Tuesday, December 08, 2020

The 13th Lord Belhaven and Stenton 1927-2020

 _. The Lord Belhaven and Stenton, thirteenth holder of a Scottish peerage created in 1647, died at his London home, 2 December, 2020. He was 93. 

Lord Belhaven and Stenton, late lieutenant the Cameronians [Scottish Rifles]; appointed Commander with Cross, of the Polish Order of Merit, in 1995. For almost four decades until the abolition of the rights of hereditary peers to sit in the Upper Chamber in 1999, Lord Belhaven and Stenton was an active Conservative Peer and served on numerous committees including the British-Polish Group, British-Slovenian Group and the British-Slovakian Group. In 1995 he was decorated with the Commander Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland in recognition of his active role in British-Polish relations.

He was born 27 February, 1927, as Robert Anthony Carmichael Hamilton, son of the 12th Lord Belhaven & Stenton [1903-61], and his first wife the former Heather Mildred Carmichael Bell [died 1993], and succeeded to the peerage on his father's demise, 10 July, 1961.

He was thrice married, firstly, 27 Sept, 1952 [div 1973], to [Elizabeth] Anne Moseley [died 2011], daughter of Colonel Arthur Henry Moseley, DSO, of Warrawee, New South Wales; married 2ndly, 20 June, 1973 [div 1986], Rosemary, Lady Mactaggart [born 1927], former wife of Sir Ian Mactaggart, 3rd Baronet, and only daughter of Sir Herbert Geraint Williams, 1st Baronet, MP; married 3rdly, 28 Oct, 1986, Malgorzata Maria Hruzik-Mazurkiewicz, daughter of Tadeusz Pobog Hruzik-Mazurkiewicz, of Krakow, Poland.

Lord Belhaven and Stenton leaves two children, a son, Frederick, and a daughter, Julia, from his first marriage, and a daughter, Alexandra, from his third marriage. His only son, the Hon Frederick Carmichael Arthur Hamilton, Master of Belhaven, born 27 September, 1953, now succeeds to the peerage,


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