Monday, July 04, 2022

Hon Ysabelle Alexandria Williams [née Wilson] 1963-2022

 The Hon Yysabelle Williams, who died 24 May, 2022, aged 59, was a scion of the Barons Nunburnholme.

The Hon Yysabelle Alexandria Wilson was born 13 February, 1963, the fourth daughter [twin with her sister Ines] of the 4th Baron Nunburnholme [1928-1999], of Shillinglee Park, Chiddingfold, Sussex, and his wife the former Ines Delores Jeanne Walravens, Viscountess della Faille de Waerloos [1938-2019], daughter of His Excellency Gerard Walravens, sometime Belgian Ambassador to Turkey; and married 2003, Raymond Glynn Williams [born 1947], son of George Williams, and his wife the former Winifred Mabel Kerslake.

Thomas Thynne, 5th Marquess of Bath > Lady Mary Thynne > 4th Baron Numburnholme > Hon Yysabelle Wilson [d 2022]


Wilfred Hector William Monro [born 2022]

  [Victoria] Miranda Monro [nee Foster, born 1984], wife of Robert John Ewart [Bert] Monro [born 1985], gave birth to a son, Wilfred Hector William, 15 June, 2022, a brother for Ottilie Rose Victoria [born 11 Apr, 2017], and for Fenella Willow Clementine [born 29 Apr, 2019].

Bert Monro is a son of Major-General Hon Seymour Hector Russell Hale Monro, CBE, LVO [born 1950], and a grandson of the life peer the Baron Monro of Langholm [1922-2006].


Sunday, July 03, 2022

Dr Martin Barrington Mosse 1950-2022

Dr Martin Barrington Mosse died 11 June, 2022, aged 72.

He was born 15 May, 1950, son of Commander John Pemberton Mosse, DSC, RN [1910-1995], and his wife the former Janetta Mary Barrington Simeon [1920-86], scion of the Simeon baronets. He married 14 January, 1989, the Rev Barbara Ann Corey, daughter of Kenneth Norman Corey [1927-97], and his wife Margaret Augusta Ledger [1928-2007].

Sir Richard Simeon, 2nd Baronet > Charles Simeon > Rev Geoffrey Simeon > Geoffrey Nelthorpe Simeon > Janetta Simeon > Dr Martin Mosse


Edward William Ayshford Sanford 1929-2022

 Edward William Ayshford Sanford, died 28 June, 2022. He was 93.

He was born 3 June, 1929, son of William Charles Ayshford Sanford [1905-1974], of Nynehead Court, Somerset, and his 1st wife the former Rosemary Jean Aileen Lindsay [1908-1968  ], scion of the earls of Crawford & Balcarres, by whom he had a son and a daughter.

26th Earl of Crawford > Maj. Hon. Robert Lindsay > Rosemary Lindsay > Edward Sanford


James Edward Cory Liddell 1947-2022

 James Edward Cory Liddell, who died in France, 21 June, 2022, aged 74, was a scion of the Liddell baronets [ancestors of the Barons Ravensworth]. He was born 13 July, 1947, son of Major Charles Henry Liddell [1917-1998], and his wife the former Pamela Mary Gibbs, scion of the Barons Aldenham & Hunsdon; and married in 1970, Rachel Anne De Pree, daughter of Major George De Pree [1909-1992], and his wife the former Barbara Jean Stewart [1915-2001], scion of the Earls of Galloway, by whom he had two sons, Tom [born 1977], Hugh [born 1980], and a daughter, Georgie [born 1975].


Saturday, July 02, 2022

Bethell/Webb engagement

 The engagement was announced 2 July 2022, between Christopher Frederick Bethell [born 1988], scion of the Bethell landed gentry family, of Rise, son of William Anthony Bethell [born 18 May, 1957], of Arnold, Yorkshire, and his wife the former Elizabeth Anne Madden [born 1952], scion of that Irish landed gentry family, and Nicki G. Webb, daughter of Mr Michael Webb and Mrs Christopher Roupell, of Kintbury, Boxford.

William Pleydell-Bouverie, 7th Earl of Radnor > Lady Jane Pleydell-Bouverie > William Bethell > Christopher Bethell


Rupert Aubrey Michael Kerr [born 2022]

Sophie Louise E. Kerr [born 1987, nee Neech], wife of Robert John Edward Kerr (born 1987), scion of the Marquesses of Lothian (Marquess, Scotland, cr 1701), gave birth to a son, Rupert Aubrey Michael, 27 June, 2022, a brother for Hugh Cornelius William, who was born 5 Aug 2019.

