Thursday, August 31, 2023

Sir Jeremy Brian Vincent Grayson, 5th Baronet 1933-2023

 Sir Jeremy Grayson, 5th Baronet, photographer, died 21 August, 2023, aged 90.

Jeremy Brian Vincent Grayson was born 30 January, 1933, son of Brian Harrington Grayson (1900-1989), and his first wife the former Sofia Buchanan, and was a grandson of Sir Henry Grayson (1865-1951), who was Director of Ship Repairs at the Admiralty 1916-1919, and created a baronet in 1922.

Jeremy Grayson succeeded to the baronetcy in 1991 on the demise of his uncle, Sir Rupert Grayson, 4th Baronet (1897-1991), the novelist. He married in 1958, Sara Mary Upton, daughter of C.P. Upton, by whom he had issue, three sons, Simon, Paul, and Mark, and four daughters, Caroline, Anna, Mary, and Lucy. The baronetcy now passes to his eldest son, Simon Jeremy Grayson, who was born 12th July, 1959.


de Yong/Wills engagement

The engagement was announced 31 August, 2023, between Carey L. de Yong, son of Mr L. de Yong and Ms N. Giovannini, of Surrey Hills, Melbourne, Australia, and Charlotte Caroline Wills (born 23 September, 1991), scion of the Wills baronets, second daughter of Richard Arnold Wills (born 5 March, 1962), of Middleton, Hampshire, and his wife the former (Gia) Netta Morris (born 1962).

Charlotte Wills is a cousin of the King via her Bowes Lyon ancestry:-

The 14th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne (1855-1944) > Lady Mary Frances Bowes Lyon (1883-1961) > Hon Jean Constance Elphinstone (1915-1999) > Capt Andrew Wills (1937-1998) > Richard Arnold Wills (b 1962) > Charlotte Wills (b 1991)


The 14th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne (1855-1944) > Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (1900-2002) > HM Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) > HM King Charles III (b 1948)


Brooke/Rankin engagement

The engagement was announced 31 August, 2023, between Archie Alan John Brooke (born 17 December, 1991), scion of the Viscounts Brookeborough, eldest son of the Hon Christopher Arthur Brooke (born 16 May, 1954), of Colebrooke, and his wife the former Amanda Hodges, and Isobel A. Rankin, daughter of John Rankin of Tortola, British Virgin Islands, and Lesley Rankin of Glastonbury, Somerset.

Archie's father is the younger brother and heir presumptive of the 3rd Viscount Brookeborough, KG (born 30 June, 1952).


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The Baron Haworth 1948-2023

 The Baron Haworth, who died at Reykjavík, Iceland, 28 August 2023, aged 75.

Alan Robert Haworth, who was born 26 April 1948, was a Labour politician. He was an official in the party from 1975 to 2004, including serving as Secretary of the Parliamentary Labour Party from 1992 to 2004. In 2004, he was appointed to the House of Lords as a life peer.

Haworth was appointed to the staff of the Parliamentary Labour Party in 1975, became Senior Committee Officer in 1985, and served as Secretary of the PLP from 1992 to 2004. He was elevated to the House of Lords on 28 June 2004, and his peerage was gazetted in the name, style and title of Baron Haworth, of Fisherfield in Ross and Cromarty. 

Haworth married in 1991,  lawyer Maggie Rae. 


Saturday, August 26, 2023

Hon Orlando Christopher George MacAndrew (born 2023)

 The Baroness MacAndrew (née Clare Lindsay Woodman), wife of the 4th Baron MacAndrew (born 3 September, 1983), gave birth to a son, Orlando Christopher George, 31 July, 2023, a brother for the Hon Archie Charles Wilbur, who was born 2 May, 2017.

Lord MacAndrew is the son of the late 3rd Baron (1945-2023), and his wife the former Sarah Helen Brazier (born 1955).

Lady MacAndrew is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Gordon Woodman, of Haslemere, Surrey.


Friday, August 25, 2023

The 2nd Baron Elton 1930-2023

Lord Elton, the 2nd Baron, who died 19 August, 2023, aged 93, was a Conservative peer and sometime a deputy speaker of the House of Lords.

Rodney Elton was born 2 March, 1930, the only son of the 1st Baron Elton (1892-1973), and his wife the former Dedi Hartmann (who died 15 March, 1977), daughter of Gustav Hartmann, of Oslo.

His father, Godfrey Elton, was an academic and historian, a Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford, in 1919, and was lecturer in modern history from 1919 to 1939, dean of the college between 1921 and 1923 and tutor from 1927 to 1934. In 1923 he published The Revolutionary Idea in France, 1789–1878. Godfrey Elton joined the Labour Party shortly after the end of World War I and stood unsuccessfully for Thornbury in the 1924 and 1929 general elections. He was a strong supporter of Ramsay MacDonald, whose son Malcolm MacDonald had been his pupil at Oxford, and followed him into National Labour. On 16 January 1934, on MacDonald's initiative, he was raised to the peerage as Baron Elton, of Headington in the County of Oxford., a controversial creation.

Rodney Elton succeeded his father, 18 April, 1973, as the 2nd Baron, and was elected to the House of Lords in 1999.

Lord Elton was twice married; firstly, on 18 September, 1958 (div 1979), to Anne Frances Tilney, 1st daughter of Brigadier Robert Adolphus George Tilney CBE DSO, of The Hall, Sutton Bonnington, co. Leicester, by his wife Frances Moore Barclay, daughter of Robert Cochrane Barclay, of Virginia, USA; and married 2ndly, 24 August, 1979, Susan Richenda Gurney, CVO (born 14 September, 1937), scion of that landed gentry family, Lady-in-Waiting to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 1987-2022, 3rd daughter of Sir Hugh Gurney, KCMG, MVO (1878-1968), and his wife the former Mariota Susan Carnegie (1892-1980), scion of the Earls of Southesk.

Lord Elton is survived by his second wife and four children of his first marriage, a son, the Hon Edward Paget Elton (born 28, May, 1966), who now succeeds to the peerage, and three daughters, the Hon Annabel (born 24 Oct, 1960), the Hon Jane (born 15 Jan 1962), and the Hon Lucy (born 19 Dec, 1963). The younest daughter is Lady Gray, wife of the 23rd Lord Gray (born 3 Sept, 1964).


