Thursday, December 31, 2020

Moses Olakusibe Babafemi Jeremiah Modupe-Ojo [born 2020]

 ._ Maddison May Olamide Modupe-Ojo (b 16 May, 1994), wife of Olaoluwa Olamide Modupe-Ojo, and descended from Queen Victoria, gave birth to a son, Moses Olakusibe Babafemi Jeremiah, 2020, a brother for Daphne Oluwamayomikun Oluwatosin Ogoluwa, who was born 26 November, 2016, and for Phoebe Abidemi Morianugba Oluwatosin, who was born 15 December, 2018.

 Maddison is the daughter of Jeremy Alexander Rothwell Brudenell and his wife the former Edwina Victoria Louise Hicks (b 1961), elder daughter of the late David Nightingale Hicks by his wife the former Lady Pamela Carmen Louise Mountbatten (b 1929), younger daughter of the late 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

 Maddison's husband is a musician under the name "Jazz Purple".


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