Saturday, April 24, 2021

Mabel Elizabeth Margaux Rhodes [born 2021]

 _. Sarah Louise Rhodes [nee German, born 17 Nov, 1985], wife of George Frederick Albert Rhodes [born 22 May, 1988], gave birth to a daughter, Mabel Elizabeth Margaux, 24 April, 2021, a sister for Stanley Ronald Arthur [born 1 May, 2012], and for Bessie Dorothy Ivy [born 27 September, 2014], and for Beatrice Barbara Blossom, born 29 June, 2019.

Sarah is the eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Brian German, and George is the younger son of Mr & Mrs Michael Rhodes.

George Rhodes is descended from the Plantagenets, via his descent from the Duckworths of Padiam, the Stanleys of Hooton, & the Towneleys of Towneley, co Lancaster.


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