Hugh John Alexander Lindsay 1934-2023

 Hugh John Alexander Lindsay, who died 18 August, 2023, aged 89, was a scion of the Earls of Crawford & Balcarres.

He was born 30 July, 1934, the eldest son of the Hon James Louis Lindsay (1906-1997), and his wife the Hon Bronwen Mary Scott-Ellis (1912-2003), daughter of the 8th Baron Howard De Walden (1880-1946), and was a grandson paternally of the 27th Earl of Crawford & Balcarres, KT, PC (1871-1940).

He married 7 October, 1961, Constance Carolyn (Carol) Buchanan (1934-2021), 2nd daughter of Major Sir Charles James Buchanan, 4th Baronet (1899-1984), and his wife the former Barbara Helen Stanley (1906-1986), scion of the Earls of Derby, by whom he had issue, three sons, David (born 3 Sept, 1962), Alastair (born 24 Aug, 1964), and Robert (born 12 March, 1967), and a daughter, Clare (born 18 March, 1970).


Thursday, August 24, 2023

Rev the 2nd Baron Milverton 1930-2023

Rev. The 2nd Baron Milverton died at Helensburgh, 10 August, 2023. He was 93.

Lord Milverton was ordained Deacon 1957, Priest 1958;  Curate, St George's Beckenham, Kent, 1957-59;  Assistant Priest, St John the Baptist, Sevenoaks, 1959-60;  Curate and Assistant Priest, St Nicholas, Great Bookham, Surrey, 1960-63;  Vicar of Okewood with Forest Green, Surrey, 1963-67;  Rector, Christian Malford with Sutton Benger and Tytherton Kellaways, Wiltshire, 1967-93, &c.

Fraser Arthur Richard Richards was born 21 July, 1930, son of the 1st Baron Milverton, GCMG (1885-1978), and his wife the former Noelle Brenda Whitehead (1905-2010); and succeeded to the peerage on his father's death, 27 Oct, 1978.

His father, Arthur Frederick Richards entered the Malaysian Civil Service 1908; Acting First Assistant Colony Secretary, Straits Settlement 1921; Acting Under-Secretary, Federation of Malay States 1926; Under-Secretary, Federation of Malay States 1927-29; Acting General Adviser, Sultanate of Johore 1929-30; Governor of North Borneo 1930-33;  CMG 1933; Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Gambia 1933-36;  KCMG 1935; Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Fiji and High Commissioner, Western Pacific 1936-38;  Captain-General and Commander-in-Chief of Jamaica 1938-43;  GCMG 1942; Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Nigeria 1943-47; KStJ, &c. He was raised to the peerage, 10 Oct, 1947, as Baron Milverton, of Lagos and of Clifton in the City of Bristol.

The 2nd Baron married 10 Aug, 1957, Mary Dorothy Fly (1931-2020), daughter of Leslie Aubrey Fly, of Corsham, co Wiltshire, and his wife the former (Alice) Dorothy Wheeler (1899-1980), by whom he had two daughters, the Hon Susan Mary Richards (born 23 Jan, 1962), and the Hon Juliet Elisabeth Richards (born 8 Nov, 1964). 

The peerage now passes to his younger brother, the Hon Michael Hugh Richards (who was born 1 August, 1936). The 3rd Baron is married with a son.



The 5th & last Baron Lawrence 1937-2023

The 5th Baron Lawrence died 14 August, 2023, aged 85. His peerage now becomes extinct.

David John Downer Lawrence was born 4 September, 1937, the only son of the 4th Baron Lawrence (1908-1968), and his first wife the former Margaret Jean Downer (1915-1976); and he succeeded to the peerage and baronetcy on his father's death, 8 October, 1968.

His great-great-grandfather was Sir John Lawrence, GCB, GCSI, PC (1811-79), who entered the Bengal Civil Service 1829; assistant to the Chief Commissioner at Delhi 1831; Magistrate and Collector of Delhi 1836;  Settlement Officer at Ettawah 1838; Commissioner of the Sutlej 1848, and of the Punjaub 1852-58; KCB 1856; GCB 1857;  created a Baronet for having aided materially in the quelling of the Sepoy Mutiny 1857, for which he received the thanks of Parliament and a pension of £2,000 from the East India Company; Lieutenant Governor of the Punjaub 1859;  Privy Councillor 1859; Member of the Supreme Council of India 1858-63;  KCSI 1861; Governor General of India 1863-68; GCSI 1866; Chairman of the London School Board 1870-73. He was raised to the peerage, 3 Apr, 1869, as Baron Lawrence, of the Punjaub and of Grateley in the County of Southampton.

Lord Lawrence was unmarried and his peerage and baronetcy now become extinct. 


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Cassia Alice Phyllis Cobb (born 2023)

  Eliza Charlotte A. Cobb [nee Ferguson, born 1985], wife since 2017 of Harry Timothy Cobb (b 1985), and scion of the Ferguson landed gentry family, of Dummer, gave birth to a second daughter, Cassia Alice Phyllis, 2 August, 2023, a sister for Elba Pear Rosemary, who was born 15 October, 2020.

Eliza is a half-sister of Sarah, Duchess of York, descended from the Dukes of Buccleuch & Queensberry etc, and is a daughter of the late Maj Ronald Ivor Ferguson [1931-2003], by his second wife the former Susan Rosemary Deptford (later Lady Swinburn, of Dummer Down, Hampshire).

Harry Cobb is descended from the Holland-Martin landed family, son of Mr Timothy B Cobb, of Bothampstead, Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire, by his wife the former Emma Rose Holland-Martin (b 5 Sep 1953).

The Duchess of York and Princess Beatrice attended the wedding of Eliza and Harry, at Dummer, Hants, in 2017.


John Henry Inge-Innes-Lillingston 1957-2023

 John Henry Inge-Innes-Lillingston, who died 6 August, 2023, aged 66, ws  scion of that landed gentry family, of Thorpe Constantine, Staffordshire.

