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The Countess of Longford 1939-2023

 The Countess of Longford, who died 21 January, 2023, aged 83, did not use her aristocratic title and was known as Valerie Pakenham, the writer, who achieved considerable success with her books.

She was born Valerie Susan McNair Scott, 13 November, 1939, the third daughter of Major Ronald Guthrie McNair Scott (1904-1995), of Huish House, Old Basing, Hampshire, by his wife the former Hon Mary Cecilia Berry (1906-1996), and was the granddaughter of William Berry, 1st Viscount Camrose (1879-1954), proprietor and editor-in-chief of The Daily Telegraph from 1928 to 1954.

Prior to her marriage she worked in journalism in London with the publishers Condé Nast and the Daily Mail.

Valerie claimed “always to have hated proper writing”, but nevertheless achieved considerable success with her books, many exploring the history and culture of Ireland. This was her adopted homeland where, with her husband Thomas, she restored his family seat Tullynally Castle and its gardens, in Co Westmeath, opening them to the public.

She married 23 July, 1964, Thomas Frank Dermot Pakenham (born 14 August, 1933), who declined the use of a courtesy title, eldest son of the 7th Earl of Longford, KG, PC (1905-2001), and his wife the former Elizabeth Harman, CBE (the writer, biographer Elizabeth Longford, who died 23 October, 2002). Her husband succeeded his father, 3 Aug, 2001, as 8th Earl of Longford (Peerage of Ireland, cr 1785), Baron Silchester (UK, cr 1821), and 2nd Baron Pakenham (Peerage of the UK, cr 1945), but does not use the titles.

Following her marriage to Pakenham in 1964 her life switched from England to Ireland. On the death three years earlier of his uncle, Valerie Pakenham’s new husband had inherited what she once described as his family’s ancestral “huge, damp and semi-ruinous” Gothic castle. Thomas’s father had decided to forgo the inheritance and skip a generation to avoid double death duties.

At Tullynally Castle, Valerie continued to write: she was author of The Battle of New Orleans Major-General Sir Edward M Pakenham (1965); Out in Noonday Sun: Edwardians in the Tropics (1985); Maria Edgeworth’s Letters from Ireland (2017); and Exploring Ireland’s Middle Kingdom (2021).

With her husband Thomas, she co-wrote A Traveller’s Companion to Dublin (1988) and The Big House in Ireland (2001).

Valerie Pakenham is survived by her husband and two sons, Edward (born 6 Jan, 1970), and Frederick (born 27 Nov, 1971), and by two daughters, Anna Maria (born 26 July, 1965), and Eliza (born 3 Nov, 1966).


Geordie Hector Dundas (born 2022)

Sophie Elizabeth Dundas [née Garnier, born 1988], wife of Ralph William Dundas 3rd of Airdbheith [born 1988], head of that landed gentry family, and descended from the Barons Walsingham, gave birth to a son, Geordie Hector, 28 December, 2022, a brother for Frank William, who was born 21 June, 2019, and for Douglas James, who was born 23 Oct, 2020.

Ralph Dundas is a son of the late [Robert] Alexander Dundas of Airdbheith [1947-2003], by his wife the former Sarah Rosalind Wilson [born 1953], a granddaughter maternally of Sir James Lithgow, 1st Baronet [1883-1952].

Sophie Dundas is the second daughter of Maj [James] Hugh Garnier [b 7 Apr 1948], by his wife the former Katherine Puckle.

Douglas's Walsingham lineage:-

8th Baron Walsingham-->Hon Lavender de Grey-->Maj Hugh Garnier-->Sophie Garnier--> Geordie Dundas


Sir Patrick Laurence Delaval Cotter, 7th Baronet 1941-2023

 Sir Patrick Laurence Delaval Cotter, 7th Baronet, died 11 January, 2023. He was 81.

He was born 21 November, 1941, only son of Laurence Stopford Llewellyn Cotter (1912-1943), and his wife the former Grace Mary Downing, and was a grandson of Sir James Cotter, 5th Bt (1887-1924).

