Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Chadd/Anderson engagement

_. The engagement was announced 14 October, 2020, between Edward George Alexander Chadd [born 1991], son of Mr Nicholas Martyn Philip [Sam] Chadd [born 30 March, 1958], of Brampton, Suffolk, by his wife the former Amelia Catherine Sallitt, and Isobel Nancy Anderson [born 1993], daughter of the late James Ian Anderson [born 1 Nov, 1952], by his former wife the Hon Emily Mary Astor [born 9 June, 1956], of Glen Lyon, Perthshire. Eddie Chadd is a grandson of Colonel George Victor Nudd Chadd by his wife the former Margaret Ruth Collett [1922-2018], daughter of Sir Henry Seymour Collett, 2nd Baronet [1893-1971]. Isobel Anderson is a granddaughter maternally of the 3rd Viscount Astor [1907-66], by his 2nd wife the former Philippa Victoria Hunloke [1930-2005], a descendant of King William IV and Dorothea Jordan. Isobel is a granddaughter paternally of Capt John Murray Anderson by his wife the former Lady Gillian Mary Drummond [1930-2002], daughter of the 16th Earl of Perth [1876-1951]

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