He was born 9n March, 1957, son of Henry Anthony Inge-Innes-Lillingston (1925-2017), of Lagg House, Dunure, Ayr, by his wife the former Pamela Nancy Aldous, scion of that landed gentry family; and married 26 July, 1980, Felicity Bullen (born 1958), daughter of Hugh Brian Bullen (1915-2012), of co Hereford, by his wife the former Nora Jennie Holt (1918-1975), by whom he had issue, two sons, Anthony Hugh (born 5 Sept, 1985), and Peter George (born c 1990), and a daughter, Victoria Anne (born in 1982).

He was descended from the Gough baronets (now the Barons Calthorpe).


Monday, August 21, 2023

Jane Ewart (nee Elliot) 1943-2023

 Jane Ewart (nee Elliot), who died 9 August, 2023, aged 79, was a scion of the Earls of Minto.

She was born 23 September, 1943, daughter of Gilbert Cecil Ninian Elliot (1907-2002), and his wife the former Rosamond Cholmley (who died 1987); and was twice wed, firstly, 9 January, 1963 (div 1985), to Major Iain Alastair McKay, Scots Guards; married 2ndly, 1994, David Ewart. She leaves issue from her first marriage, 2 sons, Alastair (b 19 Oct, 1963), and Andrew (born 1970), and two daughters, Catriona (born 6 Mar, 1966), and Arabella (born 12 Apr, 1968).

The 1st Earl of Minto > Hon John Edmund Elliot > Augustus John Elliot > Archibald Campbell Elliot > Gilbert Augustus Elliot > Gilbert Cecil Ninian Elliot > Jane Elliot (d 2023)


Maureen, Lady Harrison 1938-2023

 Maureen, Lady Harrison, who died 26 July, 2023, aged 85, was the widow of Sir Colin Harrison, 4th Baronet, of Stearsby Hall, North Yorkshire.

The former Maureen Marie Chiverton was born in 1938, daughter of Ernest Leonard Chiverton (1903-1990), of Langley House, Lanchester, County Durham, and his wife the former Kathleen Frances Dossett (1901-83), and married 27 July, 1963, Sir (Robert) Colin Harrison, 4th Baronet (born 25 May, 1938), second son of Sir John Fowler Harrison, 2nd Baronet (1899-1947), and his wife the former Kathleen Livingston (died 1993). Her husband succeeded to the baronetcy on the death of his elder brother, Sir John Wyndham Harrison, 3rd Bt, 24 June, 1955.

Her husband died 23 March, 2020. She is leaves issue, a son, Sir John Wyndham Fowler Harrison, 5th Baronet (born 14 Dec, 1972), and two daughters, Rachel (born 22 Apr, 1966), and Claire (born 7 Oct, 1974),


Saturday, August 19, 2023

Daughter for the Marquess and Marchioness of Worcester

 The Marchioness of Worcester [nee Lucy Eleanor Yorke-Long, born 23 June, 1986], wife of Henry Robert Fitzroy [Bobby] Somerset, styled Marquess of Worcester [born 20 January, 1989], gave birth to a daughter, Lady Lara Charlotte Somerset, 4 July, 2023, a sister for Henry, styled Earl of Glamorgan, who was born 26 May, 2021.

The Marquess of Worcester is the elder son & heir of the 12th Duke of Beaufort [born 22 May, 1952], of Badminton House, by his former wife, Tracy, Duchess of Beaufort [born 22 Dec 1958], of Badminton, Gloucestershire [who is known as Tracy, Marchioness of Worcester].

The Marchioness of Worcester is the only daughter of Mr Jonathan Crispin Yorke-Long [born Oct 1951], of Old Stratford, Northamptonshire, by his wife the former Charlotte Rose Fownes-Luttrell [born 1954]. The Marchioness descends from the Williams & Peek baronets, the Luttrells of Dunster, and the extinct Earls of Midleton.


Kevin Aubrey Francis Burke 1945-2023

 Kevin Aubrey Francis Burke, who died 7 August, 2023, aged 77, was descended maternally from the Norman baronets. He was an escort in the 1960s of the debutante Camilla Shand (now HM The Queen).

He was born 15 November, 1945, son of Sir Aubrey Francis Burke, OBE (1904-1989), sometime deputy chairman of the aircraft manufacturer Hawker Siddeley, by his wife the former Laura Rosalind Norman (1908-1994), scion of the Norman baronets; and was twice married, firstly, in 1987 (div 2001), Peta Jacqueline Clare Baker; and married 2ndly, Luisa Fairey, by whom he had a son, Max.

The 1st Baron Aberconway (1850-1934) > Hon Florence Priscilla McLaren (d 1964) = Sir Henry Norman, 1st Bt > Laura Norman (1908-94) > Kevin Burke (1945-2023)


Friday, August 18, 2023

Tennant/Frisby engagement

 The engagement was announced 18 August, 2023, between Hugh F. Campbell Tennant (born 1992), son of Robert M. Tennant, of Frinkley, Hampshire, and of Ms Joanna Louise Campbell (born 9 July, 1953), of Idle Hill, Kent, scion of the Barons Colgrain, & Serena Camilla Frisby (born 2 June, 1994), scion of that landed gentry family, and descended from the Marquesses of Bristol, daughter of Richard Lionel William Frisby (born 20 May, 1961), of Cowlinge, Suffolk, and his wife the former Anne-Louise Landless (born 1961).

Serena Frisby is a first cousin of Olivia Grace Henson (born 1992), the future Duchess of Westminster, betrothed of the 7th Duke.


Alison Marjorie Gundrede Trappes-Lomax 1926-2023

 Alison Marjorie Gundrede Trappes-Lomax (nee Perkins), died 2 August, 2023, aged 96.

