Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Lulu Guinness's daughter, Tara, to wed James Kelway-Bamber

 The engagement was announced 1 September, 2021, between James Peter G. Kelway-Bamber [born 1992], only son of Martin Charles Kelway-Bamber [born 31 March, 1955] and his wife the former Philippa N. Kininmonth [born 1958], & Tara Victoria Guinness [born 29 November, 1991], scion of the Barons Moyne, elder daughter of the Hon Valentine Guy Bryan Guinness [born 9 March, 1959], the musician, and his former wife Lulu Guinness, OBE [nee Lucinda Jane Rivett-Carnac, born 29 May, 1960, scion of the Rivett-Carnac baronets], the handbag and accessories designer.

James Kelway-Bamber is descended from the Dukes of Devonshire and Leeds, Marquesses of Northampton, Earls of Durham, &c.

4th Duke of Devonshire [1720-64] > George 1st Earl of Burlington [1754-1834] > Hon Henry Cavendish [1789-1873] > William Cavendish [1817-81] > Henry Cavendish [1854-1928] > Evelyn Cavendish [b 1892] > Anne Stirling [b 1929] > Martin Kelway-Bamber [b 1955] > James Kelway-Bamber [b 1992] 

Tara Guinness, a scion of the brewing dynasty, is a granddaughter of the 3rd Baron Moyne.


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