He succeeded to the baronetcy (cr, of Rockforest, co Cork, 1763) on the death of his uncle, Lt-Col Sir Delaval Cotter, 6th Bt, 2 April, 2001.

He married in 1967, Jane Potter, daughter of George Potter, by whom he had a son, Julius Laurence George Cotter (born 4 January, 1968), and two daughters, Jemima Grace Mary Cotter (born 1970), and Jessica Lucy Kathleen Cotter (born 1972).

Lady Cotter survives him. The baronetcy now passes to his only son.


The Baroness Berners 1929-2023

 The Baroness Berners, who died 23 January, 2023, aged 93, was the sixteenth holder of the peerage (created by writ in the Peerage of England, 24 May, 1455).

The peerage was created for her ancestor Sir John Bourchier, KG, younger brother of Henry [Bourchier], 1st Earl of Essex, and 4th son of Sir William Bourchier, 1st Count of Eu, by his wife Lady Anne de Stafford, suo jure Countess of Buckingham, Hereford and Northampton, widow of Thomas and Edmund [de Stafford], 3rd and 5th Earls of Stafford, and 1st dau. of Thomas "of Woodstock", 1st Duke of Gloucester (by his wife Lady Alianore de Bohun, suo jure Countess of Essex, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Humphrey [de Bohun], 7th Earl of Hereford, 12th Earl of Essex and 2nd Earl of Northampton), 8th son of King Edward III.

She was born Pamela Vivien Williams, 30 September, 1929, the elder daughter of Harold Williams, JP, and his wife Vera Ruby Tyrwhitt, in her own right the (15th) Baroness Berners (1901-1992). On her mother's death, 20 February, 1992, the barony of Berners fell into abeyance between her two daughters, Pamela, and Rosemary (born 20 July, 1931). On 30 June, 1995, the abeyance of the barony was terminated in favour of Pamela.

She married 1 March, 1952, Capt Michael Joseph Sperry Kirkham (1925-2017), 2nd son of Joseph William Kirkham (1893-1949), of Parwick Lees, co Derby, by his wife the former Annie Elizabeth Sperry (1892-1978), by whom she had issue, two sons, the Hon Rupert William Tyrwhitt Kirkham (born 18 Feb, 1953), and the Hon Robin Raymond Tyrwhitt Kirkham (born 1 Dec, 1958), and a daughter, the Hon Caroline Rosemary Tyrwhitt Kirkham (born 6 May, 1956).

The elder son, the Hon Rupert Kirkham now succeeds as 17th Baron Berners. He married 12 Feb 1994, Lisa Carol Judy Lipsey, daughter of Col Edward Gibson Lipsey USAF, of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, by whom he has issue.


Primrose Amélie Graham-Watson (born 2023)

 Serena Graham-Watson [nee France-Hayhurst], wife of Capt Florian Ncholas Graham-Watson, [born 6 December, 1986], late the Irish Guards, gave birth to a daughter, Primrose Amélie, 20 January, 2023, a sister for Arnaud James (born 25 July, 2018), and for Wilfred Robert (29 January, 2020).,

Florian Graham-Watson, sometime equerry to HRH The Prince of Wales, scion of the Graham-Watson landed gentry family, is son of Mr Andrew FitzJames Graham-Watson (born 1957), of Longworth, Oxfordshire, by his wife the former Brigitte Claude Marie Jeanson, of Paris.

Serena Graham-Watson is a daughter of Mr & Mrs James France-Hayhurst, of Bunbury Heath, Cheshire.


Monday, January 30, 2023

Richard Hugh Godfrey-Faussett 1932-2023

 Richard Hugh Godfrey-Faussett, who died 11 January, 2023, aged 90, was a scion of that landed gentry family, of Heppington, born 28 June, 1932, son of Brigadier Bryan Trevor Godfrey-Faussett, CB, DSO, OBE, MC (1896-1970), and his wife the former Katherine Monica Paterson (1899-1987); and married in 1962, Anne Granville Murray, daughter of Colonel Granville Murray, of Weir, Dumfriesshire, by whom he had issue, two sons, Christopher Bryan (b 26 Aug, 1963), and Matthew, and a daughter, Islay.

