Monday, September 06, 2021

Hill/Wolstenholme engagement

 The engagement was announced 4 September, 2021, between Harry S.H. Hill, elder son of Mr Simon Hill, of Clapham, London, and Mrs Mark Lawson-Statham, of Burcot, Oxfordshire, & Edwina Lavender [Teddy] Wolstenholme [born 1991], younger daughter of [Anthony] Richard Ashmore Wolstenholme [born 1956], of Thompson, Norfolk, and his wife the former Katharine Juliet Garnier [born 16 Oct, 1958].

Some of Teddy Wolstenholme's aristoratic ancestry:-

The 8th Baron Walsingham [1884-1965] > Hon Lavender de Grey [1923-2010] > Katharine Garnier [b 1958] > Edwina Wolstenholme [b 1991].


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