Thursday, May 23, 2024

(Andrew) Gillies Macbain

 Andrew Gillies Macbain, died 16 March, 2024, aged 81.

He was born 9 January, 1943. He married firstly, 1971 (div) Antonia Peck; married 2ndly, 1985, Rowena Mary Phillida Blunden (born 13 September, 1952), fourth daughter of Sir William Blunden, 6th Baronet (1919-1985), and his wife the former Pamela Mary Purser (1922-2017).


The Queen attends memorial service for Capt Ian Farquhar

 The Queen joined 500 mourners at a memorial service, 23 May, 2024,  at Badminton, Gloucestershire, for her friend Capt Ian Farquhar,  the renowned horseman and legendary hunting figure who died in March, died aged 78.

Queen Camilla attended the service at the church of St Michael and All Angels, close to Badminton House, seat of the Duke of Beaufort. The Queen's former husband, Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles was among the mourners. 

Capt Farquhar, of the Queen's Own Hussars, died 6 March, 2024, at his home on the King's Highgrove estate. He was a a scion of the Farquhar baronets.

Old Etonian Farquhar, a friend of the King and Queen for many years, and sometime equerry to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, was a renowned huntsman with the Beaufort Hunt, where he was master for 34 years, and served in the Queen's Own Hussars, a cavalry regiment. He rented a farmhouse on the King's country estate in Gloucestershire.

Walter Ian Farquhar was born 11 December, 1945, the third son of Sir Peter Walter Farquhar, 6th Baronet (1904-1986), and his wife the former Elizabeth Evelyn Hurt (who died 30 Oct, 1983); and he married 18 November, 1972, Pamela Jane (Pammie), daughter of Charles Chafer, a master of the Derwent Hunt, of Pickering, North Yorkshire, by whom he had issue, three daughters, Emma (born 1977), Victoria (born 1979), and Rosanne (known as Rose) (born 1983). The Prince of Wales briefly dates Rose Farquhar in 2000 after he had finished his A-levels at Eton.

'The Captain', as he was known, was appointed a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order for his time as equerry to the Queen Mother, a distant cousin.


Fletcher/Haig engagement

The engagement was announced 18 May, 2024, between J.P.G. (Jack) Fletcher, son of Charlie Fletcher and Domenica More Gordon of Inveresk, East Lothian, & Kirsty Louise Haig (born 27 November, 1993), scion of that landed gentry family, elder daughter of Alexander Veitch Haig (born 19 Nov, 1960), of Balfron, Stirlingshhire, by his wife the former Susan Anne Harriet Campbell.


Rudolf Jocelyn Heinrich William Oscar von Vollmar auf Veltheim 1956-2024

 Rudolf Jocelyn Heinrich William Oscar von Vollmar auf Veltheim, who died 14 May, 2024, was descended from the Buxton baronets; born in 1956, son of Albert von Vollmar auf Veltheim (1918-2002), of Chedgrave, Norwich, Norfolk, by his wife, Mrs Victoria Lilian Roden Beeton (1919-1972) , former wife of Commander Arthur Walter Beeton, RIN, and daughter of Capt Roden Henry Victor Buxton, CBE (1890-1990), by his 1st wife the former Dorothy Alina St John (who died 1956).

Sir Thomas Buxton, 4th Bt (1865-1919) > Capt Roden Buxton (1890-1990) > Victoria Buxton (1919-72) > Rudolf von Vollmar auf Veltheim (1956-2024)


Nicholas Mark Percy Faber (born 2024)

Stella Nony Faber (née Weatherall, born 1991), wife of Luke Christopher Michael Faber (born 1990), gaveb birth to a son Nicholas Mark Percy (Nicky), 29 April, 2024.

Stella is a scion of the Keswick family (of Jardine Matheson), daughter of Percy Weatherall (born 1957), and his wife the former Clara Mary Johnston (born 1960).

Luke Faber is a descendant of the Dukes of Devonshire, and a great-grandson of Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton, OM, PC, FRS (1894-1986).

9th Duke of Devonshire (1868-1938) > Lady Dorothy Cavendish (1900-86) > Lady Caroline Macmillan (1923-2016) > Mark Faber (1950-1991) > Luke Faber (b 1990)


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Nina Mary Ally Boyle (born 2024)

 Ayesha Boyle (nee Ally), wife of Richard Piers Boyle [born 1988], scion of the Earls of Cork and Orrery, gave birth to a daughter, Nina Mary Ally, 18 April, 2024.