Richard was a great-nephew of Sir Bryan Godfrey-Faussett, GCVO (1863-1945), naval officer and courtier, great friend and equetty of King George. Richard's elder son, Christopher married in 1995, Lady Diana Bowes-Lyon (b 1966), daughter of the 17th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne (1928-1987), and a cousin of the King.


Jonathan Mark Priaulx Raban 1942-2023

Jonathan Mark Priaulx Raban, who died 17 January, 2023, aged 80, was a self-scrutinising travel writer and novelist of originality and humour. He was born 14 June, 1942, son of the Rev (James) Peter Caplin Priaulx Raban (1918-1996), and his wife the former Monica Vivienne Sanderson; and married 1stly, 1964 (div.) Bridget Johnson, and married 2ndly, 1985 (div. 1990) Caroline Alice Celia Cuthbert (born 31 March, 1940), scion of that landed gentry family, of Beaufront Castle; and married 3rdly, 1992, Jean Lenihan, by whom he had a daughhter, Julia.


Saturday, January 28, 2023

Clark/Stratton engagement

 The engagement was announced 28 January, 2023, between Archie Alexander Clark (born 1991), son of Duncan Allen Clark (born 1960), of Great Braxted, Essex, and his wife the former Nicola Jane Kirkwood Brown (born 15 August, 1960), & Katherine Sarah Stratton (born 6 Apr, 1991), daughter of Christopher Richard de F. Stratton (born 1953), of Wimbledon, London, and his wife the former (Patricia) Clare Grigson.

Archie Clark descends from the Sinclair Earls of Caithness, viz:-

The 19th Earl of Caithness > Lady Margaret Sinclair > Nicola Brown > Archie Clark


Rodriguez Tijerina/Catto engagement

 The engagement was announced 28 January, 2023, between Luis R. Rodriguez Tijerina, elder son of Mr and Mrs Luis Rodriguez, of San Pedro, Monterrey, & Holly Caroline M. Catto, scion of the Barons Catto,  only daughter of Robert Jeremy Adam Inch Catto (1939-2018), and his wife the former Judith Monday, of Blackboys, East Sussex.


McAlpine/Riddell engagement

 The engagement was annopunced 28 January, 2023, between Frederick William Edwin McAlpine (born 25 August, 1993), eldest son and heir of Sir Andrew William McAlpine, 7th Baronet (born 22 November, 1960), of Hexham, Northumberland and Lady McAlpine (nee Caroline Claire Hodgson), and Alice Sophie Riddell (born 1992), youngest daughter of Mr Sean Douglas Riddell (born January, 1965), of Ripon, North Yorkshire, and Mrs Riddell.


Catherine Walwyn (nee de Trafford) 1928-2023

Catherine Walwyn, who died at her Lambourn home, 21 January, 2023, aged 94, was the widow of the legendary racehorse trainer Fulke Waywyn, CVO.

Following her husband's death she took over the licence at Saxon House in Lambourn and trained for three seasons, winning 27 races including the 1993 Sefton Novices' Hurdle with Cardinal Red. She also trained The Argonaut and Furry Knowe for the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

She was born Catherine de Trafford, 5 November, 1928, fourth daughter of Sir Humphrey Edmund de Trafford, 4th Baronet (1891-1971), and his wife the former Hon Cynthia Hilda Evelyn Cadogan (1896-1966), scion of the Earls Cadogan. Her elder sister Ann (1918-87), was Dame Ann Parker Bowles, DCVO, mother of Brig Andrew Parker Bowles (born 27 Dec, 1939), first husband of HM Queen Camilla.

Her father was a senior Jockey Club steward and Classic-winning owner. She married 24 June, 1952, as his second wife, Fulke Thomas Tyndall Walwyn, CVO (born 8 Nov, 1910), son of Lieutenant-Col Fulke James Walwyn (1875-1945), and his wife the former Louisa Greenshields (who died in 1926).

