Friday, August 17, 2012

Constance Mary Beckett (c1909-2012)

_(Constance) Mary Beckett (nee Cavenagh-Mainwaring), who died 13 August, 2012, at Winchester, aged 102, was a scion of the Cavenagh-Mainwaring landed family of Whitmore & Biddulph; she was the younger daughter of James Gordon Cavenagh-Mainwaring (1865-1938), of Whitmore Hall, Whitmore, Staffordshire, by his wife the former Evelyn Dutton Green (d 1963); married 5 Dec, 1936, Lt-Col Maurice Beckett, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (who d. 2 Nov, 1949), by whom she had 2 daughters, Veronica and Diana.


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