Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Baring/Combe engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 August, 2022, between the Hon Frederick Charles Francis Baring [born 25 June, 1990], son and heir of the 8th Baron Ashburton [born 17 Aug, 1958], of Grange Park, Hampshire, and his former wife the former Miranda Caroline Moncrieff [born 24 February, 1961, descended from the Peto baronets] [now Mrs Miranda Greene, of Andover, Hampshire], & Annabel Mary J. Combe [born 18 July, 1990], scion of the Combe landed gentry family, of Strathconon, daughter of David Boyce Combe [born 9 January, 1952], of Brook Green, London, and his wife the former Fiona Helen Thomson [now Mrs Fiona Combe, of Richmond, Surrey].

Annabel Combe is a granddaughter paternally of Lady Mary Esther Constance Needham, sister of the late 5th Earl of Kilmorey.


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