Tuesday, March 30, 2021

George Digby Howard Cornwall-Legh [born 2021]

 _.Victoria Cornwall-Legh (nee Jones), wife of the Hon Kenelm Michael Cornwall-Legh (b 12 Apr, 1978), scion of the Barons Grey of Codnor, gave birth to a son, George Digby Howard, 7 March, 2021, a brother for Beatrix Storm, who was born 27 December, 2016, and for Fred Richard Vyse, who was born 20 September, 2018.

 Kenelm Cornwall Legh is the 2nd son of the 6th Baron Grey of Codnor, DL (b 14 May, 1936), (Peerage of England cr 1397), of High Legh House, Knutsford, Cheshire, by his wife the former Joanna Storm Cayley (b 1947), scion of the Cayley Baronets (cr 1661).

Victoria Cornwall Legh is the eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Howard Jones, of Foxton, Cambridge.


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