Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Hilma Iona Trenchard

  _. Amanda K.M. Trenchard [nee Karlsson], wife of the Hon William James Trenchard [born 14 May, 1986], scion of the Viscounts Trenchard, gave birth to a daughter, Hilma Iona, 12 June, 2021, in Stockholm, a sister for Astrid Isla, who was born in Bergen, Norway, 11 December, 2019.

The Hon William Trenchard is the second son of the 3rd Viscount Trenchard [born 12 March, 1951], by his wife the former Hon Fiona Elizabeth Morrison [born 11 Nov, 1954], scion of the Barons Margadale.

Amanda Trenchard is a daughter of Thomas Karlsson, of Stockholm, Sweden.


Monday, June 14, 2021

Romy Beatrix Alma Pratt [born 2021]

 _.Constance Elizabeth Pratt [born 1989, neé Mainwaring-Burton], wife of [Edward Roger] George Pratt [born 1989], gave birth to a daughter, Romy Beatrix Alma, 27 February, 2021.

George Pratt is a scion of the landed gentry family of that name, son of [Edward Roger] Piers Pratt [1956-2014], and his wife the former Sarah Tilley.

Constance Pratt is a daughter of Guy Anthony Mainwaring-Burton [born 1956], scion of that landed gentry family, and his wife the former Bridget Mary Riley [born 1958].




Barnaby Frederick James Ludlam [born 2021]

 _.Victoria Louise Ludlam (born 1982, nee Caulfeild), wife of Simon Thomas Ludlam, gave birth to a son, Barnaby Frederick James, 15 May, 2921, a brither for Alexandra [born 2012], Jemima [born 2014], and Francesca [born 2016]. 

Simon Ludlam is a son of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Ludlam, of Bickley, Kent, and Victoria, a scion of the Viscounts Charlemont (Peerage of Ireland, 1665), is the daughter of James Alexander Toby Caulfeild (b 1937), of Redford, West Sussex, by his wife Diana Penelope Pound. 


Saturday, June 12, 2021

Clara Rose Elizabeth Apsion [born 2021]

 _.Melissa Apsion [née Shean], wife of [Robert] George Neville Apsion [born 1978], gave birth to a daughter, Clara Rose Elizabeth, 24 May, 2021, a sister for Iris [born 2009], and Lily [born 2012].

George Apsion is a son of [Robert] Gordon Lennox Apsion [1943-2013], by his wife the Hon Victoria Marion Anne [Plum] Lever [born 23 September, 1945], scion of the extinct Viscounts Leverhulme, daughter of the late 3rd [and last] Viscount Leverhulme, KG [1915-2000].

Melissa Apsion is a daughter of Dermot Shean, of East Horsley, Surrey.


Dingwall/Paget engagement

 _.The engagement was announced 12 June, 2021, between John Patrick D.J. Dingwall [born 1993], descended from the Quilter baronets, son of Charles Dingwall, of Upper Swell, Gloucestershire, and his Susan Clare Evelyn [Susie] Quilter [born 9 July, 1957] [now Mrs Susie Dingwall, of Shepherd's Bush], & Daphne Ampuria Paget [born 9 September, 1996], daughter of Sir Henry James Paget, 5th Baronet [born 2 February, 1959], of Glenlivet, Scotland, and his wife the former Margrete Lynner.


Verity Leonora Mary Tong [born 2021]

 _.Kirstie Araminta Jane Tong [nee Miller, born 1983], wife of William Frank Tong [born 1980], gave birth to a daughter, Verity Leonora Mary, 30 May, 2021, a sister for George Edward Donald, who was born in 2018.

Kirstie Tong is a daughter of Colonel Alan Keith McCulloch Miller, CBE, and his wife the former Caroline Janet Erskine [born 15 September, 1954], scion of the Lords Cardross, Earls of Buchan, &c.


Martha Florence Sarah Copley [born 2021]

 _.Zoe Mary Copley [nee Manners, born 14 November, 1989], wife of Jack Copley [born 1989], gave birth to a daughter, Martha Florence Sarah, 6 June, 2021.

Jack A.T. Copley is a son of Robert Copley, of London, descended from the Earls of Loudoun, and Mrs Diana Copley (nee Wingfield), of Great Barrington, Gloucestershire, a scion of the Viscounts Powerscourt.