Ayesha is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Dwight Ally. Richard Boyle is a son of the Hon Robert William Boyle [born 1948], by his wife the former Fiona Mary St Aubyn [born 1952], scion of the Barons St Levan, and a grandson paternally of the 14th Earl of Cork & Orrery [1916-2003], and a great grandson maternally of the 3rd Baron St Levan [1895-1978], of St Michael's Mount, Penzance.


Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Rory Lewis David Jerome More O'Ferrall 1947-2024

Rory Lewis David Jerome More O'Ferrall, Knight of Honour & Devotion, Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and Malta, died in Marbella on 14 May, 2024, aged 76. He was a scion of that Irish landed gentry family.

He was born in 1947, son of Major George Anthony More O'Ferrall (1907-1982), and his wife the former Elizabeth Crosby Lockwood (1911-2012). He leaves a partner, Andrew McCullough.

More O'Ferrall, sometime of the De Beers diamond mining group where he spent 36 years, was an advocate for ethical practices and sustainable development. He played a crucial role in creating the World Diamond Council (WDC) and shaping the Kimberley Process to ensure ethical diamond sourcing.

After leaving De Beers Group, Rory continued his mission with the The Diamond Development Initiative (DDI), supporting small-scale diamond miners. He also remained an Honorary Life Member of the World Diamond Council. 

More O'Ferrall has numerous family connections with the peerage and landed gentry. One cousin Susan Angela More O'Ferrall, married the 3rd Baron Beaverbrook, and another, Theresa More O'Ferrall,  married the 4th Viscount Allendale. A cousin, Edward More O'Ferrall married Lady Elizabeth Hare, daughter of Lord Listowel.


Monday, May 20, 2024

Keith Norman Guy Hungerford 1946-2024

 Keith Norman Guy Hungerford, who died 8 May, 2024, at Balmain, New South Wales, aged 77, was a scion of the Hungerford landed family (also see Burke's Irish Family Records).

He was born 8 June, 1946, son of Anthony Guy Hungerford (1912-1992), and his wife the former Meredyth Effie Thompson (died 29 Mar, 2007); and married 28 February, 1970, Carole Babington, daughter of Norman Babington, by whom he had issue, including son, Josslyn (born 17 January, 1975).


Sunday, May 19, 2024

Makim/Weiss marriage

 The marriage took place in Germany, 11 May, 2024, between Seamus Makim (born 1981), son of William Alex Makim, and his former wife Jane Louisa Luedecke (nee Ferguson, born 26 Aug 1957), & Sibylle Weiss.

Seamus Makim, a scion of the Fergusons of Dummer (landed gentry) is a descendant of the Dukes of Buccleuch & Queensberry, and a nephew of Sarah Duchess of York.


Merle, Lady Hope (died 2024)

Merle, Lady Hope, who died 7 May, 2024, was the widow of Sir John Hope, 18th Baronet.

The former Merle Pringle Douglas was a daughter of Robert Douglas, of Holbrook, Suffolk, and married 29 June, 1968, John Carl Alexander Hope of Craighall (born 10 June, 1939), son of Sir Archibald Hope of Craighall, 17th Baronet (1912-1987), and his wife the former Ruth Chamberlin Davis. Her husband succeeded his father in the baronetcy (cr NS 1628), 27 July, 1987, and died 30 Oct, 2007.

Lady Hope is survivved by a daughter, Natasha (born 1971), and a son, Sir Alexander Archibald Douglas Hope of Craighall, 19th Baronet (born 16 March, 1969).


Saturday, May 18, 2024

Evans/Sells engagement

The engagement was announced 18 May, 2024, between Michael J.A. Evans, elder son of Major and Mrs Christopher Evans, of Noddsdale, Ayrshire, & Rosanna Mary Sells (born 30 June, 1991), daughter of Oliver Matthew Sells, KC (born 1950), of Flitcham, Norfolk, by his wife the former Lucinda Jane Mackworth-Young (born 4 January, 1957), descended from the Earls of Rothes.

The 20th Earl of Rothes (pronounced 'Rothez') 1902-1975 > Lady Evelyn Leslie (1929-2011) >  Lucinda Mackworth-Young (b 1957) > Rosanna Sells (b 1991)


Angela, Lady Buchan-Hepburn (died 2024)

Angela, Lady Buchan-Hepburn, who died 12 May, 2024, was the widow of Sir Ninian Buchan-Hepburn, 6th Baronet, and mother of the Duchess of Northumberland.

She was (Mary) Angela Scott, daughter of Thomas Ian Scott, of Balfunning, Balfron, Stirlingshire, & his wife, Charlotte, and was three times married, firstly to Jack Walch Lyne, secondly,  to John Miller Richard, and thirdly, in 1991, as his second wife, Sir Ninian Buchan Archibald John Buchan-Hepburn, 6th Baronet (born 8 Oct, 1922), son of Sir John Buchan-Hepburn, 5th Bt (1894-1961), and his wife the former Jessie Lawrence Smith (died 8 Mar 1961). Her 3rd husband succeeded to his father's baronetcy, 8 Feb, 1961, and he died 22 Feb, 1992.

