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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

3rd Baron Altrincham 1934-2020

 _. Lord Altrincham, the 3rd Baron, died in Spain, 1 August, 2020. He was 86.

Anthony Ulrick David Dundas Grigg was born 12 January, 1934, a younger son of the 1st Baron Atrincham [1879-1955], by his wife the former Hon Joan Alice Katherine Dickson-Poynder [1897-1987], daughter of the 1st and last Baron Islington [1866-1936].

His father, as Edward Grigg, was National Liberal MP for Oldham, and later for Altrincham, and later Gov and C-in-C of Kenya, and created a peer in 1945.

Anthony Grigg succeeded as 3rd Baron Altrincham, 31 Dec, 2001, on the death of his elder brother, John Grigg [1924-2001], who succeeded his father in 1955, and disclaimed his peerage for life in July, 1963, under the terms of the Peerage Act of that year. John Grigg caused a furore in 1957 criticising the court around Queen Elizabeth II and insulted the Queen personally referring to her style of speaking as a 'pain in the neck.'

Anthony Grigg married 2 March, 1965, Comtesse Eliane de Cassagne de Beaufort, second daughter of the Marquis de Miramont, by whom he had issue, two sons, Edward and Steven, and a daughter, Anne.

The elder son, the Hon Edward Sebastian Grigg, born 18 Dec, 1965, succeeds as 4th Baron Altrincham.


Monday, August 10, 2020

Susan Cicely Dymoke [nee Fane] 1932-2020

 _. Susan Cicely Dymoke [nee Fane], who died 6 August, 2020, aged 87, was the widow of Lieutenant-Col John Dymoke, MBE, The Hon The Queen's Champion, Standard Bearer for England, head of that landed gentry family, 34th of Scrivelsby.

She was born 9 Nov, 1932, as Susan Cicely Fane, scion of the Earls of Westmorland, daughter of Colonel Francis Christopher Fane [1900-47], by his wife the former Joyce Patricia Hancock [1912-2003], and married 4 Sept, 1953, John Lindley Marmion Dymoke, MBE [1926-2015], son of Lionel Marmion Dymoke [1894-1963], The Queen's Champion, who was Standard Bearer for England at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 2 June, 1953, by his wife the former Rachel Isabel Lindley [1900-89], by whom she had issue, three sons, Francis, Philip and Charles. The eldest son, is head of the landed family, and the Hon The Queen's Champion, Standard Bearer for England.


Arthur Peter Mitcalfe Hope [born 2020]

 _. Emily May M. Hope [nee Ramsay, born 1986], wife of James Frederick M Hope [born 1987], and a scion of the Earls of Dalhousie, gave birth to a son, Arthur Peter Mitcalfe, 28 July, 2020.

James is a son of Jeremy F.A. Hope, by his wife the former Ann M Mitcalfe [born 1954].

Emily is a daughter of Patrick William Maule Ramsay [born 1951], by his wife the former Fiona G.J. Stoddart [born 1960].


Hon Mrs Robin Warrender 1931-2020

 _. The Hon Mrs Robin Warrender, who died 27 July, 2020. She was the widow of the Hon Robin Warrender, scion of the Barons Bruntisfield.

She was born in 1931 as Gillian Elizabeth Rossiter, daughter of Leonard Lewis Rossiter [1893-1984], of Aldworth, Berkshire, by his wife the former Elsie Rose Oppenheimer [1896-1987], scion of the Oppenheimer baronets; and married 16 Oct, 1951, the Hon Robin Hugh Warrender [1927-2004], a son of the 1st Baron Bruntisfield [1899-1983], by his 1st wife the former Dorothy Etta Rawson, scion of that landed gentry family, by whom she had a son, Hugh Mark Warrender [born 19 Feb, 1968], and two daughters, Carolyn [born 19 June, 1953], and Annabel [born 17 Jan, 1956].

