Thursday, August 18, 2022

Mark Girouard, FSA 1931-2022

 Mark Girouard, FSA, who died 16 August, 2022, aged 90, was an architectural writer, authority on the country house, architectural historian and a biographer. He was sometime professor of Fine Art at the University of Oxford.

He was born 7 October, 1931, son of Major Richard Desiré Girouard [1905-89], and his 1st wife the Lady Blanche Maud de la Poer Beresford [1898-1940], daughter of the 6th Marquess of Waterford [1875-1911], and his wife the Beatrix Frances Petty-Fitzmaurice [1877-1953], daughter of the 5th Marquess of Lansdowne [1845-1927], &c.

He married in 1970, the artist Dorothy Dorf, by whom he had one daughter, Blanche Camilla [born 1976].


Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Nicholas Benbow Evans 1950-2022

 Nicholas Benbow Evans, who died 9 August, 2022, aged 72, was an author, famous for his novel The Horse Whisperer.

He was born 26 July, 1950. Married [1] Jennifer Lyon, by whom he had issue, 2 sons and a daughter; married [2], 2004, Charlotte Gordon-Cumming [born 2 Feb, 1958], scion of the baronets of that name, daughter of Sir William Gordon-Cumming, 6th Baronet [1928-2002], and his wife the former Elisabeth Hinde.

He also leaves a son from a former relationship.


Michael St Clair Baddeley 1934-2022

 Michael St Clair Baddeley, who died 4 August, 2022, aged 88, was a scion of the landed gentry family of that name, of Castle Hale.

He was born in 1934, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert John Halkett Baddeley, MC [1877-1955], and his wife the former Hilda Wardle [1897-1974]. He married Barbara Ramage, by whom he had a son, Shaun Halkett St Clair Baddeley [born 1970], and a daughter, Annabel [born 1966], wife of Sir Patrick Coghill, 9th Baronet [born 1960].


Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Simon Bland, KCVO 1923-2022

 Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Simon Bland, KCVO, who died 11 August, 2022, aged 98, was a scion of that landed gentry family, and was a former private secretary to TRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

Simon Claude Michael Bland was born 4 December, 1923, son of Sir [George] Nevile Maltby Bland, KCMG, KCVO [1886-1972], and his wife the former Portia Ottley [1893-1968], scion of that landed gentry family.

He was educated at Eton and served in the Second World War in the Scots Guards, in Italy, and saw service in Malaya 1949-51; Assistant Military Adviser at the UK High Commission, Karachi 1959-60; he was Comptroller and Assistant Private Secretary to HRH the late Duke of Gloucester, 1961-74; and Private Secretary to the late HRH Prince William of Gloucester 1968-72; Comptroller, Private Secretary and Equerry to HRH Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester and to HRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, 1972-89, Extra Equerry to Princess Alice, 1989-2004; and Extra Equerry to the Duke & Duchess of Gloucester since 1989.

He was appointed MVO in 1967, advanced to CVO in 1973, and KCVO in 1982.

Sir Simon Bland married 2 March, 1954, Beatrice Olivia Blackett [1932-2013], scion of the Blackett landed family, of Wylam, daughter of Maj Christopher William Stewart Burdett Blackett [1908-58], and his wife the former Kathleen Charlotte Williams-Wynn [1910-91], scion of the baronets of that name, by whom he had issue, one son, David Neville William [born 7 Dec, 1959], and three daughters, Catherine Mary [born 15 May, 1955], Rachel Corinna [born 25 Feb, 1957], and Henrietta Portia [born 17 Apr, 1967].

Lady Bland died 13 June, 2013.


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Gaffney/Straker engagement

 The engagement was announced 16 August, 2022, between Lieut Jack Erik Gaffney [born 1996], descended from the Feilden baronets, younger son of Edward W.B. [Bay] Gaffney [born 1962], of Wimbledon, London, and his wife the former Helen Tugwell, and Beatrice Constance [Bea] Straker [born 5 November, 1995], scion of that landed gentry family, of Stagshaw, younger daughter of the late James Andrew John Straker [1959-2022], and his wife the former Rodrica Consuelo Chichester-Constable, DL [born 31 March, 1963], of that landed family of Burton Constable.


Monday, August 15, 2022

Duke and Duchess of Norfolk divorced

 After thirty five years of marriage the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk have finalised their divorce.

Edward William Fitzalan-Howard, 18th Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England [born 2 Dec, 1956], son of the 17th Duke, KG [1915-2002], and the former Ann Mary Teresa Constable-Maxwell [1927-2013], married 27 June, 1987, Georgina Susan Gore [born 30 Jan, 1962], scion of the Earls Temple of Stowe, daughter of John Temple Gore [1931-2018], and his wife the former Serena Margaret Mounsey [died 2015], by whom he had issue, three sons, Henry, Earl of Arundel and Surrey [born 3 Dec, 1987], Lord Thomas [born 14 March, 1992], and Lord Philip [born 14 July, 1996], and two daughters, Lady Rachel [born 10 June, 1989], and Lady Isobelle [born 7 Feb, 1994].

