Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Dorothy Vivien Wilson 1928-2023

 Dorothy Vivien Wilson, who died 23 November, 2023, aged 95, was a scion of the Wilson landed gentry family, of Cliffe Hall.

She was born 22 January, 1928, younger daughter of Capt Sir Frank O'Brien Wilson, CMG, DSO, RN (1883-1962), and his wife the former Elizabeth Frances Pease (1894-1974), daughter of Sir Arthur Francis Pease, 1st Baronet (1866-1927). She was unmarried.


John Salusbury Kynaston Mainwaring 1938-2023

 John Salusbury Kynaston Mainwaring, scion of that landed gentry family, died 23 November, 2023. He was 85.

He was born 18 April, 1938, the eldest son of Brigadier Hugh Salusbury Kynaston Mainwaring, CB, CBE, DSO, TD (1906-1976), and his wife the former Diana Dugdale (1913-1967), scion of that landed family of Wroxall; and married 20 July, 1968, Anne Bucknill, younger daughter of the late Capt Anthony Bucknill and Mrs Michael Webster, of The Vale, Windsor Forest, Berkshire, by whom he had issue, a son, William, and two daughters, Laura and Annabel.


Trennery/Seymour engagement

The engagement was announced 6 December, 2023, between Thomas George Trennery, son of Paul and Jackie Trennery of Harpenden, Hertfordshire, & Charlotte Emily Seymour (born 1990), scion of the Barons Howard De Walden, daughter of Thomas Oliver Seymour (born 20 Oct, 1952), scion of the Marquesses of Hertford, and his wife the former Sally Ward Coolidge, daughter of Henry P. Coolidge, of Lincoln, Mass, United States.

Charlotte Seymour is descended from the Barons Howard De Walden and in remainder to that English barony:-

The 8th Baron Howard De Walden (1880-1946) > Hon Rosemary Nest Scott-Ellis (1922-2017) > Thomas Seymour (b 1952) > Charlotte Emily Seymour (b 1990)



Loyd/Dawkins engagement

 The engagement was announced 6 December, 2023, between Rupert Charles Percy Loyd (born 8 February, 1990), scion of the Loyd landed family of Lockinge, the second son of David William Arnold Loyd (born 4 January, 1949), of Mildenhall, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Anabel Laura Dorothy Morrison (born 31 December, 1955), scion of the Barons Margadale, & Alice E. Dawkins, daughter of Hon John Dawkins AO and Maggie Dawkins of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

Rupert Loyd is a great-grandson of the 1st Baron Margadale:-

1st Baron Margadale (1906-96) > Hon Sir Charles Morrison MP (1932-2005) > Anabel Morrison (b 1955) > Rupert Loyd (b 1990)


Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Matilda and Scarlett Rounding (born 2023)

 Lucy Amelia M.Y. Rounding (nee Froggatt, born 24 August, 1993), wife of Edward George (Ed) Rounding (born 4 February, 1991), gave birth to twin daughters, Matilda and Scarlett, born 3 November, 2023.

Ed Rounding is a son of Anthony Rounding (born 1955), and his wife the former Elaine Kaiser (born 1954).

Lucy, descended from the Stanley of Dalegarth & Ponsonby landed gentry family, is the only daughter of Nicholas Keith Froggatt (born 11 January, 1963), by his wife the former Maggie Tang (born 21 May 1962).

The twins are great-great-granddaughters of Elizabeth Norah Stanley (b 1909- ?) who descended from the Earls of Galloway and from King Henry VII.


Monday, December 04, 2023

Elizabeth Jane Cowen (née Holland) 1967-2023

Elizabeth Jane Cowen (née Holland) died 26 November, 2023, aged 56. She was born in 1967, daughter of William Holland, of Chaceley, Gloucestershire; and married in 1999, Major Stuart Huxley Cowen (born 1960), son of Maj Rosslyn Fairfax Huxley Cowen (1919-2016), and his wife the Hon Shelagh Mary Rank (1923-2007), daughter of the 1st & last Baron Rank (1888-1972); by whom she had issue, a son Henry, and a daughter, Georgina.


Peter Charles Barclay, The Barclay of Towie Barclay and of that Ilk 1938-2023

 Peter Charles Barclay The Barclay of Towie Barclay and of that Ilk, died 2 November, 2023.

He was recognised by Lord Lyon King of Arms, and matriculated his arms at the Lyons Court on 22 March 1971.

He was born 26 February, 1938, a son of Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Patrick Barclay, The Black Watch (1899-1943), and his wife the former Daphne Dorothy Crisp Binny (1913-1985); Unm.


