Saturday, December 31, 2022

Son and heir for the Earl of Haddington

 The Countess of Haddington, wife of George Edmund Baldred Baillie-Hamilton, 14th Earl of Haddington [born 27 December, 1985], gave birth to a son, Sullivan Simon, styled Lord Binning, in 2022.

Lord Haddington is the son of the late 13th Earl of Haddington [1941-2016], of Mellerstain House, Berwickshire, by his second wife the former Jane Heyworth.

The Countess of Haddington is the former Constanza Dessain, daughter of Simon James Francis Dessain [born 1956], of Inverkeilor, Arbroath, Angus, by his wife Catharina Mary Fredericka.

The Earl of Haddington is is 14th Earl in the Peerage of Scotland [created 1627], the 14th Lord Binning [Peerage of Scotland, created 1613], and 14th Lord Byres and Binning [created 1619].

He succeeded to the family peerages onn his father's death, 5 July, 2016.

The countess is an artist. Her mother, Catharina, is a ceramic artist.Father Simon is a software developer, non executice chairman at The List Ltd.


Friday, December 30, 2022

Harry Charles Lorne Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce (born 2022)

 The Hon Joanna Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce (born 1985, nee Heriot Maitland), scion of the Earls of Lauderdale, and wife of the Hon Nicholas Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce (born 16 February, 1986), scion of the Barons Thurlow, gave birth to a son, Harry Charles Lorne, in 2022, a brother for Isla, born in 2016, and for George, born 18 November, 2018.

The Hon Nicholas Cumming-Bruce is the son and heir of the 9th Baron Thurlow (born 1952), and the infant George is heir to his father.

Joanna Cumming-Bruce is a daughter of Patrick Heriot-Maitland (born 1947), and his wife the former Marilyn Lois Grant.


(Douglas) Nigel Leigh-Pemberton 1929-2022

 (Douglas) Nigel Leigh-Pemberton, who died 15 December, 2022, aged 93, was a scion of that landed gentry family.

He was born 9 May, 1929, son of Capt Robert Douglas Leigh-Pemberton, MBE, MC(1896-1964), of Kippen, Sittingbourne, Kent, and his wife the former Helen Isabel Payne-Gallwey (d 1985), descended from the Payne Bts, and was a younger brother of Robin Leigh-Pemberton, the Baron Kingsdown, KG (1927-2013).

He married 21 July, 1973, Alexandra Valerie Roper, daughter of J.C.A. Roper, by whom he had issue, a son, Charles, and two daughters, Laura and Georgina.


HRH The Margrave of Baden 1933-2022

 HRH The Margrave of Baden, who died 29 December, 2022, aged 89, was head of the Grand Ducal House of Baden, and a first cousin of HM King Charles III.

Maximilian Andreas Friedrich Gustav Ernst August Bernhard, Margrave of Baden, Herzog von Zähringen, was born at Salem 3 July, 1933, son of Berthold, Margrave of Baden (1906-63), and his wife HRH Princess Theodora of Greece & Denmark (1906-69), sister of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021).

He married in 1966, Valerie, Archduchess of Austria (born 23 May, 1941), by whom he had issue.


Thursday, December 29, 2022

Deborah Inglefield (née Hurlbatt) 1938-2022

 Deborah Inglefield (née Hurlbatt) died 22,December 2022, aged 84. 

She married thrice, firstly, Lieutenant-Commander Simon Scott Thomas, RN (1935-1966), son of Commander William Scott Thomas, RN (1903-83), by his wife the former Mary Hilda Bertha Hemelryk; married 2ndly, Lieutenant-Commander Simon Idiens, RN (1933-1972), and thirdly, in 2004, to Christopher Samuel Inglefield (born 30 Oct, 1936), second son of Sir Gilbert Inglefield, GBE, KCB (1909-91), Lord Mayor of London 1967-68, and his wife the former Laura Barbara Frances Thompson (1908-2004).

Deborah Inglefield leaves issue from her first marriage, two daughters, the actresses Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, DBE (born 24 May, 1960), and Serena Scott Thomas (born 21 Sept, 1961), and a son from her second marriage, Matthew Charles Idiens (born 1970), husband of the Hon Saffron Alexandra Vestey (born 1971), daughter of the late 3rd Baron Vestey, GCVO (1941-2021).


Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Lady Langley (née Oliphant) 1928-2022

 Lady Langley (née Oliphant), who died 15 December, 2022, aged 94, was widow of Major-Gen Sir Desmond Langley, KCVO, MBE (1930-2008), scion of that Irish landed family.

She was the former Felicity Joan Oliphant, born in 1928, daughter of Lieutenant-Col Kingsley Jack Pertwee Oliphant, MC (1890-1979), and married in 1950, (Henry) Desmond Allen Langley (born 16 May, 1930), son of Colonel Sir Henry Fitzroy Grace Langley, OBE (1895-1971), & his wife the former (Elfrida) Winsome Allen (1896-1967), by whom she had issue, a son and a daughter.

Her husband  served as Major-General commanding the Household Division and General Officer Commanding London District from 1979 to 1983. He later served as the 132nd Governor of Bermuda from 1988 to 1992.


Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Lady Elwes 1940-2022

 Lady Elwes, who died suddenly, 23 December, 2022, was wife of Sir Henry Elwes, KCVO, sometime Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, of Colesbourne Park.

She was the former Carolyn Dawn Cripps (born 1940), scion of that landed gentry family, of Ampney Park, daughter of Joseph William Wykeham Cripps (1900-58), and his wife the former Joyce Wilkinson, and married in 1962, Henry William George Elwes (born 24 October,1935), scion of that landed gentry family, son of Maj John Hargreaves Elwes (1906-43), and his wife the former Isabel Pamela Ivy Beckwith (1908-1993), descended from the Dukes of Richmond & Gordon, by whom she had issue, three sons, John, Frederick and George.

Her husband was Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire from 1992 to 2010. He was appointed KCVO in 2009.


Monday, December 26, 2022

Zbigniew Leon Mieczkowskim 1922-2022

Zbigniew Leon Mieczkowski died 19 December, 2022, aged 100.

He was one of the last Polish veterans living in Britain who fought alongside the Allies in the Second World War.

He was born 22 June, 1922, a Polish veteran of the Second World War and active member of the Polish diaspora in the UK. The only son of Stefan Mieczkowski de Zagloba vel Zagroba, of Dzierzanowo, Poland, he married 26 July, 1965, the Hon Caroline Sarah Aline Grenfell (1933-2019), second daughter of the 2nd Baron Grenfell (1905-1976), and his 1st wife the former Elizabeth Sarah Polk Shaugnessy (1913-2015), scion of the Barons Shaughnessy, by whom he had issue, a son, Stefan, and a daughter, Helena.


Saturday, December 24, 2022

Hutchens/Agnew engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 December, 2022, between Christopher Allan Hutchens (born 1989), son of Mr & Mrs David Hutchens, of Dunlop, Ayrshire, and Charlotte Elizabeth Agnew (born 1987), scion of the Agnew of Lochnaw baronets, eldest daughter of James Douglas Agnew (born 16 January, 1959), of Kelso, Roxburghshire, and his wife the former Elizabeth Mary Cameron.


