Pouzet [born 24 July, 1984].

Nicholas Knatchbull, who does not use his courtesy title, is a godson of HRH The Prince of Wales. His French-born bride, a behavioural therapist, was a 'mer-lesque' performing mermaid, according to the Daily Mail.


Lady Clarissa Collin 1938-2021

 Lady Clarissa Collin died suddenly, 23 July, 2021, at her home in North Yorkshire. She was 82.

Lady Clarissa, a scion of the extinct Earls of Feversham, was a deputy lieutenant for North Yorkshire, and a former High Sheriff  and JP of the county.

She was born 11 October, 1938, as Lady Clarissa Duncombe, the only child of Charles William Slingsby Duncombe, 3rd [and last] Earl of Feversham [1906-63], and his wife the former Lady Anne Dorothy Wood [1910-1995], scion of the Earls of Halifax, daughter of the 1st Earl of Halifax, KG, OM, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, TD, PC [1881-1959], sometime Viceroy and Gov Gen of India, and his wife the Lady Dorothy Evelyn Augusta Onslow, DCVO [1885-1976], scion of the Earls of Onslow, and an Extra Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Lady Clarissa was a goddaughter of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. The princess with her son and daughter-in-law the Duke and Duchess of Kent, attended Lady Clarissa's marriage, 14 December, 1966, to Major Nicholas Spencer Compton Collin [1918-2004], late the Coldstream Guards, of Whytherstone House, Pockley, York, son of Maj. Francis Spencer Collin [1885-1920], of 42 Eaton Place, Belgravia, and Fullers Farm, West Grinstead, Sussex, and his wife the former Bertha Mary Hornung [1885-1974].

Lady Clarissa leaves a son, Frederick Collin [b 30 Oct 1967], and a daughter, Laura [b 25 Aug, 1969], wife of the Hon John Greenall [b 22 Jul 1960], scion of the Barons Daresbury.

The funeral service is to be held at All Saints Church, Helmsley, on Thursday 5th August 2021.


Sophie Bartholomew engaged to Thomas Quested

 The engagement was announced 31 July, 2021, between Thomas Richard Andrew Quested [born 1991], son of [Richard] Andrew Quested [born 1958], of Itchingfield, and Mrs Sarah Quested [nee O'Connor], of Slinfold, and Sophie Virginia Bartholomew [born 1990], daughter of William Wadworth Bartholomew [born 14 Aug, 1956], of Shalbourne, and his wife the former Carolyn Judith W. Pride [born 1961].

Sophie Bartholomew is a descendant of the Viscounts Long:-

Richard Long, 3rd Viscount Long [1892-1967] > Hon Noreen Long [1921-2004] >William Bartholomew [b 1956] > Sophie Bartholomew [b 1990]

Sophie Bartholemew's mother, the former Carolyn Pride, was a school friend of Diana, Princess of Wales, and flatmate of the then Lady Diana Spencer at the time of her engagement to the Prince of Wales. Diana attended the Bartholomew's wedding in 1982, and stood as godmother to Carolyn's son, Jack, born in 1989. 

Carolyn Bartholomew is one of the godparents of the Duke of Sussex, and she and Mr Bartholomew attended Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018. During a 2017 auction "intimate letters" that Diana sent to Mrs Bartholomew fetched more than £93,000.


Sampson/Carey engagement

 The engagement was announced 31 July, 2021, between George Edward Richard Sampson [born 1986], eldest son of Major Richard C.B. Sampson, late the Life Guards, of South Petherton, Somerset, and his former wife the former Mariana Victoria Magdalen Bray [born 1956] [now Mrs Mark Heywood, of Haresfield, Gloucestershire], & Aoife B.A. Carey, daughter of the late Richard [Tony] Carey of County Waterford, and Mme Vasilica Mylonas, of Mons, Belgium.

