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Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Baron Mawhinney, PC 1940-2019

_. The Lord Mawhinney, PC, life Baron, former Conservative government minister, died 9 November, 2019, aged 79.

Brian Stanley Mawhinney was the Conservative MP for Peterborough, 1979-1997; was a junior minister in the Northern Ireland Office, 1986; Minister of State for Northern Ireland, 1990; Minister of State, Department of Health 1992-94; cr PC, 1994; Secretary of State for Transport, 1994-; later Chairman of the Conservative Party and Minister without Portfolio; resigned from the Commons in May, 2005; created a life peer as Baron Mawhinney, of Peterborough, 2005.

Lord Mawhinney served as Chairman of the Football League.


Saturday, November 09, 2019

Theodore Alexander Frederick Grimston [born 2019]

_. [Jocelyn] Octavia Grimston [nee Wayne, born 1987], wife of Alexander Rupert Ponsonby Grimston [born 1989], scion of the Barons Grimston of Westbury, gave birth to a son, Theodore Alexander Frederick, 16 October, 2019.

Alexander is  the 2nd son of Major the Hon [Gerald] Charles Walter Grimston [born 1953], late the Scots Guards, by his wife the former Katherine Evelyn Kettle.

Alexander Grimston is a nephew of the 3rd [unmarried] Baron. His father is heir presumptive to the peerage.

Octavia Grimston is a daughter of William S. Wayne, by his wife the former Gillian A. Blyth.


Williams-Wynn/Clarkson Webb engagement

The engagement was announced 9 November, 2019, between Nicholas Watkin Williams-Wynn [born 1988], a son of Sir [David] Watkin Williams-Wynn, 11th Baronet [born 18 Feb, 1940], of St Asaph, by his second wife, Janie, Lady Williams-Wynn, of Ruthin, Denbighshire [nee (Victoria) Jane Dillon De Ath], & Georgina Claire Clarkson Webb [born 1987], daughter of [William] Simon Clarkson Webb [born 1958], of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk, by his wife the former Anne L. Weston [born 1960].


Martha Katherine Victoria Vaughan [born 2019]

_. Laura Jane Ulla Vaughan [nee Fairfax, born 1987], scion of the Lords Fairfax of Cameron, and wife of [Vaughan] William W. Vaughan [born 1987], gave birth to a daughter, Martha Katherine Victoria, 24 October, 2019.

William Vaughan is a son of Mr David Arthur John Vaughan, CBE QC [born 1938] and Mrs Vaughan.

Laura is a daughter of the Hon Hugh Nigel Thomas Fairfax [born 1958], by his wife the former Victoria Janet Neave, scion of the baronets of that name.


Southesk/Ascoli engagement

_. The engagement was announced 8 November, 2019, between Charles Duff Carnegie, styled Earl of Southesk [born 1 July, 1989], eldest son and heir of the 4th Duke of Fife [born 3 March, 1961], of Kinnaird Castle, Angus, and of the Duchess of Fife [nee Caroline Anne Bunting, born 13 November, 1961], & Camille Ascoli [born Paris, 6 March, 1990], daughter of Roberto Ascoli [born 1961], by his wife the former Valerie Ledoux.

Lord Southesk, a godson of Diana, Princess of Wales is a descendant of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.


Friday, November 08, 2019

The Baroness Vincent of Coleshill [died 2019]

_. The Baroness Vincent of Coleshill, who died 29 October, 2019, was the widow of Field Marshal the Baron Vincent of Coleshill, GBE, KCB, DSO [1931-2018].

Her husband was Chief of the Defence Staff, and created a life peer in 1996.

Lady Vincent was the former Jean Paterson Stewart, daughter of Kenneth Brown Stewart, and married Richard Frederick 'Dick' Vincent in 1955. She leaves issue.

The funeral takes place 19 November, 2019.


Sophia Yuill [née Pauncefort-Duncombe] 1925-2019

_. Sophia Yuill, who died 3 November, 2019, aged 94, was a scion of the Pauncefort-Duncombe baronets, born 1 July, 1925, daughter of Sir Everard Philip Digby Pauncefort-Duncombe, 3rd Baronet [1885-1971], by his wife the former Evelyn Elvira Denny; she married 5 Oct, 1957, Archibald Evariste Yuill [died 31 Dec, 2009], by whom she had issue, a son, William George Henry Yuill [born 15 Sept, 1961].

A Thanksgiving service takes place at St Luke’s Chelsea on 22 November, 2019.


Thursday, November 07, 2019

Bridget Astor [nee Wreford] 1928-2019

_. Bridget Astor [nee Wreford], artist, who died 16 October, 2019, aged 91, was the widow of the Hon [Francis] David Langhorne Astor, CH [1912-2001], editor of the Observer newspaper 1948-75, scion of the Viscounts Astor.

She was born Bridget Wreford, in 1928, a daughter of Major Cyril Frederick Wreford [1899-1978], of Odicknoll, Edginswell, co Devon, by his 2nd wife the former Aphra Mary Esther Bush [1903-74]; she married 28 February, 1952, the Hon David Astor, second son of the 2nd Viscount Astor [1879-1952], by his wife the former Nancy Witcher Langhorne [aka Nancy, Viscountess Astor] [1879-1964].

Her husband died 7 December, 2001, aged 89.

She leaves issue, two sons Richard [born 1955] and Thomas [born 1962], and three daughters, Alice [born 1953], Lucy [1958] and Nancy [born 1960]. She was also step-mother of David Astor's daughter, Frances [born 1947], from his first marriage.