Zoe Copley is a scion of the Barons Manners, eldest daughter of Charles Henry Manners (born 1957), of Woodend, Gloucestershire, by his wife the former Nichola Thompson, and is descended from the 1st Baron Manners, a Solicitor General & Lord Chancellor of Ireland, who was a grandson of the 3rd Duke of Rutland.


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Hon Jacquetta Cator [née Storey] 1930-2021

 _.The Hon Jacquetta Cator [née Storey], died 3 June, 2021. She was 91.

Jacquetta Storey was born 19 April, 1930, daughter of Sir Samuel Storey 1st Baronet [and later the life peer the Baron Buckton] [1896-1978], and his wife the former Caroline May Lawrie [1886-1972]; and married 13 Oct, 1956, Francis Cator [1928-2007], scion of that landed gentry family, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Henry John Cator [1897-1965], and his wife the former Anne Laetitia Mary Cayley [1899-1960], scion of the Cayley baronets, by whom she had issue, Charles [1959-2015], Mark [born 1960], Harry [born 1964], and Elisabeth [born 1957].


The Baroness Shaw of Northstead 1923-2021

  _.The Baroness Shaw of Northstead, who died 2 June, 2021, aged 97, was a scion of the Mowat baronets, and widow of the life peer the Baron Shaw of Northstead.

She was born in 1923 as Joan Mary Louise Mowat, daughter of Colonel Sir Alfred Law Mowat, 2nd and last Baronet, DSO, OBE, MC [1890-1968], and his wife the former Dorothy Louise Waller [1892-1969]; and married in 1951, Michael Norman Shaw [1920-2021], who died 8 January, 2021, aged 100, who was the National Liberal MP for Brighouse and Spenborough 1960-64, Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby 1966-74, & for Scarborough, 1974-92, and created a life peer as Baron Shaw of Northstead.

Lady Shaw leaves three sons, Charles, James and Jonathan


Dr Michael John Yates [died 2021]

 _.Dr Michael John Yates died 23 May, 2021, aged 91. He was a son of Maurice Yates, of Highgate, London, and married in 1952, Juliet Gladstone [1929-2007], scion of that landed gentry family of Capenoch, daughter of Thomas Steuart Gladstone [1901-71], and his wife Muriel Irene Heron Day [1904-95], by whom he had issue, a son, Christopher [born 1956], and three daughters, Cary [born 1954], Candida [born 1959], & Clare [born 1960].


Hector and Flora Pickering, twins [born 2021]

 _. Emma Catherine Pickering [nee Meysey-Thompson, born 1978], wife of James Guthrie Pickering [born 1977], gave birth to twins, a son, Hector Guthrie James, and a daughter, Flora Diana Catherine, 11 May, 2021, a brother and a sister for Ottilie Wanda Petal, who was born 26 July, 2019.

James is a son of Guthrie Pickering [born 1944], by his wife the former Vivienne Irish, and Emma Pickering is a daughter of Mark Kennedy Meysey-Thompson [1949-87], by his wife the former Catherine Diana Herdman-Newton, and descended from the Meysey-Thompson baronets.


Henry Somerset, Earl of Glamorgan [born 2021]

 _. The Marchioness of Worcester [nee Lucy Eleanor Yorke-Long, born 23 June, 1986], wife of Henry Robert Fitzroy [Bobby] Somerset, styled Marquess of Worcester [born 20 January, 1989], gave birth to a son, Henry, 26 May, 2021.

The Marquess of Worcester is the elder son & heir of the 12th Duke of Beaufort [born 22 May, 1952], of Badminton House, by his former wife, Tracy, Duchess of Beaufort [born 22 Dec 1958], of Badminton, Gloucestershire [who is known as Tracy, Marchioness of Worcester].

The Marchioness of Worcester is the only daughter of Mr Jonathan Crispin Yorke-Long [born Oct 1951], of Old Stratford, Northamptonshire, by his wife the former Charlotte Rose Fownes-Luttrell [born 1954]. The Marchioness descends from the Williams & Peek baronets, the Luttrells of Dunster, and the extinct Earls of Midleton.

The infant takes the courtesy title Earl of Glamorgan.


Hon Lady Palmer 1947-2021

 _.The Hon Lady Palmer, wife of Sir Mark Palmer, 5th Baronet, has died at the age of 73.

