Saturday, April 24, 2021

Irvine-Fortescue/Baer engagement

 _. The engagement was announced 24 April, 2021, between Alexander Thomas Irvine-Fortescue [born 8 May, 1987], scion of the Earls Fortescue, eldest son of Major Grenville Archer Irvine Fortescue [born 4 November, 1954], of Cabrach, Aberdeenshire, and his wife the former Virginia Townsend, & Serena Nona Baer [born 1992], younger daughter of Mr Simon Baer [born 1957], of Ninfield, East Sussex, and his wife the former Amanda G.Hall-Rooney [born 1959].

The Irvine-Fortecues descend from the 2nd Baron Fortescue [1719-85], who was father of the 1st Earl Fortescue [1753-1841].


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