Saturday, July 31, 2021

Lord Brabourne marries Ambre Pouzet

 The marriage took place, 20 May, 2021, at Broadlands, Romsey, Hampshire, between Nicholas Charles Louis Norton Knatchbull, styled Baron Brabourne [born London, 15 May, 1981], only son and heir of the 3rd Earl Mountbatten of Burma [born 8 Oct, 1947], of Broadlands, Hampshire, and his wife the former Penelope Meredith Eastwood [born 16 Apr, 1953], & Ambre Pouzet [born 24 July, 1984].

Lord Brabourne is a godson of HRH The Prince of Wales. His French-born bride, a behavioural therapist, was a 'mer-lesque' performing mermaid, according to the Daily Mail.


Lady Clarissa Collin 1938-2021

 Lady Clarissa Collin died suddenly, 23 July, 2021, at her home in North Yorkshire. She was 82.

Lady Clarissa, a scion of the extinct Earls of Feversham, was a deputy lieutenant for North Yorkshire, and a former High Sheriff  and JP of the county.

She was born 11 October, 1938, as Lady Clarissa Duncombe, the only child of Charles William Slingsby Duncombe, 3rd [and last] Earl of Feversham [1906-63], and his wife the former Lady Anne Dorothy Wood [1910-1995], scion of the Earls of Halifax, daughter of the 1st Earl of Halifax, KG, OM, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, TD, PC [1881-1959], sometime Viceroy and Gov Gen of India, and his wife the Lady Dorothy Evelyn Augusta Onslow, DCVO [1885-1976], scion of the Earls of Onslow, and an Extra Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Lady Clarissa was a goddaughter of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. The princess with her son and daughter-in-law the Duke and Duchess of Kent, attended Lady Clarissa's marriage, 14 December, 1966, to Major Nicholas Spencer Compton Collin [1918-2004], late the Coldstream Guards, of Whytherstone House, Pockley, York, son of Maj. Francis Spencer Collin [1885-1920], of 42 Eaton Place, Belgravia, and Fullers Farm, West Grinstead, Sussex, and his wife the former Bertha Mary Hornung [1885-1974].

Lady Clarissa leaves a son, Frederick Collin [b 30 Oct 1967], and a daughter, Laura [b 25 Aug, 1969], wife of the Hon John Greenall [b 22 Jul 1960], scion of the Barons Daresbury.

The funeral service is to be held at All Saints Church, Helmsley, on Thursday 5th August 2021.


Sophie Bartholomew engaged to Thomas Quested

 The engagement was announced 31 July, 2021, between Thomas Richard Andrew Quested [born 1991], son of [Richard] Andrew Quested [born 1958], of Itchingfield, and Mrs Sarah Quested [nee O'Connor], of Slinfold, and Sophie Virginia Bartholomew [born 1990], daughter of William Wadworth Bartholomew [born 14 Aug, 1956], of Shalbourne, and his wife the former Carolyn Judith W. Pride [born 1961].

Sophie Bartholomew is a descendant of the Viscounts Long:-

Richard Long, 3rd Viscount Long [1892-1967] > Hon Noreen Long [1921-2004] >William Bartholomew [b 1956] > Sophie Bartholomew [b 1990]

Sophie Bartholemew's mother, the former Carolyn Pride, was a school friend of Diana, Princess of Wales, and flatmate of the then Lady Diana Spencer at the time of her engagement to the Prince of Wales. Diana attended the Bartholomew's wedding in 1982, and stood as godmother to Carolyn's son, Jack, born in 1989. 

Carolyn Bartholomew is one of the godparents of the Duke of Sussex, and she and Mr Bartholomew attended Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018. During a 2017 auction "intimate letters" that Diana sent to Mrs Bartholomew fetched more than £93,000.


Sampson/Carey engagement

 The engagement was announced 31 July, 2021, between George Edward Richard Sampson [born 1986], eldest son of Major Richard C.B. Sampson, late the Life Guards, of South Petherton, Somerset, and his former wife the former Mariana Victoria Magdalen Bray [born 1956] [now Mrs Mark Heywood, of Haresfield, Gloucestershire], & Aoife B.A. Carey, daughter of the late Richard [Tony] Carey of County Waterford, and Mme Vasilica Mylonas, of Mons, Belgium.