Gene Carol de Speville (née Blunt) 1943-2023

Gene Carol de Speville (née Blunt), who died 28 November, 2023, aged 80, was a scion of the Blunt baronets.

She was born 24 April, 1943, daughter of Capt Grant Anthony Clavell Blunt, RM (1920-2005), of Warwick Dr, London, and his wife the former June Dorothy Liddle (who died 15 Nov, 2019); and married 1967, Bertrand Edouard Doger de Speville (1941-2020).


Sunday, December 03, 2023

Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead 1944-2023

 The Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead, the former minister, MEP and wife of ex-Labour leader Lord Kinnock, died 3 December, 2023, aged 79.

The former Glenys Elizabeth Parry (born 7 July, 1944), was a politician and teacher who served as Minister of State for Europe from June to October 2009 and Minister of State for Africa and the United Nations from 2009 to 2010. A member of the Labour Party, she was previously a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Wales, formerly South Wales East, from 1994 to 2009. She was also a businesswoman and a founder of multiple organizations, including One World Action (formerly The Bernt Carlsson Trust) in 1988 and Edwin Symonowicz Enterprises along with Polish singer and businessman Edwin Symonowicz in 2012.

 In June 2009 she was raised to the peerage for life and her title was gazetted in the name, style and title of Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead, of Holyhead in the County of Ynys Môn. 

Gelnys Parry married 25 March, 1967, Neil Gordon Kinnock (born 28 March, 1942). Her husband was Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party from 1983 to 1992. He served as a Member of Parliament from 1970 to 1995, first for Bedwellty and then for Islwyn. He was Vice-President of the European Commission from 1999 to 2004. Kinnock was considered to be on the soft left of the Labour Party. Her husband was raised to the peerage for life in January, 2005, as Baron Kinnock, of Bedwellty in the County of Gwent.

Baroness Kinnock leaves issue, a son, Stephen Nathan Kinnock (born 1 Jan, 1970), Labour MP for Aberavon since 2015, and a daughter, Rachel.


Saturday, December 02, 2023

Cooke-Hurle/Boscawen engagement

 The engagement was announced 2 December, 2023, between John Richard Feilding (Jack) Cooke-Hurle (born 1980), scion of that landed gentry family, son of John Feilding (Johnny) Cooke-Hurle (born 1948), and his wife the former Marion Wynifred (Moppet) Hobson (born 1947), and the Hon Laura Frances Boscawen (born 21 November, 1982), daughter of the 10th Viscount Falmouth (born 13 May, 1955), and his former wife the former Lucia Caroline Vivian-Neal (now Mrs David Borradaile).

It is Jack Cooke-Hurle's second marriage. He married firstly, Camilla Louise Jackson (born 1978), and has issue, a son, Rocco Feilding Cooke-Hurle (who was born 1 November, 2014). Jack and Laura have a son, Digby (born 14 Nov, 2020).


Cotton/Saenz Chavez engagement

 The engagement was announced 2 December, 2023, between Anthony Vere Cotton (born 1988), scion of the Cotton baronets (now Viscounts Combermere), younger son of Richard Robert Cotton (born 10 January, 1956), of Bramdean, Hampshire, and his wife the former Corin Wevers, & Karla Saenz Chavez, daughter of Carlos Saenz and Leyla Chavez, of Quito, Equador.


Hugo Duncan Spry Grant-Dalton (born 2023)

 Rosanna Sarah Grant-Dalton (born 1990, nee Coats), wife of Samuel Duncan Spry Grant-Dalton [born 1985], scion of that landed gentry family, of Brodsworth Hall, gave birth to a son, Hugo Duncan Spry, 10 November, 2023.

Rosanna Grant-Dalton is a kinswoman of the Barons Glentanar, daughter of Nicholas James [Nico] Coats [born 19 Apr, 1952], of Fulham, and his wife the former Belinda S. McKechnie [born 1957].

Samuel Grant-Dalton is a son of Kevin Duncan Spry Grant-Dalton [born 23 December, 1952], of Fulham, and his wife the former Amanda Charlton de Smitt [born 1955].


John Denzil Strangways Morrison (born 2023)

 Lucy Georgina Morrison [nee Kennard, born 1987], wife of Simon George Strangways Morrison [born 9 August, 1984], gave birth to a son, John Denzil Strangways, 2 November, 2023, a brother for Reuben Vivian Strangways, who was born 30 December, 2021.