The Duke of Norfolk is now in a relationship with Francesca Vaughan [Chica] Herbert [nee Bevan, born 1963], who married at Highclere, 14 Oct, 1992, the Hon Harry Herbert [born 2 March, 1959], second son of the 7th Earl of Carnarvon [1924-2001], and daughter of Jonathan Stuart Vaughan Bevan [1940-2007], and his wife the former Victoria Leycester.

The Queen and the Princess of Wales attended Chica Bevan's first wedding to the Hon Harry Herbert.

Chica's great-uncle, David John Vaughan Bevan [1906-86] married 6 Aug, 1938, the Hon Hilary Evelyn Spicer Pakington, daughter of the 5th Baron Hampton [1888-1974]


Christopher Foyle, OBE 1943-2022

 [William Richard] Christopher Foyle, OBE, who died 10 August, 2022, aged 79, was head of that landed gentry family. He was sometime chairman of the eponymous family book shop.

He was born 20 January, 1943, son of William Richard Foyle [1912-1957], and his wife the former Alice Kun, daughter of Josef Eugen Kun, of Vienna. He married in 1983, Catherine Jelleyman, by whom he had three daughters. He also leaves a son, Alexander, from a previous relationship.


Sunday, August 14, 2022

Susan Lea [nee Greenwood] 1929-2022

 Susan Lea died 8 July, 2022, aged 93. She was a model for Sir Norman Hartnell and Sir Hardy Amies, and widow of Robert Francis Gore Lea [1906-94], scion of the Lea baronets.

She was born Susan Greenwood, 23 May, 1929, daughter of John Eric Greenwood [1891-1975], and his wife the former Doris Mary Radford [1897-1973]; and married 3 May, 1956, as his second wife, Robert Francis Gore Lea [born 22 January, 1906], younger son of Sir Thomas Sydney Lea, 2nd Baronet [1867-1946], and his wife the former Mary Ophelia Woodward [1875-1933]; by whom she had a son, [Francis] Rupert Chad Lea [born 2 Nov, 1957].

She was widowed 24 February, 1994.



Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sir John Banham 1940-2022

Sir John Banham, Knt, who died 9 August, 2022, aged 81, was a businessman, chairman of the major brewer Whitbread from 2000 to 2005, and also chairman of ECI Ventures, Tarmac and Johnson Matthey.

John Michael Middlecott Banham, was born 22 Aug, 1940, son of Terence Banham, FRCS, and his wife Belinda Joan; and married 30 Oct, 1965, Frances Barbara Molyneux Favell [born 6 February, 1943], daughter of Commander Richard Molyneux Favell [1914-1995], and his wife the former Barbara Bridget Talbot [1919-96], by whom she had issue, a son, Mark [born 30 Apr, 1968], and two daughters, Serena [born 24 May, 1970], and Morwenna [born 14 Sept, 1972].

He was knighted in 1992.

Charles, 1st Baron Talbot of Henshol > Rev Hon George Talbot > Very Rev Charles Talbot > Rear Admiral Sir Charles Talbot > Maj Francis Arthur Bouverie Talbot > Vice Admiral Sir Cecil Talbot > Barbara Bridget Talbot >Frances Barbara Molyneux Favell


Lucinda Katrina Watt [nee Janson] 1961-2022

 Lucinda Katrina Watt [nee Janson], who died 27 July, 2022, aged 61, was a scion of the Earls of Portsmouth.

Lucinda Katrina Janson was born 7 May, 1961, second daughter of Jonathan Michael Janson [1930-2015], and his wife the former Mary Wallop William-Powlett [1936-2021]; and married 1991, Andrew Peter Watt, son of Commander Alexander Strachan Watt, RN, by whom she had 2 daughters, Georgiana and Arabella.


Noel Frederick Augustus Page-Turner, DL 1934-2022

 Noel Frederick Augustus Page-Turner, DL, who died 8 August, 2022, aged 88, was a scion of that landed gentry family.

He was born 6 May, 1934, second son of Frederick Ambrose Wilford Page-Turner [1882-1936], head of that family, by his wife the former Margaret Farndson Morris; and married 17 September, 1960, Christine Mary Tetley, the youngest daughter of Robert Francis Tetley, of Beechfield, Boston Spa, Yorkshire, by whom he had two sons, Edward [b 26 Sept, 1961] and Gregory [b 28 Apr, 1964], and a daughter, Cassandra [born 16 June, 1966, who married David Pleydell-Bouverie, scion of the Earls of Rador]


Whitelaw/Packe engagement

The engagement was announced 13 August, 2022, between Stuart P. Whitelaw, son of Mr Gavin Whitelaw and Mrs Patricia Whitelaw, and Olivia Aloÿse Hester  Packe [born 11 August, 1984], scion of the Packe-Drury-Lowe landed gentry family, daughter of Mr Andrew James Packe [born 11 January, 1951], and his wife the former Aloÿse Anne Blackie.

