Thursday, September 23, 2021

India Vivien Campbell Adamson [born 2021]

 Hannah Gillian Campbell Adamson [born 1988, nee de Haan], wife of James William Campbell Adamson (b 1989), scion of ther Adamson landed family, of Strathcaro, gave birth to a daughter, India Vivien, 19 September, 2021.

James Campbell Adamson is a son of Hugh A. Campbell Adamson [born 1954], of Stracathro, Angus, by his wife the former Hon Alison Mary Elliott (b 1957), daughter of the life peer Baron Elliott of Morpeth.

Hannah Campbell Adamson is a twin daughter of Archer de Haan [born 10 June, 1950], and Mrs Vivien de Haan [nee Whittall, born 1961], of Bromfield, Shropshire.

The infant descends from the Earls of Plymouth:-

Ivor Windsor-Clive, 2nd Earl of Plymouth [1889-1943] > Lady Gillian Windsor-Clive [died 1961] > Archer de Haan [b 1950] > Hannah de Haan [b 1988] > India Campbell Adamson [b 2021]


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