Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Zara Angela Mary Morant [born 2021]

 Katharine Caroline Morant [nee Nall, born 1986], wife of James Julian Peter Morant [born 1985], and scion of the Nall baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Zara Angela Mary, 23 December, 2021, a sister for Henry George Alexander [Harry] [born 2016], and for Alice Katharine Benetta [born 4 Oct, 2017].

Katharine Morant is a daughter of Alexander Michael Nall [b 3 July, 1956], and his wife the former Caroline Jane Robinson [b 22 March, 1960]. Alexander Nall is the heir presumptive to his brother, Sir Edward Nall, 3rd Baronet [born 24 Oct, 1952].

James Morant is a son of Stephen Peter Morant [born 1950], and his wife the former Benetta Joan Nisbet [born 1952].


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