George Sampson is descended from the Seely baronets:-

Sir Victor Seely, 4th Bt [1900-80] > Victoria Seely [b 1933] > Mariana Bray [b 1956] >George Sampson [b 1986]


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Dr Sir Thomas Francis Grattan [Tom] Esmonde, 17th Baronet 1960-2021

 Dr Sir Thomas Esmonde, 17th Baronet, died at his home in Northern Ireland, 24 July, 2021. He was 60.

Sir Thomas was senior house officer between 1985 and 1987 at Whiteabbey Hospital. He was registered as a Member, Royal College of Physicians, Ireland (MRCPI) He was registered as a Member, Royal College of Physicians, London (MRCP) in 1987. He was Medical Registrar between 1988 and 1989 at Royal Gwent Hospital, Gwent, Wales. He was Registrar in Neurology between 1989 and 1990 at University Hospital of Wales. Sir Tom was Clinical Resident Fellow between 1990 and 1992 at Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. He was Clinical Registrar in Neurology and Consutlant in Neurology in 1992 at Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, &c.

He was born 14 Oct, 1960, son of Sir John Henry Grattan Esmonde, 16th Baronet [1928-87], and his wife the former Pamela Mary Bourke, and succeeded to the baronetcy [created in 1629], on the death of his father in 1987.

Tom Esmonde married 26 April, 1986, Pauline Loretto Kearns, daughter of James Vincent Kearns, by whom he had issue, a son, Sean, and two daughters, Aisling and Niamh.

He is succeeded in the Irish baronetcy by his only son, Sean Vincent Grattan Esmonde, who was born 8 January, 1989.

The funeral service takes place at St. Brigid's Parish, Belfast, on 30 July, 2021, followed by private cremation at Roselawn Crematorium.


Diana Mulholland [nee Lucas] 1929-2021

[Lilian] Diana Tindall Mulholland, died 30 June, 2021, aged 92. She was the widow of Martin Mulholland [1927-2003], scion of the Barons Dunleath.

She was born in 1929, the former Lilian Diana Tindall Lucas, daughter of John de Blaquiere Tindall Lucas, MC, and his wife the former Lilian Cecily King, and married 24 Feb, 1953, Martin Edward Harcourt Mulholland [born 23 Feb, 1927], son of the Hon Godfrey John Arthur Murray Lyle Mulholland [1892-1948], and his wife the former Hon Olivia Vernon Harcourt, DCVO [1902-84], sometime Woman of the Bedchamber to HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, daughter of the 1st Viscount Harcourt [1863-1922].

Her husband died 1 Nov, 2003. Mrs Mulholland leaves issue, three sons, John, Simon and Giles.


Hilleary/Hunt engagement

 The engagement was announced 29 July, 2021, between [Alasdair] Geordie Somerled Macleod Hilleary [born 1991], son of Mr Alasdair Malcolm Douglas Macleod Hilleary [born 1954], of Edinbane, Nairn,  and his late wife the former Hon Fiona Mary Baillie [1957-2004], & Marina Susannah E. Hunt [born 1991], third daughter of Simon D. Hunt, of Newton Toney, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Anna R.G. Maddan.

Geordie Hilleary is a grandson maternally of the late 3rd Baron Burton [1924-2013].


Count Balthasar John Guillaume Maria de Salis [born 2021]

 Countess de Salis [nee Pauline de Baden], wife of Count John-Maximilian Henry Fane De Salis, 10th Count de Salis-Soglio (born 1986), descended from the Earls Brownlow, gave birth to a second son, Balthasar John Guillaume Maria, 26 July, 2021, at Horben, Switzerland, a brother for John Arthur Francis Maria, born 5 Dec, 2018.

Count de Salis is a son of John Bernard Philip Humbert De Salis, 9th Count de Salis-Soglio TD (1947-2014), and his second wife Marie-Claude Wüst (born 1956).

John Cust, Earl Brownlow [1779-1853] > Lady Sophia Cust [1811-82] > Amelia Tower [1837-85] > John De Salis-Soglio [1864-1939] > John Eugene De Salis [1891-1949] > John De Salis [1947-2014] > John-Maximilian De Salis [b 1986] > Balthasar De Salis [b 2021]