Thursday, December 08, 2022

Pamela Leslie Melville 1947-2022

 Pamela Leslie Melville, who died at Windsor, 5 December, 2022, aged 75, was a scion of the Earls of Leven and Melville.

She was born 6 September, 1947, elder daughter of Major Michael Ian Leslie Melville, DL, TD (1918-97), and his wife the former Cynthia Hambro (1921-86), scion of that landed gentry family; and was unmarried.

Miss Leslie Melville leaves a brother, Ian Hamish Leslie Melville (born 22 Aug, 1944), who married 30 Mar 1968, the Lady Elizabeth Compton (born 7 Dec, 1944), daughter of the 6th Marquess of Northampton (1885-1978); and a sister, Fiona (born 10 Feb, 1950), who married 2 Jun 1973, James Campbell David Brodie.

The 13th Earl of Leven & Melville > Hon Ian Leslie Melville > Maj Michael Leslie Melville >Pamela Leslie Melville (d 2022)


Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Pilkington/Blair engagement

 The engagement was announced 7 December, 2022, between Fred Alexander Pilkington (born 1974), youngest son of Timothy Charles Pilkington (born 1940), of Petersfield, Hampshire, and his first wife the former Hillary Sputz (born 1946), & Davina E. Blair, scion of the Blair-Imrie landed gentry family, daughter of Hew David Blair (born 1951), of Earlston, Berwickshire, & his wife the former Joanna McCorquodale (born 1957), scion of that landed gentry family.

Davina's sister Katie announced her engagement in 2018 to Patrick MacMullen, a descendant of the Eals of Erne. Another sister Louisa is the wife of Henry Cheape, of that landed gentry family.


Hugo Peter Charles Bevan 1936-2022

 Hugo Peter Charles Bevan, who died 1 December, 2022, aged 86, was a scion of that landed family of Trent Park.

He was born in 1936, son of Morier Geoffrey Bosanquet Bevan (1899-1994), and his wife the former Adele Barbara Locke (1904-91), and married 1 July, 1959, Carol Fane (born 12 Aug, 1937), scion of the Earls of Westmorland, daughter of Capt Charles Nevile Fane (1911-1940), scion of the Barons Clinton, and his wife the former Gladys Mabel Lowther, scion of the Lowther baronets. His wife, Carol, is a sister of the current 22nd Baron Clinton (b 7Oct, 1934).

He leaves issue, a son, Rupert Charles Bevan (born 4 Feb, 1965), and three daughters, Georgina Lucy (born 8 Jan, 1963), Charlotte Adele (born 13 Oct, 1966), and Sophie Alexandra (born 20 Nov, 1968).


The Lady Georgina Elizabeth Mercer Nairne Petty-Fitzmaurice 1950-2022

 The Lady Georgina Elizabeth Mercer Nairne Petty-Fitzmaurice, who died in London, 5 December, 2022, aged 72, was a scion of the Marquesses of Lansdowne.

She was born 10 January, 1950, younger daughter of the 8th Marquess of Lansdowne, PC, DL (1912-1999), of the magnificent Bowood, Calne, Wiltshire, and his first wife the former Barbara Chase (who died 17 Feb, 1965), daughter of Harold Chase, of Santa Barbara, California.

She married firstly, in 1974 (div 1980), Guy Hamilton; married 2ndly, 1981, Robert Eric Miller. 

Lady Georgina leaves issue from her first marriage, a son, Josiah Stirling Hamilton (born 1975), and a daughter, Emma Malina (born 1977).


Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Diana Wiggin (née Durnford-Slater) 1939-2022

 Diana Wiggin died 16 November, 2022, aged 83.

