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Saturday, August 24, 2019

The 6th Baron Kenyon 1947-2019

_. The Baron Kenyon, 6th holder of the peerage, died at his home, 17 August, 2019. He was 72.

Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon was born 13 July, 1947, son of the 5th Baron Kenyon, CBE, JP, DL [1917-93], by his wife the former Leila Mary Cookson [died 2008]. His mother was a granddaughter maternally of Sir Alan Colquhoun of Luss, 6th Baronet.

He succeeded to the barony, created in 1788, and the baronetcy created four years earlier, on his father's death, 16 May, 1993.

He was President of Clwyd South Conservatives, and former Wrexham County Councillor for Overton.

Lord Kenyon married in 1971, Sally Carolyn Matthews, eldest daughter of Jack Frank Page Matthews, of Bury St Edmunds, co Suffolk, by whom he had two sons, Lloyd and Alexander.

He is succeeded in the peerage and baronetcy by his elder son, the Hon Lloyd Nicholas Tyrell-Kenyon, who was born 9 April, 1972.

The funeral takes place at St Chad's Church, Hanmer, 30 August, 2019.


John Dalziel Beveridge Smart, CVO 1932-2019

_. John Dalziel Beveridge Smart, CVO, Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire 2000-2007, died 12 August, 2019, his 87th birthday.

Born 12 August, 1932, at Edinburgh, son of George Beveridge Smart by his wife the former Christina Mary Anne MacDonald.

He was predeceased by his wife Valerie, and leaves issue, two sons, James and Robert.

A Thanksgiving Service takes place at St Laurence's Church, Laurencekirk, 30 August, 2019.


Arabella Ottilie Anne & Henry Charles Bernard Weatherill [born 2019]

._Lauren Weatherill [nee Coombs], wife ofThomas Bernard Weatherill, gave birth to twins, a daughter Arabella Ottilie Anne, and a son, Henry Charles Bernard, 21 May, 2019, a sister and a brother for Florence & Charlotte.

Thomas, a grandson of a Speaker of the House of Commons, is the son of the Hon Bernard Weatherill, QC (b 1951) & Mrs Sally Weatherill, both of London, & Lauren is a daughter of Dr Timothy Coombs, of Cape Town, South Africa, and Mrs Jane Coombs, of Churchill, Oxfordshire.

Thomas Weatherill is a grandson of the late life peer the Baron Weatherill (1920-2007), who was Bernard Weatherill, MP was Speaker of the House of Commons, 1983-92.


Friday, August 23, 2019

Boardman/Liddell-Grainger marriage

_. The marriage took place 10 August, 2019, between James Boardman and Sophie Victoria Liddell-Grainger [born 27 December, 1988] descended from the Royal House of the United Kingdom, daughter of Ian Richard Peregrine Liddell-Grainger [born 23 February, 1959], by his wife the former Jill Nesbitt [born 9 March, 1956].

Sophie is a granddaughter of David Ian Liddell-Grainger [1930-2007], by his wife the former Anne Mary Sibylla Abel Smith [born 28 July, 1932], and a great granddaughter of Colonel Sir Henry Abel Smith, KCVO [1900-93], by his wife the former Lady May Emma Mary Cambridge [1906-94], and a great-great granddaughter of Alexander Cambridge, 1st [and last] Earl of Athlone [1874-1957], by his wife HRH Princess Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline of Albany [1883-1981]; and a great-great-great granddaughter of HRH The Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany; and a great-great-great-great granddaughter of HM Queen Victoria.


Oliver/Macpherson engagement

_. The engagement was announced 23 August, 2019, between Richard J. Oliver, son of Mr and Mrs John Oliver, of Smethcote, Shropshire, & Clementina Grace Stewart Macpherson [born 1989], daughter of Mr [Philip] Strone Stewart Macpherson [born 1948], of Armsworth, Hampshire, by his wife the former Hon Alexandra Grace Baring [born 1957], daughter of the 5th Baron Northbrook [1915-1990].