She was a scion of the Barons Glenconner, born as the Hon Catherine Elizabeth Tennant, 10 November, 1947, daughter of the late 2nd Baron Glenconner [1899-1983], and his second wife the former Elizabeth Powell [died 2014]; and married 23 June, 1976, Sir Charles Mark Palmer, 5th Baronet [born 21 Nov, 1941], son of Maj Sir Anthony Frederick Mark Palmer, 4th Baronet [1914-1941], and his wife the former Henriette Alice Cadogan [1914-2005], scion of the Earls Cadogan, by whom she had a son, Arthur Morris Palmer [born 9 March, 1981], and a daughter, Iris Henriette [born 1977].


Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Nicholas Rupert Gerald Wilson 1974-2021

_.Nicholas Rupert Gerald [Nicko] Wilson, died tragically 24 May, 2021. He was a descendant of the Milburn baronets. He was born in 1974 son of Richard Murrough Wilson [born 1945], and his former wife the former Diana Rosemary Milburn [born 15 March, 1949]. He married in 2004, Susan Barr, daughter of Andrew Barr, by whom he had two daughters, Daisy Eliza [born 2005], and Minnie Rose [born 2007].


Xander Patrick Damon de Laszlo [born 2021]

 _. Jemima de Laszlo [nee Francis], wife of William Patrick de Laszlo [born 1979], had a son, Xander Patrick Damon, 21 May, 2021, a brother for Gabriel Patrick Julian, who was born 13 March, 2020, and a half brother for Alice [born 2007] and Walter [born 2009].

William is the younger son of Mr Damon Patrick de Laszlo, b. 1942, (descended from the Viscounts Greenwood) and his wife, the former Hon Sandra Daphne Hacking, (b.1950), of Newton Valence, Hampshire, and is a maternal grandson of the 2nd Baron Hacking (1910-71), and a great-grandson of the 1st Viscount Greenwood (1870-1948).

William de Laszlo's previous wife was the former Katy A Guinness, daughter of Timothy Guinness, of Ellisfield, Hants.


Baroness Nicholls of Birkenhead 1935-2021

 _.The Baroness Nicholls of Birkenhead died 2 June, 2021. She was 85.

She was born in 1935, as Jennifer Mary Thomas, daughter of William Ewart Chambers Thomas [1899-1973], and his wife the former Enid Jones, and married in 1960, Donald James Nicholls [1933-2019], a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, who in 1994 was created a life peer as Baron Nicholls of Birkenhead, by whom she had two sons and a daughter. Her husband died 25 September, 2019.


Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Lady Montgomery Cuninghame of Corsehill 1939-2021

 _.Lady Montgomery Cuninghame of Corsehill, who died 2 June, 2021, aged 82, was the wife of Sir John Christopher Foggo Montgomery Cuninghame of Corsehill, 12th Baronet.

She was born 18 January, 1939, as Laura Margaret Nicholson, second daughter of Sir Godfrey Nicholson, 1st and last Baronet [1901-1991], and his wife Lady Katharine Conmstance Lindsay [1912-72], daughter of the 27th Earl of Crawford & Balcarres [1871-1940].

She married 9 September, 1964, Sir John Montgomery Cuninghame, Bt [born 24 July, 1935], a younger son of Sir Thomas Montgomery Cuninghame, 10th Baronet [1877-1945], and his wife the former Nancy Macaulay Foggo. Her husband succeeded to the baronetcy on the death of his elder brother, Sir William, 11th Baronet, 18 February, 1959.

Lady Montgomery Cuninghame is survived by her husband and three daughters, Christian, Georgiana [Nina], and Elizabeth.

The funeral service will take place at the Church of St James The Less, Winterbourne, 19 June, 2021.


Vivien Bridget Nicolson 1923-2021

 _.Vivien Bridget Nicolson, who died 6 June, 1921, aged 98, was the widow of Capt Malise Allen Nicolson, MC [1921-95], of Frog Hall, Malpas, Cheshire.

She was born in 1923, at Hexham, Northumberland, as Vivien Bridget Ridley, scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of John Hilton Ridley [1890-1974], and his wife the former Kathleen Thelma Browne [1897-1982], and a paternal granddaughter of Mary Augusta Bigge [1854-1947], scion of that landed family, and sister of the 1st and last Baron Stamfordham, GCB, GCIE, GCVO, KCSI, KCMG, ISO, PC [1849-1931].

