Saturday, December 04, 2021

John Byng Oswald Carleton Paget 1939-2021

 John Byng Oswald Carleton Paget died 3 December, 2021, aged 82.

He was born 29 April, 1939, a scion of an Irish landed gentry family, son of Guy Montgomerie Carleton Paget [1909-1955], and his wife the former Winifred Gwendolyn Marie Paget, scion of that landed gentry family; and married 8 Apr, 1964, Sheila Anne Lowther [born 5 February, 1943], scion of the Lowther baronets, daughter of Hugh Lowther [1912-1976], and his wife the former Sheila Rachel Isabel Foster [who d. 1980], by whom he had three sons, James [born 1966], William [born 1968], and Rory [born 1971].


Vivian Helen Turnbull [née Ingram] 1937-2021

  Vivian Helen Turnbull [née Ingram], who died 30 November, 2021, aged 84, was a scion of the Ingram baronets. 

She was born 18 February, 1937, a twin daughter, with a sister, Marion, of Sir Herbert Ingram, 3rd Baronet [1912-1980], and his wife the former Jane Lindsay Palmer-Tomkinson [1913-1989], scion of that landed gentry family; and married 31 August, 1963, Oliver Turnbull [1933-2002], son of the Rev Peveril Hayes Turnbull [1889-1972], and his wife the Lady Jane Grey [1899-1991], daughter of the 9th Earl of Stamford [1850-1910], &c.

She leaves issue, a son, Harry [born 1971], and three daughters, Lucy [b 1965], Clare [b 1966], and Sarah [b 1968].


Simon Edward Basil Mostyn 1947-2021

 Simon Edward Basil Mostyn, who died 26 November, 2021, aged 74, was a descendant of the Mostyn baronets.

He was born 14 June, 1947, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Mostyn [formerly Tuzinkiewicz] [1896-1969], and his wife the former Hermione Mary Josephine Mostyn [1906-99], scion of the Mostyn baronets; married 1973, Alison Mary Bridget Thomas, by whom he had three sons, and two daughters.


The Lady Jane Alianora Borlase Wallop 1939-2021

 The Lady Jane Alianora Borlase Wallop, who died 30 November, 2021, aged 82, was a scion of the Earls of Portsmouth.

She was born 24 February, 1939, daughter of the 9th Earl of Portsmouth [1898-1984], and his second wife the former Bridget Cory Crohan [1911-1979], and was unm.


Tobias Malcolm Banks Ross [born 2021]

Samantha Emma Ross [nee Jenkinson, born 1983], wife of Hector Walter James Ross [born 1983], gave birth to a son, Tobias Malcolm Banks, 25 November, 2021, a brother for Hamish [born 2015], an for Rupert [born 2017].

Hector Ross is the only son of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir (Walter Hugh) Malcolm Ross, GCVO (1943-2019), of Kirkcudbritghtshire, late Extra Equerry to HM The Queen, Master of the Household to HRH The Prince of Wales, and Lady Ross [nee Gow].

Samantha Ross is the only daughter of Sir John Banks Jenkinson, 14th Baronet (b 16 Feb 1945) (Bt, cr E, 1661), of Hawkesbury, Badminton, Gloucestershire, by his wife the former Josephine Mary Marshall-Andrew. 


Fortune, Duchess of Grafton, GCVO 1920-2021

 Fortune, Duchess of Grafton, GCVO, the senior lady courtier of the Queen's Household, Mistress of the Robes to Her Majesty for over 50 years, died 3 December, 2021, aged 101.

The former Ann Fortune Smith, was born 24 February, 1920, scion of the Smith landed gentry family, of Shottesbrooke Park and Ashfold, the only daughter of Capt Evan Cadogan Eric Smith, MC [1894-1950], and his wife the former Beatrice Helen Williams. She was a second cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, who was the granddaughter of Frances Smith, later Countess of Strathmore & Kinghorne.

She married 12 October, 1946, Hugh Denis Charles FitzRoy, styled Earl of Euston [born 3 Apr, 1919], son and heir of the 10th Duke of Grafton [1892-1970], and his 1st wife the former Lady Doreen Maria Josepha Sydney Buxton [1897-1923], daughter of the 1st and last Earl Buxton [1853-1934].

She was appointed a  Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth II in her Coronation year, 1953, and and advanced to the office of Mistress of the Robes in 1967, succeeding Mary, Duchess of Devonshire. As the senior female member of the Royal Household she accompanied Her Majesty on many royal tours, state visits and state occasions. Her 54 year tenure as Mistress of the Robes is perhaps a record.