Simon Morrison is the son of Mr Guy Martin James Morrison (born 1957), of Evancoyd Court, Powys, by his former wife the former Hon Charlotte Anne Monckton-Arundell [now the Hon Charlotte Townshend, of Melbury House, Dorset, born 16 April, 1955].

Lucy Morrison is a daughter of Mr Vivian Adam Mytton Kennard [born 1958], of Chilfrome House, Dorset, and his wife the former Georgina Eleanor M. Ames [born 1961].

Simon Morrison is the heir to the Melbury estate inherited by his mother in 1989. His mother, who married secondly, in 1995, James Reginald Townshend, is a daughter of the 9th Viscount Galway [1929-1971], by his heiress wife the former Lady Theresa Jane Fox-Strangways [1932-1989], who was the only surviving child of the 7th Earl of Ilchester [1905-1964], of Melbury House.


Nicolette Helene Radcliffe (née Randag) 1937-2023

Nicolette Helene Radcliffe (née Randag), died 17 November, 2023. 

She was born in 1937, a daughter of Eugene Adrianus Wilhelmus Maria Randag (1903-1985), of Butler’s Cross, Buckinghamshire, and his wife the former Beatrice Aleander (1911-1988); and married 17 August, 1968 (div 1972), Francis Charles Joseph Radcliffe (1939-2023), scion of the Radcliffe baronets, of Rudding Park, Harrogate, son of Charles Joseph Basil Radcliffe (1900-1983), and his wife the former Kathleen Norah Anne Percy (1915-1994), by whom she had issue, a son, Edward (born 1969), and two daughters, Colette (born 1971), and Alexandra (born 1972).


Delphine Maeve Felicity Wild (born 2023)

The Hon Emelia Rose Wild (née Hamilton-Russell, born 25 January, 1994), wife of Frederick Wild, and scion of the Viscounts Boyne, gave birth to a daughter Delphine Maeve Felicity, 31 October, 2023, a sister for Clara Eleanor G. Wild, who was born in 2021.

Emelia is the eldest child of the 11th Viscount Boyne (born 27 Apr, 1965), and his wife the former Lucy Potter.


Alistair John Cecil Colvin 1936-2023

 Alistair John Cecil Colvin, who died 22 November, 2023, aged 87, was a scion of that landed gentry family; born 16 November, 1936, second son of Capt Ivan Beale Colvin, RN (1891-1962), of Kilmeston, Hampshire, and his wife the former Joyce Frances Arbuthnot, OBE (1902-1983), scion of the Arbuthnot baronets; & married in 1972, Catherine Anne Hughes (born 1946), daughter of Geoffrey Hughes, of Iverna Court, London W8, by whom he had a son, William John Beale Colvin (born 1974), and a daughter, Emily Frances (born 1977).


Elizabeth Angela Dodge (nee Incledon-Webber) 1934-2023

 Elizabeth Angela Dodge (nee Incledon-Webber), who died 21 November, 2023, aged 89, was a scion of the Incledon-Webber landed gentry family; born 11 September, 1934, second daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Godfrey Sturdy Incledon-Webber, TD, OStJ (1904-1986), and his wife the former Angela Florence Lacy (1905-1991), scion of the Lacy baronets; and married 12 December, 1956, Capt David John Bigelow Dodge (1930-2014), son of Colonel John Bigelow Dodge, DSO, DSC, MC (1894-1960), and his wife the former Minerva Arrington(1902-1986); by whom she had issue, two sons, John (b 21 Sept, 1957), and Julian (b 30 Apr, 1964), and three daughters, Caroline (b 21 Feb 1959), Frances (b 21 Nov 1961), and Celia (b 8 Mar 1967).


Henderson/Hamilton-Briscoe engagement

The engagement was announced 2 December, 2023, between George Alexander Henderson (born 18 May, 1992), scion of the Barons Faringdon, elder son of the Hon James Harold Henderson (born 14 July, 1961), of Buscot Park, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, and his wife the former Lucinda Maria Hanson (born 1962), & Georgina Rose Henderson-Briscoe (born 1993), daughter of Anthony E.W. Hamilton-Briscoe (born 1960), of Belaugh, Norfolk, and his wife the former Jacqueline Fiona Duke (born 1961).

George Henderson is the elder son of the eldest son of the 3rd Baron Faringdon (born 3 July, 1937).



Diana Susan Watt (née Villiers) 1935-2023

Diana Susan Watt (née Villiers), who died 27 October, 2023, aged 88, was a scion of the Earls of Clarendon.