Sophie is the elder daughter of Mr Richard E. Neech, of Letheringsett Hill, Norfolk, by his wife the former Margaret A.L. Edmonds. 

Robbie Kerr is the elder son of William Walter Raleigh Kerr (b 1950), of Melbourne, Derbyshire, by his wife the former Griselda Mary Hamilton-Baillie, scion of the Earls of Haddington.


Richard Henry Alexander Southby 1941-2022

 Richard Henry Alexander Southby, who died 24 June, 2022, aged 80, was a scion of the Southby baronets.

He was born 4 August, 1941, son of Lieutenant Commander Patrick Henry James Southby, RN [1913-2003], and his wife Lady Anne Adeline Hope [1914-2007], daughter of the 2nd Marquess of Linlithgow, KG, KT, GCSI, GCIE, OBE, TD, PC, FRSE [1887-1952], sometime Viceroy of India1, &c.

He married 13 April, 1985, Nicola Claire Wallop Janson [born 29 May, 1959], daughter of Jonathan Michael Janson [1930-2015], and his wife the former Mary Wallop William-Powlett [1936-2021], scion of the Earls of Portsmouth, by whom he had issue, a son, Alexander [born 15 Jul 1987], and a daughter, Henrietta [born 22 June, 1989].

Cdr Sir Archibald Southby, 1st Bt > Lt-Cdr Patrick Southby > Richard Southby [d 2022]


Daley/Campbell engagement

 The engagement was announced 2 July, 2022, between Alexander D. Daley, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Timothy Daley, and Alice Camilla Campbell [born 1990], youngest daughter of Melfort Andrew Campbell, OBE [born June 1956], of Altries, Maryculter, Aberdeen, scion of the Adamson landed family, and the Campbell-Bannerman family, and his wife the Hon Lucy Nickson [born 8 July, 1959], daughter of the life peer, the Baron Nickson [born 27 Nov, 1929].


Hon Michael Christopher Gilbey 1949-2022

 The Hon Michael Christopher Gilbey, scion of the Barons Vaux of Harrowden, died 24 June, 2022. He was 72.

He was born 29 December, 1949, a younger son of the 10th Baron Vaux of Harrowden [1915-2002], and his wife the former Maureen Pamela Gilbey [1919-1999]; married 21 Aug, 1971, his cousin, Linda Gilbey [born 14 Oct, 1952], daughter of Arthur Sebastian Gilbey [1919-64], and his wife the former Jennifer Beryl Bruce [1924-1991]; by whom he had issue, three sons, Henry [b 7 Feb, 1973], Julian [b 1 May 1975], and William [b 18 Jul 1979].


Friday, July 01, 2022

The Lady Sylvia Maltby 1934-2022

 The Lady Sylvia Maltby, who died 29 June, 2022, aged 88, was a scion of the Earls of Malmesbury.

She was the former Lady Sylvia Veronica Anthea Harris, 17 May, 1934, elder daughter of the 6th Earl of Malmesbury [1907-2000], and his 1st wife the former Hon Diana Claudia Patricia Carleton [1912-90], daughter of the 2nd Baron Dorchester [1876-1963].

She married 28 July, 1956, John Newcombe Maltby, CBE [1928-98], scion of that landed gentry family, son of Air Vice-Marshal Sir Paul Copeland Maltby, KCVO, KBE, CB, DSO, AFC, DL [1892-1971], by whom she had issue, a son, William [born 5 Sept, 1959], and two daughters, Caroline [born 14 May, 1957], and Sophie [born 11 Nov 1963].


Alison Audrey Primrose Windham 1928-2022

Alison Audrey Primrose Windham [nee Curtis], who died 29 June 2022, aged 94, was the widow of William Ashe Dymoke Windham, of Glasbury, Powys, a scion of the Smith-Bowyer baronets.

She was the former Alison Audrey Primrose Curtis [born 23 Feb 1928], scion of the Curtis baronets, daughter of Maj. Philip Pinckney Curtis [1884-1974], and his wife the former Hélène Ellinor Clare Kidston [d 2005], scion of that landed gentry family, and married 9 June, 1956, William Windham, a British Olympian, having rowed for GB at the 1952 Olympic Games, born 2 April, 1926, the second son of Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Steuart Windham [1873-1958], of Shefford, Bedfordshire, and his wife the former Marjorie Russell Dymock [d 1971]. Her husband died 5 January, 2021, aged 94. 

Mrs Windham leaves issue, two sons, Ashe [b 1957], and Charles [b 1960], and a daughter, Emma [b 1959].