She was born in 1939, daughter of Admiral Sir Robin Leonard Francis Durnford-Slater, KCB (1902-1984), and his wife the former Mary Alice Hilleary Gregson (1909-1984); and married 1stly, 1961, Simon John Anstey; and married 2ndly, 1986 (div  1997) as his third wife, Henry Walter Wiggin (born 12 Aug, 1939), scion of the Wiggin baronets, son of Lt-Col Sir William Henry Wiggin (1888-1951), and his wife the former Elizabeth Ethelston Power (1892-1959), a descendant of the Wethered landed gentry family.

She leaves a son, James William Anstey (born 1968). 


Galbraith/ Ansell engagement

 The engagement was announced 6 December, 2022, between Humphrey Eldred Galloway Galbraith (born 2 November, 1994), scion of the Barons Strathclyde, eldest son of the Hon Charles William Du Roy De Blicquy Galbraith (born 20 May, 1962), of Barskimming Mains, Ayrshire, and his wife the former Bridget Anne Reeve, & Emma D. Ansell, eldest daughter of Bryan Charles Ansell (born Oct, 1955), of Stoke Hall, Nottinghamshire, and Mrs Diane Ansell (nee Lane). 

Humphrey Galbraith is a great-grandson of the 1st Baron Strathclyde (1891-1985).


Monday, December 05, 2022

Charles Rupert Raw 1940-2022

Charles Rupert Raw died 28 November, 2022. He was 82, and a descendant of the Earls of Minto.

He was born 4 August, 1940, son of George Rupert Raw, CMG (1912-1988), and his wife the former Joan Persica Young (1912-1990); he married 20 February, 1965 (div), Nicola Henrietta St John Gillespie (born 22 February, 1946), daughter of Hans Henry Winterstein Gillespie (1910-1994), and his wife Anne Frances Roden Buxton (1920-2007), scion of the Buxton baronets, by whom he had issue, Alex, Tom and James.


Rosabel Elizabeth Keevil Hockin (born 2022)

 Cordelia Jane Hockin (nee Keevil, born 1988), wife of George Richard N. Hockin (born 1987), gave birth to a daughter, Rosabel Elizabeth Keevil, 7 November, 2022.

Cordelia is a daughter of Richard James Keevil (born 1944), scion of that landed gentry family, and his wife the former Caroline Elizabeth Rumbold (born 15 March, 1950), scion of the Rumbold baronets.

George Hockin is a son of William Richard John Hockin (born 1951), and his wife the former Diana von Barth (born 1956).


Jamie Alexander Style (born 2022)

 Annabelle Sarah Style [born 1986, nee Westoll], wife of Hugo Gerald Style [born 1985], scion of the Style baronets, gave birth to a son, Jamie Alexander, 24 November, 2022, a brother for Lara and Isabel.

Hugo is a son of Rodney Hill Style [born 1956], by his wife the former Georgina Eve Kerr [born 1960], scion of the Marquesses of Lothian.

Annabelle is a daughter of Richard F.J. Westoll [born 1955], descended maternally from the Luxmoore landed gentry family, by his wife the former Juliet Deirdre Jean Capron [born 1958], scion of that landed family.


Sunday, December 04, 2022

Sinclair/Rous engagement

 The engagement was announced 3 December, 2022, between Archie Sinclair (born 1988), younger son of Alan Gordon William Sinclair (born 11 September, 1956), of Adstock, Buckinghamshire, and his wife the former Fiona MacEwan, and Maha Magdalene Rous (born 18 Oct, 1987), scion of the Earls of Stradbroke, elder daughter of the Hon John Rous (born 31 July, 1950), of Clovelly, Devon, & his wife the former Zeenat Hameed.

Archie Sinclair is a descendant of the Earls Fortescue:-

The 6th Earl Fortescue > Lady Bridget Fortescue > Alan Sinclair > Archie Sinclair

The 5th Earl of Stradbroke > Hon John Rous > Maha Rous.