She was born Diana Susan (Susie) Villiers, 1 March, 1935, daughter of Capt Robert Alexander Villiers, CBE, RN (1908-1990), and his first wife the former Leila Alexandra Findlater (1907-1938), scion of that Irish landed gentry family; and married 1963, Ian Buchanan Watt, CMG (1916-1988), son of John Watt and his wife the former Margaret Gibson, by whom she had issue, two sons, James and Robin, and a daughter, Harriet.



Friday, December 01, 2023

Bruce/Goshawk engagement

 The engagement was announced 1 December, 2023, between Todd Heron Bruce (born 12 June, 1996),scion of the Earls of Elgin and Kincardine, third son of Peveril John Bruce of Salloch (born 6 Oct, 1953), of Ovington, Hampshire, and his wife the former Rosamond Cornelia McLay (Minna) Mills (born 21 Sept, 1957), & Sophie Claire Goshawk (born 1993), daughter of Peter Richard Goshawk (born 1959), of Horning, Norfolk, and his wife the former Amanda Clatworthy.


Lady Scott-Hopkins, CBE 1924-2023

Lady Scott-Hopkins, CBE, who died 25 November, 2023, aged 99, was the widow of Sir James Scott-Hopkins, Conservative MP for North Cornwall and later for West Derbyshire.

Geraldine Elizabeth Mary Hargreaves was born 14 June, 1924, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel John Carne Hargreaves (1900-1990), scion of that landed family, and his first wife the Hon Angela Goschen (1897-1992), scion of the Viscounts Goschen; & married in 1946, James Sidney Rawdon Scott-Hopkins (1921-1995), Conservative MP for North Cornwall 1959-66, and for West Derbyshire 1967-79, who was knighted in 1981, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Rawdon Scott-Hopkins, DSO, MC (1882-1974), and his wife the former Millicent Barry Turner (died 1931), by whom she had issue, three sons, and one daughter.



Thursday, November 30, 2023

Susan Elaine Beckwith-Smith (née Parkes) 1935-2023

 Susan Elaine Beckwith-Smith (née Parkes), who died 22 November, 2023, aged 88, was the widow of John Moore Beckwith-Smith (1929-2005), scion of that landed gentry family.

She was born Susan Elaine Parkes, 1 March, 1935, daughter of Sidney Edward Parkes, and married 30 September, 1954, John Moore Beckwith-Smith (born 30 June, 1929), son of Major-General Merton Beckwith-Smith, DSO, MC (1890-1942), &  his wife the former Honor Dorothy Blundell Leigh (1892-1982), a granddaughter maternally of the 1st Marquess of Abergavenny, &c.

By her husband, who died 29 April, 2005, she had issue, two sons, Rupert & John, and two daughters, Carolyn and Lucy. Her daughter Carolyn, who died 11 Oct, 1999, aged 43, was an Extra Lady-in-Waiting to Sarah Duchess of York, and wife of Henry Cotterell (now Sir Henry Cotterell, 7th Baronet).


The Baroness Joffe (died 2023)

 The Baroness Joffe (née Pretorius), who died 6 November, 2023, aged 85, was the widow of the life peer the Baron Joffe, CBE (1932-2017).

She was the former Vanetta Linda Pretorius, daughter of Francois Pretorius, of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and married in 1962, Joel Goodman Joffe, a South African lawyer, created a life peer in 2000, as Baron Joffe, of Liddington in the County of Wiltshire.

She was widowed, 18 June, 2017, and leaves issue.


The Baron Darling of Roulanish, PC 1953-2023

The Baron Darling of Roulanish, PC, who died 30 November, 2023, aged 70, was, as Alistair Darling MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer in the administration of Gordon Brown 2007-2010.

He was Labour MP for Edinburgh South West until he stood down in 2015.

Darling was first appointed as Chief Secretary to the Treasury by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1997, and was promoted to Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in 1998. After spending four years at that department, he spent a further four years as Secretary of State for Transport, while also becoming Secretary of State for Scotland in 2003. Blair moved Darling for a final time in 2006, making him President of the Board of Trade and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, before new Prime Minister Gordon Brown promoted Darling to replace himself as Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2007, a position he remained in until 2010. He served as Chancellor during the financial crisis of 2007–2008 and the Great Recession.

Alistair Maclean Darling was born 28 Nov, 1953, son of Thomas Darling and his wife the former Anna Maclean, and was a great-nephew of Sir William Darling (1885-1962), the Unionist Member of Parliament for the Edinburgh South constituency from 1945 to 1957. 

 Lord Darling was twice married, and he leaves a widow, Margaret McQueen Vaughan, his wife since 1986, by whom he has a son and a daughter.