Thursday, March 18, 2021

Lambert/Evans engagement

 __. The engagement was announced 18 March, 2021, between Thomas James Lambert [born 13 November, 1991], son of James Scott Lambert, of Tunstall, North Yorkshire, and his wife the former Claire Virginia Taylor [born 16 July, 1962], & Tegen Morwenna Evans [born 1993], daughter of Nicholas P. Evans, of Wimbledon, London, and his wife the former Gabriella H. Waters.

Thomas Lambert is descended from the Barons De Clifford:-

25th Baron De Clifford [1884-1909] > Hon Diana Russell [1909-78] >Christopher Taylor [b 1934] >Claire Taylor [b 16 July, 1962] > Thomas Lambert [b 13 Nov, 1991].


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