Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yorkshire roots of Kate Middleton and Astrid Harbord

What do Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton and Prince Harry's latest squeeze, Astrid Harbord have in common? Both are descended from well-known Yorkshire families. Kate traces her Yorkshire blood from the well-heeled Luptons of Leeds, whilst Astrid's roots are from North Yorkshire. Her grandfather, William Harbord, was a noted cricketer, who played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club between 1929 and 1935.

Astrid, born in 1981, and several years Harry's senior, has noted family connections to the aristocracy. She's a scion of the Barons Suffield and a kinswoman of Caroline Harbord-Hamond (now Mrs Twiston-Davies), a trusted friend of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana was godmother of Caroline's daughter, Antonia.

Astrid is the daughter of Old Harrovian Charles Harbord and his second wife, the former Sarah Blandy.  Full name Astrid Anne Sylvia Harbord. She has a sister, Davina, born in 1986.


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