Thursday, January 06, 2022

Reuben Vivian Strangways Morrison [born 2021]

 Lucy Georgina Morrison [nee Kennard, born 1987], wife of Simon George Strangways Morrison [born 9 August, 1984], gave birth to a son, Reuben Vivian Strangways, 30 December, 2021.

Simon Morrison is the son of Mr Guy Martin James Morrison, of Evancoyd Court, Powys, by his former wife the former Hon Charlotte Anne Monckton-Arundell [now the Hon Charlotte Townshend, of Melbury House, Dorset, born 16 April, 1955].

Lucy Morrison is a daughter of Mr Vivian Adam Mytton Kennard [born 1958], of Chilfrome House, Dorset, and his wife the former Georgina Eleanor M. Ames [born 1961].

Simon Morrison is the heir to the Melbury estate inherited by his mother in 1989. His mother, who married secondly, in 1995, James Reginald Townshend, is a daughter of the 9th Viscount Galway [1929-1971], by his heiress wife the former Lady Theresa Jane Fox-Strangways [1932-1989], who was the only surviving child of the 7th Earl of Ilchester [1905-1964], of Melbury House.


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