Lady Buchan-Hepburn leaves issue, (Isobel) Jane, Duchess of Northumberland (born 11 May, 1958), Simon John Miller Richard (born 11 Mar 1960), and Nicola Denise Richard (later Davies) (born 22 Jan 1962), and was predeceased by a daughter, Dorinda.


Friday, May 17, 2024

Dr William Gerard Noel 1965-2024

 Dr William Gerard Noel, who died following an accident,  29 April, 2024, aged 58, was a scion of the Earls of Gainsborough.

The Anglo-American historian died after being hit by a van in Edinburgh. He was struck by a white Citroen Relay van on Trinity Crescent on 10 April. The 58-year-old was taken to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh where he died.

Dr Noel, who was previously honoured by the Obama administration for his commitment to open science, was Associate Librarian for Special Collections at Princeton University at the time of his death. He was an eminent scholar of medieval manuscripts best known for directing a project in which the latest technology was used to decipher lost works of Archimedes of Syracuse, the Greek mathematician and inventor who lived in the third century BC.

He was born 1 August, 1965, the second son of Capt Henry Methuen Noel (1927-1998), and his wife the former Helen Elizabeth Anne Hutchison (1935-1992); and married in 2007, Carol Lynn Ransom, wby whom he had a son, Henry Mehtuen Ransom, born in 2010.


Frederick Cresswell Macrae Clementi (born 2024)

 Alice Margaret Clementi [nee Stein], wife of Thomas Cowley Clementi [born 1979], descended from the Earls of Chichester, gave birth to a son, Frederick Cresswell Macrae, 25 April, 2024, a brother for Mary Jane Cowley, who was born 3 September, 2022.

Alice is a daughter of Nigel M. Stein and his wife the former Jane Lennon. 

Tom Clementi is a son of David Cecil Clementi [born 25 Feb, 1949], and his wife the former Sarah Louise Cowley [born 1947]. 

2nd Earl of Chichester > Rt Rev Hon John Pelham > Henry Francis Pelham > Sir Edward Henry Pelham > Susan Pelham > David Cecil Clementi > Thomas Clementi > Frederick Clementi [born 2024]


Mawicke/Dove engagement

 The engagement was announced 17 May, 2024, between Jason D. Mawicke, son of Mr Daniel Mawicke, of Florida, and Mrs Kathryn Hall, of Connecticut, United States, & Elizabeth Fay Dove (born 1994), daughter of Anthony Edward Dove (born 1946), of Warrington, Cheshire, and his wife the former Julia Maria Williams.

The bride-to-be is descended from the Barons Carrington:-

The 5th Baron Carrington (1891-1938) > Hon Elizabeth Carington > Anthony Dove (b 1946) > Elizabeth Dove (b 1994)


Harbord/Brook engagement

 The engagement was announced 17 May, 2024, between James Henry Sebastian Charles Harbord (born 1988), scion of the Barons Suffield, son of Jeremy Julian Harbord (born 22 May, 1953), of Netheravon, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Monique Katherine Marie Fetherstonhaugh (born 15 Aug, 1953), & Charlotte E.L. Brook, daughter of Mrs Alison Brook, of Heathfield, East Sussex, and the late Mr David Brook, of Frensham, Surrey.

The 3rd Baron Suffield (1781-1835) > Hon Ralph Harbord (1833-78) > Edward Ralph Harbord (1870-1950) > Ralph Evelyn Harbord (1915-1993) > Jeremy Harbord (b 1953) > James Harbord (b 1988)


Norman/Martin engagement

The engagement was announced 17 May, 2024 between Antony Norman (born 10 March, 1995), eldest son and heir of Sir Nigel James Norman, 4th Baronet (born 5 February, 1956), of Wilcote, Oxfordshire, by his wife the former Juliet Clare Louise Baxendale, & Alice V. Martin, daughter of Mr and Mrs Roy Martin, of Barnes, London.

The 2nd Earl Annesley (1745-1824) > Hon Robert Annesley (1773-1845) > James Annesley (1799-1859) > Capt Francis Annesley (1845-78) > Lt-Col James Annesley (1868-1919) > Patricia Annesley (b 1904) > Sir Mark Annesley, 3rd Bt (1927-2013) > Sir Nigel Norman 4th Bt (b 1956) > Antony Norman (b 1995)