Thursday, November 26, 2020

Agnes Sheila 'Robin' Caulfeild [died 2020]

 _. Agnes Sheila 'Robin' Caulfeild died 17 November, 2020, aged 98. She was born circa 1922, daughter of Edward Buckmaster Robinson, of Tankerton, Kent, and married 16 May, 1959, as his second wife, Brigadier Toby St George Caulfeild [1919-2005], scion of the Viscounts Charlemont. She was widowed, 27 Sept, 2005.

Mrs Caulfeild's step-daughter is Grania Maria Caulfeild [born 19 Apr 1947], wife of the Baron Cavendish of Furness [b 2 Nov, 1941], of Holker Hall, Cark-in-Cartmel, Cumbria.


Ewen James Fassiefern Cameron [died 2020]

 _. Ewen James Fassiefern Cameron died 22 November, 2020. He was 86.

He was a son of Lieutenant-Colonel Bruce Allan Fassiefern Cameron [1906-77], of Foston Lodge, North Yorkshire, a deputy lieutenant for North Yorkshire;  married 11 September, 1964, Louise Ralli [born 4 March, 1942], scion of the Ralli baronets, daughter of Sir Godfrey Victor Ralli, 3rd Baronet [1915-2010], and his wife the former Nora Margaret Forman. He leaves a widow, and two sons, James [born 8 Aug 1965] and Alistair [born 19 Aug 1968].


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Bluebell Matilda Poppy Schiff [born 2020]

 _. Katharine Arabella [Katie] Schiff [nee Readman, born 1988], wife of Frederick John Albert Schiff [born 1984], gave birth to a daughter, Bluebell Matilda Poppy, 17 November, 2020.

Fred Schiff is a son of the late Robert John Denis Schiff [1958-1990], descended from the Barons Clanmorris, and his wife the former Lucinda Mary Sherston.

Katie Schiff is a daughter of [John] Peter A. Readman [born 1946], and his wife, the former Pamela Cecil.

The Schiffs have a daughter, Constance Faith, who was born a twin, 11 Oct, 2018, with a sister, Faith Constance, who was tragically stillborn that day.

Descent from Clanmorris: The 5th Baron Clanmorris-->Hon John Bingham-->Mary Bingham-->Robert Schiff-->Fred Schiff-->Bluebell Schiff


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Rocco Di Torrepadula/Wolstenholme engagement

 _. The engagement was announced 24 November, 2020, between Don Pietro Emanuele Rocco di Torrepadula, son of Don Cristoforo Rocco di Torrepadula [born 1951], and the late Mrs Corinne Rocco di Torrepadula [1960-2002] [nee Chambon] of Kensington, London, and Florence Maud Wolstenholme [born 1990], elder daughter of [Anthony] Richard Ashmore Wolstenholme [born 1956], of Thompson, Norfolk, & his wife the former Katharine Juliet Garnier [born 16 Oct, 1958], descended from the Barons Walsingham.

Florence Wolstenholme is a granddaughter maternally of Colonel William d'Arcy Garnier [1918-1989], descended from the Keppel Earls of Albemarle, and his wife the former Hon Lavender Hyacith de Grey [1923-2010], daughter of the 8th Baron Walsingham, DSO, OBE [1884-1965].


Patrick Michael Franklin-Adams 1944-2020

 _.Patrick Michael Franklin-Adams, who died from Alzheimer's, 18 November, 2020, aged 76, was descended from the Hanburys of Kingston Maurward. Born in 1944, son of Thomas Hanbury Franklin-Adams [1915-1991], and his wife the former Daphne Joan Turvill [1922-1995]; married 7 January, 1967, Carol Giuseppi, daughter of E.L. Giuseppi, OBE, of Overdale, Woldingham, by whom he had issue, Katherine, James, Vanessa and Jonny.

His grandfather, Bernard Inman Franklin-Adams [1882-1957], of East Grinstead, Sussex married 11 June, 1908, Mary Kathleen Hanbury [1881-1965], scion of that landed gentry family.