Her husband moved to the Saxon House stables, Lambourn, in 1944, and became one of the most successful National Hunt trainers of all time. Fulke Walwyn trained for many notable owners including Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. He died 18 February, 1991.

Cath Walwyn also enjoyed great success as an owner, including having a half share with Priscilla Hastings in the 1958 Hennessy Gold Cup and Whitbread Gold Cup winner Taxidermist and owning the 1959 Windsor Castle Stakes winner Monamolin, both trained by her husband. She also won the 2010 Buckingham Palace Stakes with the Jamie Osborne-trained Treadwell, who she co-owned with Tony Taylor.

Cath Walwyn had one child, Jane, who was born in 1957 and died from cancer in 2007, and is survived by Jane's daughter Isabel Sanderson.


Lady Rupert Nevill 1925-2023

 Lady Rupert Nevill, who died 25 January, 2023, aged 97, was a close friend of Queen Elizabeth II and for many years a member of Her Majesty's inner circle.

She was the widow of Lord Rupert Nevill, CVO (1923-82), who served as private secretary to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Both Micky and Rupert Nevill were childhood friends of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, and Lord Rupert stood as godfather to Margaret's son, David, Viscount Linley, now Earl of Snowdon.

She was born Anne Camilla Evelyn Wallop (but always known as 'Micky'), 12 July, 1925, daughter of the 9th Earl of Portsmouth (1898-1984), and his 1st wife the former Mary Lawrence Post (died 6 Aug, 1964), daughter of Waldron Kintzing Post, of Bayport, Suffolk County, New York, United States. Micky's cousin, Jean Wallop (1934-2019), was the wife of the Queen's beloved 'Porchy', 7th Earl of Carnarvon (1924-2001).

Micky Wallop served as an officer in the Women's Royal Naval Reserve during the Second World War, and married 22 April, 1944, the Lord Rupert Charles Montacute Nevill (born 29 January, 1923), a captain in the Life Guards, second son of the 4th Marquess of Abergavenny (1883-1954), and his wife the former Isabel Nellie Larnach (who died 5 Nov, 1953). 

The Nevills lived at Horsted Place, Uckfield, Sussex, a bolt hole for Princess Margaret and Group Capt Peter Townsend during their tempestuous romance in the 1950s.

Her husband served as Treasuer to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1970-82, and private secretary to HRH 1976-82, and was appointed CVO in 1978. He died from cancer, 19 July, 1982, aged 59, and the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales attended his funeral.

Lady Rupert is survived by a son, Christopher (born 23 Apr, 1955), who in 2000 succeeded his uncle as 6th Marquess of Abergavenny, and by two daughters, Lady Angela Nevill (born 2 Jan, 1948), once tipped as a possbible bride for the future King Charles III, and Lady Henrietta Nevill (born 21 June, 1964), a goddaughter of Prince Philip. Micky Nevill was predeceased by her elder son, Guy (1945-1993), a godson of Queen Elizabeth II and a Page of Honour to HM 1958-61.

Lady Rupert's private funeral takes place 8 February, 2023. It is expected that the King and other members of the Royal Family will be represented.


Friday, January 27, 2023

Margot Lucy, Lady Burrell 1940-2023

Margot Lucy, Lady Burrell (nee Thatcher), who died 19 January, 2023, aged 82, was the second wife and widow of Sir (John) Raymond Burrell, 9th Baronet.

She was born Margot Lucy Thatcher, 8 Aug, 1940, daughter of Frederick Ernest Thatcher (died 1976), of New South Wales, by his wife the former Lucy Violet Wiley (1910-1997); and married 1 July, 1971, (John) Raymond Burrell (born 20 February, 1934), son of Lt-Col Sir Walter Raymond Burrell, 8th Baronet (1903-1985), and his wife the former Hon Anne Judith Denman (1907-87), daughter of the 3rd Baron Denman (1874-1954). Her husband succeeded his father, 4 May, 1985, as 9th Bt, and died at Sydney, NSW, 29 May, 2008.

