Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Lale-Rose Havva Temurçin [born 2022]

 Alexandra Cary Temurçin [born 1985, nee Hilliard], wife of Ertüze Metehan Temurçin, gave birth to a daughter, Lale-Rose Havva, 22 July, 2022.

Ertüze is the only son of Mr and Mrs Kemal Temurçin, of Istanbul, Turkey.

Alexandra Temurçin is the eldest daughter of Richard Guy Hilliard, of Wilton, Salisbury, and his wife the former Melinda Mary Hammick [born 7 Oct, 1955], scion of the Hammick baronets.

Rev. Sir St Vincent Hammick, 2nd Bt [1806-88] > Sir Murray Hammick [1854-1936] > Henry Hammick [1890-1968] > Alexander Hammick [b 1928] > Melinda Hammick [b 1955] > Alexandra Hilliard [b 1985] > Lale-Rose Havva Temurçin


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