She was widowed, 6 Apr, 2004.


van Straubenzee/O'Keeffe marriage

 _. The marriage took place, 24 July, 2020, at Chelsea Old Church between Mr Thomas Alexander van Straubenzee (b 1982), scion of that landed family, eldest son of Mr Alexander Henry van Straubenzee (b 1951), by his wife the former Claire Sonia Fenwick (b 1954), & Miss Lucy Lanigan-O'Keeffe [born circa 1988], daughter of Stephen Lanigan-O'Keeffe.

Tom van Straubenzee, a life-long friend of the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex, is godfather to Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. He married firstly, in 2013, the Lady Melissa Percy, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. The marriage ended in divorce.

Miss Lanigan-O'Keeffe, originally from County Kilkenny, is the assistant head teacher at Thomas's, Clapham, the school attended by Prince George of Cambridge. Her father is a barrister. Her brother, Arthur, is the Irish Olympic pentathlete.

Tom van Straubenzee is descended from the Montagu Dukes of Manchester.


The Baron Lester of Herne Hill, QC 1936-2020

 _. Lord Lester of Herne Hill, QC, who died 8 August, 2020, aged 84, was a barrister, life peer, former member of the Labour party, the Social Democrat Party, and Liberal Democrats.

Anthony Paul Lester was born 3 July, 1936, son of Harry and Kate Lester. He married in 1971, Catherine Elizabeth Debra Wassey, by whom he had one son and one daughter.

Career: Served in the Royal Artillery, 1955-57, as a 2nd Lieutenant; Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn [1963] Mansfield Scholar and Bencher,  1985; Called to the Bar, Northern Ireland, 1984.

He was Special Adviser to the Home Secretary, 1974-76; Standing Advisory Comm on Human Rights, 1975-77; UK Legal Expert, Network Committee on Equal Pay and Sex Discrimination, EEC, 1983-93; Member of the House of Lords Sub Committee on European Law and Institutions, Inter Governmental Conf, from 1996; &c.

QC [1975]; QC [Northern Ireland; a Recorder, 1987-93, &c.

He was created a life peer in 1993, and his peerage was gazetted in the name, style and title of Baron Lester of Herne Hill, of Herne Hill in the London Borough of Southwark.


Saturday, August 08, 2020

Birrell/Davidson-Houston engagement

 _. The engagement was announced 8 August, 2020, between Henry James F. Birrell [born 1989], son of Christopher Ros Stewart Birrell [born 1954], of Cucklington, Somerset, by his wife the former Emma G.A. Breton [born 1956], & Camilla Sophie E. Davidson-Houston [born 1988], scion of that landed gentry family, elder daughter of Patrick Elrington O'Reilly-Blackwood Davidson-Houston [born 1954], of Colkirk, Norfolk, by his wife the former Angelina F. Nelson-Sullivan [born 1958].


Patrick/Barker marriage

 _. The marriage took place, 1 Aug, 2020, at Islington Town Hall, between Richard Patrick, son of Mr Sean Patrick, of Shannon, Ireland, and Mrs Fiona Geary, of Cobh, Ireland, & Virginia Giverney [Gigi] Barker [born 1987], daughter of the Hon Adam Campbell Barker [born 1955], by his wife the former Elizabeth Mary Marsden [born 1971], descended from the Viscounts Dillon.

Gigi Barker is a granddaughter paternally of the Baroness Trumpington, DCVO [1922-2018].


Friday, August 07, 2020

Pemberton/Lapage engagement

 _. The engagement was announced 5 Aug, 2020, between Jeremy Wingate Pemberton [born 1977], scion of that landed gentry family, son of Peter Richard Wingate Pemberton [born 1944], of Trumpington, Cambridgeshire, by his former wife the former Constance Biddle Barnes [now Mrs Constance Haydon, of East Knoyle, Wilts], & Tana R. Lapage, daughter of Mr & Mrs Timothy Lapage, of Park City, Utah, United States.