Lady Burrell leaves a son, Andrew John (born 15 July, 1974), and a daughter, Catherine Anne Lucy (born 29 May, 1977), and a step-son, Sir Charles Burrell, 10th Bt.


Mary Theresa, Viscountess Selby (died 2023)

Mary Theresa, Viscountess Selby, who died 20 January, 2023, aged 85, was the widow of the 4th Viscount, mother of the 5th Viscount and grandmother of the 6th Viscount.

She was the former Mary Theresa Powell, scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Capt Thomas Folliott Powell (1887-1975), of Pelham Cresent, South Kensington, and his wife the former Dorothy Mary Fairfax Studd (died 1975), scion of the Studd baronets;  & married 29 May, 1965, Michael Guy John Gully, 4th Viscount Selby (Peerage of the UK, cr 1905) (born 15 Aug, 1942), by whom she had issue, a son, the Hon Edward Thomas William Gully (born 21 Sept, 1967), and a daughter the Hon Catherine Mary Albinia Gully (born 17 Mar 1971).

Her husband, who succeeded to the viscountcy, 18 Sept, 1959, died 10 January, 1997, aged 54, and was succeeded by their son, Edward, 5th Viscount, who died 23 January, 2001, aged 33, and was succeeded by his son, Christopher, 6th Viscount (born 18 Oct, 1993).


Thursday, January 26, 2023

Mann/Clark engagement

The engagement was announced 21 January, 2023, between Jack William Mann (born 1982), scion of the Mann baronets, second son of Simon Francis Mann (born 26 June, 1952), of Hampshire, and his former 1st wife Jennifer Catherine Barham (born 1957), scion of that landed gentry family (now wife of Richard Douglas Schuster (born 4 June, 1953), & Isabella Josephine M. Clark (born circa 1993), daughter of Stephen M Clark, of Suffolk, and his wife the former Felicity A. Whalley.

Jack Mann was at the Royal Military College Sandhurst with the Duke of Sussex, and acted as an usher at Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018.

Sir Edward Mann, 1st Bt > Francis Thomas Mann > Francis George Mann > Simon Francis Mann > Jack William Mann



Horatia Mary Felicia Palmer (nee Lamb) 1933-2023

 Horatia Mary Felicia Palmer (nee Lamb), who died 9 January, 2023, aged 89, was a granddaughter of the 5th Earl of Longford.

She was born 21 October, 1933 (Trafalgar Day, hence her first christian name, but always known as Felicia), second daughter of Australian-born artist Henry Taylor Lamb, MC, RA (1883-1960), and his 2nd wife the Lady (Margaret) Pansy Felicia Pakenham (1904-1999), the writer, translator, &c, who was the eldest daughter of Brig-Gen the 5th Earl of Longford, KP, MVO (1864-1915), and his wife the Lady Mary Julia Child-Villiers (1877-1933), daughter of the 7th Earl of Jersey (1845-1915), &c.

Felicia Lamb married 26 July, 1958, William Henry Tugwell Palmer (born 1929), of Nun Monkton, North Yorkshire, son of Colonel Henry Wellington Tuthill Palmer, DSO, OBE, by whom she had issue, a son Rufus (1967-86), and two daughters, (1) Primrose (born 18 Feb, 1960), wife of the Col the Hon Alastair James Calthrop Campbell, and (2) Harriet (b 6 July, 1961).

A Service of Thanksgiving takes place at Christ Church, Harrogate, 2 February, 2023.


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

(Anne) Charlotte Horsfield (née Debenham) 1932-2023

(Anne) Charlotte Horsfield (née Debenham), died 14 January, 2023, aged 90. She was a scion of the Debenham baronets.

She was born 12 August, 1932, a daughter of Sir Piers Debenham, 2nd Baronet (1904-1964), and his wife the former Angela Sibell Paget (1906-1965), scion of the Paget baronets; and married 9 June, 1962, Peter Muir Francis Horsfield (1932-2013), by whom she had three sons, Andrew, Charles and Thomas.