She was born 8 August, 1926, the only daughter of Capt George Algernon Perkins (1896-1980), of that landed gentry family, of Bure House, Lamas, Norwich, and his wife the former Marjory Emily Morse (1900-1992); and married 25 November, 1952, Major Stephen Richard Trappes-Lomax, MC, TD (1913-1982), scion of that landed gentry family, 7th son of Major Richard Trappes-Lomax (1870-1936), of Allsprings, Lancashire, and his wife the Hon Alice Mary Wilhelmina Fitzherbert (1873-1955), scion of the Barons Stafford, by whom she had issue, two sons, Francis (born 8 March, 1955), and Richard (born 28 Nov, 1960), and two daughters, Mary (born 3 Sept, 1953), and Clare (born 18 Dec, 1957).


John Lennox Napier 1934-2023

John Lennox Napier, who died 9 August, 2023, aged 89, was a scion of the Napier baronets.

He was born 25 January, 1934, the second son of Lieutenant-Colonel  Sir Joseph William Lennox Napier, 4th Baronet (1895-1986), and his wife the former Isabel Muriel Surtees (1906-2006), scion of that landed gentry family; married Apr, 1967, Cecily Mary Mortimer, daughter of Arthur Mortimer, of Malta, by whom he had issue, a son, James (born 5 March, 1969), and a daughter, Jessica (born 1971).

He was a younger brother of Sir Robert Surtees Napier, 5th Bt (1932-1994), and an uncle of Sir Charles Joseph Napier, 6th Bt (born 15 Apr, 1973).


Thursday, August 17, 2023

Whitton/Goodman engagement

  The engagement was announced 17 August, 2023, between Jackson R.B. Whitton (born 1996), the only son of Mr and Mrs Peter Whitton, of Penrith, Cumbria, and Polly Rachel Goodman (born 1996), elder daughter of Rupert Andrew Woodward Goodman (born 1963), of Elmbridge, Worcestershire, and his wife the former Pamela Jane Blount (born 24 March, 1965), scion of that landed gentry family.

The 1st Baron Cobbold, KG > Hon Susan Victoria Cobbold > Pamela Jane Blount > Polly Goodman


Yates/Letts engagement

The engagement was announced 17 August, 2023, between Ivo James Michael Yates (born 24 August, 1993), eldest son of Christian A. Yates, of Bedchester, Dorset, and his wife the former Rosemary Anne (Rosie) Cookson (born 1963), and Jade Naomi Charlotte Letts (born 1993), youngest daughter of Daniel Letts, of Boys Hill, Dorset, and his wife the former Jean Catherine Fraser (born 16 April, 1954), descended from the Dukes of Atholl.

John Murray, 3rd Duke of Atholl > Rt Rev Lord George Murray > Rt Rev George Murray > Rev George Murray > Rev Douglas Murray > Lt-Col Walter Murray > Jean Pamela Murray > Jean Fraser > Jade Letts



Zandra Powell (nee Kennard) 1941-2023

Zandra Powell, who died 8 August, 2023, aged 82, was a scion of the Kennard baronets.

She was born Zandra Kennard, 17 June, 1941, the daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir George Arnold Ford Kennard, 3rd Baronet (1915-1999), and his first wife the former Cecilia Violet Cokayne Maunsell (1919-2001), scion of that Irish landed gentry family, and a descendant of King William IV; and married 18 August, 1962, Major John Middleton Neilson Powell (born 1936), son of Maj John Beresford Powell, MC (1896-1976), and his wife the former Fortune Middleton (1900-1988); and had issue, a son, Edward (born 2 Feb, 1964), and a daughter, Louise (born 20 Nov, 1966).

King William IV > George FitzClarence, 1st Earl of Munster > William FitzClarence, 2nd Earl of Munster > Hon William George FitzClarence > Wilhelmine FitzClarence > Cecilia Maunsell > Zandra Kennard



Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The Lady Elizabeth Leslie Melville (nee Compton) 1944-2023

 The Lady Elizabeth (Eliza) Leslie Melville (nee Compton), who died 13 August, 2023, aged 78, was a scion of the Marquesses of Northampton.

She was born Lady Elizabeth Compton, 7 December, 1944, second daughter of the 6th Marquess of Northampton (1885-1978), and his second wife the former Virginia Lucie Heaton (1919-1997); and married 30 March, 1968, (Ian) Hamish Leslie Melville (born 22 Aug, 1944), scion of the Earls of Leven & Melville, son of Major Michael Ian Leslie Melville (1918-1997), and his wife the former Cynthia Hambro (1921-1986), scion of that eponymous banking dynasty; by whom she had issue, two sons, James Ian (born 4 Sept, 1969), and Henry Bingham (born 30 January, 1975).


The 3rd Baron Bradbury 1940-2023

Lord Bradbury, the 3rd Baron, died 8 August, 2023. He was 83.

John Bradbury was born 17 March, 1940, son of the 3rd Baron Bradbury (1914-1994), and his 1st wife the former Joan Knight (1916-1988). The peerage was created in 1925 for his grandfather, John Swanwick Bradbury (1872-1950), the economist who was the government's chief economic adviser in the First World War.

John Bradbury succeeded to the peerage on his father's death, 31 March, 1994. He married 28 September, 1968, Susan Liddiard (born 1942), daughter of William Liddiard (1897-1968), and his wife the former Florence Edith Pither (1908-67); by whom he had two sons, the Hon John Timothy Bradbury (born 16 January, 1973), and the Hon Benjamin Edward Bradbury (born 14 March, 1975). The elder son inherits the barony.


Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Lord Young of Old Windsor's royal appointment

Lord Young of Old Windsor, GCB, GCVO, PC, former private secretary to Queen Elizabeth II & King Charles III, has been appointed a Permanent Lord in Waiting to His Majesty, 15 Aug, 2023.

Lord Young of Old Windsor served Queen Elizabeth II as her principal private secretary from 2017 until her death, and fulfilled the same role for King Charles III, until his retirement in May, 2023. 

Edward Young was born 24 October, 1966, son of Dr Edward Young, and his wife the former Sally Rougier Chapman. He was recruited to the Royal Household in 2004, serving as Queen Elizabeth II's Assistant and then Deputy Private Secretary until his promotion to Private Secretary in 2017. After the death of the Queen in 2022, Young served as joint principal private secretary to King Charles III until his resignation in May 2023.

