Saturday, August 06, 2022

Colville/Pettit engagement

The engagement was announced 6 Aug, 2022, between Alexander Keith Colville [born 1993], son of Mr Jeffrey Rex Colville [born 1956], of Englefield Green, Surrey, and Mrs Colville [nee Price], & Olivia G.B. Pettit, daughter of Timothy John Pettit [born 1959], of Godalming, Surrey, and his wife the former Susan J Butterfield.

Olivia Pettit's aristocratic ancestry:-

George North, 3rd Earl of Guilford > Susan, Baroness North > William North, 11th Baron North > Hon Susan Georgina North > Col. John Sidney North FitzGerald > Georgiana Mary FitzGerald > Timothy John Pettit > Olivia Pettit



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