Beale/Crosthwaite engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 December, 2022, between Christopher Hugo Jermyn Beale (born 1993), younger son of Simon Charles Waldegrave Beale (b 1961), of Evenlode, Gloucestershire, and his wife the former Caroline Margaret Jermyn Holborow (b 1961), and Rose Elizabeth Frances Crosthwaite (born 1992), daughter of Nicolas James Goland Crosthwaite (b 1948), of Laverstoke, Hampshire, and his wife the former Lucinda Margaret Baxendale (b 1958), scion of that landed gentry family.

Rose Crosthwaite is descended from the Earls Fortescue:-

The 5th Earl Fortescue (1888-1958) > Lady Elizabeth Fortescue (1926-2010) > Lucinda Margaret Baxendale (b 1958) > Rose Crosthwaite (b 1992)


Rosemary-Artemis Isabella Cowie (born 2022)

 Catherine Cowie (nèe Ellis-Robson), wife of Alexander John Cowie (born 1975), gave birth to a daughter, Rosemary-Artemis Isabella, 14 November, 2022, a sister for Alan Horatio (born 2018).

Alexander is a son of Maj. Nigel Hugh Alexander Cowie (1943-91) and his wife the former Hon Rosalind Juliana Brooke (b 1950) daughter of the 2nd Viscount Brookeborough (1922-87).


Few Brown/ Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 December, 2022, between Frederick Richard T. Few Brown (born 1992), son of Ben G. Few Brown (born 1959), of Cholderton, Wiltshire, and his wife the former Alison Louise Cotterell, & Natasha Shan Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax (born 1993), daughter of Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, MP (born 29 January, 1958), of Charborough Park, Dorset, MP for South Dorset, scion of the Barons Dunsany, and his 1st wife the former Zara Victoria Legge-Bourke (born 26 May, 1966), scion of the Earls of Dartmouth (now Mrs Angus Gordon Lennox, wife of Angus Charles Gordon Lennox, of Gordon Castle, Moray, scion of the Dukes of Richmond.

Frederick Few Brown is a nephew of Rebecca, Marchioness of Blandford (born 1962), first wife of the current 12th Duke of Marlborough.


Delfina (Delfi) Davies (born 2022)

 The Lady Jemima Juliet Davies (nee Herbert, born 4 October, 1989), wife of Hugo Patrick Trehearne Davies [born 1989], & scion of the Earls of Pembroke & Montgomery, gave birth to a daughter, Delfina (Delfi), 12 December, 2022.

Lady Jemima is the fourth daughter of the late 17th Earl of Pembroke [1939-2003], of Wilton House, Salisbury, by his second wife the former Miranda Juliet Oram [born 1962] (now Miranda, Countess of Pembroke), and is a half-sister of the 18th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.

Hugo Davies is the eldest son of Mr Mark Edward Trehearne Davies, CVO [born 20 May, 1948], of Admington, Warwickshire, by his wife the former Antonia Catharine Chittenden [born 1960], 


Yorke/Agnew engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 December, 2022, between Capt Archie William Yorke (born 1995), Coldstream Guards, son of the late Major Robert William Yorke, QGM, and his wife the former Lucinda Elisabeth (Luly) Thomson (born 4 Apr, 1965), of Watchfield, Wiltshire, descended from the Earls of Dunmore, & Daisy Matilda Agnew (born 6 Aug, 1995), scion of the Agnew baronets, daughter of Caspar Jonathan William Agnew (born 20 Apr, 1967), of Battersea, London, and Mrs Annabel J (Annie) Agnew (nee Summers), of Brightwalton, Berkshire.

The 8th Earl of Dunmore, VC > Lady Mary Elizabeth Murray > Sara Elisabeth Oldfield > Lucinda Elisabeth Thomson > Capt Archie Yorke


Thursday, December 22, 2022

James Charles Macaulay Booth 1921-2022

James Charles Macaulay Booth, who died 18 December, 2022, aged 101, was descended from the Barons Monteagle; born 9 July, 1921, son of Charles Zachary Macaulay Booth (1886-1968), and his wife the former Mary Honora Spring Rice (1896-1972), scion of the Barons Monteagle of Brandon. 

Jim Booth was a wartime naval officer who took part in a crucial mission to guide the Allied armada on to Sword Beach during the D-Day landings. 

His grandfather was the great Victorian social reformer Charles Booth (1840-1916). His great-uncle, Sir Cecil Spring Rice, wrote the words to the hymn I Vow to Thee, My Country. Jim was also musical and was an organ scholar at Eton, winning many prizes.

He married 14 November, 1951, Bertha Evans, a Wren whom he had met on a blind date while both were stationed in Malta, daughter of Thomas Evans. His wife predeceased him. He is survived by their four children: sons, Charles (born 1953) and Stephen (born 1958), and daughters, Antonia (b 1956) and Victoria (b 1961).

He loved dancing. At the 70th anniversary celebrations of VJ day in August 2015 the band was playing in a marquee behind Westminster Abbey when he boldly asked the Duchess of Cornwall’s lady-in-waiting if Camilla would like to dance. After being told she would “love to”, the 94-year-old led the future Queen around the floor with aplomb. Afterwards he told his family that she was “quite a good dancer”.

Margot Isabelle Parsons (born 2022)

Rebecca Anne Louise Parsons [born 1990, nee Arkwright], wife of Edmund Thomas Parsons, gave birth to a daughter, Margot Isabelle, 15 December, 2022, a sister for Wilfred Humphrey, who was born 21 January, 2021.

Rebecca [Becky] Parsons is a daughter of Charles Francis Richard [Charlie] Arkwright [born 1960], of Fulham, London, and his former wife the former Anne-Louise Marie-Noëlle Miranda Josephine Kelly [born 1962], of Upper Woodford, Wiltshire, scion of that Irish landed gentry family, and descended maternally from the Dukes of Norfolk.

Edmund Parsons is the son of Paul Thomas Serge Parsons [born 1955], of Blakesley, Northamptosnhire, and his wife the former Alexandra M. Campion [born 1959].

Becky Parsons is a granddaughter of Bernard Noël David George Terence Kelly, and his wife the late Lady Mirabel Magdalen Fitzalan Howard [1931-2008], sister of the 17th Duke of Norfolk, KG [1915-2002].


Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Willa Lucy Morris-Eyton (born 2022)

 Harriet Mae Morris-Eyton (nee Barber, born 1989), wife of Marcus Alexander Morris-Eyton [born 1989], scion of the Eyton landed gentry family, gave birth to a daughter, Willa Lucy, 10 December, 2022.

Harriet is a  daughter of Paul R. Barber, of Well, Hampshire, and his wife the former Susan E. Rielly. Marcus Morris-Eyton is a son of Robert Anthony [Tony] Morris-Eyton, of Calvington, Shropshire, and his wife the former Clare Stuttaford [born 1960].

