Saturday, April 24, 2021

Sedgwick/Arkell engagement

 _.The engagement was announced 24 April, 2021, between Edmund Heathcote Sedgwick [born 1991], younger son of Mr Ivan Sedgwick, of Gressingham, Lancashire, and his wife the former Elizabeth Heathcote, and Lydia Harriet Arkell [born 1992], descended from the Boynton baronets, younger daughter of Mr Nicholas Arkell, of Brightwalton, Berkshire, and his wife the former Miranda Watson-Smyth.

Boynton descent:-

Sir Henry Boynton, 9th Baronet [1778-1854] >Rev Griffith Boynton [1815-98] > Eliza Boynton > Madeleine Pedder > Edward Watson-Smyth [1923-2004] > Miranda Watson-Smyth > Lydia Arkell [b 1992]


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