Her husband succeeded his father as 11th Duke of Grafton, 11 November, 1970, and died 7 April, 2011.

The Duchess of Grafton had issue, James, styled Earl of Euston, and Lord Charles FitzRoy, and three daughters, Lady Henrietta, Lady Virginia and Lady Olivia. Her elder son, Lord Euston, died from cancer, 1 Oct, 2009, and at her husband's death in 2011, the dukedom together with the Earldom of Euston and Viscountcy of Ipswich devolved upon her grandson, Henry, the current 12th Duke of Grafton.

Fortune Grafton was appointed CVO in 1965, advanced to DCVO in 1970, and further advanced to GCVO in 1980. She served as a JP for West Sussex, 1972-90.


Friday, December 03, 2021

The Baron McKenzie of Luton 1946-2021

 The Baron McKenzie of Luton, a Labour life peer, died 2 December, 2021. He was 75.

Lord McKenzie of Luton, as Bill McKenzie, was a member of Luton Borough Council, and sometime leader of the group. He was created a life peer in 2004 as Baron McKenzie of Luton, of Luton in the County of Bedfordshire, and appointed a Labour government Whip [Lord in Waiting]. 

He served as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, 2007-2010, and Parliamentary Under Secretary for Communities and Local Government 2009-10.

William David McKenzie was born 24 July, 1946.


Sybilla Eliza Juliet Yarker [born 2021]

 Cressida Juliet Yarker [nee Molesworth-St Aubyn, born 1988], wife of Jonathan Alexander [Jonny] Yarker [born 1985], gave birth to a daughter, Sybilla Eliza Juliet, 25 November, 2021.

Cressida, a scion of the Molesworth-St Aubyn baronets, is a daughter of the late Major Simon Guy Molesworth-St Aubyn [1944-95], and his wife the former Amanda Juliet Walker, of London.

Jonny Yarker is a son of Commander Timothy Yarker [born 1946], of Charminster, Dorset, and his wife the former Gwenyth Ewart.


David Alexander Somerset Gibbs 1953-2021

 David Alexander Somerset Gibbs, who died 1 December, 2021, aged 68, was a descendant of the Earls of Carrick; born 21 Apr, 1953, son of Lt-Col. Patrick Somerset Gibbs [1919-61], late the Welsh Guards, and his wife the former Mairi Zoe Macmillian; and married in 1982, the Hon [Sarah] Marcia Kimball [born 8 Feb, 1958], daughter of the life peer the Baron Kimball [1928-2014], and his wife the former June Mary Fenwick, scion of that landed gentry family, by whom he had issue, a son, James [born 1983], and two daughters, Emily [born 1985], and Alexandra [born 1989].


David Henry Smyly 1941-2021

 David Henry Smyly died 26 November, 2021. He was 80, and a scion of the Smyly landed gentry family.

He was born at Maidenhead, Berks, in 1941, son of Colonel Dennis Douglas Pilkington Smyly [b 10 May, 1913, died Apr 1979], and his wife the former Hon Dorothy Margaret Berry [born 17 March, 1914, died Oct 1982], scion of the Barons Buckland [extinct].

He married at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in 1963, Patricia Kathleen EVETTS [born 1943], daughter of Maj Neville Ewart Hyde Chance, by his wife the former Hon Susan Katharine Lucy Ismay [1922-2016], scion of the Barons Ismay. His wife married as Patricia Evetts, having assumed the surname of her step-father, Lt-Col Michael Evetts

David Smyly had issue, a son, Giles [born 1966], and a daughter, Susannah [born 1964].


Baxter/Morris-Eyton engagement

 The engagement was announced 2 December, 2021, between Walter Henry Robert Baxter [born 1994], son of Simon Robert Walter Baxter [born 1963], of Longburton, Dorset, and his wife the former Victoria Jane Wingfield-Digby [born 1966], scion of that landed gentry family, & Lucy Harriet Morris-Eyton [born 1993], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of [Robert] Anthony Morris-Eyton [born 1957], of Calvington, Shropshire, and his wife the former Clare Stuttaford [born 1960].


Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Dr Grahame Fermian Winfield Swan [died 2021]

 Dr Grahame Fermian Winfield Swan died 25 November, 2021. He was a son of Tom and Blanche Swan, of London and Thriplow; and married 17 September, 2005, as her third husband, Cecilia Wilfreda [Cilla], Lady Gray [born 1937], widow of Angus Campbell-Gray, 22nd Lord Gray [1931-2003], and daughter of John Robert Dimsdale, and his wife the former Ann W.S. Chapman.

