Monday, April 05, 2021

Flora Iona Henrietta Osborne [born 2021]

  _. Rowena Iona Kate Osborne [nee Macrae, born 1984], wife of Julian Osborne [born 1982], descended from the Dukes of Grafton, gave birth to a daughter, Flora Iona Henrietta, 14 March, 2021, a sister for Lochlan Hamish Michael [born 2016] and for Geordie Louis Alexander [born 2018].

The infant is a direct descendant of King Charles II and his mistress Barbara Villiers.

Charles FitzRoy 10th Duke of Grafton [1892-1970] > Lady Anne FitzRoy [1920-2019] > Laura Mackenzie [born 1954] > Julian Osborne [born 1982] > Flora Osborne [born 2021]


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