The Morris-Eytons descend from the Earls of Roden:-

Robert Jocelyn, 7th Earl of Roden [1845-1915] > Lady Marcia Jocelyn [1891-1972] > Jean Miles [1927-2021] > Anthony Morris-Eyton > Marcus Morris-Eyton > Willa Morris Eyton (born 2022)


Major Brian John Gilbart-Denham 1934-2022

Major Brian John Gilbart-Denham, Irish Guards, died 12 December, 2022, aged 88.

He was born in 1934, the second son of Maj Vivian Gilbart-Denham, (killed in action at Narvik, 1940), Irish Guards, by his wife the former Diana Mary Beaumont (1907-83), a granddaughter maternally of Sir James Gibson-Craig, 3rd Baronet.


The Baron Sewell of Sanderstead

 The life peerage recently conferred on Cleveland Anthony Sewell, CBE (born 1959), has been gazetted in the name, style and title of Baron Sewell of Sanderstead, of Sanderstead in the County of Surrey.

Lord Sewell of Sanderstead is an educational consultant and founder and chair of the educational charity Generating Genius. In July 2020, Sewell was appointed chair of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities tasked with looking into race disparity in the UK.


Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Lady Hallifax 1934-2022

 Lady Hallifax, who has died aged 88, was the widow of Admiral Sir David John Hallifax, KCB, KCVO, KBE (1927-1992), a senior Royal Navy officer who served as Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle from 1988 until 1992.

She was born Anne Blakiston-Houston, 8 January, 1934, scion of the baronets of that name, 2nd daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel John Matthew Blakiston-Houston (1898-1984), and his wife the former Lettice Arden Stobart (who died 1982); and married 8 December, 1962, David John Hallifax (born 3 Sept, 1927), son of Vice-Admiral Ronald Hamilton Curzon Hallifax.

Her husband , following an appointment to the Ministry of Defence as Director of Naval Operational Requirements, became Flag Officer First Flotilla, a position once held by his father. It was from here that he went to the Northwood Headquarters as Chief of Staff to Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse, Commander-in-Chief Fleet in 1980. As Chief of Staff he was responsible for the day-to-day control of the Headquarters during the Falklands War. His next appointment was to the United States of America as the NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic in 1982. His final appointment was Commandant of the Royal College of Defence Studies in 1986.

Lady Hallifax, who was widowed 23 Aug, 1992, leaves issue, a son, Thomas, and a daughter, Louisa, and was predeceased by a son, Matthew, who died in a boating accident in 1989.


Monday, December 19, 2022

Catto/Castellanos O'Shea marriage

 The marriage took place 17 December, 2022, at Cazalla de la Sierra, Sevilla, between Alastair Gordon Catto [born 6 March, 1986], scion of the Barons Catto, son of the Hon Alexander Gordon Catto [born 22 June, 1952], of Sudgrove, Gloucestershire, and his wife the former Elizabeth [Lizzie] Scott Boyes, and Ms Maria Castellanos O'Shea, daughter of Jaime and Patricia Castellanos of Madrid, Spain.


Sunday, December 18, 2022

Rose Farquhar marries George Gemmell

 The Prince of Wales was present at the marriage, 17 December, 2022, at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, between George Neil Gemmell, son of David Stewart Gemmell [born 1946], of Delvine, Scotland, and his former wife Mary-Ann Stewart-Richardson [born 15 March, 1961], scion of the Stewart-Richardson baronets [now Lady Williams, of Broomfield House, Barbados], & Rose Katherine Farquhar [born 1983], scion of the Farquhar baronets, daughter of Capt Ian Walter Farquhar, LVO, Queen's Own Hussars [born 11 Dec, 1945], of Happylands House, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, and his wife the former Pamela Jane Chafer.


Saturday, December 17, 2022

Belinda, Baroness Montagu of Beaulieu 1932-2022

 Belinda, Baroness Montagu of Beaulieu, who died 15 December, 2022, aged 90, was the former chatelaine of Palace House, at Beaulieu, Hampshire, the first wife of the 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu.

Beaulieu Abbey houses Lady Montagu of Beaulieu's wall hangings which depict the abbey's history. She was the patron of the New Forest Association and was commissioned in 1979 to work on The New Forest Embroidery, in commemoration of the 900th anniversary of the creation of the New Forest.

Palace House, Beaulieu was a Cistercian abbey in Hampshire, England. It was founded in 1203–1204 by King John and (uniquely in Britain) populated by 30 monks sent from the abbey of Cîteaux in France, the mother house of the Cistercian order. The Medieval Latin name of the monastery was Bellus Locus Regis ("The beautiful place of the king"') or monasterium Belli loci Regis. Other spellings of the English name which occur historically are Bewley (16th century) and Beaulie (17th century).

Lady Montagu was born Elizabeth Belinda Crossley, 11 January, 1932, the only daughter of Capt the Hon John de Bathe Crossley (1893-1935), scion of the Barons Somerleyton, and his second wife the former Sybelle Winifred Louisa Pixley Drummond (1898-1963), scion of the Earls of Perth, 1st daughter of Capt Cyril Augustus Drummond (1873-1945), of Cadland, co. Hampshire.

In 1935, her father's older brother, Francis Savile Crossley, succeeded her grandfather as the Baron Somerleyton. Her first cousin, Savile William Francis Crossley, was the 3rd Baron Somerleyton from 1959 until his death in 2012.

Belinda Crossley married 11 April, 1959 (div 1974), as his first wife Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu (1926-2015), the flamboyant peer, founder of the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, son of the 2nd Baron (1866-1929), and his second wife, the former (Alice) Pearl Crake (1895-1996).

Belinda Lady Montagu leaves issue, Ralph Douglas-Scott-Montagu, the 4th Baron Montagu of Beaulieu (born 13 March, 1961), and a daughter, the Hon Mary Rachel (born 16 Nov, 1964).


The Baroness Linklater of Butterstone 1943-2022

 The Baroness Linklater, who died 15 December, 2022, aged 79, was a Liberal Democrat politician who was a member of the House of Lords. 

Baroness Linklater retired in February 2016, under the terms of the House of Lords Reform Act 2014. Her career indicates her interests in children's welfare, education and special needs, and prison reform. She was created a life peer as Baroness Linklater of Butterstone, of Riemore in Perth and Kinross, on 1 November 1997.

She was born 15 April, 1943, the daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Michael Lyle (1919-2001), and his wife the former Hon. Elizabeth Sinclair (1921-94), younger daughter of the former Leader of the Liberal Party Archibald Sinclair, 1st Viscount Thurso (1890-1970). 

She was educated at Cranborne Chase School, a former boarding independent school for girls situated at New Wardour Castle, near Tisbury, Wiltshire, followed by the Universities of Sussex and London. 

She married 21 January, 1967, the journalist Magnus Duncan Linklater, CBE (born 21 February, 1942), son of Eric Robert Linklater, by whom she had issue, three children, two sons and one daughter.


Adrian Anthony Geoffrey Myers 1972-2022

 Adrian Anthony Geoffrey Myers died 11 December, 2022, aged 50.

He was born in 1972, son of Anthony Andrew Myers (born 1939), and his wife the former Teresa Miriam Emmet (born 1 September, 1949), granddaughter of the life peer the Baroness Emmet of Amberley (1899-1980), daughter of the Hon Christopher Anthony Robert Emmet (1925-96), and his wife the former Lady Miranda Mary Fitzalan Howard (1927-2018), scion of the Dukes of Norfolk, &c.