Olivia Packe descends from the Ogilvy baronets:-

Col Sir Reginald Ogilvy, 10th Baronet > Gilbert Francis Molyneux Ogilvy > Katharine Olivia Mary Ogilvy > Andrew James Packe > Olivia Packe


Lyons/Lea engagement

 The engagement was announced 13 August, 2022, between Alistair Lyons, youngest son of Mr & Mrs Nicholas Lyons, of Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, and Hannah Emily Doris Lea [born 1994], eldest daughter of Piers E. Lea [born 1961], of London, by his wife the former Annabel Carol Fox [born 1962].

Hannah Lea descends paternally from the Smith-Dorrien-Smith landed gentry family, and descends maternally from the Earls of Erne.

The 3rd Earl of Erne [1802-85] > Col the Hon Charles Crichton [1841-1918] > Maj Hubert Francis Crichton [1874-1914] > Doris Madeline Crichton [1904-93] > Carol Esther Pease [b 1932] > Annabel Carol Fox [b 1962] > Hannah Lea [b 1994]


Friday, August 12, 2022

Wolfe Albert Henry Hopkinson [born 2022]

Jemima Elizabeth Hopkinson [née Radcliffe, born 1994], wife of Frederick Henry Hopkinson [born 1985], gave birth to a son, Wolfe Albert Henry, 21 June, 2022.

Frederick Hopkinson is a son of Adrian T. Hopkinson [born 1953], of Norton Lindsey, Warwickshire, and his wife the former Clare Diana Birch Reynardson [born 1954], scion of that landed gentry family.

Jemima Hopkinson is a daughter of Michael R. Radcliffe [born 1949], of Cound, Shropshire, and his wife the former Alexandra Jones.

The infant descends from the Ponsonby Barons De Mauley:-

The 2nd Baron De Mauley > Hon Edwin Ponsonby > Diana Ponsonby > William Birch Reynardson > Clare Birch Reynardson > Frederick Hopkinson > Wolfe Hopkinson


Hogg/Ponsonby engagement

 The engagement was announced 12 August, 2022, between Andrew A.J. Hogg, younger son of the late [Adam] Ronald Hogg, CBE [1951-2019], and Mrs Jane Hogg, of Chester-le-Street, County Durham, & Alice Elizabeth Ponsonby [born 1988], only daughter of Sir Charles Ashley Ponsonby, 3rd Baronet [born 10 June, 1951], of Woodstock, Oxfordshire, and his wife the former Mary Priscilla Bromley-Davenport [born 13 September, 1951], scion of that landed gentry family.


Sewell/Garbutt engagement

 The engagement was announced 12 August, 2022, between Henry Alexander Sewell [born 4 May, 1988], scion of that landed gentry family, elder son of [Charles] Percy Sewell [born 22 Dec, 1958], of Oxhill, Warwickshire, and his wife the former Alice Louise Esther Margot Huntington-Whiteley [born 22 July, 1961] scion of the baronets of that name, & Roberta Lois Carla Garbutt [born Norwich, March, 1993], daughter of Leo Garbutt, of Grenada, West Indies, and Mrs Garbutt [nee Lilian Ramdhanny].

Henry Sewell is descended from Queen Victoria:-

Queen Victoria > Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany > Prince Charles, Duke of Albany & Duke of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha > Princess Caroline Matilde of Saxe-Coburg > Viktoria Gräfin zu Castell-Rüdenhausen > Alice Huntington-Whiteley > Henry Sewell

Henry also descends from the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin:-

Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, KG > Lady Pamela Baldwin > Sir John Huntington-Whiteley, 4th Baronet > Alice Huntington-Whiteley > Henry Sewell


Joanna Mary Jamieson 1935-2022

 Joanna Mary Jamieson (nee Woodall), died 1 August, 2022, aged 87. She was the widow of Major David Auldjo Jamieson, VC, CVO [1920-2001].

Jamieson won the Victoria Cross for the magnificant leadership and courage he displayed in the desperate battle for the bridgehead on the River Orne in Normandy, which had been gained in August 1944 by the men of The Royal Norfolk Regiment during the breakout after the D-Day landings. In a dangerous period, during which his company was repeatedly assaulted by overwhelmingly powerful German armoured forces, Jamieson kept a cool head and displayed resolve and tactical skills which, over a period of 36 hours, held the Norfolk's hard-won position and eventually repulsed the enemy's tanks.

Joanna Mary Woodall was born in London in 1935, daughter of Edward Corbet Woodall [1903-1972], and his wife the former Janet Inez Crawley [1906-1964]; and married firstly, 30 April, 1955 [div 1968], the Hon Richard Archer Alan Windsor-Clive [1928-2014], second son of the 2nd Earl of Plymouth [1889-1943], and his wife the Lady Irene Corona Charteris [1902-89], daughter of the 11th Earl of Wemyss [1857-1937]. She married 2ndly, in 1969, as his second wife, Maj David Jamieson,VC [born 1 Oct, 1920], son of Sir Archibald Auldjo Jamieson.

Mrs Jamieson leaves issue from her first marriage, a son, Stephen, and a daughter, Cathryn.