Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Lily Rosemary Lubbock [born 2020]

_. Claire Lubbock [nee Felgate], wife of Richard Christopher Sinclair Lubbock [born 1983], scion of the Barons Avebury, gave birth to a daughter, Lily Rosemary, 9 October, 2020, a sister for Leo James Christopher, who was born 11 December, 2018. Richard Lubbock is a son of Rupert James Gordon Lubbock [born 7 April, 1948], by his wife the former Miranda Jane McNeile, and is a 3xgt grandson of Sir John Lubbock, 3rd Baronet [1803-65], who was father of the 1st Baron Avebury. Claire Lubbock is a daughter of Malcolm Felgate, of Cape Town, South Africa.

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