Young was appointed LVO in 2010, CVO in 2015, KCVO in 2020, GCVO in 2023, and GCB in 2023. He was created a life peer in June, 2023, after his retirement.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Penelope Katharine Marsden (born 2023)

Camilla Juliet (Milly) Marsden (born 1992, nee Parkins), wife of Angus Austin Hodgart Marsden (born 1987), gave birth to a daughter, Penelope Katharine, 26 July, 2023.

Angus Marsden is a son of Austin Philip Marsden, MBE (born 18 Apr, 1956), and his wife the former Valerie Judith Sloan Hodgart (born 16 May, 1957).

 Milly Marsden is a daughter of Timothy James Parkins (born 1956), and his wife the former Juliet Susan Liddle  (born 1966), descended from the Douglas baronets (now the Marquesses of Queensberry).


Julian Ogilvie Thompson 1934-2023

 Julian Ogilvie Thompson, died 11 August, 2023, in South Africa. He was 89. 

He was born in 1934, son of Newton Ogilvie Thompson (1904-1992), and his wife the former (Anne Agnes) Eve Wiener (1905-2000); and married 24 July, 1956, the Hon Tessa Brand (1934-2020), a daughter of the 4th Viscount Hampden (1900-1965), and his wife the former Leila Emily Seely (1900-1996), scion of the Seely baronets, by whom he had issue, two sons, Christopher (born 31 Aug, 1958), and Anthony (born 21 May, 1964), and two daughters, Rachel (born 12 Oct, 1960), and Leila (born 17 Nov, 1965).

His wife died 14 February, 2020.


Saturday, August 12, 2023

Howard Huw Robin Crawshay 1952-2023

Howard Huw Robin Crawshay, who died 6 August, 2023, was a scion of that landed gentry family.

He was born in 1952, son of Capt Codrington Francis Crawshay (1920-1993), and his wife the former Rachel Arden Bury (who died 19 Nov, 2006); and married 1979, Philippa Axeandra Gibbs, daughter of Donald Webster Gibbs (1925-82), and his wife the former Alexandra Ruth Young-Herries (1925-2011), scion of that landed gentry family, by whom he had issue, three daughters, Louise (born 1984), Isobel (b 1986), and Georgina (b 1988).


Isla Bridget Tillman Hunter Smart (born 2023)

 Emily Jane Hunter Smart (nee Milford, born 1981), wife of Angus David Alastair Hunter Smart (born 1978), gave birth to a daughter, Isla Bridget Tillman, 5 August, 2023, a sister for Essie Lorna Mary, who was born 4 March, 2022.

Angus is a son of Alastair Philip Hunter Smart (1949-1992), and his wife the former Susan Lorna Agnew (born 31 December, 1950), scion of the Agnew baronets.

Emily is a daughter of John Tillman Milford, QC (born 1946), and his wife the former Mary Alice Spriggs.

Sir William Agnew, 1st Bt (1825-1910) > Walter Agnew (1861-1915) > Victor Agnew (1887-1929) > Charles Agnew (1916-87) > Susan Lorna Agnew (b 1950) > Angus Hunter Smart (b 1978) > Isla Hunter Smart (b 2023)


Winifred Sarah Rosemary Woodhouse (born 2023)

 Celia Rose Woodhouse [nee McCorquodale, born 1989], wife of George Woodhouse, gave birth to a daughter, Winifred Sarah Rosemary, 27 July, 2023, a sister for Walter George Spencer, who was born 27 November, 2020.

Celia Woodhouse is a first cousin of the Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex. Harry and Meghan attended Celia's wedding to George Woodhouse, at Stoke Rochford, Lincolnshire, on 16 June, 2018, just a few weeks after their own wedding in Windsor. Celia wore the Spencer tiara famously worn by her aunt, Lady Diana Spencer, at her marriage to the Prince of Wales, 29 July, 1981.

Celia is scion of the McCorquodale landed gentry family, the younger daughter of Mr Neil McCorquodale by his wife the former Lady [Elizabeth] Sarah Lavinia Spencer [b 1955], eldest daughter of the late 8th Earl Spencer [1924-92].

George John Woodhouse [born 1991] is the younger son of Mr Philip J. Woodhouse and the late Mrs Sarah J. [Pudding] Woodhouse [nee George]. 

Charles Woodhouse, George's elder brother, is married to a daughter of Baroness Shackleton, the noted divorce lawyer.


Princess (Maria) Christina Sapieha 1934-2023

 Princess (Maria) Christina Sapieha died 6 August, 2023, aged 89.

She was born 5 May, 1934, daughter of Prince Paul Sapieha (1900-1987), and his wife Virgila Brahe Peterson (1904-1966); and married 18 May, 1963 (div 1978), Adam Fremantle (1934-2009), scion of the Barons Cottesloe, eldest son of the Hon Christopher Evelyn Fremantle (1906-1978), and his wife the former Anne-Marie Huth (1909-2002), descended from the Jackson baronets; by whom she had two sons, Christopher Nicholas (born 31 Aug, 1965), and Paul Zachary (born 5 Dec, 1968).


Julian Arthur Charles Haviland 1930-2023

Julian Arthur Charles Haviland, who died 11 August, 2023, aged 93, was a scion of that landed gentry family, and sometime political editor of ITN.

He was born 8 June, 1930, son of Major Leonard Proby Haviland (1884-1971), of the 6th Duke of Connaught’s Own Lancers and a military secretary to the governor-general of New Zealand, and his wife the former Helen Dorothea Fergusson (1902-1972), scion of the Fergusson baronets of Kilkerran; & married in September, 1959, Caroline Victoria Barbour (born 1930), daughter of George Freeland Barbour (1882-1946), and his wife the former Hon Helen Victoria Hepburne-Scott (1891-1982), daughter of the 9th Lord Polwarth (1864-1944); and had issue, three sons, Peter Leonard (born 31 Dec, 1961), Charles Freeland (born 28 Jan, 1964), and Richard Francis (born 5 Oct, 1967).


(Mary) Imogen Macdonald of Tote 1931-2023

(Mary) Imogen Macdonald of Tote died 6 August, 2023. She was 91.