Robert Cecil Seeckts 1931-2020

 _. Robert Cecil Seeckts died 1 August, 2020, aged 88. He was born in 1931, son of George Seeckts [1884-1933], by his wife the former Elizabeth Blackhurst [1886-1968]; married 20 July, 1957 [div 1982], Joanna Rea [born 1 July, 1934], scion of the Barons Rea, daughter of the Hon Findlay Russell Rea [1907-84], and granddaughter of the 1st Baron Rea [1873-1948]; by whom he had four children, Rosemary Anne [born 1958], Sarah Elizabeth [born 1960], Katherine Mary [born 1963], and Richard Philip [born 1966].


Peter Raymond Wilson [died 2020]

 _.Peter Raymond Wilson died 4 August, 2020. He was 78.

Born circa 1942, son of Raymond Clive Wilson, of Penn, Buckinghamshire; married 8 April, 1967, Lavinia Mary Coke [born 20 Sept, 1944], scion of the Earls of Leicester, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Gerald Coke [1907-90], by his wife the former Patricia Cadogan [1916-95], scion of the Earls Cadogan, by whom he had three children, a daughter, Miranda Mary [born 27 July, 1969], and two sons, Nicholas Peter [born 10 June, 1971], and Andrew Michael [born 5 Sept, 1974].


William David Heber Percy 1939-2020

_. William David [Bill] Heber Percy, who died 2 August, 2020, aged 81, was a scion of the Dukes of Northumberland.

He was born 5 March, 1939, the second son of Lieutenant-Colonel Cyril Hugh Reginald Heber Percy [1905-89], by his first wife the former Anne Garland. He married 18 January, 1969, Christine Mary Gates [died 13 Apr, 2004], daughter of Terence Horatio Gates, of Twineham, Sussex, by whom he had issue, a son, Peter [born 1971], and a daughter, Robin [born 12 Nov, 1969].

Bill Heber Percy was a great-great-great-great-great grandson of the 1st Duke of Northumberland [d 1786].


Gordon-Ingram/Ferrier engagement

_. The engagement was announced 7 Aug, 2020, between Iain Robert Gordon-Ingram [born 1975], son of Donald Alexander Gordon-Ingram [born 1938], of Marshfield, Gloucestershire, by his wife the former Karol Barbara Johnstone, & Davina Mary Ferrier [born 1979], younger daughter of Mr & Mrs James Ferrier, of Alverstoke, Hampshire.

Iain's grandfather, Maj Alastair Gordon-Ingram married in 1937, Joan Orby Gascoigne [born 1910], scion of that landed family, and a granddaughter maternally of Col Sir Hector Munro of Foulis, 11th Baronet [1849-1935].


Thursday, August 06, 2020

Winfield/Warner engagement

._The engagement was announced 6 Aug, 2020, between Alexander William Winfield [born 1984], son of Mr Robert Winfield, of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, by his wife the former Karen M Shields, & Katherine Jocelyn Rose Warner [born 1987], second daughter of Sir Philip Courtenay Thomas Warner, 4th Baronet [born 3 Apr, 1951], of Compton Bassett, Wiltshire, by his wife the former Penelope Anne Elmer.


Sir Theodore George Roderick [Roddy] Brinckman, 6th Baronet 1932-2020

_. Sir Theodore George Roderick ]Roddy] Brinckman, 6th Baronet, died 26 July, 2020. He was 88.

He was born 20 March, 1932, son of Sir Roderick Napoleon Brinckman, 5th Baronet, DSO, MC [1902-85], by his 1st wife the former Margaret Wilson Southam [1900-77]; succeeded to the baronetcy on the death of his father, 16 Apr, 1985.

He married 1stly, 11 June, 1958 [div 1983], Helen Mary Anne Cook [died 31 Dec, 2007], daughter of Arnold Eliot Cook, of Toronto; married 2ndly, 7 Dec, 1983, as her third husband, the Hon Greta Sheira Bernadette Grant-Ferris [born 1937], daughter of the life peer, the Baron Harvington [1907-97]; married 3rdly, 29 Sept, 2001, as her third husband, Margaret Diana [Maggsie] Davidson Wakefield [1934-2015], daughter of Hugh Claude Wakefield ]1888-1971]. 