George Sampson is descended from the Seely baronets:-

Sir Victor Seely, 4th Bt [1900-80] > Victoria Seely [b 1933] > Mariana Bray [b 1956] >George Sampson [b 1986]


Thursday, July 29, 2021

Dr Sir Thomas Francis Grattan [Tom] Esmonde, 17th Baronet 1960-2021

 Dr Sir Thomas Esmonde, 17th Baronet, died at his home in Northern Ireland, 24 July, 2021. He was 60.

Sir Thomas was senior house officer between 1985 and 1987 at Whiteabbey Hospital. He was registered as a Member, Royal College of Physicians, Ireland (MRCPI) He was registered as a Member, Royal College of Physicians, London (MRCP) in 1987. He was Medical Registrar between 1988 and 1989 at Royal Gwent Hospital, Gwent, Wales. He was Registrar in Neurology between 1989 and 1990 at University Hospital of Wales. Sir Tom was Clinical Resident Fellow between 1990 and 1992 at Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. He was Clinical Registrar in Neurology and Consutlant in Neurology in 1992 at Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, &c.

He was born 14 Oct, 1960, son of Sir John Henry Grattan Esmonde, 16th Baronet [1928-87], and his wife the former Pamela Mary Bourke, and succeeded to the baronetcy [created in 1629], on the death of his father in 1987.

Tom Esmonde married 26 April, 1986, Pauline Loretto Kearns, daughter of James Vincent Kearns, by whom he had issue, a son, Sean, and two daughters, Aisling and Niamh.

He is succeeded in the Irish baronetcy by his only son, Sean Vincent Grattan Esmonde, who was born 8 January, 1989.

The funeral service takes place at St. Brigid's Parish, Belfast, on 30 July, 2021, followed by private cremation at Roselawn Crematorium.


Diana Mulholland [nee Lucas] 1929-2021

[Lilian] Diana Tindall Mulholland, died 30 June, 2021, aged 92. She was the widow of Martin Mulholland [1927-2003], scion of the Barons Dunleath.

She was born in 1929, the former Lilian Diana Tindall Lucas, daughter of John de Blaquiere Tindall Lucas, MC, and his wife the former Lilian Cecily King, and married 24 Feb, 1953, Martin Edward Harcourt Mulholland [born 23 Feb, 1927], son of the Hon Godfrey John Arthur Murray Lyle Mulholland [1892-1948], and his wife the former Hon Olivia Vernon Harcourt, DCVO [1902-84], sometime Woman of the Bedchamber to HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, daughter of the 1st Viscount Harcourt [1863-1922].

Her husband died 1 Nov, 2003. Mrs Mulholland leaves issue, three sons, John, Simon and Giles.


Hilleary/Hunt engagement

 The engagement was announced 29 July, 2021, between [Alasdair] Geordie Somerled Macleod Hilleary [born 1991], son of Mr Alasdair Malcolm Douglas Macleod Hilleary [born 1954], of Edinbane, Nairn,  and his late wife the former Hon Fiona Mary Baillie [1957-2004], & Marina Susannah E. Hunt [born 1991], third daughter of Simon D. Hunt, of Newton Toney, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Anna R.G. Maddan.

Geordie Hilleary is a grandson maternally of the late 3rd Baron Burton [1924-2013].


Count Balthasar John Guillaume Maria de Salis [born 2021]

 Countess de Salis [nee Pauline de Baden], wife of Count John-Maximilian Henry Fane De Salis, 10th Count de Salis-Soglio (born 1986), descended from the Earls Brownlow, gave birth to a second son, Balthasar John Guillaume Maria, 26 July, 2021, at Horben, Switzerland, a brother for John Arthur Francis Maria, born 5 Dec, 2018.

Count de Salis is a son of John Bernard Philip Humbert De Salis, 9th Count de Salis-Soglio TD (1947-2014), and his second wife Marie-Claude Wüst (born 1956).

