Monday, April 12, 2021

Sheila, Baroness Colgrain [died 2021]

 _.Sheila, Baroness Colgrain, who died 8 April, 2021, aged 93, was the widow of the 3rd Baron Colgrain.

She was the former Sheila McLeod Mitchell, and married firstly, 1948 [div], Martin Morgan Hudson [1924-2005]; married secondly, 10 January, 1973, as his second wife the Hon David Colin Campbell [1920-2008], son and heir of the 2nd Baron Colgrain [1891-1973], and his wife the former Margaret Emily Carver [died 1989]. Her husband succeeded his father, 20 Oct, 1973, as 3rd Baron Colgrain, and died 7 February, 2008.


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