She married in 1946, Malise Allen Nicolson [born 31 Oct, 1921, died December, 1995], by whom she had issue, a son, Mark Malise Nicolson [born 24 Sept, 1954], and two daughters, Dinah [born 1947], and Emma Hermione.

Her son married, 3 May, 1980, the Hon Katharine Ingrid Mary Isabel Fraser [born 11 Oct, 1957], a descendant of Queen Victoria [via her son Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught & Strathearn], the eldest daughter and heir presumptive of the Lady Saltoun [born 18 Oct, 1930], holder of an hereditary peerage in the Peerage of Scotland, and her husband Capt Alexander Arthur Alfonso David Maule Ramsay of Mar [1919-2000]. 

Mrs Nicolson's daughter Emma married 3 Apr, 1974, the Hon James David William Bethell [born 22 Feb 1952], second son of the 5th Baron Westbury [1922-2001].


Cousens/Monckton engagement

 _.The engagement was announced 8 June, 2021, between Harry Charles J. Cousens [born 1992], son of Nigel J. Cousens, of Shaldon, Devon, and his wife the former Jayne A. Coldwell, & Emily Louise Monckton [born 29 August, 1991], scion of the Viscounts Galway, daughter of Piers Alastair Carlos Monckton [born 23 Oct, 1962], of Stretton, Staffordshire, and his former wife the former Georgiana Margaret Elizabeth Byng [born 31 March, 1964], descended from the Earls of Strafford.


William Waldegrave [born 2021]

 __.Dr Kate Mallory Orf, wife since 2017, of the Hon James Victor [Jamie] Waldegrave [born 1984], scion of the Earls Waldegrave, gave birth to a son, William, 27 May, 2021.

The Hon Jamie Waldegrave is a son of the Baron Waldegrave of North Hill, PC {life peer}, and the Baroness Waldegrave of North Hill, of Chewton Mendip, Somerset.

 Dr Kate Orf is a daughter of Mr Roger G. Orf, of London, by his wife the former Lisa T. Heffernan.

Jamie Waldegrave, descended from King James II, is a nephew of the 13th Earl Waldegrave.


Sunday, June 06, 2021

Why Harry and Meghan's daughter is Lady Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor

 . HRH The Duchess of Sussex, wife of HRH Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex, KCVO, gave birth to a daughter, Lilibet Diana, on Friday 4 June, 2021, at Santa Barbara Cottage, Santa Barbara, California, United States, a sister for Archie. The infant is eighth in line of succession to the throne.

By ancient custom, and courtesy of the Crown, the daughter of a duke in the Peerage of the United Kingdom is prefixed with the title 'Lady'. The new arrival in the House of Windsor is officially styled Lady Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Much has been written since the Duchess of Sussex's recent explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey on the alleged 'snub' to Harry and Meghan's first child, Archie, and that he has been deprived of a title. I would suggest that the 'snub' here is on the other foot, and that it's the Sussexes who have snubbed the monarch in a churlish, and disrespectful manner. Harry and Meghan should be reminded that titles of courtesy come as courtesy from the Crown, and not from a parent.

The decision of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to deny their son, and now their daughter, a courtesy title is I think unique in the annals of the peerage.

In a complete break with tradition and with the laws governing peerages, and the styles and titles of courtesy relating to the children of peers, it was announced in May, 2019 that Archie Mountbatten-Windsor would not use a courtesy title associated with the Dukedom of Sussex.

It was expected that Archie would be styled as Earl of Dumbarton, which is Prince Harry's earldom, created with the Dukedom of Sussex and Barony of Kilkeel in May, 2018. The eldest sons of dukes in the peerages of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom traditionally assume their father's second senior peerage, as a 'courtesy' title. Some eldest sons decide to use a lesser title, as in the case of the eldest son of the Duke of Devonshire, who continues to be known as Earl of Burlington instead of the more senior Marquess of Hartington. If the Sussexes dislike the idea of Archie being Earl of Dumbarton then he could instead be known as Lord Kilkeel. 

However, following Archie's birth, a statement quickly followed that no courtesy titles would be borne by the seventh in line to the throne, and that he would be known as Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

The eldest son of a duke by custom uses one of his father's peerages as a 'courtesy' title, and he is also 'Lord' [Christian name] Surname, and was born so, and is recorded as such at the College of Arms in London. Similarly, the daughters of a duke are afforded the prefix of Lady.