His daughter, Vanessa, married in 2002, Duncan Maclay, scion of the Barons Maclay, a grandson of the 2nd Baron Maclay.


The Viscountess Simon, wife of the 3rd Viscount, has died aged 83

 _. The Viscountess Simon, wife of the 3rd Viscount, died 14 November, 2020. She was 83.

She was the former Mary Elizabeth Burns, daughter of John Joseph Burns, of Sydney, New South Wales, and married 26 April, 1969, the then Hon Jan David Simon [born 20 July, 1940], son and heir of the 2nd Viscount Simon [1902-1993], and his wife the former [Maud] James Christie Hunt [died 2000], by whom she had a daughter, Fiona.

Her husband succeeded his father in 1993 as 3rd Viscount Simon [Peerage of the UK, cr 1940]. He was Deputy Chairman of Committees, House of Lords, and a Deputy Speaker, and elected to the upper house after the expulsion of the hereditary peers in 1999.

Viscountess Simon is survived by her husband and daughter. Their is no heir to the peerage.


Wells/Birch Reynardson engagement

_. The engagement was announced 24 November, 2020, between Patrick Wells, son of David and Robin Wells, of Putney, and Daisy Mary Birch Reynardson [born 1986], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Thomas Henry Birch Reynardson [born 1956], of Adwell, High Sheriff of Oxfordshire in 2015, and his wife the former Imogen Mary Caldecott.

Daisy Birch Reynardson is a descendant of the Ponsonby Barons De Mauley, cadets of the Earls of Bessborough, &c.

2nd Baron De Mauley-->Edwin Ponsony-->Diana Ponsonby-->William Birch Reynardson-->Thomas Birch Reynardson-->Daisy Birch Reynardson


Monday, November 23, 2020

The Baron Lebedev, of Hampton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and of Siberia in the Russian Federation

 _. The life peerage awarded to Evgeny Alexandrovich Lebedev, in the prime minister's dissolution honours list, has been gazetted in the name, style and title of Baron Lebedev, of Hampton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and of Siberia in the Russian Federation, 19 Nov 2020.

I am struggling to find a previous instance of 'Siberia' being included in the territorial designation of a peerage.

Lord Lebedev (born 8 May 1980) is a Russian-British businessman, who is the owner of Lebedev Holdings Ltd, which owns the Evening Standard, The Independent and the TV channel London Live. In July 2020, Lebedev was nominated for a life peerage by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a move that drew criticism.


Hugh Barkley Gonnerman Dalgety 1943-2020

 _. Hugh Barkley Gonnerman Dalgety, who died 19 November, 2020, aged 77, was a scion of that landed gentry family, of Lockerley Hall, Romsey, Hampshire.

Mr Dalgety was head of the family. His grandfather, Capt Frederick John Dalgety [b 19 Nov 1866- died 23 May, 1926], married 10 June, 1897, the Hon Pauline Caroline McClintock-Bunbury [1877-1935], third daughter of the 2nd Baron Rathdonnell [1848-1929].

He was born in 1943, son of Arthur William Hugh Dalgety [b 17 Nov, 1899- d. 1972], head of the family, and his wife Ada Emily Mary [1903-1990], former wife of John Barrow. He married in 1976, Margaret Anne Baring [born 22 November, 1944], scion of the Baring baronets, of the eponymous banking family, by whom he had issue, two sons, Richard and Thomas, and a daughter, Katherine. The elder son Richard Hugh Dalgety [born 6 Sept, 1977], succeeds his father as head of the landed gentry family.


Twin sons for the Hon Edward and Mrs Hope-Morley

 _. Harriet Hope-Morley [nee Martin], wife of the Hon Edward Hope-Morley [born 9 April, 1981], scion of the Barons Hollenden, gave birth to twin sons, 19 November, 2020, brothers for Fergus.

The Hon Edward Hope-Morley is the eldest son and heir of the 4th Baron Hollenden [born 23 Oct, 1946], and his first wife the former Beatrice Saulnier d'Anchald, daughter of Baron Pierre d'Anchald, of Paris.


