Thursday, March 19, 2009

Benjamin Lascelles to marry Carolina Velez Robledo

The engagement has been announced between the Hon Benjamin George 
Lascelles (b 23 Nov 1978), scion of the Earls of Harewood, and a 
descendant of HM King George V and Queen Mary, 1st son of David Henry 
George Lascelles, styled Viscount Lascelles (born 21 October 1950), by 
his 1st wife the former Margaret Rosalind Messenger (b 1948); & 
Carolina Velez Robledo. 

Benjamin and Carolina's marriage received the "Declaration of Consent" 
from The Queen during a meeting of the Privy Council in February, 

Benjamin Lascelles was born prior to the marriage of his parents and 

was legitimated when they married in 1979. He remains excluded from 
the succession to the Throne and from the succession to the earldom of 
Harewood. His older sister, Lady Emily Shard (reported to have wed 
last year and is the mother of twins)  born in 1976, is also excluded 
from the line of succession to the Crown.  His next brother, 
Alexander, born in 1980, is in line to the Throne and to the earldom 
of Harewood, and is said to be father of an illegitimate son. 


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