Sheila Grace Tollemache Dunlop 1917-2019

_. Sheila Grace Tollemache Dunlop [nee Arbuthnot], who died 16 August, 2019, aged 102, was a scion of the Arbuthnot baronets; born in 1917, a daughter of Lt-Col. Archibald Hugh Arbuthnot [1875-1957], by his wife the former Gertrude Alice Green [died 11 Nov, 1918], dau of the Rev Frederick Charles Green; married 9 April, 1942, Maj. Roy Dunlop [who died 1991], by whom she had issue, a son, Robert [born 1948], and two daughters, Caroline [born 1944] and Elspeth [1951-2014]; the funeral takes place at St Mary's Church, Aldingbourne, 30 August, 2019.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Mária Erzsébet Ilona Anna Josefa Walpurga Lockwood 1944-2019

_. Mária Erzsébet Ilona Anna Josefa Walpurga "Mausi" Lockwood, who died 15 August, 2019, aged 74, was a scion of the Eszterházy dynasty.

She was born at Budapest, 12 Nov, 1944, daughter of Jozsef Mária Dániel Kazmer Ferenc Rudolf László János Evangelista Eustachius Eszterhazy [1917-80], by his first wife Elisabeth Princess zu Windisch-Grätz, a relative of Princess Michael of Kent.

Since the 17th century, the family were among the great landowner magnates of the Kingdom of Hungary during the time it was part of the Habsburg Monarchy and later Austria-Hungary.
During the history of the Habsburg empire, the Esterházys were consistently loyal to the Habsburg rulers. They received the title of count in 1626 and the Forchtenstein line received the title of Fürst (Ruling Prince) from the Holy Roman Emperor in 1712.

She married at Geneva, 10 September, 1976, John Sugden Lockwood [born 1938], who predeceased her.


Sir John Michael Leal Uren, OBE 1923-2019

_. Sir Michael Uren, OBE, multi-millionaire founder of Civil & Marine, died 9 August, 2019. He was 95.

Sir Michael Uren donated £40m to his alma mater, Imperial College, London, and £30m to the King Edward VII Hospital for Officers. He was founder and chairman of Civil and Marine from 1955 tp 2006.

Appointed OBE in 1999 and knighted in 2016.

He leaves two sons. Sir Michael's funeral takes place at St Mildred's Church, Tenterden, Kent, 11 September, 2019.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Palmer/Nickols engagement

_. The engagement was announced 21 August, 2019, between Joshua Palmer, son of Mr & Mrs Christopher Palmer, of Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire, & Honor Nickols, daughter of Charles Nickols [born 1951], of Galphay, near Ripon, North Yorkshire, and Mrs Nickols.

The bride-to-be is a granddaughter of Peter Richard Nickols [who d 1990], by his wife the former Cicely Rose Nevill [1915-2009], scion of the Marquesses of Abergavenny [a great-granddaughter of the 4th Earl of Abergavenny], &c.


Alice Clementine Spalton [born 2019]

_. Clementine Rose Spalton [born 1984, nee Jepson-Turner], wife of James Michael Jackson Spalton [born 1983], gave birth to a daughter, Alice Clementine, 14 August, 2019, a sister for Jackson [born 2013], and for Grace [born 2015].

James Spalton is a son of David Spalton by his wife the former Catherine Bompas, and Clementine is a daughter of Anthony William Jepson-Turner, and a granddaughter of Maj Bertram William Jepson-Turner [1870-1954], by his wife the former Rosemarie Helen Lucas, scion of the Lucas baronets, daughter of Maj Sir Archibald Lucas, 2nd and last Baronet.


Marguerite Carolyn Mary Stoddart-Scott [born 2019]

_. Lauren Stoddart-Scott born 1983, nee Rumbold], wife of David Andrew K. Stoddart-Scott [born 1983], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a daughter, Marguerite Carolyn Mary, 15 August, 2019.

David Stoddart-Scott is the son of John David Malcolm Stoddart-Scott [born 1943], of Arthington, West Yorkshire, by his wife the former Elizaberth Anne Machin; and Lauren is a daughter of Paul A. Rumbold, of Holcombe, Lancashire, by his wife the former Elaine Wild.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Eveline Hilda Foster [nee Carr-Ellison] 1933-2019

_. Eveline Hilda Foster [nee Carr-Ellison], who died 12 August, 2019, aged 85, was a scion of the Carr-Ellison landed gentry family; born 15 November, 1933, daughter of Cuthbert Fenwicke-Clennell Carr-Ellison [1901-1969], by his wife the former Phyllis Cagtherine Craster [1908-95]; married in 1957, Peter John Foster, by whom she had three sons, Richard, Miles and Nigel.

