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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Sophie Antonia Hyde Parker 1992-2019

_. Sophie Antonia Hyde Parker, who died 4 December, 2019, aged 27, was a scion of the Parker baronets, daughter of Anthony Laurence Hyde Parker [born 4 December, 1958], by his wife the former Bridget Charlotte Stearns.


Wombwell/Denny engagement

_. The engagement was announced 11 December, 2019, between Stephen Philip Henry Wombwell [born 12 May, 1977], scion of the Wombwell baronets, son and heir of Sir George Wombwell, 7th Baronet [born 21 May, 1949], of Coxwold, co York, by his wife the former [Hermione] Jane Wrightson, & Alice E.T. Denny, daughter of Mr & Mrs Robin Denny, of Lower Dunsforth, co York.

It is Stephen Wombwell's second marriage. His first union was with Helen Sarah Pattinson, by whom he has issue.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Marianne Julia Piroska Astor 1958-2019

_. Marianne Astor died 5 December, 2019, aged 61. She was born in 1958 as Marianne Julia Piroska Leche, daughter of John Hurleston Leche, of Carden, Cheshire. She married in 1983, [George] David Astor [born 8 July, 1958], scion of the Barons Astor of Hever, son of the Hon John Astor [1923-87], by his 1st wife the former Kathleen Diana de Vere Drummond [1926-82], scion of the Earls of Perth, by whom she had issue, a son, Thomas [born 1987], and a daughter, Amy [born 1989].


Sir Richard Alexander, 3rd Baronet 1947-2019

_. Sir Richard Alexander, 3rd Baronet, died 2 December, 2019. He was 72.

Richard Alexander was born 1 September, 1947, son of Sir Charles Alexander, 2nd Baronet [1923-2009], by his wife the former Mary Neale Richardson, and succeeded to the baronetcy on his father's death 31 December, 2009.

His grandfather, Sir Frank Alexander, served as Lord Mayor of London, 1944-45, and was created a baronet at the end of his term of office.

Sir Richard married in 1971, Lesley Jane Jordan, daughter of Frederick William Jordan, by whom he had two sons, Edward [born 1974], and James [born 1977].

The baronetcy now passes to the elder son, Edward Samuel Alexander.



_. The engagement was announced 10 December, 2019, between James Robert [Jamie] Loder [born 22 July, 1981], son of the late Capt Simon John Loder [1932-2002], by his second wife the former Penelope Anne Mary Mander [born 22 Sept, 1946], of Melbury Osmond, scion of the Mander baronets, & Georgina E.C. Haszlakiewicz, daughter of Mr Mark Haszlakiewicz, of Goodworth Clatford, and the late Mrs Haszlakiewicz.

Jamie Loder is descended paternally from the Flemings of Nettlebed [of which James Bond author Ian Fleming was a scion], the Barons Wyfold, and Earls of Stradbroke.

Jamie is a grandson maternally of Sir Charles Mander, 3rd Baronet [1921-2006].


Thursday, December 05, 2019

‘Princess’ Anne Cantacuzino 1930-2019

_. ‘Princess’ Anne Cantacuzino, widow of the late Prince Sherban Cantacuzino, died 1 December, 2019. She was 89.

She was born 27 April, 1930 as Anne Trafford, daughter of Major Cecil Edward Trafford [1884-1948] by his wife the former Monica Elizabeth Mary Clifford [1905-65], scion of the Barons Clifford of Chudleigh; married 1954, Prince Sherban Cantacuzino, CBE [1928-2018], son of Prince George Matei Cantacuzino [1899-1960], by wom she had a son, Sherbani [deceaded] and two daughters, Llinca and Marina.

Her husband was a Romanian architect and the founder and president of Pro Patrimonio foundation. Cantacuzino was the son of architect, painter and essayist Prince George Matei Cantacuzino, of the noble Cantacuzino family and his wife Sanda Știrbei, also of a family of Romanian aristocrats. 

The funeral will be held at Holy Trinity, 41 Brook Green,.. on  19 December, 2019.


Wednesday, December 04, 2019

7th Viscount Southwell 1930-2019

_. The 7th Viscount Southwell, a peer in the Peerage of Ireland, died 23 September, 2019, aged 89.

[Pyers] Anthony Joseph Southwell was born 14 September, 1930, son of the Hon Francis Joseph Southwell [1900-1953] by his wife the former Agnes Mary Annette Clifford, 
and succeeded to the family honours on the death of his uncle, the 6th Viscount, 18 November, 1960.

He married 3 Dec, 1955, Barbara Jacqueline Raynes, daughter of Andrew Raynes, of Harpenden, Co Hertford, by whom he had issue, two sons.

The peerages now devolve on the elder son, the Hon Richard Andrew Pyers Southwell, who was born 15 June, 1956.


Ali Fortescue, Sky News correspondent, cousin of Earl Fortescue, engaged

_. The engagement was announced 4 December, 2019, between Mr Richard Frederick C. Alliott [born 1991], son of George B. Alliott [born 1958], of Aldbury, Hertfordshire, by his wife the former Catherine M. Coles [born 1959], and Alexandra Kate [Ali] Fortescue [born 1991], scion of the Earls Fortescue and a news reporter on Sky News, daughter of the Hon Seymour Henry Fortescue [born 1942], of Canonbridge, co Hereford, by his second wife the former Jennifer Ann Simon [born

Miss Fortescue's half sister is Her Serene Highness the Hereditary Princess zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg. Alexandra is a cousin of the 8th Earl Fortescue.


Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Clement Andrew Seymour [born 2019]

_, The Countess of Yarmouth, wife of William Francis Seymour, styled Earl of Yarmouth [born 2 November, 1993], gave birth to a son, Clement Andrew Seymour, 29 November, 2019.

The Countess of Yarmouth is the former Kelsey Wells, daughter of Dr Andrew Wells and Mrs Jacqui Wells, of Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire. Her husband is the eldest son and heir of the 9th Marquess of Hertford [born 6 July, 1958], of Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwickshire, by his wife the Marchioness of Hertford [nee Beatriz Kazam].

The infant Clement Seymour will use as a courtesy title one of his grandfather’s peerages, and will be styled either Viscount Beauchamp, or Baron Conway.

In recent press reports we read of a family rift between Lord Yarmouth, his parents and his aunt.


Friday, November 29, 2019

Lieutenant-Colonel Conway Seymour, LVO 1941-2019

_. Lieutenant-Colonel Conway John Edward Seymour, LVO, stalwart of the Grenadier Guards, sometime adjutant of the regiment, died 20 November, 2019. He was 78.

He was born 13 May, 1941, scion of the Marquesses of Hertford, son of Maj John Edward Seymour [1915-72], by his wife the former Elizabeth Norah Brand [1915-2002], scion of the Viscounts Hampden; married firstly 1969 [divorced 1979] Elizabeth Holdsworth Hunt [born 1947] daughter of Maj Francis Holdsworth Hunt [1914-2011], by his wife Elizabeth Weld Forester, scion of the Barons Forester; married 2ndly, 1981, Diana Elizabeth Gibb [b 1945], daughter of Michael Edward Gibb [1914-70], by his wife the former Ursula Mary Gibbs [1919-2000], scion of the Barons Aldenham & Hunsdon. He leaves a son and a daughter from his first marriage and a daughter from his second marriage.

The Funeral  Service takes place at St Thomas a Becket Church, Todenham, Gloucestershire, on 9 December, 2019.


The Baron Feldman 1923-2019

_. The Lord Feldman, life peer, a plastics tycoon who became a leading figure in the Conservative party, died 19 November, 2019. He was 96.

Feldman was knighted in 1982 and created a life peer in 1996, as Baron Feldman, of Frognal.

Basil Samuel Feldman was born 23 September, 1923, son of Philip F. Feldman [1896-1989], by his wife the former Tilly Katz [1902-77]. His sister was the actress Fenella Fielding [1927-2018].

He married in 1952, Gita Beryl Julius [born 1929], daughter of Albert Abraham Julius [1900-65] by his wife the former Frances Singer [1902-97], by whom he had 2 sons and a daughter.


Hon Mrs Richard Pleydell-Bouverie [died 2019]

_. The Hon Mrs Richard Pleydell-Bouverie, who died 22 November, 2019, aged 68, was the wife of the Hon Richard Oakley Pleydell-Bouverie [born 1947], scion of the Earls of Radnor.

She was born Victoria Waldron, a daughter of Frank Arthur Lovegrove Waldron, by his wife Tatiana [formerly Mrs Blackwall] and married in 1978, the Hon Richard Oakley Pleydell-Bouverie, a younger son of the 7th Earl of Radnor [1895-1968] by his wife the former Anne Isobel Graham Oakley [1908-98], by whom she had two sons and a daughter.


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Diana Younger 1932-2019

_. Diana Younger [nee Douglas-Hamilton], who died 21 November, 2019, aged 87, was a scion of the Dukes of Hamilton & Brandon, and a second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

She was born in 1932, daughter of Wing Commander Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, OBE, DFC, MP [1909-64], by his first wife the former Clodagh Pamela Bowes-Lyon [1908-2003], scion of the Earls of Strathmore & Kinghorne.

Her paternal grandfather was the 13th Duke of Hamilton & Brandon [1862-1940], and her great-grandfather (on her mother’s side) was the 13th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne [1824-1904], who was the paternal grandfather of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

She married in 1955 [divorced 1973] Gavin William Younger [1926-2003], kinsman of the Younger baronets, son of Lieut-Col Henry Johnston Younger [1899-1940], by whom she had issue, four sons and a daughter. 

The funeral takes place at the Borders Crematorium, 6 December, 2019.


Sir Peter Molony, 4th Baronet 1937-2019

_. Sir Peter Molony, 4th Baronet, died 18 November, 2019. He was 82.

Peter John Molony was born 17 August, 1937, a son of Sir Joseph Molony, KCVO [1907-78], by his wife the former Carmen Mary Dent [1910-2003]; married 1964, Elizabeth Mary Chaytor, scion of the Chaytor baronets, daughter of Henry Chaytor [1908-97], by whom he had four sons [1 deceased] and a daughter.

He succeeded to the baronetcy in 2014 on the death of his cousin, the 3rd baronet.

Sir Peter is succeeded by his second surviving son, John Benjamin Molony, who was born in 1966.

The funeral will be held at St Mary Magdalene church, Great Elm, 29 November, 2019.


Death of Lady Bengough, widow of courtier

_. Lady Bengough, who died 18 November, 2019, was the widow of Colonel Sir Piers Bengough, KCVO, OBE [1929-2005], a member of the Royal Household and sometime the Queen’s representative at Royal Ascot.
She was the former Bridget Adams, daughter of Dr Frank Adams, of the Isle of Wight, by his wife the former Amy Kathleen Nuttall, and married Piers Bengough in 1952. Her husband, a cavalry officer and amateur rider, served as Her Majesty’s representative at Royal Ascot for 15 years. She leaves two sons.
A service of Thanksgiving takes place at Hereford Cathedral, 6 December, 2019.