Monday, December 18, 2006

Freddie Jack Lysander Biddulph

The Hon. Sarah Margaret Biddulph, (b. 1971), wife of John Simon Biddulph, (b. 1971), gave birth to son, Freddie Jack Lysander, 16 November, 2006, a brother for Alice Emily Christina, who was b. 28 July, 2002, and for Thomas George Henrik, who was b. 14 October, 2003.
Mrs Biddulph is the only daughter of the late 3rd Baron Gretton, and of Jennifer, Baroness Gretton (of Grey of Codnor descent), and Mr Biddulph is the elder son of Simon Biddulph, of the Barons Biddulph, by his McCorquodale wife.
The couple married 3 July, 1999.

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