Saturday, April 10, 2021

Artie Aubrey Angus [born 2021]

 _.Sarah Jane Angus [née Frere-Cook, born 1986], wife of Alexander Angus, gave birth to a son, Artie Aubrey, 1 April, 2021, a brother for Isla Olivia Rosemary, who was born 16 July, 2018.

Sarah Angus is a descendant of the Cracroft-Amcotts landed gentry family, daughter of Simon Aubrey Cracroft Fere-Cook [born 1955], and his wife the former Jennifer Jane Greenwood, and a granddaughter of Lieutenant-Col Gervis Hugh Frere Frere-Cook [1928-74], and his wife Rosemary Grace Cracroft-Amcotts [1928-2014].


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