She was born 15 August, 1931, daughter of Major Richard Gerald Micklethwait, TD (1896-1976), head of that landed gentry family, of Ardsley House, Barnsley, and his wife the Hon Ivy Mary Stapleton (1895-1967), daughter of the 10th Baron Beaumont (1850-1895); and married 2 June, 1961, Major John Lachlan Macdonald of Tote (1919-2002), son of Colonel Kenneth Lachlan Macdonald of Tote, DSO (1867-1938), and his second wife the former Margaret Florence Elinor Caldwell (1887-1973), by whom she had issue, two sons, Charles Lachlan (born 9 July, 1964), and Andrew Kenneth (born 29 Nov, 1965), and a daughter, Lisabel Mary (born 1969).



Friday, August 11, 2023

Sullivan/Elliott engagement

 The engagement was announced 11 August, 2023, between Thomas Bernard Bartholomew X. Sullivan (born 17 August, 1993), younger son of Professor Peter Bernard Sullivan, of Sparsholt, co Oxford, and his wife the former Susan Elizabeth Chalstrey (born 1959), & Eliza Harriet Rosemary Elliott (born 29 August, 1994), daughter of Rupert Edmund Ivo Elliott (born 1964), of Sandhurst, Kent, and his wife the former Catherine Jane Lawrence (born 24 November, 1964), scion of the Lawrence baronets.


Tom Sullivan is a grandson maternally of Sir John Chalstrey, FRCS, JP (1931-2020), the 668th Lord Mayor of London in 1995-96.


Maj-Gen Sir Walter Lawrence, GCVO, 1st Baronet (1857-1940) > Henry Walter Neville Lawrence (1891-1959) > Walter Nicholas Murray Lawrence (b 1935) > Catherine Jane Lawrence (b 1964) > Eliza Elliott (b 1994)


Whicher/Wellby engagement

The engagement was announced 11 August, 2023, between Max Alexander Wicher (born 1992), son of Adrian B. Whicher, of Surrey, and his wife the former Rosemary (Rosie) Pratt, & Louise Rachel Wellby (born 1990), daughter of (Christopher) Mark Wellby (born 8 March, 1943), of London, descended from the Wyldbore Smith baronets, and his wife the former Barbara Elston (born 1951).

Sir John Wyldbore Smith, 2nd Baronet (1770-1852) > Maj Edward Heathcote Smith (1813-1870) > Rev Heathcote Smith (1847-1914) > Sir Clifford Heathcote-Smith (1883-1963) > Elaine Mary Elisabeth Heathcote-Smith > Christopher Mark Wellby (b 1943) > Louise Rachel Welby (b 1990)



Thursday, August 10, 2023

Mark Phythian-Adams 1944-2023

Mark Phythian-Adams, who died 2 August, 2023, ws a scion of that landed gentry family.

He was born in 1944, the youngest son of Lieutenant-Colonel Rev William John Telia Phythian-Adams, DSO, MC (1888-1967), and his wife the former Adela Noel Evelyn Robinson (1901-1983); and married 1978, (Elizabeth) Anne Colchester (born 1946), daughter of Cecil Francis Colchester (1912-1997), of Hove, Sussex, and his wife the former Ruth Marjorie Edmundson (1905-1999); by whom he had three sons (James Edward b 1980, Thomas Alexander Luke b 1982 and Henry William b 1985).


Dalrymple/Norman engagement

The engagement was announced 10 August, 2023, between Thomas Alick James Dalrymple (born 1995), scion of the Earls of Stair, younger son of Andrew David Dalrymple (born 10 Oct, 1959), of Gifford, East Lothian, and his wife the former Bryony Winterton Major, & Elizabeth Harriet Emma (Kiki) Norman (born 1995), daughter of Ross Anthony Norman (born 1959), of Stoke by Clare, Suffolk, and his wife the former Sarah-Jane Ellis (born 1964).

The 12th Earl of Stair (1879-1961) > Maj Hon Colin Dalrymple (1920-2017) > Andrew Dalrymple (b 1959) > Thomas Dalrymple (born 1995)


Willis/Arbuthnot Leslie engagement

 The engagement was announced 10 August, 2023, between William John Ramsay Willis (born 1992), eldest son of Hugh John Ramsay Willis (born 1960), of Whitchurch, Hampshire, and his wife the former Louise Elizabeth Talbot-Weiss (born 1961), & Portia Elizabeth Arbuthnot Leslie (born 1990), third and youngest daughter of Sebastian Anthony Arbuthnot Leslie (born 1954), scion of the Scots landed family of Leslie of Warthill, and his wife the former Candida Mary Sibyl (Candy) Weld (born 1956), scion of that landed gentry family.

 Portia Arbuthnot Leslie is the younger sister of the actress Rose Leslie (born 1987) ("Game of Thrones") wife of actor Kit Harington (born 26 Dec, 1986).


Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Sir Timothy Daunt, KCMG 1935-2023

 Sir Timothy Daunt, KCMG, who died 5 August, 2023, aged 87, was a diplomat and sometime Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man.

Daunt was commissioned into the Royal Armoured Corps in 1955 and posted to the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars. After completing national service, he joined the diplomatic service and, after a series of postings, became Permanent Representative to NATO in Brussels in 1982 and then British Ambassador to Turkey from 1986 to his retirement in 1992. In retirement he became Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man. He later became chairman of the Ottoman Fund, a business established to provide mortgages for properties in Turkey.

Timothy Lewis Achilles Daunt was born 11 October, 1935, and was head of that Irish landed gentry family, son of Leslie Henry Graeme Daunt (1904-1975), and his wife the former Margery Mary Kenny Jones (1900-1981); and married 26 July, 1962, Patricia Susan Knight (born 4 October, 1938), daughter of Major Claude Thorburn Knight (1910-1993), and his wife the former Hon Priscilla Dodson (1914-1995), daughter of the 2nd Baron Monk Bretton, CB (1869-1933).

He leaves a son, James (born 18 Oct, 1963), and two daughters, Eleanor (born 25 Apr, 1965), and Alice (born 23 Nov, 1969).