Florence Charlotte Theodora Simpson (née Wood-Goulbourn) (born 2023)

 Charlotte Emily L.J. Simpson (born 1986, née Wood-Goulbourn), wife of Matthew Caveen Drury Simpson (born 1985), gave birth to a daughter, Florence Charlotte Theodora, 3 January, 2023.

Charlotte is a daughter of Adrian D.M. Wood-Goulbourn and his wife the former Laura A.L. Morris.

Matthew is the elder son of Capt Graham Simpson, Royal Artillery, and his wife the former Caroline Mabel Gadsden (born 4 Aug, 1957), daughter of Sir Peter Gadsden, GBE (1929-2006), Lord Mayor of London 1979-80, and his wife the former Belinda Ann de Marie Haggerston (born 23 September, 1933), daughter of Sir Hugh Carnaby de Marie Haggerston, 11th Baronet (1906-1971).


Alastair Warrington 1942-2023

 Alastair Warrington died 17 January, 2023.

He was born in January, 1942, son of Group Capt George Ninian Warrington, RAF (1908-1945), and his wife the former Quenelda Clegg (who died in the same yachting accident as her husband, 8 Aug, 1945), scion of the Clegg landed gentry family. He married 2 July, 1966, Sarah Loveday Daly (born 14 Feb, 1944), scion of that Irish landed gentry family, daughter of Capt James Henry Daly (1899-1966), and his wife the former Patricia Elizabeth Flora Irvine (1907-1997), scion of the Irish landed gentry family, by whom he had a son, Giles Ninian (b 6 July, 1969), and a daughter, Catherine Patricia Mary (born 9 Oct, 1971).



Rudy Casper Ludo Bethell (born 2022)

Alice Victoria R. Bethell (nee Mills, born 1991), wife of Nicholas Bethell [born 1990], a scion of the landed gentry family of Bethell of Rise, gave birth to a son, Rudy Casper Ludo, 25 November, 2022.

Alice is the elder daughter of Andrew Mills, of Farthinghoe, Northamptonshire, and his wife the former Vanessa A. Harford. Nicholas Bethell is the third son of Hugh Adrian Bethell [born 23 April, 1952], of Rise, East Riding of Yorkshire, by his wife the former Sarah Elizabeth St Aubyn [born 28 June, 1955], scion of the Barons St Levan. Nicholas's paternal grandfather, Richard Anthony Bethell, married 27 Sept, 1945, Lady Jane Pleydell-Bouverie [1923-2006], daughter of the 7th Earl of Radnor [1895-1968]. 

On Nicholas's maternal side he descends from the Barons St Levan, of St Michael's Mount, Penzance, and the Earls of Morley, &c.


Julian Richard Morley Sands 1958-2023

 Julian Sands, the actor, who disappeared whilst climbing 11 days ago, is now feared dead by his family and friends.

Julian Sands’ brother Nick has said that he knows “in my heart” that his sibling is no longer alive, as the search for the missing British actor entered its 11th day. In comments to his local Yorkshire paper, the Craven Herald, Mr Sands said: “He has not yet been declared missing, presumed dead, but I know in my heart that he has gone. However sibling rivalry being what it is, it would be just like him to walk out of there and prove me wrong.”

The actor known for roles in A Room with a View and Arachnophobia, was feared dead after failing to return from a hike in Southern California on 13 January. He was reported missing by a friend. He had been hiking in the area of Mount Baldy, a 10,000ft peak about 50 miles east of Los Angeles, according to San Bernardino County sheriff’s department. ...It is understood that his son, Henry, 37, was in California helping with the search ...The last successful cell phone “ping” was Sunday [15 Jan], after which his phone has not communicated, probably because it has lost power, police said. A silver Volvo believed to belong to Sands was found on Wednesday night [18 Jan], covered in snow.Rescuers began searching for Sands shortly after the alarm was raised but the operation was paused on Saturday evening [14 Jan], about 24 hours after it began, due to the condition of the trail and the risk of avalanches. The search with helicopters and drones is continuing as weather conditions allow, and the ground search will resume when it is safe, the sheriff’s department said.