John Cust, Earl Brownlow [1779-1853] > Lady Sophia Cust [1811-82] > Amelia Tower [1837-85] > John De Salis-Soglio [1864-1939] > John Eugene De Salis [1891-1949] > John De Salis [1947-2014] > John-Maximilian De Salis [b 1986] > Balthasar De Salis [b 2021]


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Tom Astor marries Lucy Ponsonby

 The marriage took place 17 July, 2021, at St Martin's Church, Sandford St Martin, Oxfordshire, between Thomas David Astor [born 1987], scion of the Barons Astor of Hever, & Lucy India Clare Ponsonby [born 1991], scion of the Ponsonby baronets

Tom Astor is a son of [George] David Astor [born 8 July, 1958], of Ashbury, Wiltshire, by his late wife the former Marianne Piroska Julia Leche [1958-2019].

Lucy Ponsonby is a daughter of Luke Arthur Ponsonby [born 15 July, 1957], of Ledwell, co Oxford, by his wife the former Nicola J. Guy.

Tom Astor is a great-grandson of the 1st Baron Astor of Hever [1886-1971].

Lucy Ponsonby is a granddaughter maternally of General Sir Roland Guy, GCB [1928-2005], and a granddaughter paternally of Sir Ashley Charles Gibbs Ponsonby, 2nd Baronet [1921-2010].

Lucy is a great-granddaughter of the 6th Marquess of Ormonde [1893-1971].


Fitzalan Howard/Mortimer engagement

 The engagement was announced 28 July, 2021, between George Henry Fitzalan Howard [born 10 April, 1991], scion of the Dukes of Norfolk, the eldest son of Henry Julian Nicholas Fitzalan Howard [born 7 July, 1954], of South Harting, West Sussex, and his wife the former Claire Louise von Mallinckrodt [born 11 Aug, 1960], and Sarah Elizabeth Mortimer [born 1987], daughter of Michael H. Mortimer, and the former Carina E Carlsson [Mrs Carina Mortimer, of Romsey, Hampshire].

Henry Howard, 13th Duke of Norfolk [1791-1856] >Edward, 1st Baron Howard of Glossop [1818-83] >Francis, 2nd Baron Howard of Glossop [1859-1924] > Bernard, 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop [1885-1972] > Lord Michael Fitzalan Howard [1916-2007] > Henry Fitzalan Howard [b 1954] > George Fitzalan Howard [b 1991]


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Archie Buxton [born 2021]

 Kate Buxton [nee Hunter], wife of Henry James Aubrey [Harry] Buxton [born 19 May, 1988], scion of the Buxton baronets, gave birth to a son, Archie, 22 July, 2021.

Kate is a daughter of Mr & Mrs David Hunter, of Mearnskirk, East Renfrewshire, and Harry Buxton is a son of the Hon [Aubrey] James Francis Buxton [born 20 March, 1956], and his wife the former Melinda Dorothy Marie Samuelson [born 1957].

Harry Buxton is a grandson of the late life peer, the Baron Buxton of Alsa [1918-2009].


Monday, July 26, 2021

Gina Chamberlain [née MacDonald] 1920-2021

 Gina Chamberlain [née MacDonald], who died 19 July, 2021, aged 100, was wife of the late Lt-Col Joseph Chamberlain, sometime head of landed gentry family.

She was born 9 Nov, 1920, daughter of Colonel George MacDonald, MC [1895-1977], late the Gordon Highlanders, of Webbs Land, Wickham, Hampshire, and his wife the former Dorothy Meredith Sturgis [1897-1935]. She married 11 June, 1945, Lt-Col Joseph Chamberlain [1907-79] son of the Rt Hon Sir Austen Chamberlain, KG [1863-1937], and his wife the former Ivy Muriel Dundas, GBE [1878-1941], by whom she had issue, two sons, George and Arthur.


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Lady Kitty Spencer marries Michael Lewis

 The marriage has taken place at the Villa Aldobrandini, Rome, between Mr Michael Lewis and the Lady Kitty Spencer, scion of the Earls Spencer.

The bride is Lady Kitty Eleanor Spencer [born 28 December, 1990], eldest daughter of the 9th Earl Spencer [born 20 May, 1964], of Althorp, Northamptonshire, and his first wife the former [Catherine] Victoria Lockwood [born 1964], and is a niece of Diana, Princess of Wales [1961-97].