Marx/Lievano engagement

_. The engagement was announced 6 November, 2019, between Julian James Locke Marx [born 1983], younger son of the late David George Locke Marx [1936-2010], by his wife the former Jill Morag Dickie, of Fulham, London, & Adriana Lievano, the only daughter of Señor Ricardo Lievano and Senora Gloria Menjura, of Bogota, Colombia.

Julian Marx's grandfather, Capt George Francis Locke Marx  [1890-1965] married Augusta Susan Fergusson [1904-2001], scion of the Fergusson baronets of Kilkerran, and a descendant of the 1st Marquess of Dalhousie, &c.


Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Olga Mary Bland [nee Hohler] 1940-2019

_. Olga Mary Bland [nee Hohler], who died 29 October, 2019, aged 79, was a descendant of the Royal House of Hanover. She was a great-great granddaughter of Prince George, Duke of Cambridge.

She was born at Windsor, 11 October, 1940, daughter of Edward Christopher Hohler [1917-1997], scion of that landed gentry family, by his wife the former Mary Alice Olga Sofia Jane Lane [1919-2014].

Olga's grandfather, Robert Charlton Lane [1873-1943], married 1905, Olga Mary Adelaide FitzGeorge [1877-1928], daughter of Sir Adolphus Augustus Frederick FitzGeorge [1846-1922], son of Field Marshal HRH Prince George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge [1819-1904], grandson of King George III, and a first cousin of Queen Victoria.

Prince George married, in contravention of the Royal Marriages Act 1772, the actress Sarah Louisa Fairbrother [1816-1890]. His wife took the name Mrs FitzGeorge, and their sons took the surname FitzGeorge.

Olga Hohler married 5 July, 1969, Godfrey Hamilton Bland [born 3 July, 1943], son of Capt James Franklin McMahon Bland [1905-84], by his wife the former Jess Buchan Brodie, by whom she had issue, two sons Richard [born 1972], and Alexander [born 1979], and a daughter, Caroline [born 1975].

The funeral takes place at St Nicholas' Church, Sandhurst, Kent, 25 November, 2019.


Clementi/Stein engagement

_. The engagement was announced 6 November, 2019, between Tom C. Clementi, son of Sir David Cecil Clementi [born 1949], of Wimbledon, London, and Lady Clementi, & Alice M. Stein, daughter of Mr & Mrs Nigel Stein, of Waters Upton, Shropshire.

Tom Clementi's paternal grandfather, Air Vice Marshal Cresswell Montagu Clementi, CB, CBE [died 1981], married in 1940, Susan Pelham [born 1918], scion of the Earls of Chichester.


Edward Thomas Philip Francklin [born 2019]

 _. Chloe Charlotte Francklin [nee Maier, born 1989], wife of Henry Alexander John Francklin [born 1988], gave birth to a son, Edward Thomas Philip, 29 October, 2019.

Henry is a son of William Alexander Mavourn Francklin, of Wicken House, co Northampton, by his wife the former Celinda Lucinda Palmer [born 1961]. scion of the Palmer baronets, daughter of Sir Geoffrey Palmer, 12th Baronet [born 1936], by his wife the former Clarissa Mary Villiers-Smith [born 1938].

Chloe Francklin is a daughter of Thomas Maier.


Tuesday, November 05, 2019

David William James Price 1947-2019

_.David William James Price, who has died aged 72, born in 1947, son of Richard James Emlyn Price [1904-83], by his wife the former [Miriam Joan] Jane Dunsford [born 1923]; married 1971, Shervie Ann Lander Whitaker [born 28 March, 1950], scion of the Whitaker baronets, daughter of Sir James Whitaker, 3rd Baronet OBE [1925-1999], by his wife the former Mary Elisabeth Lander Johnson [1919-1998]; by whom he had issue a son, William, and a daughter, Hesther.


Bolitho/Harbage engagement

_. The engagement was announced 5 November, 2019, between Capt Thomas Alverne Bolitho, of the Grenadier Guards [born 1991], scion of that landed family, elder son of Alverne Robert Bolitho [born 1961], of Petersfield, Hampshire, by his wife the former Annabel Louise Shaw-Baker [born 1962]; & Eleanor Charlotte Herschel Harbage [born 1991], daughter of William John Hirons Harbage, QC [born 1960], of Bulwick, co Northampton, by his wife the former Julia Mary Herschel Dunkerley [born 1960]/


Colin Shane Anson 1931-2019

_. Colin Shane Anson, who died at Diss, Norfolk, 26 October, 2019, aged 88, was a scion of the Earls of Lichfield, a descendant of the 2nd Earl.

He was born 29 July, 1931, second son of Anthony John Anson [1904-1981], by his wife the former Rosalind Desiree Arbuthnot [1906-1985], scion of the Arbuthnot baronets; unmarried. He was a partner of Ahmet _____.

The cremation takes place at West Suffolk Crematorium, 12 November, 2019.


Sunday, November 03, 2019

April Sebag-Montefiore [nee Jaffé] 1927-2019

_. Phyllis April Sebag-Montefiore [nee nJaffé ], actress and novelist, died 28 October, 2019, aged 92.

She was born in 1927, of Russian/Lithuanian descent, the daughter of Dr Henry Norman Jaffe [1898-1969], by his wife the former Miriam Woolf [1896-1993]; married 1952, Dr Stephen Eric Sebag-Montefiore [1926-2014], socion of that landed family, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Cecil Sebag-Montefiore [1899-1991], by his wife the former Audrey Mabel Rose Haldin [1899-1984], a granddaughter maternally of Sir Herbert Leon, 1st Baronet [1850-1926]. Mrs Sebag-Montefiore leaves four sons, including the writer Simon Sebag-Montefiore [born 1965], who married Santa Palmer-Tomkinson [born 1970], scion of that landed family.