Friday, September 24, 2021

Huxley/Woodd engagement

 The engagement was announced 24 September, 2021, between Charles Philip Huxley [born 1987], son of Mr Philip Huxley, of Brineton, Shropshire, and his wife the former Rachael Edwards, and Tabitha Ann Woodd [born 1991], scion of that landed gentry family, younger daughter of Major David John Basil Woodd [born 1950], of Little Coxwell, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, and his wife the former Frances Jane Berners [Fra] Allsopp [born 26 May, 1955], scion of the Barons Hindlip.

Henry Allsopp, 1st Baron Hindlip [1811-87] > Hon Ranulph Allsopp [1848-1911] > Samuel Allsopp [1899-1975] > Michael Allsopp [1930-2017] > Fra Allsopp [b 1955] > Tabitha Woodd 


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