Her elder son, Capt Ashe George Russell Windham, LVO, Irish Guards [b 11 July, 1957], was Temp Equerry to HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 1980-82, and Exra Equerry to Her Majesty until her death in 2002.


Thursday, June 30, 2022

Clark/Crutchley engagement

 The engagement was announced 30 June, 2022, between Christopher H.L. Clark, son of Mr & Mrs David Clark, of Fulham, London, and Daisy Alice Crutchley [born 17 May, 1986], daughter of the late Lieutenant-Commander William Victor Percy Crutchley [1933-2007], of Dorset, and his 2nd wife the former Hon Penelope Ann O'Neill [born 15 Apr, 1947], daughter of the life peer the Baron O'Neill of the Maine, PC [1914-1990], a Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, a cadet branch of the Barons O'Neill &c.

The 1st and last Marquess of Crewe > Lady Annabel Crewe-Milnes > Terence O'Neill, Baron O'Neill of the Maine > Hon Penelope O'Neill > Daisy Alice Crutchley


Maj. George Richard Howard-Vyse 1927-2022

 Major George Richard Howard-Vyse, who died 23 June, 2022, aged 94, was head of that landed gentry family, formerly of Stoke.

He was born 31 December, 1927, the elder son of Lt-Col. George Aubrey Howard-Vyse, JP [1874-1953], of Nuwith House, Masham, North Yorkshire, and his wife the former Mary Frances Helena Dalton [1900-75], scion of that landed gentry family, of The Hutts, Grewelthorpe.

He was educated at Wellington, and the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and served in the Royal Artillery.

He married 27 Aug, 1960, Helen Jane [who died 22 Jan, 2021], elder daughter of Arthur Poyntz Bower [1896-1970], of Croft-on-Tees, Darlington, by his wife the former Edith Mary Turner [1896-1984].

H eis succeeded as head of the family by his son, Charles Aubrey [born 1962].


The 2nd Viscount Dilhorne 1932-2022

 The 2nd Viscount Dilhorne died 25 June, 2022. He was 90.

John Mervyn Manningham-Buller was born 28 February, 1932, son of Reginald Edward Manningham-Buller, MP, KC, PC [1905-80], sometime Conservative MP for Daventry and later Northampton, Law Lord, and Lord Chancellor in the administrations of Harold Macmillan and Sir Alec Douglas-Home 1962-64. 

His father, who succeeded as Sir Reginald Manningham-Buller, 4th Baronet, in 1956, was created 1st Baron Dilhorne in 1962, and advanced to a viscountcy two years later, as 1st Viscount Dilhorne.

John Manningham-Buller's mother was the Lady Mary Lilian Lindsay [1910-2004], daughter of the 27th Earl of Crawford & Balcarres [1871-1940], and his wife the former Constance Lilian Pelly [d 8 Jan 1947], scion of the Pelly baronets.

He succeeded his father as 2nd Viscount Dilhorne and a baronet, 7 September, 1980. 

He married firstly, 8 Oct, 1955 [div 1973] Gillian Stockwell, daughter of Colonel George Cochrane Stockwell, JP, of Alresford, Hampshire, and his wife the former Evelyn Dorothy Heywood; married 2ndly, 17 Dec, 1981, Professor Susannah Jane Gilchrist [nee Eykyn], former wife of Colin Gilchrist, and daughter of Commander William Canning Eykyn, RN.

Viscount Dilhorne leaves two sons and a daughter from his first marriage. The elder son, Major the Hon James Edward Manningham-Buller succeeds to the family honours.


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Oscar David James Moore-Gwyn [born 12/06/2022]

 _. Laura Serena Moore-Gwyn [nee Brown, born 1987], scion of the Brown baronets, and wife of George Augustus Joseph Moore-Gwyn [born 1987], scion of that landed family, gave birth to a son, Oscar David James, 12 June, 2022, a brother for Theodora Serena, who was born 3 June, 2019.

George Moore-Gwyn is the son of David John Howel Moore-Gwyn [born 1947], head of that landed family, by his wife the former Alison Frances White, LVO.

Laura is a daughter of James Benedict Brown [born 1956], by his wife the former Patricia Jardine Paterson.


Wilfred Charles Gordon Lennox [born 20/06/2022]

Susannah Clare Gordon Lennox (nee Coy, born 1984), wife of Hamish Charles Gordon Lennox (born 11 June, 1980), scion of the Dukes of Richmond and Gordon, gave birth to a son, Wilfred Charles, 20 June, 2022, a brother for Barnaby Charles, who was born 16 September, 2018.

