Monday, September 20, 2021

Princess Beatrice von Preussen to marry Edmund Jenner

 The engagement was announced 20 September, 2021, between Edmund Henry Jenner [born 30 September, 1984], son of Miles Anthony Jenner [born 1952], and his wife the former Sally Abbott, and Princess Beatrice Victoria von Preussen [born 10 February, 1981], descended from the Royal House of Prussia, daughter of Prince Frederick Nicholas von Preussen [born 3 May, 1946], and his wife the Hon Victoria Lucinda Mancroft [born 7 March, 1952], daughter of the 2nd Baron Mancroft [1914-87], and his wife the former Diana Elizabeth Lloyd [who died 1999].

Princess Beatrice's sister, Princess Florence von Preussen [born 28 July, 1983], is wife of the Hon James Tollemache [born 28 Aug, 1980], the second son of the 5th Baron Tollemache [born 13 Dec, 1939]. Another sister, Princess Augusta [born 15 Dec 1986], is wife of Caspar Helmore [born 1987]. A brother, Prince Frederick, known as Fritzi [born 11 June, 1990], announced his engagement last year to Mathilda Johnson [born 1989].

Edmund Jenner is a member of a Sussex brewing family.

Queen Victoria [1819-1901] > Victoria, Princess Royal [1840-1901] > Wilhelm II, German Emperor [1859-1941] > Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Germany [1882-1951] > Prince Friedrich of Prussia [1911-66] > Prince Frederick von Preussen [b 1946] > Princess Beatrice von Preussen [b 1981].


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