David Frank Chaplin 1951-2023

 David Frank Chaplin died 3 August, 2023. He was 71.

He was born 6 October, 1951, a descendant of the Earls of Cork & Orrery, the 1st son of Major Richard Mark Chaplin (1919-1973), and his wife the former Susan Frances Mary Ridley (1921-1998), scion of the Ridley baronets (later Viscounts). He was unmarried.

Gen The 8th Earl of Cork (1767-1856) > Col Hon Robert Boyle (1809-54) > Emily Cecilia Boyle (d 1924) > Vere Chaplin (1874-1964) > Maj Richard Chaplin (1919-73) > David Chaplin (1951-2023)


Sir Matthew Ridley, 2nd Bt (1745-1813) > Rev Henry Ridley (1780-1832) > Rev Nicholas Ridley (1821-1888) > Arthur William Ridley (1852-1916) > Mervyn Ridley (1886-1951) > Susan Ridley (1921-98) > David Chaplin (died 2023)


Monday, August 07, 2023

Princess Élisabeth de Riquet de Caraman-Chimay 1926-2023

 Princess Élisabeth de Riquet de Caraman-Chimay, French-born author of a work on Madame Tallien and an autobiography, died at Chimay, 2 August, 2023. She was 97.

She was born at Bordeaux, 20 March, 1926, the daughter of Octave Manset (1889-1939) and Marie-Charlotte Guestier (1891-1939); and married 18 December, 1947, Élie de Riquet, 21st Prince of Chimay and Prince of Caraman (1924-1980), descendant of Pierre-Paul Riquet, Baron de Bonrepos, builder of the Canal du Midi (1604-1680). The couple had three children: Philippe, 22nd Prince of Chimay in the the Holy Roman Empire (born 12 Oct,1948), Marie-Gilone (b 2 Sept, 1950) and Alexandra (born 13 June, 1952).

She was Lady of honor and familiar to Queen Fabiola of Belgium.

Élisabeth de Chimay was involved in the maintenance of the real estate heritage of the Riquet de Caraman family and the preservation of the archives of the Château de Chimay as well as in the organization at the Château de Chimay of an internationally renowned baroque music festival (1957 to 1980).

She was the author of two books: one, on Madame Tallien, who was Princess of Chimay, entitled La Princesse des Chimères (Plon, 1993) and the other, an autobiography, entitled La Fin d'un siècle, souvenirs (Perrin, 2000).


Xanthe Victoria Ingrid Rood (born 2023)

Juliet Victoria Katharine Rood [born 1988, nee Nicolson], wife of Simon Alexander Rood (born 1985), gave birth to a daughter, Xanthe Victoria Ingrid, 2 August, 2023, a sister for Albert Alexander Gordon Rood, who was born 7 June, 2018, and for Edmund Walter Nicolson Rood, to be known as Edo, born 11 December, 2020. 

Simon Rood is the only son of Mr Peter O. Rood, of Compton Dundon, Somerset, by his wife the former Jennifer J. Sims.

Juliet Rood, a descended from the Royal House, & scion of the Lords Saltoun (Peerage of Scotland, cr 1445), is the younger daughter of Capt Mark Malise Nicolson, of Cairnbulg Castle, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, by his wife the Hon Katharine Ingrid Mary Isabel FRASER, Mistress of Saltoun (b 11 Oct, 1957).

The infant is a great-granddaughter of the Lady Saltoun (born 18 Oct, 1930) (a peeress in her own right), and the late Capt Alexander Arthur Alfonso David Maule Ramsay of Mar (1919-2000), and a great-great-granddaughter of HRH Princess Patricia of Connaught (1886-1974) (afterwards Lady Patricia Ramsay), and a great-great-great granddaughter of HRH The Prince Arthur, 1st Duke of Connaught & Strathearn (1850-1942), son of HM Queen Victoria (1819-1901), &c.


Lady Vernon 1953-2023

 Lady Vernon, who died 25 July, 2023, aged 70, was the wife of Sir James Vernon, 5th Baronet.

She was the former Davinia Elizabeth Howard, born 8 July, 1953, daughter of Christopher David Howard (who died 13 July, 1991), and his wife the former Luisa Edwina Portman (1931-2020), scion of the Viscounts Portman, descended from the 1st Viscount; and married 30 May, 1981, James William Vernon (born 2 April, 1949), son and heir of Sir Nigel John Douglas Vernon, 4th Baronet (1924-2007), and his wife the former Margaret Ellen Dobell (who died 1999). Her husband succeeded his father as 5th Baronet (cr UK, 1914), 4 September, 2007.

Lady Vernon, of The Hall, Lygan-y-Wern, Pentre Halkyn, Clwyd, is survived by her husband. She leaves issue, two sons, George William Howard Vernon (born 25 July, 1987), and Guy Alexander Howard Vernon (born 26 Apr, 1993), and a daughter, Harriet Lucy Howard Vernon (born 29 May, 1985).


Sunday, August 06, 2023

Kiszely/Showering engagerment

The engagement was announced 5 August, 2023, between Andrew Hugh Kiszely (born 28 April, 1990), son of General Sir John Panton Kiszely, KCB, MC (born 2 April, 1948), of Little Buckland, Gloucestershire, and his wife the Hon Lady Kiszely (nee the Hon Arabella Jane Herschell (born 20 February, 1955), and Lily May Emily Showering (born 29 July, 1993), second daughter of Mr Jonathan Showering, of Stoke Trister, Somerset, and his wife the former Emily Frances Irene Ashley Azis.

Andrew Kiszely is a grandson maternally of the 3rd Baron Herschell (1923-2008).



Saturday, August 05, 2023

The Baroness Derwent 1933-2023

 The Baroness Derwent, who died 1 August, 2023, aged 90, was the wife of the 5th Baron Derwent, LVO, DL, of Hackness Hall, Hackness, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

She was the former Sybille Marie Louise Marcelle de Simard de Pitray, born in Paris, 3 May, 1933, daughter of the Vicomte de Simard de Pitray (1896-1979), and his wife the former Jeanine Hennessy (1908-1987), she was descended from Philippe II, Duc d'Orléans ; and married 12 January, 1957, the Hon Robin Evelyn Leo Vanden Bempde Johnstone (born 30 Oct, 1930), son and heir of the 4th Baron Derwent (1901-1986), and his wife the former Marie-Louisa Henriette Picard (former wife of Brig Philip Stafford Myburgh CBE DSO MC. She died 1985).

