Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Macleod/Power engagement

 The engagement was announced 22 September, 2021, between Charles Alastair Roderick Macleod [born 31 January, 1992], eldest son of Alastair Roderick Donald Macleod [born 19 Oct, 1960], of Moray, and his late wife the former Anna Mary Caroline Brett [who died in 2003, aged 38], and Georgina Power, daughter of David Power and Ms Julia Power, of Gloucestershire.

Charles Macleod descends fromn the Persse landed gentry family:-

Brigadier Sydney Persse [1897-1945] > Caroline Persse [b 1937] > Alastair Macleod [b 1960] > Charles Macleod [b 1992]


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