He married 18 May, 1996, Louise Claire Denny (born 1971), daughter of John Denny and his wife the former Carol Hughes, by whom he had issue, two sons, Oliver and Harry, and two daughters, Georgia and Eloise.


Friday, December 16, 2022

Sir John MacDermott, KC, PC 1927-2022

 Sir John Clarke MacDermott, KC, PC, who died 13 December, 2022, aged 97, was a Northern Irish barrister and judge.

He was born 9 May, 1927, son of John Clarke MacDermott, Baron MacDermott, MC, PC, PC (NI) (1896-1979) a Northern Irish politician and lawyer who was Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland from 1951 to 1971, and a life peer, by his wife the former Louise Palmer Johnston, oldest daughter of the Rev. J. C. Johnston, DD. 

He was educated at Campbell College, Belfast, Trinity Hall, Cambridge (BA), and Queen's University Belfast.

MacDermott was called to English Bar by the Inner Temple and the Bar of Northern Ireland in 1949 and became a Northern Irish Queen's Counsel in 1964. He was appointed a Justice of the High Court of Northern Ireland in 1973. In 1987, he was made a Lord Justice of Appeal, and was knighted and sworn of the Privy Council. He retired from the bench in 1998.


Hon Mrs Hugh Cohen 1930-2022

 The Hon Mrs Hugh Cohen, died 13 December, 2022, aged 92.

She was born Jane Karminski, in 1930, daughter of Mr Justice Sir Seymour Edward Karminski (1902-74), a High Court Judge and Lord Justice of Appeal, by his wife the former Susan Elizabeth Burney (1904-1983); and maried 7 Oct, 1953, the Hon Hugh Lionel Cohen (1925-1992), son of Lionel Leonard Cohen, the Baron Cohen, PC (1888-1973), a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, by his wife the former Adelaide Spielmann (who died 29 Dec, 1961), by whom she had issue, three sons, James, Charles and William.


Hon Mrs Jonathan Davies 1946-2022

 The Hon Mrs Jonathan Davies, who died at Truro, 10 December, 2022, was the wife of the Hon Jonathan Davies, scion of the Barons Davies.

She was born in 1946, daughter of Sir (William) Godfrey Agnew, KCVO, CB (1913-1995), sometime Clerk of the Privy Council, and his first wife the former Ruth Mary Moore (who died in 1962), a granddaughter maternally of the 9th Earl of Denbigh (1859-1939); and married 15 Oct, 1966, the Hon Jonathan Hugh Davies (born 25 January, 1944), second son of the 2nd Baron Davies (1915-1944), and his wife the former Ruth Eldrydd Dugdale (died 1966), by whom she had issue, Michael (b 28 May, 1968), and Alexander (b 1972), and four daughters, Ruth (b 1969), Gwendoline (b 1965), Christianne (b 1976), and Mary (b 1982).


Thursday, December 15, 2022

Hon Sarah Patricia Balcon 1933-2022

 The Hon Sarah Patricia Balcon (nee Mills), who died 12 December, 2022, aged 89, was a scion of the extinct Barons Hillingdon.

She was born 7 February, 1933, daughter of Patrick Charles Mills, the 5th Baron Hillingdon (1906-1982), and his wife the former Nancy Elizabeth Nixon; and married 1 October, 1955, Major Jonathan Michael Henry Balcon, TD (1931-2012), son of Sir Michael Elias Balcon (1896-1977), the film producer, and Aileen Freda, formerly Mrs Jacobs MBE (1904-88) d of H Leatherman, of Johannesburg, South Africa, by whom she had three daughters, (1) Deborah Louise Kate Balcon (b 27 Sept, 1956), (2) Sarah Clair Balcon (b 7 Dec, 1957), & (3) Henrietta Beatrice Jane Balcon (b 5 Nov, 1960).


Adeline de Stacpoole (born 2022)

 Amelia H.E. de Stacpoole (nee Smith), wife of George Edward Stacpoole, Marquis de Stacpoole [born 1983], gave birth to a daughter, Adeline, 4 December, 2022.

Amelia is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Michael Forbes Smith, of Earnley, Sussex. George de Stacpoole is the son of George Richard Derek Andrew Stacpoole, 7th Duc de Stacpoole [born 1948], of Roundstone, Ireland, by his former wife the former Anne L Duxbury [now Mrs Patrick Creasy, of Ludlow, Shropshire].

The de Stacpooles are an Irish landed gentry family, whose head is the Duke and Marquis de Stacpoole in the Papal States.


General The Lord Ramsbotham, GCB, CBE 1934-2022

 General The Baron Ramsbotham, GCB, CBE died 13 December, 2022, aged 88.

Lord Ramsbotham was a British Army officer, who later served as HM Chief Inspector of Prisons. He was awarded a life peerage in 2005, and later sat on the crossbenches of the House of Lords.

David John Ramsbotham was born 6 November, 1934, son of the Rt Rev John Alexander Ramsbotham (1906-1989), Bishop of Wakefield, and his wife the former Eirian Morgan (1903-88); and married in 1958, Susan Caroline Dickinson (who died 2021), scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Robert Joicey Dickinson (1901-1981), and his wife the former Alice Penelope Barnett (1907-85), by whom he had two sons, Richard and James. The elder son, Richard, was married to Emma Colman, a Bowes Lyon descendant and cousin of the King.

He served as Adjutant-general of the army who later became an uncompromising and outspoken chief inspector of prisons. He was appointed KCB in 1987, and advanced to GCB in 1993.

After leaving the army, in addition to his work as Inspector of Prisons, he became chairman of the Hillingdon Hospital Trust. He was made an honorary Doctor of Civil Law by seven universities, and ennobled with a peerage for life in 2005 as Baron Ramsbotham, of Kensington, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.


Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The Baroness Couttie 1962-2022

 The Baroness Couttie, who died 12 December, 2022, aged 60, was a Conservative life peer in the House of Lords who, as Philippa Roe, served as Leader of Westminster City Council from 2012 to 2017. Before entering public life she was an investment banker with Citigroup.

Philippa Marion Roe (born 25 September 1962) was born in Hampstead and educated at the University of St Andrews, Roe was a director of Citigroup before entering politics in 2006. The daughter of James Roe and former Conservative MP Dame Marion Roe. In 1982, she became the first student in 572 years to be elected to the University of St Andrews Senate, the institution's governing body.

Philippa Roe married Stephen Couttie, a partner in the private equity firm Collabrium Capital, in September 2002. After fertility treatment in America, she gave birth to twins, Angus and Genevieve, in August 2005.  

Roe was nominated for a life peerage in David Cameron's Resignation Honours and was created Baroness Couttie, of Downe in the County of Kent, on 5 September 2016.


Baroness O'Grady of Upper Holloway

 The life peerage recently conferred upon Frances Lorraine Maria O'Grady, has been gazetted in the name, style and title of Baroness O'Grady of Upper Holloway, of Wood Farm in the City of Oxford.