Hamish Gordon Lennox, a descendant of King Charles II, is the son of Capt Michael Charles Gordon Lennox, OBE, RN (born 30 September, 1938), by his wife the former Jennifer Susan Gibbs, CVO (born 12 May, 1944), sometime Lady-in-Waiting to the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and then to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, scion of the Barons Aldenham & Hunsdon.

Susannah Gordon Lennox is a daughter of (Robert) Michael John Coy (born 1944), by his wife the former Janet M. Knight.


Savile/Warren engagement

 The engagement was announced 29 June, 2022, between Johnny B. Savile, son of the late Keith Savile and Mrs Philippa Savile, of Tooting Bec, London, and Iona Katharine Warren [born 7 June, 1998], descended from the Kleinwort baronets, daughter of Charles Raymond Warren [born 14 Dec, 1963], of Cupar, Fife, and his wife the former Sarah Elizabeth Mather. 

Sir Alexander Kleinwort, 1st Baronet > Ernest Kleinwort > Gillian Kleinwort > Charles Warren > Iona Warren


Wheeler-Carmichael/Sherwood engagement

 The engagement was announced 29 June, 2022, between Guy Thomas Wheeler-Carmichael [born 1992], descended from the Carmichael baronets, son of George Alexander Wheeler-Carmichael [born 10 Sept, 1959], of Hyde, Gloucestershire, and his wife the former Marianne Jean Law [born 23 July, 1960] & Anna Lucinda Sherwood [born 1993], daughter of Simon E.H. Sherwood, of Bredenbury, Herefordshire, and his wife the former Hon Lucy Jane Hamilton-Russell [born 13 September, 1961], daughter of the late 10th Viscount Boyne [1931-95].

Guy Wheeler-Carmichael's descent from the Barons Ellenborough:-

Henry Law, 7th Baron Ellenborough > Hon Cecil Law > Marianne Law > Guy Wheeler-Carmichael


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Eva Piroska Astor [born 29/05/2022]

  Lucy India Clare Astor [nee Ponsonby, born 1991], wife of Thomas David Astor [born 1987], scion of the Barons Astor of Hever, gave birth to a daughter, Eva Piroska, 29 May, 2022.

Tom Astor is a son of [George] David Astor [born 8 July, 1958], of Ashbury, Wiltshire, by his late wife the former Marianne Piroska Julia Leche [1958-2019], and is a great-grandson of the 1st Baron Astor of Hever [1886-1971].

Lucy Astor, is a scion of the Ponsonby baronets, a daughter of Luke Arthur Ponsonby [born 15 July, 1957], of Ledwell, co Oxford, by his wife the former Nicola J. Guy, and is a granddaughter maternally of General Sir Roland Guy, GCB [1928-2005], and a granddaughter paternally of Sir Ashley Charles Gibbs Ponsonby, 2nd Baronet [1921-2010], and is a great-granddaughter of the 6th Marquess of Ormonde [1893-1971].


The Lady Gillian Mora Katherine Smith 1935-2022

 The Lady Gillian Smith [née Cecil], who died 17 June, 2022, aged 87, was a scion of the Marquesses of Exeter.

She was born Lady Gilliam Moyra Katherine Cecil, 8 March, 1935, daughter of the British Olympian, the 6th Marquess of Exeter [1905-1981], of Burghley House, Stamford, and his first wife the Lady Mary Theresa Montagu-Douglas-Scott [1904-1984], daughter of the 7th Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry [1864-1935].

She married firstly, 23 Nov, 1954 [div 1978], Sir Giles Henry Charles Floyd, 7th Baronet [born 27 February, 1932], son of Sir John Duckett Floyd, 6th Bt [1903-1975], and his wife the former Jocelin Evadne Wyldbore-Smith [died 17 Jan, 1976]; she married 2ndly, 1979, George Michael Kertesz, son of Zultan Kertesz; and married 3rdly, 15 April, 2008, as his sedcond wife, Jeremy Fox Eric Smith [1928-2021], scion of that landed gentry family, brother of Fortune, Duchess of Grafton, GCVO [1920-2021], and son of Capt Evan Cadogan Eric Smith, and his wife the former Helen Williams.

From her first marriage she had two sons, David Henry Cecil Floyd [born 2 Apr, 1956], and the late Henry Edward Cecil Floyd [1958-2013].

Lady Gillian attended the 1953 Coronation as a train bearer to Lady Patricia Ramsay [aka Princess Patricia of Connaught]