Monday, December 28, 2020

Mary Dolores [Lola] Burdett [born 18/12/2020]

 _. Teresa Burdett [nee Ballester], wife of [Charles] Nicholas Wentworth Burdett [born 1978], gave birth to a daughter, Mary Dolores, to be known as Lola, in Seville, 18 December, 2020, a sister for Charles William Francis, who was born 23 Sept, 2017. 

Mr Burdett is a son of Charles Albert Burdett [born Blau, 1942], and a grandson of Albert Charles Blau and his wife Constance Hay Burdett [1909-2008], daughter of Sir Charles Burdett, 8th Baronet [1875-1918].


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