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Railing/Treta engagement

_. The engagement was announced 21 November, 2020, between Alexander Peter Railing [born 1990], youngest son of the late Mark John Railing [1957-2013], and his wife the former Philippa Anne Madeleine Prideaux-Brune [born 1961], scion of that landed gentry family, & Doriana Treta, daughter of Mr & Mrs Petrisor Treta, of Romania.

Alexander Railing is a grandson maternally of Philip Egerton Edmund Prideaux-Brune [1921-1999], and his wife the former Pamela Maud Ferrers-Grey [1922-2015].


Smith/Streatfeild-Moore engagement

 _. The engagement was announced 21 November, 2020, between Edward J.D. Smith, eldest son of Mr & Mrs David Smith, of London, & Emily L.N. Streatfeild-Moore, scion of that landed family, of Oakhanger Park, daughter of John Edward Alexander Streatfeild-Moore [born 1950], of London, and his wife the former Ursula A. Whiston [born circa 1946].



Coker/Pinheiro De Andrade engagement

  _. The engagement was announced 21 November, 2020, between James Coker [born 1996], son of Andrew Richard Coker [born 1959], of Abingdon on Thoames, co Oxford, and his wife the former Emma Wilbraham Montgomery Cannon-Brookes [born 1968], & Isabella Pinheiro de Andrade, daughter of Mr Marcos Pinheiro de Andrade, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Mrs Lisia Moreira Pinheiro de Andrade, also of Rio de Janeiro.

James Coker is a grandson maternally of Peter Cannon-Brookes [born 1938], and his wife the former Caroline Aylmer Christie-Miller [born 1942], scion of that landed gentry family of Clarendon Park.


George Denis Kildare Dobbs 1947-2020

 _. George Denis Kildare Dobbs, who died 18 November, 2020, aged 73, was a great-grandson of the 1st Baron Vestey.

He was born 4 September, 1947, son of Major William Bellingham Denis Dobbs [1909-1982], and his wife the former Norah Vestey [1916-2016].

He married in 1975, Prunella Osborne Philips, daughter of Osborne David Philips, and his wife the former Dorothy Norah Lovell, by whom he had issue, three sons, David, Edward and Daniel, and a daughter, Emily.

George Dobbs was a grandson of the Hon George Ellis Vestey [1884-1968], and a great-grandson of the meat millionaire, the 1st Baron Vestey [1859-1940].


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Caroline Anne Colina Dudley-Williams [died 2020]

 _. Caroline Anne Colina Dudley-Williams died 17 November, 2020. She was the former Caroline Duncan, daughter of Robert Henry Clare Duncan, of the Old Rectory, Sutton Montis, Somerset, and married 28 April, 1973, Malcolm Philip Edgcumbe Dudley-Williams [born 10 August, 1947], second son of Sir Rolf Dudley-Williams, 1st Baronet [1908-1987], and his wife the former Margaret Helen Robinson [d. 2007], by whom she had issue, two sons, Nicholas and Patrick, and a daughter, Clare.


Dr John Ruairidh Morrison, Chief of the Clan Morrison 1968-2020

 _. Dr John Ruairidh Morrison of Ruchdi, who died 7 November, 2020, aged 52, was Chief of the Clan Morrison.

He assumed office, as Clan Chief, on 11 December 2010; following his father, Dr Iain Martin Morrison, who took office on 12 June 1974. 

Dr John Morrison was a grandson of another Dr John Morrison, who was appointed as Chief of all Morrisons in 1965 by the Lord Lyon, King of Arms. His lineage can be traced back thirteen generations to the Morrisons of Harris, the hereditary keepers of the Dun of Pabbay.

He was born 8 January, 1968, son of Iain Martin Morrison [b 11 Nov, 1938], and his 1st wife the former Caroline Elizabeth Lowe. He succeeded his father in 2010. Dr Morrison leaves a widow, Anne Michelle, and children Alasdair and Marin.