He leaves issue from a previous marriage, two sons, Charles and Tom, and a daughter, Emma. 


Bernhard-Larson/Alexander engagement

 The engagement was announced 1 December, 2021, between Nils O.F. Bernhard-Larson, younger son of Mr & Mrs Fredrik Bernhard-Larson, of Lausanne, Switzerland, and the Lady Leonora Jane Alexander [born 26 May, 1993], only daughter of the 7th Earl of Caledon [born 6 May, 1955], of Caledon Castle, County Tyrone, and of Henrietta, Countess of Caledon, of Chelsea, London [nee Henietta May Alison Newman, born 23 January, 1964], scion of the Newman baronets.


Thomas William Naesmyth of Posso [born 2021]

  Sarah G. Naesmyth of Posso [nee MacNeil], wife of Alexander Creswell Benedict Naesmyth, younger of Posso [born 3 April, 1983], gave birth to a son, Thomas William, at Luneburg, Nova Scotia, 25 November, 2021, a brother for Maxwell Xavier [born 31 March, 2018], and for Eleanor Vivian [born 17 January, 2020].

Alexander is the son and heir of Major [Richard] William Naesmyth, 16th of Posso [born 1938], by his wife the former Xenia Angela Mary Henderson-Howat.

Sarah Naesmyth is a daughter of Thomas MacNeil, of Kingston, Nova Scotia.


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Prince Andrew Romanov 1923-2021

 Prince Andrew Romanov, who has died aged 98, was the oldest member of the Royal House of Russia. Following the death of his cousin Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, he was the oldest descendant of King Christian IX of Denmark.

He was a great-great grandson in the direct male line of Tsar Nicholas I, and through his great-grandmother, Grand Duchess Xenia [1875-1960], he was a great-grandson of Tsar Alexander III, and the Tsarina Marie Feodorovna.

Prince Andrew was a third cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Alexandra, the Queen's great-grandmother was a sister of the Tsarina Marie Feodorovna. Both were daughters of Christian IX, King of Denmark.

Prince Andrew [Andrei] was born in London 21 January, 1923, son of Prince Andrew Romanov [1897-1981], and his wife Donna Elisabetha Ruffo [1886-1940], widow of Alexander von Friederici. His childhood was spent with his emigre relations at Hampton Court Palace and at Windsor, but he later lived in the United States. He took US citizenship, 20 Dec, 1954.

He married firstly at San Francisco, United States, 9 September, 1951 [div 1959], Elena Dourneva [1927-91]; married 2ndly, also at San Francisco, 21 March, 1961, Kathleen Norris [1935-67], and married 3rdly, at Reno, 17 Dec, 1987, Inez von Bachelin [born 11 October, 1933].

Prince Andrew leaves a son, Prince Alexis [born 1953], from his first marriage, and two sons, Prince Peter [born 1961] and Prince Andrew [born 1963], from his second marriage. He also leaves a granddaughter, Princess Natasha Romanov [born 1993].


Peto/Deterding engagement

 The engagement was announced 30 November, 2021, between Roland Harry Morton [Roly] Peto [born 28 Oct, 1982], scion of the Peto baronets, son of Major William Gurth Peto [born 6 February, 1949], of Anwoth, Kirkcudbrightshire, and his late wife the former Alice Caroline [Carrie] Turner, & Isabella P. Deterding, daughter of Nicholas Charles Deterding [born 1959], of Field Dalling, Norfolk, and his wife the former Emma S. Dollar [born 1964].

Cdr Sir Henry Peto, 3rd Baronet > William Neill Peto > Maj William Gurth Peto > Roly Peto

FitzRoy/Fawkes engagement

 The engagement was announced 30 November, 2021, between Edwin Charles FitzRoy [born 1992], scion of the Dukes of Grafton, son of Michael Robert Charles FitzRoy [born 2 November, 1958], of Norton Subcourse, Norfolk, and his wife the former Cornelia Garnett, & Elizabeth Fawkes, daughter of Mr & Mrs Andrew Fawkes, of Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Charles FitzRoy, 10th Duke of Grafton > Lord Edward FitzRoy > Michael FitzRoy > Edwin FitzRoy


Dance/Wise engagement

 The engagement was announced 30 November, 2021, between Fergus James Dance [born 1993], son of Martin Dance, of Penryn, Cornwall, and his wife the former Dawn Watkiss, and Rosalind Elizabeth M. Wise [born 1993], eldest daughter of Nicholas Wise, of Dalry, Dumfries & Galloway, and his wife the former Nicolette Agnew [born 14 Apr, 1958], descended from the Welby-Everard family [the Welby Bts].


