Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Catherine Auriole Lycett Green 1935-2021

 _. Catherine Auriole Lycett Green, who who died 29 March, 2021, aged 85, was one of the aristocratic subjects of Michael Holroyd's book Illegitimate Daughters, Absent Fathers.

She was born 23 April, 1935 to Commander David Lycett Green [1892-1960], scion of the Green baronets, and his wife the former Angela Courage [1902-92], scion of that landed gentry family. Her parents divorced in 1944, and her mother married 2ndly, 25 March, 1945, Ralph William Ernest Beckett, 3rd Baron Grimthorpe [1891-1963].

Catherine spent her very early years at Bilbrough Manor, near York. Her father, David Lycett Green, bought it after his marriage to Catherine's mother, Angela, a woman, as her daughter was to discover later who had had a long love affair with Ralph Beckett, 3rd Baron Grimthorpe. During a car journey around Yorkshire, Catherine Lycett Green revealed to Michael Holroyd that her father was Ralph Beckett, 3rd Baron Grimthorpe and not David Lycett Green, as stated on her birth certificate. 

She revealed that her mother had never spoken to her about the facts of her parentage. "My mother married Raph Beckett in 1945 after divorcing David Lycett Green when I was nine. It's unproven that I am in fact Ralph's daughter, but I have been told that it is certain that I was Ralph's daughter. Ralph's son Christie (Christopher, the late 4th Baron Grimthorpe) is quoted as saying  'Of course you are!'"

Catherine accompanied Michael Holroyd on his quest to Villa Cimbrone, the Italian home of the 2nd Baron Grimthorpe. Here she found a letter from Ralph to Angela saying that Catherine was the most beautiful baby he has ever seen.

She married 1stly, 22 Apr, 1967 [div 1980], Raja Ranbir Singh [born 1919], son of Raja Sir Maharaj Singh. She married 2ndly, in 1981, Patrick Field Till.

She leaves issue from her first marriage, Xenia, Tamara and Alexia.


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