The funeral takes place at St Michael & All Angels, Howick, Northumberland, 23 August, 2019.


Marie-Therese Johnston [nee de Zulueta] 1955-2019

_. Marie-Therese Johnston [nee de Zulueta] who died 17 August, 2019, aged 64, was a granddaughter of the novelist Dame Daphne du Maurier.

She was born circa 1955, daughter of Maj Peter Paul John de Zulueta by his wife the former Tessa Browning.

Her grandfather, Lieut-Gen Sir Frederick Browning, GCVO [1896-1965] married Daphne du Maurier in 1932.

Her parents divorced and her mother's second husband, from 1970, is the 2nd Viscount Montgomery of Alamein. Marie-Therese was the wife of Robert Johnston, and mother of two sons, James and Nicholas.


Mairin [Moo] Broughton [nee de Courcy Wheeler] died 2019

_. Mairin [Moo] Broughton [nee de Courcy Wheeler]. descended from the Barons Craigmyle, died 14 August, 2019, in Portugal.


Cecily Rose Sophia Cunningham [born 2019]

_. Sophie Cunningham [nee Milnes Coates, born 1984], wife of Rupert Jasper Clunie Cunningham [born 1984], gave birth to a daughter, Cecily Rose Sophia, 23 June, 2019, a sister for Thea Celia Louisa [born 2015] and for Archie Montague Clunie [born 2017].

Rupert is a son of Capt Michael Cunningham and his wife the former Virginia Pamela Liège Butler (b 1949) daughter of Col Sir Thomas Pierce Butler 12th Baronet (1910-94) of Cloughgrenan.

Sophie is a daughter of Professor Sir Anthony Robert Milnes Coates, 4th Baronet [born 1948].


Monday, August 19, 2019

James Xavier Scott [born 2019]

_. Emily Helen Wahlberg Scott [nee Thompson], wife of Arthur Jervoise Trafford Scott [born 2 Feb, 1984], scion of that baronetcy family, gave birth to a son, James Xavier, 3 June, 2019, a brother for Wilfred [born 2014], and for George [born 2017].

Arthur Scott is the son and heir of Sir James Jervoise Scott, 3rd Baronet [born 12 Oct, 1952], by his wife the former Judy Evelyn Trafford [born 1953], scion of that landed family, and granddaughter maternally of the life peer Baron Taylor of Hadfield [1905-95].

Emily Scott is a daughter of David G.F. Thompson.


Sir Michael James Harwood Harrison, 2nd Baronet 1936-2019

_.Sir Michael Harrison, 2nd Baronet, died 13 August, 2019. He was 83.

He was born 28 March, 1936, son of Sir [James] Harwood Harrison, 1st Baronet [1907-80], MP for the Eye Div of Suffolk, 1951-79, by his wife the former Peggy Alberta Mary Stenhouse [1907-93]; educated at Rugby; JP 1993; a member of Lloyd'sand a member of the Council of the Sail Training Assoc; Liveryman, of Mercer's Co [Master 1986-7]; Freeman of the City of London; Chairman, Berrite Ltd; succeeded to the baronetcy on his father's demise, 11 September, 1980; married 1967, [Rosamund] Louise Clive [born 1944], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Edward Buxton Clive [1909-75]; issue: 2 sons, Edwin and Tristan, and 2 daughters, [Auriol] Davina and Priscilla.

The baronetcy now passes to his elder son, Edwin Michael Harwood Harrison, who was born 29 May, 1981.

The funeral takes place at St Andrew's Church, Hasketon, 3 September, 2019.


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Wentworth-Stanley/Bonas engagement

_. The engagement was announced 18 August, 2019, between Harry David Wentworth-Stanley [born 1989], scion of that landed family, second son of Nicholas Philip Wentworth-Stanley [born 1954] by his former wife the former Clare Husted Steel [now Marchioness of Milford Haven], & Cressida Curzon Bonas [born 18 February, 1989], descended from the Earls Howe, daughter of Mr Jeffrey Bonas, by his former wife the former Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon [born 21 February, 1947], daughter of the 6th Earl Howe [1908-1984].

Miss Cressida Bonas is a former girlfriend of HRH The Duke of Sussex, KCVO.