Friday, August 05, 2022

Mary, Lady Tollemache 1933-2022

 Mary, Lady Tollemache, who died 27 July, 2022, aged 88, was the widow of Maj Sir Lyonel Tollemache, 7th Baronet. She was a scion of the Whitbread brewing dynasty.

Mary Joscelyne Whitbread was born 9 September, 1933, daughter of Colonel William Henry Whitbread [1900-1994], and his first wife and cousin, Anne Joscelyne Whitbread [1906-1936].

She married 6 February, 1960, Major Lyonel Humphrey John Tollemache [born 10 July, 1931], son of Maj-Gen Sir Humphrey Tollemache, 6th Baronet, CB, CBE, DL [1897-1990], and his wife the former Nora Priscilla Taylor [1900-1990]. Her husband succeededhis father, as 7th Baronet, in 1990, and died 7 Oct, 2020.

Lady Tollemache leaves issue, a son, Sir Richard Tollemache, 8th Baronet [born 4 May, 1966], and two daughters, Katheryne [born 18 Dec, 1960], and Henrietta [born 15 May, 1970]. A son, [Lyonel] Thomas [born 31 Jan 1963, died 22 Aug, 1996].


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