Harry and Meghan's second child was born Lady Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor. This courtesy title was not granted or bestowed by the Queen at birth as it is an automatic qualification. The 'courtesy title' comes as courtesy from the Crown, and not as a courtesy from a parent. If Harry and Meghan deny their daughter the courtesy title of a daughter of a duke they are in effect snubbing the Crown. Whether the courtesy title is used or not will not affect how the child's rank is recorded at the College of Arms.

In cases where a person succeeds to a peerage from a cousin or relation other than a parent then the siblings of that new peer do not automatically assume courtesy titles, and apply to the Crown to be so granted. Claims are reviewed and when approved the Crown Office issues the following:

'Her Majesty has been graciously pleased by Warrant under her Royal Signet and Sign Manual bearing the date …. to ordain and declare that …..(name of person seeking courtesy title) .. shall henceforth have, hold and enjoy the same title, rank, place, pre-eminence and precedence as the children of a ….Duke/Marquess/Earl/Viscount/Baron... as would have been due to them had their father … (his name)… succeeded to the title and dignity of Duke of …….and to command that the said Royal Concession and Declaration be recorded in Her Majesty's College of Arms.'

Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, being born the son of Duke, was born Lord Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor as a legal entity. His sister enjoys the status befitting the daughter of the Duke of Sussex.

The Queen, Head of the Royal House of Windsor, declared by Letters Patent in 1960 that her male line descendants who were not Royal Highnesses or princes or princesses would have the surname Mountbatten-Windsor, to complement her husband, Prince Philip, who had assumed the surname of Mountbatten when he was naturalized a British subject in 1947.

Harry and Meghan's children now share this surname with the children of the Earl and Countess of Wessex, who, as children of the Sovereign's son are officially HRH, but do not use the royal style and title. Instead Edward and Sophie's children use courtesy titles derived from their father's peerages, and are known as Viscount Severn and Lady Louise Windsor.

Several peers, or relatives of peers with courtesy titles, do decide not to be so styled. And of course peerages can be disclaimed, within a time limit, under the terms of the Peerages Act 1963. Peers in the Peerage of Ireland and baronets cannot disclaim under the terms of the act. However, a man or woman who has been created a peer, as Harry was in 2018, cannot then go on to disclaim.

The younger children of dukes and marquesses are prefixed 'Lord' or 'Lady'. The younger sons of Earls, Viscounts and Barons are prefixed 'The Honourable'. Daughters of Earls are 'Lady', and the daughters of Viscounts and Barons are 'The Honourable'.

Lady Lilibet is the fifth grandchild of the Prince of Wales and is eighth in line of succession to the throne, and will follow her grandfather, Charles, then the Duke of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and then her father, the Duke of Sussex, and elder brother Archie, in the line of succession. 

The infant will be the eleventh great-grandchild of the Queen, and will not be born a prince or princess with the qualification of Royal Highness. That rank is reserved only for the children and male line grandchildren of the Sovereign, and the children of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales, as laid down by the Letters Patent of King George V [1917], and the further Letters Patent of Queen Elizabeth II [2012].

Under the terms of the Letters Patent creating Harry's dukedom, in May, 2018, the descent of the title is vested in his heirs male 'lawfully begotten'. Archie is destined, should he survive his father, to succeed as 2nd Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton and Baron Kilkeel. Lady Lilibet is not in remainder to her father's dukedom, earldom or barony.

The Queen's great-grandchildren:-

[1] Savannah Anne Kathleen Phillips [born 29 Dec 2010]

[2] Isla Elizabeth Phillips [born 29 March, 2012]

[3] HRH Prince George of Cambridge [born 22 July, 2013]

[4] Mia Grace Tindall [born 17 January, 2014]

[5] HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge [born 2 May, 2015]

[6] HRH Prince Louis of Cambridge [born 23 April, 2018]

[7] Lena Elizabeth Tindall [born 18 June, 2018]

[8] Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor [born 6 May, 2019]

[9] August Philip Hawke Brooksbank [born 9 February, 2021]

[10] Lucas Philip Tindall [born 21 March, 2021]

[11] Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor [born 4 June, 2021]