Baroness O'Grady of Upper Holloway (born 9 November 1959) became the General Secretary of the British Trades Union Congress (TUC) in 2013, the first woman to hold the position. She resigned in 2022, and was raised to the peerage.


Sir Christopher Hilaro Barlow, 7th Baronet 1929-2022

 Sir Christopher Hilaro Barlow, 7th Baronet, died at Ontario, Canada, 22 November, 2022. He was 92.

Sir Christopher was an architect. He was born 1 December, 1929, son of Wing Commander Sir Richard Hugh Barlow, 6th Baronet (1904-1946), and his wife the former Rosamund Sylvia de la Fontaine Anderton, and succeeded to the baronetcy, 3 December, 1946, when his father was killed in a plane crash in Ecuador.

He married firstly, 17 May, 1952, Jacqueline Claire de Marigny Audley (who died 29 March, 2002); and married 2ndly, 2003, Mrs Jeane Gage (who died 21 November, 2021). 

Sir Christopher leaves issue from his first marriage, a son, Crispian (born 20 Apr 1958), and two daughters, Persephone (born 11 Dec, 1953), and Caroline (born 26 January, 1960). Another son, Crispin, was born and died in 1956.

The baronetcy (created UK, 1803), now passes to his only surviving son.


Rev Prebendary John Theodore Cameron Bucke Collins 1925-2022

 Rev Prebendary John Theodore Cameron Bucke Collins died 8 December, 2022, aged 97.

He was born in 1925, son of the Rev Harry Rawle Collins (1873-1958), and his wife the former Mary Cecily Burrell Margetts (1895-1983); and married 30 Apr, 1955, Diana Rachel Kimpton (1931-2013), daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Charles Ward Kimpton (1901-1990), scion of that landed gentry family, and his wife the former Hon Rachel Elizabeth Hazlerigg (1904-1989), daughter of the 1st Baron Hazlerigg (1878-1949), by whom he had issue, a son, Andrew (born 26 Dec, 1956), and a daughter, Richenda (born 15 September, 1959).



Lort-Phillips/Boyle engagement

 The engagement was announced 13 December, 2022, between Hugh Thomas Lort-Phillips (born 1981), scion of that landed gentry family, son of Maj Thomas Tudor Riversdale Lort-Phillips (born 1944), of Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire, and the Rev Elizabeth Priscilla Lort-Phillips (nee Buxton, born 12 September, 1947), scion of the Buxton baronets, & Katherine Griselda Eveline Boyle (born 1982), scion of the Earls of Glasgow, daughter of David Thomas Alan Boyle (born 15 January, 1943), of Fairstead, Essex, and his wife the former Angela Rose Pinney (born 8 February, 1944).


David Anthony Nutting 1944-2022

 David Anthony Nutting, who died 10 December, 2022, aged 78, was a scion of the Nutting baronets.

He was born 13 September, 1944, the second son of the Rt Hon Sir Harold Nutting, 3rd Baronet, MP, PC (1920-99), a Conservative government minister in the administrations of Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Anthony Eden, by his wife the former Gillian Leonora Strutt (1918-2007), scion of the Barons Rayleigh; and married 25 April, 1974, Tessa Anne Mordaunt (born 10 Oct, 1947), daughter of Sir Nigel John Mordaunt, 13th Baronet (1907-1979), and his wife the former Anne Tritton (1912-1980), by whom he had three daughters, Belinda (b 1975), Serena (b 1977), and Alexandra (b 1978).


Lt.-Cdr. Christopher Thomas Parker-Jervis, RN 1929-2022

 Lieutenant-Commander Christopher Parker-Jervis, who died 7 December, 2022, aged 92, was a scion of the Viscounts St Vincent (descended from the 2nd Viscount).

He was born 20 December, 1929, the second son of Humphrey Parker-Jervis (1889-1948), and his wife the former Helen Frances Starkey (1897-1998), scion of the Starkey baronets; and married 5 September, 1959, Gillian Bowden, by whom he had issue, three sons, Edward (b 1960), Patrick (b & d 1963), William (b 1965), and a daughter, Sarah (b 1967).


Monday, December 12, 2022

(Patrick) Joseph Scott Plummer 1943-2022

(Patrick) Joseph (Joe) Scott Plummer, who died 6 December, 2022, aged 79, was a scion of the Scott Plummers of Sunderland Hall; born 24 Aug 1943, son of Charles Humphrey Scott Plummer (1905-1991), and his wife the former Hon Pamela Lillias Balfour, daughter of the 2nd Baron Kinross (1870-1939), and his wife the former Caroline Elsie Johnstone-Douglas (1879-1969); and married 1stly, 1970 (div 1977) Grizel Elizabeth-Anne Way (born 1948), scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Colonel Anthony Gerald Way, MC (1920-2013), and his wife the former Elizabeth Richmond (1926-1986); & married 2ndly, 1977, Hon Christine Margaret Hermione Bampfylde (born 19 Oct, 1948), scion of the Barons Poltimore, daughter of the Hon Anthony Gerard Hugh Bampfylde (1920-69), and his wife the former Brita Yvonne Cederström.

Joe Scott Plummer is survived by his second wife and a son and a daughter from his first marriage, Charles (born 1972), and Annabel (born 1974), and a son from his second marriage, Anthony (born 1978). 



(John) Michael Singer 1939-2022

 (John) Michael Singer, died 1 December, 2022, aged 83, was a grandson of Sir Arthur Davis, 1st Baronet. He was born in 1939, son of Colonel Ernest Oscar Adolph Singer (1892-1957), and his wife the former Margaret Davis (1904-1997); and married 1stly, 21 September, 1968 (div 1972), Patricia Deline Needham (born 23 Aug 1942), scion of the Earls Kilmorey, daughter of James Owen Needham (1897-1975), and his wife the former Marjorie Hylda Adeline Cator (1908-2000), scion of that landed gentry family; married 2ndly, Helen Katherine Elizabeth Marston (born 1950), and leaves issue from his first marriage, a son, Jeremy James Singer (born 25 Feb, 1974), and two daughters, Caroline (born 18 Aug 1969), and Serena (born 1972).


Grandson for Lord Talbot of Malahide

 The Hon Emily Rose Hobbs (nee Arundell, born 1988), wife of Edward Hobbs, and scion of the Barons Talbot of Malahide, gave birth to a son, Jude Richard, 4 December, 2022, a brother for Marcus and Crispin.

Edward Hobbs is the elder son of Mr & Mrs John Hobbs, of Wandsworth, London, & the Hon Emily Hobbs is the second of the four daughters of the 11th Baron Talbot of Malahide (born 28 March, 1957), and his wife the former Jane Catherine Unwin.


John Richard Lyon Hanmer 1940-2022

John Richard Lyon Hanmer, who died 27 November, 2022, aged 82, was a scion of the Hanmer baronets.

He was born 12 July, 1940, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Richard Hanmer, MBE, TD (1899-1976), and his wife the former Violet Millicent Corbett-Winder (1907-1968), scion of that landed gentry family, of Vaynor Park (where he spent much of his childhood); and married in 1979, Gillian Mary Smith. No issue of the marriage.