Julian Richard Morley Sands was born 4 January, 1958, at Otley, West Yorkshire, son of William Morley Sands (1926-1985), and his wife the former Brenda Leach (b 1930).

He was married twice, firstly, 1984 (div 1987), Sarah Harvey (b 1961), daughter of Noel Harvey, and sister of the entertainer Kit Hesketh-Harvey, and married 2ndly, 1990, Evgenia Citkowitz (born 1964), daughter of the composer Israel Citkowitz (1909-74), and his second wife, and her second husband, Lady Caroline Maureen Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood (1931-1996), daughter of the 4th Marquess of Dufferin & Ava (1909-1945).]

He leaves a son, Henry (born 20 Sept, 1995), from his first marriage, and two daughters, Natalya (born 16 Aug, 1996), and Imogen (born 31 Dec, 1999).


Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are expecting their second child

It has been announced that HRH Princess Eugenie, Mrs Jack Brooksbank, and her husband Jack, are expecting their second child.

The couple married at St George's Chapel in October, 2018. The Queen's great-grandchild is expected early in 2021. Their first child, a son, August Philip Hawke, was born 9 February, 2021.

Jack Christopher Stamp Brooksbank (born 3 May, 1986), scion of the Brooksbank baronets, is the elder son of Mr George Edward Hugh Brooksbank (b 8 Feb 1949), by his wife the former Nicola J Newton (b 1953).

HRH Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena of York (b 23 Mar, 1990), is the younger daughter of HRH The Duke of York, KG (born 19 Feb, 1960), by his former wife the former Sarah Margaret Ferguson [born 15 Oct, 1959], scion of the Fergusons of Dummer.

Eugenie and Jack are closely related ~ they are third cousins twice removed. Both Eugenie and Jack descend from Thomas William Coke, 2nd Earl of Leicester [1822-1909]. 

2nd Earl of Leicester ->Lady Julia Coke -> 8th Viscount Powerscourt -> Doreen Wingfield -> Susan Wright -> Sarah Ferguson -> Princess Eugenie

2nd Earl of Leicester ->Hon Sir John Coke -> Celia Coke -> George Brooksbank -> Jack Brooksbank

Jack's great-grandfather Major the Hon Sir John Spencer Coke [1880-1957], was Gentleman Usher to HM King George VI between 1938 and 1953. He was appointed Commander, Royal Victorian Order (C.V.O.) in 1946. He was appointed Knight Commander, Royal Victorian Order (K.C.V.O.) in 1953.


Beverley Joy, Lady Durrant 1938-2023

 Beverley, Lady Durrant, died at her home on Australia's Gold Coast, 9 January, 2023, aged 84.

She was born Beverley Joy Durrant, 12 July, 1938, a scion of the Durrant baronets, daughter of Reginald Walter Estridge Durrant (1905-1986) (a son of the 6th Bt) and his wife the former Joy Minnie Smith (died 2006); and married 1stly, 1957 (div 1976), Stanley Ross Ackers; and married 2ndly, 1994, Alan Bainbridge (who died 2000); and married 3rdly, 2014 (as his second spouse), her cousin, Sir William Alexander Estridge Durrant, 8th Baronet (1929-2018).


Wilson/Williams engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 January, 2023, between the Hon Alistair Thomas Hay Wilson (born 17 March, 1993), second son of the 3rd Baron Moran (born 6 August, 1952), of Brookline, Massachusetts, and his wife the Hon Mary Jane Hepburne-Scott (born 16 February, 1955), scion of the Lords Polwarth, & Hannah L. Williams, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Gareth Williams, of York, South Carolina, USA.


Priscilla Mary Chester-Master (née Lutyens) 1931-2023

 Priscilla Mary Chester-Master (née Lutyens), died 8 January, 2023, aged 91.