Lucinda Mary Harriet Feast [nee Salt] 1964-2020

 _. Lucinda Mary Harriet Feast, who died 11 November, 2020, aged 56, was a scion of the Salt baronets, of Saltaire; born 8 September, 1964, the third daughter of Sir Anthony Houlton Salt, 6th Baronet [1931-1991], and his wife the former Prudence Mary Dorothea Francis Meath Baker; she married 26 Oct, 1996, Stuart Feast, by whom she had one daughter, Louisa Emily Frances [born 8 May, 1998].


Digby Reg Cooke-Hurle [born 2020]

 _. Laura Frances Boscawen [born 21 Nov, 1982], partner of John Richard Feilding [Jack] Cooke-Hurle [born 1980], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a son, Digby Reg, 14 November, 2020, a half-brother for Rocco Feilding Cooke-Hurle, who was born  1 Nov, 2014.

Laura Boscawen is a granddaughter of the 9th Viscount Falmouth [born 31 Oct, 1919], and is a daughter of the Hon Evelyn Arthur Hugh Boscawen [born 13 May, 1955], and his first wife the former Lucia Caroline Vivian-Neal.

Jack Cooke-Hurle is a son of John Feilding Cooke-Hurle [born 1947], and his wife the former Marion [Moppet] Wynifred Hobson [born 1947], scion of the Hobson landed gentry family. Jack was married to Camilla Jackson [born 1978], mother of his son, Rocco.


Friday, November 20, 2020

[Duncan] Hamish Darroch-Thompson [born 2020]

  _. Jamie Darroch-Thompson [nee Barys], wife of Duncan John Darroch-Thompson [born 1986], scion of the Scots landed gentry family, the Darrochs of Gourock, gave birth to a son Duncan Hamish, to be known as Hamish, 14 November, 2020, in Shanghai.

Duncan [born 1986], is a son of Matthew John Thompson [afterwards Darroch-Thompson, born 1954], and his wife Claire Nicola [born 23 Dec, 1956], daughter of Duncan Darroch of Gourock [Chief of the Name of Darroch and 8th Baron of Gourock] [1931-2011], and his wife the former Nicola Jeanne Seidl [who died 2018].

Jamie Darroch-Thompson is a daughter of Paul Barys, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States.


Isla Annie Isabel Brown [born 2020]

 _. Cordelia Isabel Marie Brown [nee Kerr], wife of Edward Charles Alexander Brown [born 1986], and scion of the Marquesses of Lothian, gave birth to a daughter, Isla Annie Isabel, 13 November, 2020.

Cordelia is a daughter of William Walter Raleigh Kerr [born 17 Aug, 1950], and his wife the former Griselda Mary Hamilton-Baillie [born 7 Nov, 1950], scion of the Earls of Haddington.

Edward Brown is a son of Lieutenant-General Christopher Charles Brown, CBE [born 1955], and his wife the former Leigh Margaret Kennedy.


Oriel Hermione Robinson [née Steel] 1930-2020

 _. Oriel Hermione Robinson [née Steel], who died 7 November, 2020, aged 89, was a granddaughter maternally of the 1st Baron Rockley.

She was born 29 November, 1930, a daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Greville Acton Steel [1904-1981], and his first wife the Hon Maud Katharine Alicia Cecil [1904-1981]; she married 8 Feb, 1958, as his second wife, Basil William [Robbie] Robinson [1912-2006], by whom she had issue, a son, William [born 31 May, 1959], and a daughter, Alicia [born 24 May, 1962].

Her grandfather, Lord Rockley, was a grandson of James Brownlow William Gascoyne-Cecil, 2nd Marquess of Salisbury [1791-1868].


Yorke/On engagement

 _. The engagement was announced 20 November, 2020, between Henry Cosimo Frederick Yorke [born 26 April, 1991], scion of the Earls of Hardwicke, younger son of James Alexander Yorke [born 30 March, 1954], of Parsons Green, London, and his wife the former Primrose Mary Alexandra Kitson, & Vanessa W.Y. On, younger daughter of Mr Darren On Chee Seng and Mrs Virginia Lang, of Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

Henry Yorke is a great-great grandson of John Manners Yorke, 7th Earl of Hardwicke [1840-1909].