John Hanmer was the linchpin of the BBC’s Grand National commentary team for more than three decades. He was an admirably unflappable racing commentator whose distinctive gravelly tones reached their widest audience when he picked up the commentary as the runners crossed the Melling Road during the Grand National at Aintree, which he commentated on for more than three decades.


Sunday, December 11, 2022

Robert George Arthur Gun Cuninghame 1930-2022

 Robert George Arthur (Robin) Gun Cuninghame, who died 5 December, 2022, aged 92, was a scion of that landed gentry family; born 4 September, 1930, son of Robert George Arthur Gun Cuninghame (1896-1970), and his wife the former Emily Frances Grace O'Callaghan; and married 30 September, 1958, Selina Imogen Elizabeth Loraine Perceval-Maxwell, scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of Major John Robert Perceval-Maxwell (1896-1963), and his wife Phoebe Laura Cherry (1899-1973), by whom he had three sons, Patrick (born 11 Oct, 1959), Julian (born 22 June 1961) and Richard (born 21 May 1965).


Saturday, December 10, 2022

Devitt/Pearson engagement

The engagement was announced 10 December, 2022, between William James Alexander Devitt (born 1990), third son of Sir James Hugh Thomas Devitt, 3rd Baronet (born 18 September, 1956), of Nacton, Suffolk, and his wife the former Susan Carol Duffus, & Emma Susan Pearson (born circa 1994), daughter of Christopher Pearson, of Great Whittington, Northumberland, and his wife nee Onley.



The Baron Young of Graffham, CH, PC, DL 1932-2022

 The Baron Young of Graffham, CH, PC, DL, died 8 December, 2022, aged 90.

Lord Young was a Conservative party politician, a Cabinet minister and businessman. He served as Secretary of State for Employment and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry in the administration of Mrs Margaret Thatcher.

David Ivor Young was born 27 February, 1932, son of Joseph Young and his wife Rebecca; educated at Christ's College, Finchley and Universityb College, London (LLB); Solicitor (1956); Chairman, Eldonwall Ltd 1961-75, and Manufacturers Hanover Property Services 1974-84; Director Town & City Properties Ltd 1972-75; Chairman British Organisation for Rehabilitation by Training Union 1980-84; Chairman, International Council of Jewish Social and Welfare since 1981; Director Centre for Policy Studies 1979-82; Chairman Manpower Services Commission 1982-84; Dept of Industry Industrial Adviser 1979-80, and Special Adviser 1980-82; Member of the National Economic Development Council from 1982; Minister without Portfolio 1984-85; Secretary of State for Employment 1985-87, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry 1987-89; President, Institute of Directors from 1993, of Jewish Care from 1990, and of Central Council for Jewish Community Services from 1993 to __; &c.

David Young was sworn of the Privy Council in 1984, and raised to the peerage for life in 1984 as Baron Young of Graffham, of Graffham, in the the County of West Sussex.

Lord Young married in 1956, Lita Marianne Shaw, daughter of Jonas Shaw, by whom he had issue, a daughter, the Hon Karen Debra Young (born 1957), who married in 1983, Sir Bernard Rix (the Hon Mr Justice Rix); and the Hon Judith Young (born 1960), who married in 1989, Jeremy Amias.


Macdonald-Buchanan/Soames marriage

 The marriage took place in December, 2022 (according to the bride's instagram account) between [Charles] Alexander Macdonald-Buchanan [born 1970], the fourth son of Alexander James Macdonald-Buchanan [1931-2017], by his his wife the former Elizabeth Vivian Smith [born 30 March, 1939], scion of the Barons Bicester, and Flora Caroline Soames [born 1982], scion of that landed gentry family, daughter of the Hon Jeremy Bernard Soames [born 25 May, 1952], by his wife the former Susanna Keith [born 23 Oct, 1952], and a granddaughter of the late Baron Soames, GCMG, GCVO [1920-87], by his wife Mary Spencer-Churchill [1922-2014], scion of the Dukes of Marlborough, Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, daughter of the Rt Hon Sir Winston Spencer-Churchill, KG [1894-1965], Prime Minister 1940-45, and 1951-55.

Alexander and Flora are parents of a daughter, Lily, born 19 April, 2020.

It will be Alexander's second marriage. His first was to Poppy Augusta Fraser, of the Lords Lovat, by whom he has two children.


Albert van Straubenzee (born 2022)

 Lucy van Straubenzee [nee Lanigan-O'Keeffe, born 1988], wife of Thomas Alexander van Straubenzee (b 1982), scion of that landed family, gave birth to a son, Albert, 3 December, 2022, a brother for Mary Anna, who was born 12 October, 2020.

Thomas van Straubenzee is the eldest son of Mr Alexander Henry van Straubenzee (b 1951), by his wife the former Claire Sonia Fenwick (b 1954).

 Lucy van Straubenzee is a daughter of Stephen Lanigan-O'Keeffe.

Tom, a life-long friend of the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex, and is godfather to Princess Charlotte of Wales. He married firstly, in 2013, the Lady Melissa Percy, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. The marriage ended in divorce. His marriage to Lucy took place in the summer of 2020.

Lucy van Straubenzee, originally from County Kilkenny, was the assistant head teacher at Thomas's, Battersea, the school attended by Prince George of Wales. Her father is a barrister. Her brother, Arthur, is the Irish Olympic pentathlete.

Tom van Straubenzee is descended from the Montagu Dukes of Manchester.

Lucy van Straubenzee is descended from John Lanigan (1800-1868) of Glenaguile, Nenagh, county Tipperary, Member of Parliament, married Frances daughter of Charles O'Keeffe of Richmond, county Tipperary and granddaughter of Cornelius O'Keeffe Member of Parliament. John was the son of Stephen Lanigan and he became a barrister. His eldest son Stephen Martin Lanigan assumed the additional name of O'Keeffe in 1895. In the mid 19th century members of the Lanigan family held land in the parishes of Newtownlennon and Kilvemnon, barony of Slievardagh, Aghnameadle and Latteragh, barony of Upper Ormond and Templemore, barony of Ikerrin, county Tipperary. In the 1870s Stephen M. Lanigan of Glenaguill owned 1,639 acres in county Tipperary. There is no substanial house marked on the first edition Ordnance Survey map for the townland of Glenaguile in the parishes of Aghnameadle and Latteragh. John Lanigan held the townland from the Honourable Mrs Otway Cave at the time of Griffith's Valuation. No house in the townland was rated at £3 or more for valuation purposes.


Cotton/Hoare engagement

 The engagement was announced 10 December, 2022, between Oliver J. Cotton, son of Mr & Mrs Nicholas Cotton, of Marsh Benham, Berkshire, & Camilla G.A. St John Hoare (born 17 November, 1994), descended from the Viscounts Bolingbroke, daughter of Christopher Henry St John (Toby) Hoare (born 1960), and his wife the Hon Sarah Jane Dixon-Smith (born 16 Dec, 1960), daughter of the life peer the Baron Dixon-Smith (born 30 Sept, 1934).