She was born in 1931, a daughter of Capt. Francis Murray Bernard Lutyens, MC (1895-1955), of Posingford, Hartfield, Sussex, and his wife the former Mary Isabella Crawford (1905-2022); and married in 1951, Richard Thomas George Chester-Master (1927-1994), head of that landed gentry family, son of Lieutenant-Colonel William Alfred Chester-Master (1903-63), and his wife the former Patience Mary Streeter, by whom she had four sons, William, Luke, Francis and Ben.


Timothy Rowland Morley, FRCS 1939-2023

 Timothy Rowland Morley, FRCS, died 11 January, 2023, aged 83.

He was born 18 March, 1939, son of Henry Seaward Morley, FRCP (1897-1961), of Midhurst, Sussex, and his wife the former Alison Kathleen Hill, scion of the Viscounts Hill; and married 20 Aug, 1966, Mary Elspeth Holbourn Adeney, daughter of Noel Frederick Adeney, FRCS, by whom he had issue, a son, David (born 1969), and a daughter, Nicola (born 1968).


The Lady Martha Veronica Bruce, OBE 1921-2023

 The Lady Martha Veronica Bruce, OBE, who died 22 January, 2023, aged 101, was a scion of the Earls of Elgin & Kincardine.

Lady Martha was sometime a Lady-in-waiting to HRH The Princess Mary, Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood.

She was born 7 November, 1921, the eldest daughter of the 10th Earl of Elgin, KT, CMG (1881-1968), assistant Private Secretary to Secretary of State for the Colonies 1905-08; CMG 1919; Grand Master Mason of Scotland 1921-72; Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1925 and 1926; Knight of the Thistle 1933; Lord Lieutenant of Fife 1935-65; President, Empire Exhibition Glasgow 1938, by his wife the former Hon Katherine Elizabeth Cochrane, DBE (died 1989).


Leslie Melville/Clay engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 January, 2023, between George William Leslie Melville (born 1993), scion of the Earls of Leven & Melville, second son of James Hugh Leslie Melville (born 5 November, 1960), of Fife, and his wife the former Clare Jean Heywood-Lonsdale (born 15 July, 1961), scion of that landed gentry family, and Serena Daisy Lockwood Clay (born 17 May, 1993), middle daughter of Mr Jeremy Mark Lockwood Clay (born 1961), of Kent, and his wife the former Caroline S. Bird.

George's mother, Clare, is a cousin of the Duchess of Devonshire.


Soames/Cator engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 January, 2023, between Jack Winston T. Soames (born 22 September, 1994), a great-grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, second son of the Hon Rupert Christopher Soames [born 18 May, 1959], of Cuddington, Buckinghamshire, by his wife the former Camilla Rose Dunne, scion of that landed family, and Eleanor Camilla Cator (born 22 June, 1995), scion of that landed family, third daughter of the late Charles Francis Cator (1959-2015), of Ranworth, Norfolk, and his wife the former Jane Culverwell.

Sir Mark Adair Hodson, 8th Baronet 1964-2023

 Sir Mark Adair Hodson, 8th Baronet, died 18 January, 2023, aged 58.

Sir Mark is the third Hodson baronet to die in the past nine months. His uncle, Sir Michael, the 6th Baronet, died 8 April, 2022, and his father, Sir Patrick, the 7th Bt, died 21 July, 2022.

He was born 9 April, 1964, eldest son of Sir Patrick Hodson, 7th Baronet (1934-2022), and his wife the former June Shepherd-Cross, and succeeded to the baronetcy (Ireland, cr 1789), on his father's demise, 21 July, 2022.

He married in 1991, Kathleen Mary Florence Bissill, daughter of William Rippon Bissill, and his wife the former Hon Charmaine Elizabeth Violet Cecilia Wilson (1930-2018), daughter of the 3rd Baron Nunburnholme (1904-74), and his wife the former Lady Mary Beatrice Thynne (1903-74), daughter of the 5th Marquess of Bath (1862-1946), &c.

Sir Mark leaves a widow, and a daughter, Charlotte (born 1996), and a son, Edward Charles Adair Hodson (born 7 May, 1998), who now succeeds as 9th baronet.