Monday, November 29, 2021

Charles John Gore 1932-2021

 Charles John Gore, who died 23 November, 2021, aged 89, was a scion of the Earls of Arran.

He was born 11 June, 1932, son of John Francis Gore, CVO, TD [1885-1983], the biographer of King George V, by his wife the former Lady Janet Helena Campbell [1899-1982], daughter of the 4th Earl Cawdor [1870-1914], &c. He married 10 June, 1961, Jean Fraser [born 1941], scion of that Scots landed family, daughter of Colonel Charles Fraser, CBE, TD [1903-63], and his wife the former Mary Charity Campbell-Preston [1906-87], by whom he had issue, two sons, Ian [born 1965], and John ]born 1961], and a daughter, Helena [born 1962].


Anthony Beville Vyvyan 1935-2021

 Anthony Beville Vyvyan, who died 26 November, 2021, aged 86, was a scion of the Vyvyan baronets, descended from the 7th Bt.

He was born 20 February, 1935, son of Lester Trefusis Vyvyan [1905-1952], and his wife the former Mary Clare Frances Leeming [who died 2009]; and married 23 Apr, 1960, Mary Winifred Quin-Harkin, daughter of Arthur Joseph Quin-Harkin, OBE, and his wife the former Mary Bede Cox, by whom he had issue, seven sons, Richard, Jonathan, Simon, Charles, Paul, James and Hugh, and one daughter, Katharine.


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Jean Cynthia Reilly [nee Gilbey] 1930-2021

Jean Cynthia Reilly [nee Gilbey], who died 25 November, 2021, aged 91, was a scion of the Gilbey baronets, descended from the father of the first baronet.

She was born in 1930, daughter of Hugh Lionel Gilbey [1891-1970], and his wife the former Phyllis Kathleen Maud Byas [1893-1973]; married London, 1952, Brian Thomas Reilly [1924-88], by whom she had five children, Nicola, Lesley, Dominic, Fiona and Anna.


Colonel Anthony Conrad [Tony] Uloth

  Colonel Anthony Conrad [Tony] Uloth, late the Royal Hussars, died 23 September, 2021, aged 92.

He was born in 1929, son of Gerald Uloth and his wife the former Barbara Crickmay; he married in 1954, Margaret Colquhoun, by whom he had issue, Anthony [born 1958], Shaun [born 1961],  Rupert [born 1964], and Anneli [born 1967].

His son, Rupert, married Lady Louisa Jane Guinness [born 20 Feb, 1967], a daughter of the 3rd Earl of Iveagh [1937-92].

He was grandfather of Rollo, Toby, George, Alice, Honor, Nonie, Rufus, Oscar and Fredrik.


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Russell/Scott engagement

 The engagement was announced 27 November, 2021, between Edward Simon Chick Russell [born 1993], son of Maj Jeremy A.N. Russell [born 1956], late the Royal Green Jackets, of Compton Valence, co Dorset, and his wife the former Theresa Nicola Chick [born 23 Nov, 1960], and Olivia V. [Lillie] Scott, daughter of Mr & Mrs David Scott, of Beckley, Oxfordshire.

Edward Russell is descended from the Innes baronets, of Balvenie.


Laing/Bentley engagement

 The engagement was announced 27 November, 2021, between Hector Grant Laing [born 1988], son of the Hon Mark Hector Laing [born 1951], of Dunphail, Moray, and his wife the former Susanna Anson Crawford, & Josephine Elizabeth Bentley [born 1993], daughter of David G. Bentley, of Midhurst, West Sussex, and his wife the former Jane Bull.

Hector Laing is a grandson of the life peer the Baron Laing of Dunphail [1923-2010], and his wife the former Marian Clare Laurie, scion of the Laurie baronets.


Arthur Henry Rupert Henniker-Major [born 2021]

Sophie L. Henniker-Major [nee Short], wife of George Richard Henniker-Major [born 1985], scion of the Barons Henniker, gave birth to a son, Arthur Henry Rupert, 23 November, 2021, a brother for Eliza Beatrice Mary, who was born 18 September, 2019.

George is a son of John Alexander Henniker-Major [born 1952], of Great Easton, Leicestershire, by his wife the former Mary Mathiesen.

Sophie Henniker-Major is the elder daughter of Mr & Mrs Andrew Short, of Woking.

7th Baron Henniker > Hon Richard Henniker-Major > John Henniker-Major > George Henniker-Major > Arthur Henniker-Major [b 2021]