Saturday, April 17, 2021

Richard Tristram Combe 1938-2021

 _.Richard Tristram Combe, late the Coldstream Guards, who died 13 April, 2021, aged 83, was a scion of the Combe landed gentry family; he was born in 1938, son of Robert Tristram Combe [1912-40], and his wife the former Shournagh Dorothy Colthurst [1914-2001], scion of the Colthurst baronets; married 1985, Bridgett Anne Crombie [born 1937], daughter of Charles Fleetwood Crombie [1908-83] and his wife the former Joan Marten [1908-2003], and had no issue.

He succeeded as head of the landed family on the death of his father, who died 2 June, 1940, from wounds received at Dunkirk. The headship of the family now passes to his younger brother, Henry Combe, who was born in 1940.


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