Saturday, August 27, 2022

Quentin Jack Berger [born 2022]

 Marie-Emily Rose Mackenzie Berger [nee Graham-Watson, born 1991], wife of Edward Bertram [Bertie] Berger [born 1991], gave birth to a son, Quentin Jack, 8 August, 2022, a brother for Ruaridh Pierre, who was born 25 October, 2020.

Mrs Berger is a scion of the Graham-Watson landed gentry family, son of Andrew FitzJames Graham-Watson [born 1957], of Longworth, co Oxford, by his wife the former Brigitte Claude Marie Jeanson.

Bertie Berger is a son of Antony Berger, of Egerton, Kent, by his wife the former Nicola Anne Dawson.


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