Thursday, December 31, 2020

Jake Tristan M. Morley (born 2020)

  The Hon Natasha Fiona Morley (nee Allsopp, born 1986), wife of Capt William Frederick Duncan (Billy) Morley, The Blues & Royals (born 1984), gave birth to a son, Jake Tristan M, 2020, a brother for Minnie Fiona, born in 2017.

Capt Morley is a son of Mr Jonathan Derek Morley, by his wife the former Davina Mary Sheffield (b 1 March, 1951), scion of the Sheffield baronets.

The Hon Natasha Morley, a scion of the Barons Hindlip (Baron, UK, cr 1886), is the youngest daughter of the 6th Baron Hindlip & the late Baroness Hindlip.

Capt Billy Morley's mother is a former girlfriend of the Prince of Wales. His father is a brother of Miranda, Duchess of Beaufort. Natasha Morley is a sister of Kirstie Allsopp, the tv presenter, &c.


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