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The sisters and nephews and nieces of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

_.The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was the youngest of the five children of HRH Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, GCVO [1882-1944], and his wife HSH Princess Alice of Battenberg [1885-1969].

The Duke of Edinburgh died at Windsor Castle, 9 April, 2021, where his own mother had been born, 25 February, 1885.

Philip's four elder siblings were sisters. 

 [1] Princess Margarita of Greece and Denmark, was born at Athens, 18 April, 1905. She married at Langenburg, 20 April, 1931, Gottfried, Furst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg [1897-1960]. Princess Margarita died at Bad Wiessee, 24 April, 1981, having had issue:-

[1a] Prince Kraft Alexander Ernst Ludwig Georg Emich Furst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1935-2004).

[1b] Princess Beatrix Alice Marie Melita Margarete zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1936-97)

 [1c] Prince Georg Andreas Heinrich zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (born 1938)

 [1d] Prince Ruprecht Sigismund Philipp Ernst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1944-78)

[1e] Prince Albrecht Wolfgang Christoph zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1944-92)


 [2] Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, who was born at Athens, 30 May, 1906. She married at Baden-Baden 17 August, 1931, Berthold, Margrave of Baden [1906-63]. Princess Theodora died at Konstanz, 16 October, 1969, and had issue:-

[2a] Princess Margarita Alice Thyra Viktoria Marie Louise Scholastica of Baden [1932-2013]. She married Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia.

[2b] Maximilian Andreas Friedrich Gustav Ernst August Bernhard, Margrave of Baden, Herzog von Zähringen [born 1933]. He is the eldest living nephew of Prince Philip.

[2c] Prince Ludwig Wilhelm Georg Ernst Christoph of Baden [born 1937].


[3] Princess Cecile of Greece and Denmark, was born at Tatoi, 22 June, 1911. She married at Darmstadt [civil] 23 January, 1931, [religious] 2 February, 1931, Georg Donatus, Grand Duke of Hesse and By Rhine [1906-1937]. Princess Cecile was killed, with her husband and family, in an air accident at Steene, Ostend, 16 November, 1937, and had issue:-

[3a] Prince Ludwig Ernst Andreas of Hesse and By Rhine [1931-37]

[3b] Prince Alexander Georg Karl Heinrich of Hesse and By Rhine [1933-37]

[3c] Princess Johanna Marina Eleonore of Hesse and By Rhine [1936-39]


[4] Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark, born at Corfu, 26 June, 1914. She married firstly, at Kronberg, Taunus, 15 December, 1930, Prince Christopher of Hesse [1901-1943]. Her first husband was killed in action in the Apennines. She married secondly, at Salem [civil] 23 April, 1946 [religious] 24 April, 1946, Prince Georg Wilhelm of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick--L√ľneburg [1915-2006]. Princess Sophie died at Neuhaus bei Schliersee, 24 November, 2001, and had issue by both husbands:-

[4a] Princess Christina Margarethe of Hesse [1933-2011] 

[4b] Princess Dorothea Charlotte Karin of Hesse [1934-2002]

[4c] Prince Karl Adolf Andreas of Hesse [born 1937]

[4d] Prince Rainer Christoph Friedrich of Hesse [born 1939]

[4e] Princess Clarissa Alice of Hesse [born 1944]

[4f] Prince Welf Ernst August Andreas Philipp Georg Wilhelm Ludwig Berthold of Hanover [1947-81]

[4g] Prince Georg Paul Christian of Hanover [born 1949] 

[4h] Princess Friederike Elisabeth Victoria Luise Alice Olga Theodora Helene of Hanover [born 1954]


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