Her husband succeeded his father, 2 January, 1986, in the Barony of Derwent (Peerage of the UK cr 1881) and baronetcy (cr 1795).

Lady Derwent leaves issue, a son, Francis (born 23 Sept, 1965), and three daughters, Emmeline (born 3 Nov, 1958), Joanna (born 1 March, 1962), & Isabelle (born 26 Nov, 1968).


Serena Emily Codrington (born 2023)

Louisa Alice Clare Codrington (nee Dalrymple, born 1990), wife of Major Hugo C. Codrington, of the Coldstream Guards, gave birth to a daughter, Serena Emily, 22 July, 2023.

Maj Codrington is a scion of that landed gentry family, son of Stephen Mark Codrington [born 1957], of Brightwalton, co Berkshire, by his wife the former Ursula J. Dawson.

Louisa Codrington, a scion of the Earls of Stair, is daughter of Andrew David Dalrymple [born 1959], of Gifford, East Lothian, by his wife the former Bryony Winterton Major.


Francis Anthony Brinsley Valentine 1935-2023

 Francis Anthony Brinsley Valentine, a grandson of the 8th Earl of Lanesborough, died in Canada, 24 July, 2023. He was 88.

He was born in 1935, a son of Francis Cyril Oliphant Valentine, MRCS, MRCP, if The Gate House, Astrop, King's Sutton, Banbury, Oxfordshire, and his wife the Lady Freda Butler (1895-1989), eldest daughter of the 8th Earl of Lanesborough (1868-1950), and his wife the former Isabel Daniell (who died 1905); and married 11 November, 1978, the Hon Janet Sibella Weir (born 13 Apr, 1947), second daughter of the 2nd Viscount Weir (1905-1975), and his wife the former Dorothy Isabel Lucy Crowdy (who died 1972), by whom he had issue, a son, Robert (born 1983), and a daughter, Sibella (born 1981).


Rigg/Arundell engagement

The engagement was announced 5 August, 2023, between Matthew Alastair Rigg (born 1987), youngest son of Mr Tony and Dr Rita Rigg of Edinburgh, and the Hon Lucinda Jane Arundell (born 18 August, 1991), fourth and youngest daughter of the 11th Baron Talbot of Malahide (born 28 March, 1957), of Wardour, and his wife the former Jane Catherine Unwin.


Hon Helier Edward David Mungo Murray, Master of Stormont (born 2023)

 Charlotte Nevling Murray, styled Viscountess Stormont (nee Clune), wife of William Philip David Mungo Murray, styled Viscount Stormont [born 1 November, 1988], gave birth to a son, Helier Edward David Mungo, 20 July, 2023. The infant takes the courtesy title Master of Stormont.

Viscount Stormont is the son and heir of the Earl of Mansfield & Mansfield [born 17 Oct, 1956], of Scone Palace, Perthshire, and his wife the former Sophia Mary Veronica Ashbrooke [born 22 Jan, 1959].

Viscountess Stormont is a daughter of Mr Jonathan E. Clune [born 17 Dec, 1952], of West Hartford, Connecticut, United States, and his wife the former Sarah Potter [born 17 Aug, 1950].

Viscountess Stormont is destined to become chatelaine of Scone Palace. There can be few places of interest in Scotland as historically potent as Scone Palace. When you visit the Palace you are walking in the footsteps of Scotland’s ancient founding fathers, both pagan and Christian. It was an important religious gathering place of the Picts, it was the site of an early Christian church and it housed the Stone of Destiny. 

Robert the Bruce was crowned at Scone in 1306, and the last coronation was of Charles II when he accepted the Scottish crown in 1651.

The place of coronation was called Caislean Credi, 'Hill of Credulity', which survives as the present Moot Hill.

Viscount Stormont's father is the 9th Earl of Mansfield, Alexander David Mungo Murray, who succeeded his father in 2015. He is married to Sophia, daughter of Biden Ashbrooke and Veronica Ashbrooke, nee Stourton. Lord Mansfield is also 14th Viscount Stormont and Lord Scone, 12th Lord Balvaird and Hereditary Keeper of Bruce’s Castle of Lochmaben.

In the 9th century, Kenneth MacAlpin established himself as the first true King of Scots. According to legend, he is said to have invited the Pictish King Drostan with all his nobles to banquet with him at Scone. While they were seated, and perhaps taking advantage of their gluttony of both drink and food, the Scots drew out the bolts supporting the boards, whereupon the Picts fell into the hollows below their benches. While caught in some strange contraption up to their knees, they were all slaughtered.

The last coronation in Scotland took place at Scone in 1651 when King Charles II was crowned King of Scots upon the Moot Hill. The Earls following the 3rd Earl all suffered imprisonment, mainly in consequence of their support of the Jacobite cause.

The 4th Viscount Stormont was briefly imprisoned for his part in a fatal duel. The 5th Viscount opposed the Treaty of Union and entertained James Stuart, the Old Pretender, at Scone Palace during the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion, for which he was imprisoned.

The 6th Viscount suffered the same fate when his sisters received the Young Pretender, Bonnie Prince Charlie, at Scone during the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion.


Friday, August 04, 2023

Steel/Henckel von Donnersmarck engagement

The engagement was announced 4 August, 2023, between Harry W. Steel, son of Mr and Mrs Peter Steel, of Compton Valence, Dorset, and Gräfin Eleonora Julie Gunilla Alexandra Louise Henckel von Donnersmarck (born 1 May 1984), daughter of Dr Graf Guido Kraft Evald Henrik Karl Erdmann Henckel von Donnersmarck (born 22 October, 1947), of Rottach-Egern, Bavaria, Germany, and his wife the former Solveig Samzelius (born 15 Aug, 1948).