Hon Lady Lucas-Tooth 1934-2022

 The Hon Lady Lucas-Tooth, who died 7 December, 2022, aged 88, was a scion of the Barons Poole, and wife of Sir Hugh John Lucas-Tooth, 2nd Baronet.

She was born 2 September, 1934, as Caroline Poole, eldest daughter of the then Oliver Poole (1911-1993), a Conservative party politician, who,  in 1958, was raised to the peerage as the 1st Baron Poole.

Her mother was Oliver Poole's first wife the former Betty Gilkison (who died in 1988). She married 29 June, 1955, Hugh John Lucas-Tooth (born 20 Aug, 1932), son of Sir Hugh Vere Huntly Duff Lucas-Tooth, 1st Baronet (1903-1985), and his wife the former Laetitia Florence Findlay (who died 5 July, 1978). 

Her husband succeeded to the baronetcy (created in 1920) in 1985.

The Hon Lady Lucas-Tooth is survived by her husband and three daughters, Caroline Maria (born 12 May, 1956), Lucinda Kate (born 20 Mar 1958), and Belinda Alice (born 22 Dec, 1966).


Friday, December 09, 2022

Anthea Eve Lepper (née Scott) 1942-2022

 Anthea Eve Lepper (née Scott) died 27 November, 2022. She was born in 1942, daughter of Walter Douglas Campbell Scott (1919-1983), and his wife the former Beatrice Allan (1920-1976); and married 21 June, 1966, Patrick Francis Dalway Lepper (1941-2015), son of Francis Alfred Lepper (1913-2005), and his wife the former Elisabeth Hester Crichton (1914-1994), scion of the Earls of Erne, by whom she had issue, a son, Edward (born 1971), and a daughter, Francesca (born 17 Dec, 1967).


Gailly de Taurines/Ludlow engagement

 The engagement was announced 9 December, 2022, between Christophe Gailly de Taurines,  youngest son of M Alain Gailly de Taurines and the late Mme Gailly de Taurines, of Paris, France, & Victoria Margaret Danielle Ludlow (born 2 December, 1990), daughter of Geoffrey Charles Ludlow (born 1963), of Hythe, Kent, an his wife the former Iona Victoria Fisher (born 25 Aug 1966), descended from the Toler-Aylward landed gentry family.


Thursday, December 08, 2022

Pamela Leslie Melville 1947-2022

 Pamela Leslie Melville, who died at Windsor, 5 December, 2022, aged 75, was a scion of the Earls of Leven and Melville.

She was born 6 September, 1947, elder daughter of Major Michael Ian Leslie Melville, DL, TD (1918-97), and his wife the former Cynthia Hambro (1921-86), scion of that landed gentry family; and was unmarried.

Miss Leslie Melville leaves a brother, Ian Hamish Leslie Melville (born 22 Aug, 1944), who married 30 Mar 1968, the Lady Elizabeth Compton (born 7 Dec, 1944), daughter of the 6th Marquess of Northampton (1885-1978); and a sister, Fiona (born 10 Feb, 1950), who married 2 Jun 1973, James Campbell David Brodie.

The 13th Earl of Leven & Melville > Hon Ian Leslie Melville > Maj Michael Leslie Melville >Pamela Leslie Melville (d 2022).

Her funeral takes place at St George's Chapel, Windsor, 20 December, 2022.


Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Pilkington/Blair engagement

 The engagement was announced 7 December, 2022, between Fred Alexander Pilkington (born 1974), youngest son of Timothy Charles Pilkington (born 1940), of Petersfield, Hampshire, and his first wife the former Hillary Sputz (born 1946), & Davina E. Blair, scion of the Blair-Imrie landed gentry family, daughter of Hew David Blair (born 1951), of Earlston, Berwickshire, & his wife the former Joanna McCorquodale (born 1957), scion of that landed gentry family.

Davina's sister Katie announced her engagement in 2018 to Patrick MacMullen, a descendant of the Eals of Erne. Another sister Louisa is the wife of Henry Cheape, of that landed gentry family.


Hugo Peter Charles Bevan 1936-2022

 Hugo Peter Charles Bevan, who died 1 December, 2022, aged 86, was a scion of that landed family of Trent Park.

He was born in 1936, son of Morier Geoffrey Bosanquet Bevan (1899-1994), and his wife the former Adele Barbara Locke (1904-91), and married 1 July, 1959, Carol Fane (born 12 Aug, 1937), scion of the Earls of Westmorland, daughter of Capt Charles Nevile Fane (1911-1940), scion of the Barons Clinton, and his wife the former Gladys Mabel Lowther, scion of the Lowther baronets. His wife, Carol, is a sister of the current 22nd Baron Clinton (b 7Oct, 1934).

He leaves issue, a son, Rupert Charles Bevan (born 4 Feb, 1965), and three daughters, Georgina Lucy (born 8 Jan, 1963), Charlotte Adele (born 13 Oct, 1966), and Sophie Alexandra (born 20 Nov, 1968).


The Lady Georgina Elizabeth Mercer Nairne Petty-Fitzmaurice 1950-2022

 The Lady Georgina Elizabeth Mercer Nairne Petty-Fitzmaurice, who died in London, 5 December, 2022, aged 72, was a scion of the Marquesses of Lansdowne.

She was born 10 January, 1950, younger daughter of the 8th Marquess of Lansdowne, PC, DL (1912-1999), of the magnificent Bowood, Calne, Wiltshire, and his first wife the former Barbara Chase (who died 17 Feb, 1965), daughter of Harold Chase, of Santa Barbara, California.

She married firstly, in 1974 (div 1980), Guy Hamilton; married 2ndly, 1981, Robert Eric Miller. 

Lady Georgina leaves issue from her first marriage, a son, Josiah Stirling Hamilton (born 1975), and a daughter, Emma Malina (born 1977).


Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Diana Wiggin (née Durnford-Slater) 1939-2022

 Diana Wiggin died 16 November, 2022, aged 83.

She was born in 1939, daughter of Admiral Sir Robin Leonard Francis Durnford-Slater, KCB (1902-1984), and his wife the former Mary Alice Hilleary Gregson (1909-1984); and married 1stly, 1961, Simon John Anstey; and married 2ndly, 1986 (div  1997) as his third wife, Henry Walter Wiggin (born 12 Aug, 1939), scion of the Wiggin baronets, son of Lt-Col Sir William Henry Wiggin (1888-1951), and his wife the former Elizabeth Ethelston Power (1892-1959), a descendant of the Wethered landed gentry family.

She leaves a son, James William Anstey (born 1968). 


Galbraith/ Ansell engagement

 The engagement was announced 6 December, 2022, between Humphrey Eldred Galloway Galbraith (born 2 November, 1994), scion of the Barons Strathclyde, eldest son of the Hon Charles William Du Roy De Blicquy Galbraith (born 20 May, 1962), of Barskimming Mains, Ayrshire, and his wife the former Bridget Anne Reeve, & Emma D. Ansell, eldest daughter of Bryan Charles Ansell (born Oct, 1955), of Stoke Hall, Nottinghamshire, and Mrs Diane Ansell (nee Lane). 