Sir Roddy, from his first marriage, leaves two sons, and a daughter. The elder son, Theodore Jonathan, born 19 Feb, 1960, succeeds as 7th baronet. 


Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Perlmutter/Stopford engagement

 _. The engagement was announced 5 Aug, 2020,between Jonathan Perlmutter [born 1980], son of Mr Laurence J Perlmutter [born 1953], of Norwich, and Mrs Perlmutter, and Clementine Lucy Patricia Stopford [born 1986], scion of the Earls of Courtown, daughter of the Hon Jeremy Neville Stopford, LVO [born 1958], of Great Bedwyn, co Wilts, by his wife the former Bronwen Macdonald Milner.

Clementine Stopford is a granddaughter paternally of the 8th Earl of Courtown [1908-75]. Her father, Jeremy, was Equerry to HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, 1982-84, and was appointed LVO.


2nd Baron Renwick 1935-2020

_. The 2nd Baron Renwick died 2 August, 2020. He was 84.

Harry Andrew Renwick was born 10 Oct, 1935, son of the 1st Baron Renwick, KBE [1904-73], by his first wife the former Dorothy Mary Parkes [1908-2001].

He succeeded his father as 2nd Baron and 3rd Baronet, 30 August, 1973. The baronetcy was created in 1927, and the peerage, one of the last hereditary baronies, was created in 1964.

He married firstly, 27 Apr, 1965 [div 1989], Susan Jane Lucking [born 1939], daughter of Capt Kenneth Stephen Lucking [1910-40]; married secondly, 12 June, 1989, Mrs Homayoun Mazandi,  daughter of Maj Mahmoud Yazdamparst Pakzad. He leaves 2 sons from his first marriage, Robert and Michael.

The elder son, the Hon Robert James Renwick, born 19 August, 1966, succeeds as 3rd Baron. He is unmarried.


Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Coco Florence Dunlop [born 2020]

_. Georgina Helen [Georgie] Dunlop [nee Spencer, born 1987], wife of [Robert] James [Jamie] Dunlop [born 1987], gave birth to a daughter, Coco Florence, in London, 27 July, 2020.

Jamie Dunlop is a son of Robert Andrew Dunlop [born 1948], by his wife the former Catherine Jennifer Ewart, and is a grandson of Maj Roy Dunlop, MBE [1906-91], who married Sheila Gertrude Tollemache Arbuthnot [1917-2019], scion of the Arbuthnot baronets.

Georgie Dunlop is a daughter of Peter Kenneth Spencer and the former Stephanie Moira Russell.


John Henry Deen [died 2020]

_.John Henry Deen died in Paris, 31 July,2020.

He married 1stly, 1963 [div 1970], Jane Eldred Marion Syke [born 1938], daughter of Maj Humphrey Hugh Sykes [1907-91], descended from the Viscounts Massereene and Ferrard; secondly 1970 [div 1976], Susan Jane Sefton-Smith [born 1948], a descendant of the Salt baronets; married 2ndly, 1982 [div 1991], [Henrietta] Nina Sylvia Campbell [born 1945], the interior designer, Nina Campbell, daughter of Colonel John Archibald Campbell [1898-1974], by his second     wife the former Elizabeth Popper Pearth [1914-96]; married 3rdly, 1993, Catherine J.M. Bonne. He is survived by his third wife and a son and three daughters.



Joseph Bobby [Joe] Marsham [born 2020]

_. The Hon Lucy Harriet Marsham [nee Beaumont, b 1981], scion of the Viscounts Allendale, and wife of the Hon Michael Julian Marsham [b 1979], scion of the Earls of Romney, gave birth to a son, Joseph Bobby [Joe], 24 July, 2020, a brother for Louis Alexander, who was b 4 Oct, 2014,and for Molly Tessa Cisi,  who was born 1st February, 2017.
The Hon Michael Marsham is a yr son of the 8th Earl of Romney and the Countess of Romney.
The Hon Lucy Marsham is a daughter of the 4th Viscount Allendale and Viscountess Allendale.