Thursday, December 03, 2020

Walter George Spencer Woodhouse [born 2020]

 __. Celia Rose Woodhouse [nee McCorquodale, born 1989], wife of George Woodhouse, gave birth to a son, Walter George Spencer, 27 November, 2020.

Celia Woodhouse is a first cousin of the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex. Harry and Meghan attended Celia's wedding to George Woodhouse, at Stoke Rochford, Lincolnshire, on 16 June, 2018, just a few weeks after their own wedding in Windsor. Celia wore the Spencer tiara famously worn by her aunt, Lady Diana Spencer, at her marriage to the Prince of Wales, 29 July, 1981.

Celia is scion of the McCorquodale landed gentry family, the younger daughter of Mr Neil McCorquodale by his wife the former Lady [Elizabeth] Sarah Lavinia Spencer [b 1955], eldest daughter of the late 8th Earl Spencer [1924-92].

George John Woodhouse [born 1991] is the younger son of Mr Philip J. Woodhouse and the late Mrs Sarah J. [Pudding] Woodhouse [nee George]. 

Charles Woodhouse, George's elder brother, is married to a daughter of Baroness Shackleton, the noted divorce lawyer.


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