Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Caroline Margaret Joan Atkinson [née Chappell] 1966-2020

 _. Caroline Margaret Joan Atkinson [née Chappell], died tragically, 11 December, 2020, aged 54.

She was descended from the Cochrane Earls of Dundonald, born in 1966, daughter of Anthony Cortland Richard Chappell [who died 2007], and his wife the former Vivien Mary Grisell Cochrane [1909-1941]. She married 1995, Edward Atkinson, son of P.N. Atkinson, of London, by whom she had issue, Isobel, Gus, and Barnaby.

8th Earl of Dundonald [d 1778]-->Admiral the Hon Sir Alexander Cochrane [1758-1832]-->Admiral Sir Thomas Cochrane [1789-1872]-->Thomas Cochrane [1856-1925]-->John Cochrane [1909-41]-->Vivien Cochrane [1939-2008]-->Caroline Chappell [1966-2020].


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