Humphrey Galbraith is a great-grandson of the 1st Baron Strathclyde (1891-1985).


Monday, December 05, 2022

Charles Rupert Raw 1940-2022

Charles Rupert Raw died 28 November, 2022. He was 82, and a descendant of the Earls of Minto.

He was born 4 August, 1940, son of George Rupert Raw, CMG (1912-1988), and his wife the former Joan Persica Young (1912-1990); he married 20 February, 1965 (div), Nicola Henrietta St John Gillespie (born 22 February, 1946), daughter of Hans Henry Winterstein Gillespie (1910-1994), and his wife Anne Frances Roden Buxton (1920-2007), scion of the Buxton baronets, by whom he had issue, Alex, Tom and James.


Rosabel Elizabeth Keevil Hockin (born 2022)

 Cordelia Jane Hockin (nee Keevil, born 1988), wife of George Richard N. Hockin (born 1987), gave birth to a daughter, Rosabel Elizabeth Keevil, 7 November, 2022.

Cordelia is a daughter of Richard James Keevil (born 1944), scion of that landed gentry family, and his wife the former Caroline Elizabeth Rumbold (born 15 March, 1950), scion of the Rumbold baronets.

George Hockin is a son of William Richard John Hockin (born 1951), and his wife the former Diana von Barth (born 1956).


Jamie Alexander Style (born 2022)

 Annabelle Sarah Style [born 1986, nee Westoll], wife of Hugo Gerald Style [born 1985], scion of the Style baronets, gave birth to a son, Jamie Alexander, 24 November, 2022, a brother for Lara and Isabel.

Hugo is a son of Rodney Hill Style [born 1956], by his wife the former Georgina Eve Kerr [born 1960], scion of the Marquesses of Lothian.

Annabelle is a daughter of Richard F.J. Westoll [born 1955], descended maternally from the Luxmoore landed gentry family, by his wife the former Juliet Deirdre Jean Capron [born 1958], scion of that landed family.


Sunday, December 04, 2022

Sinclair/Rous engagement

 The engagement was announced 3 December, 2022, between Archie Sinclair (born 1988), younger son of Alan Gordon William Sinclair (born 11 September, 1956), of Adstock, Buckinghamshire, and his wife the former Fiona MacEwan, and Maha Magdalene Rous (born 18 Oct, 1987), scion of the Earls of Stradbroke, elder daughter of the Hon John Rous (born 31 July, 1950), of Clovelly, Devon, & his wife the former Zeenat Hameed.

Archie Sinclair is a descendant of the Earls Fortescue:-

The 6th Earl Fortescue > Lady Bridget Fortescue > Alan Sinclair > Archie Sinclair

The 5th Earl of Stradbroke > Hon John Rous > Maha Rous.


Saturday, December 03, 2022

Duke of Norfolk's son engaged

 The engagement was announced 3 December, 2022, between Lord Philip Fitzalan Howard (born 14 July, 1996), third and youngest son of the 18th Duke of Norfolk, GCVO (born 2 December, 1956), of Arundel Castle, and of his former wife, Georgina, Duchess of Norfolk (born 30 January, 1962), & Georgia Rose Fowler (born 1995), daughter of Rupert John Fowler (born 1962), of Hungerford, West Berkshire, and his wife the former Belinda S. Coldrey (born 1962).


Thursday, December 01, 2022

(Margaret) Jane Harington 1931-2022

 (Margaret) Jane Harington, scion of the Harington baronets, died 18 November, 2022, aged 91.

She was born 19 February, 1931, daughter of Sir Charles Robert Harington, KBE (1897-1972), and his wife the former Jessie McCririe Craig (died 1975), and was unmarried.


James Hugh Lewes 1967-2022

 James Hugh Lewes, who died suddenly, 16 November, 2022, aged 55, was a descendant of the Barons Milford.

He was born 30 June, 1967, son of Robin Hugh Lewes, TD (1932-1969), and his wife the former Daphne Deirdre Philipps (born 20 Apr, 1949), scion of the Barons Milford, daughter of Maj the Hon James Perrott Philipps (1905-84), and his wife the Hon Elizabeth Joan Kindersley (1911-1999), daughter of the 1st Baron Kindersley (1871-1954). He married in 1998, Emma Jane M. Milton, by whom he had issue, a son, Fraser, and three daughters, Rosie, Tessa and Annabelle.

1st Baron Milford >Hon James Philipps >Daphne Philipps > James Hugh Lewes



Hon Andrew Robin Godber 1943-2022

 The Hon Andrew Robin Godber has died aged 79.

He was a son of the late life peer the Baron Godber of Willington, PC (1914-80), who as Joseph Godber was Conservative MP for Grantham 1951-79, and his wife the former Miriam Sanders (1910-1996), and married in 1969, Genevieve Parrish, daughter of Kenneth Parrish, by whom he had issue.


Flavia Friend (née Hinchliffe) 1929-2022

 Flavia Friend (née Hinchliffe), who died 21 November, 2022, aged 93, was a scion of the Hinchliffe landed gentry family; born in 1929, daughter of Sir (Albert) Henry Stanley Hinchliffe (1893-1980), sometime head of that landed family, and his wife the former Vera Steel (1896-1979); married 1955, Irvine James Cowley Friend (1923-2003), of Mucklestone Old Rectory, Market Drayton, Shropshire, son of Major James Irvine Hatfield Friend, OBE, MC (1885-1955), and his wife the former Louie G. Cowley (1891-1963), by whom she had issue, three sons, Jamie, Ed and Will, and 2 daughters, Sarah and Katie.


Major Sir Michael Parker, KCVO, CBE, has died aged 81

 Major Sir Michael John Parker, KCVO, CBE, late the Queen's Own Hussars, died 28 November, 2022. He was 81.

Parker was a leading producer of large-scale military tattoos and large-scale events in the United Kingdom and abroad. Educated at Dulwich Prep London and Hereford Cathedral School, Parker went to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1959 and was commissioned into The Queen’s Own Hussars. After a successful career in the Army he left in 1971, and has since been responsible for over 300 official national, international and royal occasions. Parker was producer of the Royal Tournament for 27 years, from 1974 to 1999. He also produced the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, from 1992–1994, as well as the Berlin Tattoo and Wembley Military Musical Pageant. In 2000 Parker produced the Royal Military Millennium Tattoo 2000 on Horse Guards Parade.

Parker previously worked on the Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II in 1977, which included a nationwide chain of beacons throughout the country, the first being lit by The Queen at Windsor. In 2002 Parker produced the Golden Jubilee Weekend Festival at Buckingham Palace and in The Mall. Parker produced Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s 80th, 90th and 100th Birthday Celebrations.

Sir Michael also produced 'The Great Event' in celebration of The Queen’s 40th Anniversary in 1992, and 'The Royal Fireworks' on the eve of the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer.

In 1995 Parker produced the 50th Anniversary of VE Day in Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace and a VJ 50th Commemoration on Horse Guards and Buckingham Palace.

Internationally Parker also produced a variety of large-scale events, including celebrations in Jordan for King Hussein and the Royal wedding of King Abdullah II. He later produced events in Europe, USA, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Oman.