Michael Lewis [born at Cape Town, South Africa, 27 Jan, 1959], is a son of Stanley Lewis [1933-2009].


Saturday, July 24, 2021

Jane Whistler [née McCarthy] [died 2021]

 Jane Whistler died 15 July, 2021. She was a daughter of Ivan Agar McCarthy, of Montreal, Canada, and married 25 February, 1953, Ralfe Ashton Whistler [born 9 Aug, 1930], son of Hugh Whistler [1889-1943], and his wife the former Hon Margaret Joan Ashton [1893-1981], daughter of the 1st Baron Ashton of Hyde [1855-1933]. She had issue, three sons, Brian, Nicholas and John, and two daughters, Clare and Lucy.


Hon Bernard Richard Weatherill, QC 1951-2021

 The Hon Bernard Richard Weatherill, QC, who died 15 July, 2021, was the elder son of the life peer the Baron Weartherill, KStJ, PC, DL [1920-2007], who as Bernard Weatherill, was Speaker of the House of Commons 1983-2002.

 He married in 1977 [div 2001] Sally Maxwell [born 1951] descended from the Le Marchant baronets, daughter of John Ronald Fisher [1916-81]; married secondly 2005, Diana Clare Forsyth.

He leaves a son, Thomas, and a daughter, Julia, from his first marriage.


Ellis/Leith engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 July, 2021, between Michael Ellis, son of Richard and Elizabeth Ellis, of Shepton Montague, Somerset, & the Hon Hannah Elizabeth Rose Leith [born 26 May, 1990], daughter of the 8th Baron Burgh [born 16 March, 1958], of Leigh Woods, North Somerset, and his first wife the former Catharine Mary Parkes [now Catharine Leith, of Bristol].


Mary, Lady Ashburnham 1923-2021

 Mary, Lady Ashburnham, who died 5 July, 2021, aged 97, was the widow of Sir Denny Ashburnham, 12th Baronet [1916-1999].

She was born in 1923, daughter of Maj. Robert Pascoe Mair, of Udimore, Sussex, and married 22 June, 1946, Denny Reginald Ashburnham [born 24 March, 1916], son of Sir Fleetwood Ashburnham, 11th Baronet [1869-1953], and his wife the former Elfrida Kirkley [d 19 Oct, 1953].

Her husband succeeded to the baronetcy [created 1661] on his fatther's death, 5 March, 1953, and died 21 June, 1999.

Lady Ashburnham is survived by a daughter, Frances [born 11 Sept, 1947], and was predeceased by a second daughter, Honor [1949-2017], and a son, John [1951-1981]. Her grandson is Sir James Fleetwood Ashburnham, 13th Baronet [born 17 Dec, 1979].


Nicole/Craven engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 July, 2021, between Edward Tom George Nicole [born 1990], eldest son of the late Mr [Timothy] Mark Nicole [1954-2015] and his wife the former Lisa Cleone Vivian Ropner [born 2 July, 1964], now of Rodmarton, Gloucestershire, scion of the Ropner baronets, and Dr Charlotte F. Craven, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Giles Craven, of Dulwich, London.

Sir Emil Ropner, 1st Baronet [1838-1924] > William Ropner [1864-1947] > John Ropner [1903-96] > Jeremy Ropner [1932-2009] > Lisa Ropner [b 1964] > Edward Nicole [b 1990]


Astrid Sophie Isabella Goad [born 2021]

 Katie E.J. Goad [née Ratner], wife of Oliver Edward Goad [born 1977], gave birth to a daughter Astrid Sophie Isabella, 7 July, 2021, a sister for Archibald Albie Oliver [born 27 Aug, 2016], and for Ottilie Imogen Emma, who was born 29 March, 2018.

Oliver Goad is a son of Geoffrey Wanklyn Goad [born 1945], and his wife the former Emma Mary Meade-Fetherstonhaugh [born 1951], scion of the Earls of Clanwilliam.

Katie Goad is a daughter of Richard Ratner [1949-2007] and his wife the former [Sylvia] Jane Hammond.