Saturday, August 06, 2022

Patricia, Baroness Foley 1925-2022

Patricia, Baroness Foley, who died in London, 27 July, 2022, aged 96, was a former wife of the 8th Baron Foley.

She was born in 1925, daughter of Joseph Zoellner III, of Pasadena, California, and married firstly, Minor de Meek, and married 2ndly, 23 December, 1958 [div. 1971], as his first wife, the 8th Baron Foley [born 9 Aug, 1923], composer and pianist, son of the 7th Baron Foley [1898-1927], and his wife the former Minoru Greenstone [died 1968], daughter of Henry Greenstone, of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The 8th Baron Foley died 12 Feb, 2012. Lady Foley leaves two children from her marriage to Lord Foley, the Hon Alexandra Mary Foley [born 3 Apr, 1960], and Thomas Henry Foley, the 9th Baron [born 1 Apr, 1961].


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