Saturday, December 03, 2022

Duke of Norfolk's son engaged

 The engagement was announced 3 December, 2022, between Lord Philip Fitzalan Howard (born 14 July, 1996), third and youngest son of the 18th Duke of Norfolk, GCVO (born 2 December, 1956), of Arundel Castle, and of his former wife, Georgina, Duchess of Norfolk (born 30 January, 1962), & Georgia Rose Fowler (born 1995), daughter of Rupert John Fowler (born 1962), of Hungerford, West Berkshire, and his wife the former Belinda S. Coldrey (born 1962).


Thursday, December 01, 2022

James Hugh Lewes 1967-2022

 James Hugh Lewes, who died suddenly, 16 November, 2022, aged 55, was a descendant of the Barons Milford.

He was born 30 June, 1967, son of Robin Hugh Lewes, TD (1932-1969), and his wife the former Daphne Deirdre Philipps (born 20 Apr, 1949), scion of the Barons Milford, daughter of Maj the Hon James Perrott Philipps (1905-84), and his wife the Hon Elizabeth Joan Kindersley (1911-1999), daughter of the 1st Baron Kindersley (1871-1954). He married in 1998, Emma Jane M. Milton, by whom he had issue, a son, Fraser, and three daughters, Rosie, Tessa and Annabelle.

1st Baron Milford >Hon James Philipps >Daphne Philipps > James Hugh Lewes



Hon Andrew Robin Godber 1943-2022

 The Hon Andrew Robin Godber has died aged 79.

He was a son of the late life peer the Baron Godber of Willington, PC (1914-80), who as Joseph Godber was Conservative MP for Grantham 1951-79, and his wife the former Miriam Sanders (1910-1996), and married in 1969, Genevieve Parrish, daughter of Kenneth Parrish, by whom he had issue.


Flavia Friend (née Hinchliffe) 1929-2022

 Flavia Friend (née Hinchliffe), who died 21 November, 2022, aged 93, was a scion of the Hinchliffe landed gentry family; born in 1929, daughter of Sir (Albert) Henry Stanley Hinchliffe (1893-1980), sometime head of that landed family, and his wife the former Vera Steel (1896-1979); married 1955, Irvine James Cowley Friend (1923-2003), of Mucklestone Old Rectory, Market Drayton, Shropshire, son of Major James Irvine Hatfield Friend, OBE, MC (1885-1955), and his wife the former Louie G. Cowley (1891-1963), by whom she had issue, three sons, Jamie, Ed and Will, and 2 daughters, Sarah and Katie.


Major Sir Michael Parker, KCVO, CBE, has died aged 81

 Major Sir Michael John Parker, KCVO, CBE, late the Queen's Own Hussars, died 28 November, 2022. He was 81.

Parker was a leading producer of large-scale military tattoos and large-scale events in the United Kingdom and abroad. Educated at Dulwich Prep London and Hereford Cathedral School, Parker went to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1959 and was commissioned into The Queen’s Own Hussars. After a successful career in the Army he left in 1971, and has since been responsible for over 300 official national, international and royal occasions. Parker was producer of the Royal Tournament for 27 years, from 1974 to 1999. He also produced the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, from 1992–1994, as well as the Berlin Tattoo and Wembley Military Musical Pageant. In 2000 Parker produced the Royal Military Millennium Tattoo 2000 on Horse Guards Parade.

Parker previously worked on the Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II in 1977, which included a nationwide chain of beacons throughout the country, the first being lit by The Queen at Windsor. In 2002 Parker produced the Golden Jubilee Weekend Festival at Buckingham Palace and in The Mall. Parker produced Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s 80th, 90th and 100th Birthday Celebrations.

Sir Michael also produced 'The Great Event' in celebration of The Queen’s 40th Anniversary in 1992, and 'The Royal Fireworks' on the eve of the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer.

In 1995 Parker produced the 50th Anniversary of VE Day in Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace and a VJ 50th Commemoration on Horse Guards and Buckingham Palace.

Internationally Parker also produced a variety of large-scale events, including celebrations in Jordan for King Hussein and the Royal wedding of King Abdullah II. He later produced events in Europe, USA, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Oman.